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4.8. 5Wheat Christmas Cock

Wheat Christmas Cock

For softening wheat grains and removal of the residues of the husks, they are chopped into a mortar.

Wheat Sail With Raisins - The Slavic peoples are traditional Christmas dish. According to tradition, Keat must be very rich - the more a variety of ingredients, the better the future harvest is. Each of the traditional components symbolized something. Grain - Sunday, Honey - Health and Fortress of the Spirit, Mac - Financial Welfare, and Raisins and Nuts - the prosperity of the family and longevity of relatives. This dish occupied an honorable place on the table to the very baptism. Be sure to prepare this christmas recipe from wheat. And let it bring health, happiness and well-being in your home!


For the preparation of Christmas junctions, you will need:

Wheat - 1 cup;

Mac - 100 g;

Raisins - 100 g;

Sugar - 1-2 Art. l.;

Walnuts - 100 g;

Honey - 3 tbsp. l.

Stages of preparation

Wash wheat, pour in three glasses of boiling water and boil to readiness for 35-40 minutes. Throw back on the sieve and cool.

Wash wheat, pour in three glasses of boiling water and boil to readiness for 35-40 minutes. Throw back on the sieve and cool.

Wash wheat, pour in three glasses of boiling water and boil to readiness for 35-40 minutes. Throw back on the sieve and cool.Mak pour boiling water and leave for 30 minutes. Then water to merge.

Wheat, Protein and other cereals in the Sochiv have a sacred meaning - they symbolize the resurrection of the deceased by analogy with how grain germins in the ground and brings abundant fruits. The sweetness of honey marks the eternal benefits of heavenly kingdom.Magted in a blender with sugar.

Magted in a blender with sugar.

Raisin rinse, pour boiling water and leave for 30 minutes. Water merge, raisins to dry. Peel nuts, dry in a pan, then chop finely.

Raisin rinse, pour boiling water and leave for 30 minutes. Water merge, raisins to dry. Peel nuts, dry in a pan, then chop finely.Add honey to wheat, mix so that it dissolves. You can add more or less honey to your liking.

Add honey to wheat, mix so that it dissolves. You can add more or less honey to your liking.Add nuts, raisins and poppy.

Add nuts, raisins and poppy.

To mix everything.

To mix everything.

Christmas Kusta from wheat, prepared on this recipe, it turns out very tasty. Let it necessarily bring health and well-being in your home!

Christmas Kusta from wheat, prepared on this recipe, it turns out very tasty. Let it necessarily bring health and well-being in your home!Rejoice your loved ones!

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I already searched the recipe for wheat junctions. But then I learned a lot of little things about which I was unknown. I got much more tastier than it was before. So place another version of the excellent Christmas junctions. Light day you even!

Let's start with wheat selection. Wheat - a symbol of the beginning of a new life. In order for wheat to weld quickly, you need to choose a purified and polished wheat. If you take a crude and unlocked, then it will need to first dock overnight, and then cook 4-5 hours. Purified grinding wheat is boiled only 40 minutes. Externally grinding wheat brighter, since it removed the external solid shells and embryos. Grain does not glitter, it matte and well absorbs water. I was asked in the comments where such a buy. It is hard to say. In Ukraine, it is sold on Christmas Eve everywhere: both in the bazaar, and in supermarkets. Such wheat on industrial packaging is even called: Casca. Try to ask in the bazaar if there are no supermarkets.

Before cooking wheat, we are thoroughly rinsed, because garbage and remnants of bran get during the collection, processing and transportation in grain. It is best to pour it with cold water on three fingers, to lose my hands well, then remove everything that pops up with a spoon. Next, we fold wheat in the colander and rinse under the flowing jet of cold water. In addition to removing the garbage, we remove excess starch when washing and wheat in the curb will be guaranteed to leave the crumbly.

Now about the preparation of poppy. Poppy symbolizes stars. As the stars in the sky can not be recalculated in the poppy head. Now I will surprise you (maybe not all, but many), but Mac also need to wash. In it also gets garbage. Pour water into a bowl, pour out poppy and mine, and then we learn on the colander. Due to the fact that the poppy is wet, it almost does not slip through the lattice of the colander. Losses will be, but minor.

In order to cook a delicious and dating traditional tummer from dried fruits, take on 2 liters of water at 100 g of dried apples, pears, prunes and cherries (per 200 g of dried fruits - 1 liter of water). All dried fruits separately rinse with cold water from garbage and dust. Then each type of dried fruit in a separate container is poured with hot water (250 ml per each container). Apples and pears soak soak 20 minutes. Print and cherry - 10 minutes. Then the liquid in which dried fruits were soaked in a pan, where we will cook the Uzvar. Add there another liter of water, put pears and apples, bring to a boil. Cover the lid and cook on a slow heat for 20 minutes. Add cherry and prunes, cook another 10 minutes. The Umber is styling, insist for 3 hours. Focus and enjoy. I do not add neither sugar or honey. The pear gives enough sweetness, but if you like sweet, add honey.

Another interesting type of uvar of fresh cranberries and apples can be read here:


Christ naught! Slavimo yo!

Merry Christmas All!

Peace to your home!

Love and well-being!

And, of course, delicious buns!

Buckets eaten in the family and distribute neighbors, worn to church and in the cemetery. It is usually served at the beginning of meals, and then the rest of the dishes. In the Temple, Kunt put on a memorial table with a candle, she is blessed with a priest and gets up behind the memorial table. Previously, the dish left for the dead for the dead.

First of all, we need to go through wheat well, rinse it and soak for several hours, and better at night.

Buck is served on the table on the first Friday of the Great Post in memory of the Great Martyr Theodore Tyrone, which was burned in the fire, refusing to make a pagan sacrifice.

In the morning we drain water from wheat, pour it new and cook on slow fire until complete readiness.

Natalia Imhenetskaya

Now we pour 2 liters of water into a saucepan and put it on fire. Dried fruits are swore and rinsed thoroughly.

Mak pour boiling water and leave for 30 minutes. Then water merge

After boiling water, we spread dried fruits into the pan and cook them for 10-15 minutes on slow heat. Then remove from the fire and leave the Uzvar to appease for several hours.

Wheat Kusta - Photo Step 1

While the Uzbar insists, we rinse the poppy and pour it with boiling water. Then we drain the water, we wash the poppy again and again poured it with boiling water, cover with a lid and leave an hour for half an hour.

Wheat Kusta - Photo Step 2

We merge water from the steamplaced poppy and carry it into a mortar along with sugar.

Wheat Kusta - Photo Step 3

Raisins rinse and pour for 10-15 minutes with boiling water. The nuts dried in the oven or on a dry frying pan, then we clean from the husk and crushing.

Wheat Susta - Photo Step 4

I put the finished wheat in a bowl, add poppy, umbor, raisins, nuts and honey to it.

Wheat Cock - Photo Step 5

Mix all the ingredients and serve a bun for the table. Pleasant appetite!

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Wheat Susta - Photo Step 6

Slavs have many interesting traditions and rites. One of the traditions is to prepare on Christmas Eve on the eve of Christmas Buck. And if many Slavic customs were forgotten with time, then Kutu is prepared on the eve of a bright holiday in almost every family. Sweet porridge brings gods to their godfalls on January 6. On the Christmas Eve, it was customary to cover a table of 12 dishes and dinner in a warm family circle (another mandatory treat - Uzvar). Agree, excellent family tradition!

Christmas Kusta is a sweet dish like porridges of wheat grains, crumbly rice or barley with the addition of raisins or dry fruits, honey, nuts, sometimes poppy and other sweet ingredients. I offer some interesting recipes for every taste. I will be glad to hear in the comments and your cooking options! Let's share delicious recipes together!

Wheat Casting

It is not only a delicious, but also a very useful dish for dessert. Whole grains of wheat, honey and nuts are a real protein and dinner, and breakfast for athletes.

Wheat Susta - Photo Step 6


  • 1 tbsp. Wheat ;
  • 150 g Walnuts ;
  • 150 g of raisin;
  • 3 tbsp. Honey.

Recipe of wheat boys with raisins and nuts

1. Wash wheat thoroughly. It is advisable to soak grain for 1-1.5 hours before cooking. We put on 25-30 minutes on medium fire. It should be soft.

2. Machine raisins in hot boiled water. You can add any dried fruit and berries to taste.

3. Clean the nuts and smoke into several parts.

4. We divorce 3 tbsp. Honey at 6 tbsp. boiled water.

5. Boiled wheat remove from the fire, drain the water and completely cool. I come to the balcony, there it cools very quickly. We lay out in the dishes, add nuts with raisins, refuel honey with water. All mix and leave it in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours. Bon Appetit!

Wheat Susta - Photo Step 6

Rich Christmas Cock with Mac and Raisin

Very profitable combined with a soft whole wheat of poppy grain - crispy and fragrant.

Wheat Susta - Photo Step 6


  • Groats Wheat Ozimaya - 350 g.;
  • Honey - to taste;
  • Raisins - 50-100 g.;
  • Mac - 50 g.;
  • Walnuts, Kuraga, Tsukati - at will.

How to cook wheat jacket

1. We rinse the croup as well as we rinse rice. Water after washing wheat cereals should be transparent. Fill with water and leave for swelling by 1.5-2 hours. Then drain the water. Put the cereal in a saucepan or in a multicooker bowl. Pour the croup 1 l. water. Cooking on a slow heat 25-30 minutes or on the Kasha program in a slow cooker 2 hours before soft. Mak spend in a saucepan. Pour boiling water. We cover with a lid and sculpt 30-40 minutes. Then we merge the water. I carry the poppy into a mortar or skip several times through the meat grinder.

3. In porridge, spare raisins and poppy. Add honey. Mix. We leave under a closed lid for another half hour. Ready, pleasant appetite!

Susta from rice with candied orphans or raisins and honey

The main secret in the preparation of rice cute is a correct selected cereal. Rice need to use the long-grain, it turns out the crumbly and does not turn into porridge as a round. In many regions you can find rice "Basmati" or "Jasmine". The remaining ingredients can be used to taste: honey, dried fruits. This recipe uses sweet candies and chocolate candies.

Wheat Susta - Photo Step 6


  • 1 tbsp. Long-seed Rice ;
  • 1.5 tbsp. water;
  • 0.5 Article. honey;
  • 100 g of tsukate or major raisis;
  • 100 g of chocolate chocolates (optional).

Recipe Cute Rice

1. Rice is thoroughly rinsed under running water until the water becomes transparent. Pour 1 cup of rice 1.3 cup water and cook on medium heat for about 5 minutes or according to the instructions on the package. Then remove the rice from the fire, cover the lid and let it stand another 5-10 minutes. Rice should be crumbly.

2. Mix mix in 0.5 glasses of boiled water room temperature.

3. Rice is styled to room temperature. Then refuel honey with water. Candies cut into small cubes, add to the cooled rice together with the candies. Gently mix. Sweeseats from rice ready. Bon Appetit!

Sweet pilaf with raisins and nuts instead of koutes

The dish is obtained very fragrant, slightly sweet, with a gentle creamy taste. If Susta resembles a sweet rice porridge with honey, the spices are still added to the pilaf. For light and pleasant sourness, a little barberry is used, which can be replaced with cranberries. Sweet pilaf can be cooked not only with raisins, but also with apples, dried apricots, prune or pumpkin.


  • Rice is long-grain - 1 cup;
  • Raisins - 100 g;
  • Walnuts peeled nuts - 100 g;
  • Butter cream - 100 g;
  • Salt - 1-2 chopping;
  • Curry - 1 tsp;
  • Sugar - 3-4 ch. L.;
  • Water - 2 glasses.

Cooking sweet pilaf, recipe with raisins

1. Clear butter in the box or in a pan.

2. Figure No need to rinse. I smell it in a good warm oil. Fry, stirring with a wooden spatula, before the transparency of the grains at the edges, about 3-4 minutes.

3. White curry, salt and sugar. Mix. Cover the lid. Let's then on a small fire for a few minutes.

4. Add washed raisins and walnuts. Mix.

5. Boiling kettle. We immediately pour boiling water into the pan. Stir, cover with a lid. We make a very small fire and prepare 15 minutes. During this time, rice grains swept well and absorb all moisture.

6. After 15 minutes, remove the lid. Mix all the ingredients in the pan.

7. We again cover the lid and at minimum fire are preparing for another 10-20 minutes. You can turn off the fire, and the container with rice is wrapped in a warm blanket. Upon expiration of this time, rice grains will become very crumbly. Apply to the table in warm form. Bon Appetit! Thanks for the view, subscribe to channel And come on website !

Wheat Susta - Photo Step 6
Wheat Keat - Photo Step 7

How to cook christmas swabs from wheat:

Wheat Susta - Photo Step 8

We wash the purified grinding wheat under running cold water 4-5 times. (If you wash your wheat in hot water, then the grain will be soared, and as a result, after cooking, we will get a thick porridge, and not crumbly wheat.)

Wheat Kusta - Photo Step 9

We learn wheat on the colander to the glasses of excess water.

Casca for Christmas from wheat and rice, 4 delicious recipe

We pour wheat 2 glasses of water.

Photo Cooking Recipe: Christmas Cock Of Wheat - Step No. 1

Mac fill with water (70 ml).

Photo Cooking Recipe: Christmas Wheat Cock - Step No. 2

Wheat cover the lid and put on fire, waiting for boiling.

Photo Cooking Recipe: Christmas Cock Of Wheat - Step No. 3

Mak put on a very small fire, mix 1 time and Tom for 30 minutes.

Photo Cooking Recipe: Christmas Wheat Cock - Step No. 4

10 minutes after the boiling of wheat, add salt into wheat.

Photo Cooking Recipe: Christmas Wheat Cock - Step No. 5

When the water in the dishes with poppies evaporate, add another 0.5 glasses of water and continue to tomatize it, the poppy should not be boobicap. If you are cooking on a gas stove, then the time of making a poppy on the lowest fire is reduced to 10-15 minutes.

Photo Cooking Recipe: Christmas Cock Of Wheat - Step No. 6

Nuts are chopped with a knife and send to a frying pan.

Photo Cooking Recipe: Christmas Wheat Cock - Step number 7

Fry nuts on a dry frying pan.

Photo Cooking Recipe: Christmas Wheat Cock - Step number 8

Raisins poured with plenty of boiling water. When the raisins are worn, drain the water.

Stock Foto Cooking Recipe: Christmas Wheat Cock - Step number 9

Finished welded wheat, we learn on the colander to the glass remaining fluid, leave for 10 minutes.

Photo Cooking Recipe: Christmas Wheat Cock - Step No. 10

The nuts purify from husks, slightly larger with their hands.

Mock mix with sugar and larger in a mortar until the white liquid starts out.

We mix all the preparation of the ingredients for the buns. Add honey to taste and mix.


We decorate with a raisin, nuts and honey.

Christmas Kusta from wheat is ready. Bon Appetit!

Recipe: Christmas Wheat Cock. How to cook Christmas Wheat Casting?

Susta (from Greek. The words "grain") - the old Slavic porridge, submitted for Christmas, baptism and commemoration. The dish, cooked for the holidays, is more often called sochily or quietly, and on the commemoration - the buns. Traditional recipe is based on the use of whole wheat grains. No less common dishes from barley, rice, lentils and other types of cereals. By tradition, the Bute was filled with a honey sprocket or simply watered on top of honey. Features of cooking

  • According to tradition, on the eve of Christmas or on baptism, the Lord was cooked hungry, or water, sochily, for which only wheat, honey and poppy were used. Before the new year, we made rich kits, as it was believed that the more tastier the dish - the better the coming year will be. After the post before the Christmas Eve in Kash, it was not allowed to add animal products - milk, oil.
  • A lean milk made from poppy, walnuts, forest nuts or almonds could be served to this dish.
  • The real bun in antiquity was prepared from the Province - the predecessor of modern wheat. It is a semi-sort of wheat, each grain of which is looked by the scales of inedible pile.

Susta from the shelf not only tasty thanks to a specific nuts in the taste, but also useful:

in the cereals a lot of protein (from 27 to 37%);

In the grains there is practically no gluten;

The shell contains more iron and vitamins of the group B than wheat, as well as 18 species of essential acids.


In stores you can purchase 2 types of the rally: rolling and rock, the last grain is larger, harder and brighter. Accordingly, cook it needs longer.

Sochily can be prepared in a slow cooker. For this, on 1 part of wheat take 5 parts of the water, they sat down and put on the "quenching" mode. The duration of the preparation is 2.5 hours. If the grains are pre-disappearing, then the bun can be cooked in the "porridge" mode (or "rice", "buckwheat") for 30-40 minutes.

  • For wheat germination, special selective selected, thermally untreated grains are used. They can be purchased in stores (on the package it should be written "for the extension") or in the markets. The grains are washed, soaked in a wet marlay for 12-16 hours, putting them with a thin layer in shallow dishes. Food is used by a sprout of 1-2 mm long. The Uzbar (or Welders) in the old days was prepared from fresh chopped fruits and berries, and in the fall - from dried. For its manufacture, you can use dried fruits. In this case, they are put in cold water and boiled after boiling 15 minutes. Fresh ingredients are put in boiling water, waiting when the water boils re-and turn off the gas. Add honey or sugar to taste. Chilled drink is filled with sochily and serve it to the table separately. For Uzvar, cherries, plums, apples, rosehip, hawthorn, pears, apricots, raisins, kuragu, cranberries, prunes and other fruits and berries are used.
  • Tips
  • When cooking junctions, there are following tricks:
  • In order to quickly cook the dish, whole grains of wheat or pearls are soaked on the eve of the day before.
  • Perlovka can also be pouring boiling water and withstand in a thermos for 2 hours.
  • Sochily, like the cracking, is served to the table in a cold form.
  • If one is thick, it is diluted with boiled water.

For faster cooking nuts and poppy are crushed in a coffee grinder. Mac can be twisted in boiling water, like raisins.

If there is no whole wheat, then the dish is prepared from wheat cereals (mines or arnual tags). Cooking grains of fine grinding is produced in a ratio of 1 tbsp. Cruises on 2 tbsp. Water, for 20-30 minutes. To stripped with a coarse grinder, 4 tbsp. Waters and more time (30-40 min.).

The same applies to the crushed cavity - it is soaked for 30-40 minutes, then washed and boiled in water in proportion 1: 2.5. The cooking time is reduced to 5-10 minutes, then the porridge is kept in heat to swell the cereals.

If the shelf is already boiled, and there are still a little water in a saucepan, similar to Kisel, no need to pour it out. It is enough to add dried fruits, give a caress to "walk" for 20-30 minutes, and they absorb an extra moisture.

To make the original sochily, and also for its decoration add the following ingredients: cinnamon, vanilla, citrus (tangerines, oranges), jam, cashews, peanuts, pomegranate and other components.

People with allergies on beekeeping products instead of honey can use sugar or maple syrup.

If it is necessary that sochily obtained crumbly, the ratio of water and cereals should be 2: 1, for the production of liquid and viscous consistency - 3: 1 or more.

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