Interesting questions Guy: 200 correspondence issues and in real life

200 interesting questions guy by correspondence and not only

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Awkward pauses. Empty conversations that do not behave. Flirt without continuing. Fear that still a little bit and your chat is not enough. Familiar?

If you can correctly build a dialogue to inform it to the right you need, you will win both. You can finally find out a friend better, find the points of contact and develop your relationship.

In order to remember him and make bright apparent, you should forget about the boring issues that the thousands cried it. Make it laugh, wonder and open. It is worth making sailing steps and everything will be in your hands. You will not regret.

Consider that this article came across your eyes no closer - this is a sign.

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Do you believe in destiny?

200 issues that make his brain will turn on 200.

  • What occupation do you always postpone the next?
  • The best way to finish a long and difficult day?
  • If you were inherited a billion dollars, what would you do with your life?
  • If you could marry a heroine of any movie, who would you choose?
  • Your favorite quote?
  • What is the longest expectations?
  • Do you believe that no accidents happen?
  • Describe yourself in three words.
  • If you knew that no one would condemn you, what would you do first?
  • What do you ever manage to succeed?
  • Doing what things do you feel in your plate?
  • Favorite memories of childhood?
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  • What actor would you approve on the role of yourself in the film?
  • If tomorrow morning, you woke up with an absolutely fearless person, what would you do?
  • The harmless thing that takes you out of yourself?
  • If you had to give up one of my five feelings, what would it be?
  • Your most cherished desire?
  • The hardest period in your life?
  • What are you proud of most?
  • What behavior do you even do the most hot girl unattractive?
  • The most shameful memory in your life?
  • The world would be much better if people ...?
  • Do you believe that everyone on this planet has an ideal second half?
  • Who would you change with lives on the day and why?
  • The most memorable compliment in your life?
  • Happiness or success?
  • What is always able to make you laugh?
  • What angry you?
  • Do you regret any of your mistakes?
  • The worst moment from childhood?
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  • Taking important decisions, do you rest on the heart or mind?
  • Communication with other people is charged or deprives you?
  • What makes you feel alive?
  • Event in your life for which you are grateful most?
  • Would you like to re-relive any of the days of your life?
  • What will never be patient even from the side of a loved one?
  • How do you understand what is good, and what is bad?
  • What is the perfect day for you?
  • Was there an event in your life, which you first regarded as a failure, and then I realized how big you were lucky?
  • When was the last time you cried?
  • Do you believe that true love is capable of everything?
  • Is everything you can forgive?
  • Is there something like that you never have to do anything else and you are very happy about it?
  • Would you like to restore any of your memories?
  • The biggest lie in your life?
  • What do you like in yourself most?
  • What are you ready to do at any time?
  • What helps you stand in difficult times?
  • Where would you like to see on the same day next year?
  • Who dreamed of becoming in childhood?
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  • If a little you saw you now, what would he feel?
  • With whatever famous historical person, would you go for dinner?
  • When was the last time you nervously nervous and worried, although it was not worth it?
  • Would you like people to finally stop talking about ...?
  • What moments do you doubt yourself?
  • Good book or good movie?
  • What science is you interested in?
  • What language would you like to own fluent and why?
  • Your favorite toy in childhood?
  • Are your strangest children's fears and beliefs?
  • What kind of person actually says him ...?
  • The book that you are ready to reread constantly?
  • What skills would you like to master?
  • Three terrible years and one happy or four mediocre and boring?
  • Your most irrational fear?
  • What are you so bad that you are ashamed to confess?
  • What inspires you?
  • Do you have any female qualities?
  • What kind of kitchen can you eat until the end of your days?
  • What will you never get bored?
Happy man
  • Your most first memories of childhood?
  • Useless facts that you know?
  • Social networks bring together or remove people?
  • What never ends with nothing good?
  • Why can't you treat without condemnation?
  • If you were engaged in charity, what would you do stop?
  • What do you think it should be illegal?
  • If you had to live only a month, what would you do from the planned for life?
  • When people first see you, they mistakenly believe that you ...
  • People always stay in shock when they find out that you are ...
  • Your favorite part of the day?
  • At what age does childhood ends?
  • You still can't believe that it happened to you ...
  • Your totem animal?
  • How do you feel about astrology?
  • You will never resolve ...
  • The worst quality that can only be in a person?
  • Do you believe in signs?
Man with a gift
  • Should I follow the world news?
  • In order to discharge the situation, you always tell one story from your life. What?
  • Do you believe in the rebirth of the shower?
  • What does humanity never know for sure?
  • A song that causes you a pleasant nostalgia?
  • What could laugh you to tears?
  • Are you an introvert or extrovert?
  • Who are you - Choleric, Sanguin, Melancholic or Phlegmatic?
  • What is healthy relationships?
  • If you had to listen to one song until the end of my days, it would be ...
  • What year would you like to return and live it again?
  • If you could send a letter to myself from the past, what would you write?
  • The biggest disappointment in adulthood?
  • Would you like to know your future?
  • Do you regret any of any missed opportunity?
  • What makes you feel a kid?
  • If the fire happens, what three things will you save?
  • Would you like to become famous?
  • What prevents you from achieving your goals?
  • Your favorite memory?
  • Who do you admire?
  • Have you had a happy childhood?
  • Describe yourself in five words.
Redhead guy
  • What helps you hold on to a positive, even when everything goes as shroud?
  • The best and worst is to be a guy?
  • You are ashamed that you do it, but it brings pleasure. What is it?
  • Have you ever smashed the heart?
  • Have you ever smashed someone's heart?
  • Work your dreams?
  • Do you have complexes?
  • How do you feel about children?
  • Your attitude to Childfrey?
  • Do you believe in the theory of conspiracy?
  • Do you prefer politeness or openly show unpleasant familiar, what do you like them?
  • The most terrible movie of all times?
  • The most terrible movie of all time?
  • How do you feel about black humor?
  • Are there any things on which you can not joke?
  • What would you change in yourself at the first opportunity?
  • Did you do something illegal?
  • Without what you can't live?
  • Do you like to communicate with strangers?
  • Why people began to divorce more often?
  • Do you have dependencies?
  • Will you be late or come early?
  • Staiting the schedule or adapt to circumstances?
  • It is better to be kind or honest?
  • Did you have dreams that repeated several times?
  • Do you have any memories that you would like to erase from the memory forever?
  • What series made you forget about everything in the world?
  • Your favorite holiday?
  • What about what you lied to your parents?
  • Do you like Emodezhi?
  • Do you consider yourself a religious person?
  • Province or megapolis?
  • Have you ever arrested?
  • It is better to be smart or happy?
  • How old are you first kissed?
  • With what celebrity would you go on a date?
  • You can read the thoughts of any person, but only one. Who will you choose?
The guy shows the world
  • Have you ever joined the crib for the exam?
  • Have you ever changed?
  • Have you ever made the view that you do not know the truth, when a close man lied to you in the eyes?
  • Are you the first to go to reconciliation?
  • What advice would you give your children?
  • What do you like in your appearance most?
  • To whom do you see for advice in a difficult situation?
  • Would you like to run a marathon?
  • Can you describe me in three words?
  • In which country would you like to visit first?
  • Your favorite memories of school / university?
  • Did you give someone advice on which then regretted?
  • Do you prefer to spend Friday night at home or at a party?
  • Do you remember your first love?
  • What thoughts don't let you sleep at night?
  • Have you ever found yourself on the verge of death?
  • Do you have any useless, but funny skills?
  • The most undervalued famous personality?
  • The most revalued celebrity?
  • Do you easily cope with stress?
The guy jumps
  • What three events in the past did you who are you now?
  • Purchase about which you regret?
  • What are you most often dreaming about?
  • Do you have phobias?
  • What, in your opinion, meaningless to spend big money?
  • What film is able to bring you to tears?
  • What person affected you the strongest?
  • What people never appreciate, although they should?
  • If you could become the best in anywhere, what would you choose?
  • What do you dream to do, but do not decide?
  • What topic always causes hot spores in your family?
  • The worst thing happened to you in high school?
  • Do you believe in karma?
  • The worst thing is like?
  • What do you notice in a woman first?
  • If you did not have to worry about money, nor about work, where would you like to live?
Guy in a hat
  • What is your weakness?
  • Do you like to listen or talk?
  • Do you have prejudices?
  • How do you feel about the LGBT community?
  • What will you never behave in a relationship?
  • Five qualities that you endure can not be in girls?
  • Why do you respect your friends?
  • If your friends were against your girl, how would you do?
  • Do you have friends with whom you communicate from childhood?
  • The most insane act in your life?
  • If you were a waiter and a client heard to you, would you spit him in food?
  • What do you like most of our generation?
  • How do you imagine the world in a hundred years?
  • Do you believe in love for life?
  • If you could change the finals of any movie or the series, it would be ...
  • Can you read my thoughts right now?

Zik Sheremetyev: 10 councils for correspondence with a guy

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Want to learn more about the guy in front of you, but do not know what to talk to him about? We recommend reading 100 questions guy on intriguing, complex and spiritual topics that will help you know better.

These hundred questions are suitable for communication with any man and will help the girls to draw up some idea of ​​the person with whom they communicate. Learn more about his character, preferences or its attitude to life.

In addition, you will help create a cheerful and trust climate in communication. Therefore, feel free to set the guy to spend time.

Why do you need these 100 questions guy

  • They will help the girl to gain access to thoughts, feelings and understanding of the qualities of a man who wants to know better.
  • Not even being a psychologist, but based on the answers of the interlocutor, the girl will be able to draw conclusions about the person she liked.

In order not to turn the conversation into questioning, the girl can answer the same guy's question. So they will learn more about each other, which will create mutual emotional attachment.

We recommend to read 100 questions for girls who necessarily raise the mood .

Now look at what question can interest him from the top ten?

10 questions for guy

  1. What will you do if you fall in love with a better friend in love with one girl, "give way or not?
  2. Who of friends do you like to travel? Why?
  3. Can you abandon drinking if you offer friends?
  4. What 3 female qualities most appreciate in a woman?
  5. If you meet with the former girlfriend, and she will offer to resume past relationships, what do you do?
  6. How will you defend your child from the decomposing and destructive influence of permissiveness and promiscuity? Can you leave to live in a taiga or this is not a way out?
  7. What traits should have your wife?
  8. What is the most attractive girl in appearance?
  9. Would you choose a stormy, passionate relationship or calm and stable?
  10. To become successful What you need: luck, education, perseverance or parental money?

Better to know people help you 145 Interesting and Original Questions Guy We advise you to read on this site.

50 questions guy to find out better

We broke these 50 questions for several topics: work and finance, rest, personal views and past of man.

10 issues about work and finance

  1. Work for you is an end in itself or means of achieving a better life?
  2. Do you have debts? How to achieve a stable financial situation?
  3. Your attitude to financial pyramids? Would you have money in them?
  4. What would have done, having a lot of money?
  5. What kind of work prefer, and with what schedule?
  6. Winning $ 1,000,000 into the lottery, would you leave my job, studying?
  7. Will you keep your wife's desire to go to earnings? How do you feel about what woman / girl leaves for earnings?
  8. Woman should work or sit at home with children?
  9. Suppose you won a two-way ticket to the most expensive resort. But you for this trip suggested the amount of money much more than the cost of a trip, what will you choose?
  10. Who should make money in the family?

Questions about rest

  1. What kind of recreation do you like more: beach and sea or hike in the mountains?
  2. How will you plan family vacations?
  3. How do you feel about separate rest? Let's let your girlfriend one on vacation?
  4. How do you relax after a hard day or week, studies?
  5. How far was from home, at what point of the world? Where did you like most?
  6. Where would prefer to relax with children: in the city, village or another country? Why? (Read what you need to know and consider when you are going to Arrange family holidays with children in nature? )
  7. Winning $ 3,000 is best to spend: on a trip or buy a cool TV?
  8. What food do you ever download in the restaurant of someone else's country?
  9. Would you get acquainted and make a resort romance on vacation?
  10. Do you like to walk with a dog? What to do with pets, going to a long abroad? (We are confident that you will like the statements and quotes about dogs with meaning who show what place they occupy in our lives. We advise you to read them.)

Voprosy Parnyu.

Questions about personal glances

  1. What do you give priority in life: work, family, marriage satellite? Could something sacrifice something and for what?
  2. What actors do you want top 5 and why?
  3. What does your understanding mean confidence, devotion?
  4. What is the case at least once in life to make every guy or a man?
  5. Does the guy tell girls vulgar anecdotes?
  6. What way is best to settle differences between people, friends, spouses?
  7. What, in your opinion, means the phrase "empty promises." When promises become "empty"? How to avoid this?
  8. Intellect or appearance is important for you?
  9. What kind of education do you want to provide your children? Why do you want them to get it?
  10. How many pairs of shoes, shirts, trousers and costumes should have a man?

What is a guy help learn and philosophical questions for reflection .

Questions about the past of man

  1. Can you trust the girl if not everyone will know about her past?
  2. If you meet with the former girlfriend, and she will offer to resume past relationships, what do you do?
  3. What do you like most in a former girl, and what not?
  4. Have you met someone in the past? If so, why parted? Do you support relationships, for example, in social networks or e-mail?
  5. Did you have problems with the police in the past?
  6. What nonsense or deception, did you believe and suffered for it?
  7. Your parents quarreled? How did it affect you? How do you intend to act in your family?
  8. What of your past would you like to change, forget, correct? Could I tell what it is?
  9. What is the common opinion of the past you can not accept?
  10. What can provoke your feeling of cruelty, aggression? Are you inclined to cruelty? And in the past there were outbreaks of aggression?

We advise you to find out what else you need to ask questions a guy To better understand it and avoid empty conversations with him?

Strange guy questions

  1. How to get rid of people who do not like you?
  2. It is better to live without air conditioning, internet or refrigerator?
  3. For a million euros, agree to a gender change?
  4. The rapid spread of digital technologies is good or bad?
  5. Can communism, democracy or capitalism make people equal and happy?
  6. Having the opportunity to go bankrupt any person or company, would you stop my choice?
  7. What a realistic show does not exist, but should it?
  8. Would prefer to manage space or time?
  9. On the cover of which magazine will agree to withdraw?
  10. If you could change the world, why would you make change?

For a variety of communication we advise Learn funny guy questions who will be overwhelmed.

20 questions for the guy to find out it closer 100 Voprosov Parnyu.

  1. Who or what inspires you to become the best person?
  2. Have you ever fought? How often?
  3. What sports sections went when was a child?
  4. Which coat of arms would knock on the childbirth?
  5. What kind of talents and abilities are shy?
  6. Physically, what age do you feel for?
  7. How long can you do without sleep?
  8. What is most afraid in life?
  9. When do you feel alive and full forces?
  10. What is more important to have: more money or free time?
  11. In what area would like to become a coupland?
  12. What else do you remember school years?
  13. Who you will not regret your life: for a girl, country, idea?
  14. What do you prefer: breakfast in bed or sleep longer?
  15. Who will choose to be: the conqueror of female hearts, genius or rich and successful person?
  16. What do you do first when you get up in the morning?
  17. What a fabulous character looks like you in spirit?
  18. What is easier for you to survive: 3 years without gadgets, phone or internet or five years without any desserts?
  19. Do you easier to cope with hunger or hatred?
  20. What makes you most refreshing on a hot day?

Questions guy about girl

  1. Have you ever shunted the girls?
  2. What will you do if the girl is offered to pay for himself in a restaurant?
  3. To marry the girl of your dreams, would have agreed 5 years not to use the phone, gadgets, internet, TV?
  4. When meeting a girl, you want to impress a steep, rich or fun guy?
  5. What is the most valuable gift Woman can give a man?

In this article you will find Questions about relationships, love and family The answers to which you need to learn from the guy.

Leading questions guy

  1. What qualities, flaws would like to develop or fix it?
  2. Are you ready to always seek justice?
  3. You have a closer relationship with your father or mother. Why?
  4. What scares you in marriage?
  5. Do you have a hobby? How will you support him after the wedding? How much do you plan to spend time and money on it?
  6. After marriage, it is better to immediately start children or for some time to live childlessly, for yourself?
  7. What do you know how most people do not know how?
  8. How will your family disagree, friends if the police will be detained? For them it will be a surprise or not?
  9. Who would like to ask for forgiveness? Why?
  10. What do you like more: get gifts or give them?

5 questions for a guy

  1. What kind of people or nationalities do you have a biased opinion?
  2. What language do you think the most romantic?
  3. The meaning of life for people and animals is the same or not?
  4. What does it mean to live a good life?
  5. Is destiny? If so, then do people have freedom of will?

To communicate on social networks, we advise you to use on this site Questions for Aska and ask ru.


We hope these 100 questions guy will help the girls to make an idea of ​​their interlocutor. Feel free to discuss the topics you are interested in. Then honestly answer: you are satisfied with the way of thinking, behavior and answers guy with whom you communicate?

What person do you see after all this? See honest, caring, attentive man or egoist who thinks only about himself and its own benefit?

Are you a serious person or indecisive when it comes to making serious solutions? What kind of person did you recognize it: good, reserved or passive, cowardly and arrogant? Should I continue to communicate with such a person?

Solution for you.

In conclusion, look at the video, how can you have a good time and learn more about each other with questions?

To find out someone closer, you need to learn something about his personality, beliefs, sympathy, antipathy and hobby.

It often happens that you have met an interesting person, but you do not know how to start a conversation with him. What questions can you ask a guy? Where to begin? What topics to affect?

We have prepared for you a list of effective issues that will help learn guy closer and open it for you.

Questions you can ask a guy

355 questions you can ask to meet a guy

1. Where do you want to visit most? 2. What is your favorite book? 3. What is your favorite show 90s / zero? 4. What is the best costume for Halloween, which you had? 5. What is the work of your dream? 6. What is your favorite word? 7. What was your first job? What are your plans for the future? 8. What led you here? 9. How long have you known our common acquaintance? 10. How do you like to spend time when you do not work? 11. What are you reading now? 12. What is the first concert you visited? 13. What was your worst job? 14. What emoticons do you use most often? 15. If you could win the Olympic medal in any sport, what would it be for the sport? 16. If you could change your name, how would it be? 17. What movie or television show best describes your week? 18. The last message you sent someone today? 19. Which of your favorite memories? 20. What is surprising in you? 21. Who or what was your biggest teacher? 22. What about what you did, made you incredibly happy? 23. Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give yourself an 18-year-old? 24. If you could instantly become an expert in something, what would it be? 25. What was your favorite subject in school? 26. What is your hidden talent? 27. If in the future you had to eat one dish for every meal, what would you eat? 28. If someone played you in the film, who would you like to be? 29. If you could spend a day on someone else's place, who would you want to be? Why? 30. What did your mother / father taught you, what has completely changed your life? 31. What did you think about lately? 32. What first career did you dream of doing in childhood? 33. What does success mean for you? 34. What is the best advice to you ever gave? 35. Do you have a place in the city that makes you happy?

32 unusual questions to understand the guy better

32 unusual questions to understand the guy better

36. If you could invite three people, dead or alive lunch, who would be and why? 37. How can I win the Golden Star with you? 38. What does the energy charge and care? 39. What qualities do you appreciate in people with whom you spend time? 40. What would you become famous? 41. What does your dream day look like? 42. If you had not to sleep, what would you do in extra time? 43. What are your bad habits? 44. What work do you never work for? 45. If you had to choose only 3 adjectives to describe yourself, what would you choose? 46. ​​What do you do not care? 47. What is your dream that you have not implemented yet? 48. Name the thing you promise to do, but never do? 49. What did you have to refuse to achieve the current level of success? 50. Did anything happen to you that you could not explain? 51. Is there something in you that other people misunderstand? For example, things, habits, actions. Give an example. 52. Why are you more grateful today? 53. If you could do something else in your life, what would you do differently? 54. What are you most afraid of? 55. Do you have a hero? 56. Have you been to the army? / Will you go to the army? 57. Do you have a gun? 58. What kind of quality do you envy in others? 59. What better advice did you ever receive? 60. What skills would you like to have? 61. What do you want to remember you? 62. Do you like to try new? 63. Are you folding in food or do you like to try new products? 64. How would your best friend described you in five words? 65. Are you usually friends with your former? 66. How many serious relationship did you have up to this point? 67. Did you ever meet with the representative of the same gender?

38 deep questions in order to truly recognize the guy

38 deep questions in order to truly recognize the guy

68. Have you ever lost a person close to you? If so, who was it and when? 69. If you have a bad mood, do you prefer you to leave alone or so someone like you? 70. How best to raise the mood in a bad day? 71. What are ideal for you ideal? 72. Which creative idea for a date can you come up with? 73. Do you prefer chocolate or flowers? 74. What do you think about the best friends of the opposite sex? 75. Do you judge the book on the cover? 76. Can you call yourself aggressive? 77. What is your basic vital philosophy? When did you realize this philosophy for the first time and applied it? 78. What would you like to change physically? 79. What would you change spiritually or emotionally? 80. What is the point that has changed your life comes to your mind first? 81. Are you a religious person? What are your beliefs? 82. Do you consider yourself an introvert or extrovert? 83. What do you like best to engage in friends? 84. Who is closer to you, mom or dad, and why? 85. What was your favorite lesson in childhood? 86. What period of your life was the best? 87. What was the worst period in your life? 88. Is what you do now, what you always wanted to do in childhood? If not, what have you always dreamed of doing in childhood? 89. What was your best vacation? 90. What makes you feel a realized person? 91. Have you ever been to another country? 92. What is your favorite book / movie all time and why did you like it? 93. Do you have a favorite artist or author? 94. What do you think destroys the relationship? 95. What is more important for you, appearance or mind?

28 questions about relationships to meet a guy

28 questions about relationships to meet a guy

96. What do you like most in the people who like you? 97. Would you ever returned the one who changed you? 98. For you, forgiveness, for you, forgiveness or do you think it is better to take offense? 99. How do you feel about sending your password with a partner? 100. Do you like clinging to each other or are you sleeping anymore? 101. Do you have pets? 102. What do you think at what moment a person is ready for marriage? 103. What do you think, what kind of parent will you? 104. What are the three most important values ​​would you like to instill your children / future children? 105. What would you do if your parents did not like your partner? 106. Do you appreciate the opinion of parents / friends when it comes to your relationship? 107. Who is the person with whom you can talk about anything? 108. Are you passive aggressive? 109. Do you believe in love at first sight? 110. When was the last time you broke someone's heart? 111. When was the last time you had a broken heart? 112. Would you move because of love? 113. What was your very first job? 114. What brand and model was your most first car? I bought it myself? 115. Have you ever conducted a diary? 116. Why are you most grateful? 117. What hobby do you like to do alone? 118. Do you believe in the second chance? Could you give a person a third chance? 119. Is there something that people never understood in you? 120. If you had to write your biography with one sentence, what would it be? 121. What do you think about perfect vacation? 122. What did your past relations taught you? 123. What do you think about online dating? 124. Have you ever met someone on a dating site or in the application?

25 questions guy who will make a conversation interesting

25 questions that will make a conversation interesting

125. What about your wish list this year? 126. When did you feel the biggest tide of adrenaline? 127. Have you ever used light drugs? 128. Do you use alcohol? What do you like to drink? 129. What non-alcoholic drink do you drink most often? 130. What is the most insane, what did you ever do, and would you do it again? 131. If Ginn fulfilled you 3 desires right now, what would you wish? 132. What do you most regret in life? What are you proud of most? 133. What do you think when you are alone? 134. Do you please work or do you prefer to do something else? 135. Who did you want to be when it was younger? 136. Why did your last relationship ended? Who was the initiator of the gap, are you or partner? 137. How long did your most serious relationship last? 138. How much time was your shortest relationship? 139. How old were you when you first started meeting? 140. Have you studied at the university? If so, what was your specialty, did you like to learn exactly for this profession?

30 non-standard issues of a man revealing a real personality

30 non-standard issues of a man revealing a real personality

141. What was your biggest mistake in life and what did you learn from it? 142. Where would you most often go to relax? 143. What are your five favorite movies? 144. What are your favorite songs? 145. What qualities do you admire in our parents? 146. How would you describe your best friend? 147. Your best friend is now the best friend of childhood? If not, describe your best friend's friend. 148. What is your favorite hobby, what do you like to do alone? 149. Have you ever had exotic pets? 150. Have you ever arrested or spent the night in prison? If so, why? 151. Without what you can't live and day? 152. What is the most spontaneous you have made lately? 153. What is the most insane, what did you ever do for love? 154. What annoys you most? 155. What do you think, why are you still alone? 156. What is your favorite color combination? 157. What is the achievement are you most proud of? 158. What dream to you have to be implemented? 159. What are you most afraid of? 160. What three things do you value most in a person? 161. With what five people are you closest? 162. Which biggest struggle did you overcome? 163. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? 164. What is the most exciting happened last year? 165. What is your favorite beer? 166. What bothers you most in the modern world? 167. Who is closer to you, mom or dad? 168. If you could change something in yourself, what would it be? 169. If you could change something in the world, what would it be? 170. Who was your favorite teacher and why? 171. What kind of sport do you like?

41 Question to establish relationships with a guy

Questions to make a guy

172. What is the strange thing in you? 173. What would your best friend call your best quality? 174. Who is your favorite historical character? 175. What made you choose the university in which you studied? 176. If you could say myself one right now, what would it be? 177. What is your favorite brand clothes? 178. What is your favorite subject in school? 179. With no food you could not live? 180. Dogs or cats? 181. Did it happen that you could arrest? 182. How old were you when you have the first child? Or how old would you wanted to start a child? 183. What was your best birthday? 184. What is your zodiac sign? 185. What do you care? 186. What would you like to know how to do something? 187. Where would you like to go where was not yet? 188. If you had a lot of money, what would you do with your time? 189. Are you larks or owl? 190. What time do you usually wake up in the morning? 191. What time do you usually try to go to bed? 192. Did you ever sit a serious diet and adhered to her? 193. Which last book did you read? And when? 194. Where do you usually receive news? 195. Do you quickly get bored? 196. Do you prefer large or small cities? 197. Have you ever ride on the American hills? Do you like them? 198. Do you like to run? 199. What are your personal goals for the next 5 years? 200. What do you think your biggest achievement at the moment? 201. For the new year, do you prefer real Christmas trees or fake? 202. If you all come out of the hands, what would you do? 203. Who is your greatest hero? 204. Your parents were strict to you? 205. What is the stupid rule of your parents installed for you? 206. How many did your parents allowed to walk? 207. When was your first kiss? 208. What big risk did you ever go? 209. Why are we here? 210. Have you ever painted your hair? 211. If heaven is real, and you will die tomorrow, where would you get, in paradise or hell? 212. Do you believe in fate? 213. What is your favorite gem?

25 questions that will help learn the inner world of the guy

25 questions that will help learn the inner world of the guy

214. Are you regularly engaged in sports? 215. What do you think people often look at you? 216. If you had the opportunity to erase what you did in the past, what would it be? 217. What song makes you unconditionally happy? 218. If you could get someone's life, whose would you take? 219. What fictional character do you like most? 220. If I asked you in 5 years, who would you like to become when you grow up, what would you answer? 221. Are you afraid of something from the other world? 222. If you could take us to anywhere in the world right now, where would you take us away? 223. What do you most regret? 224. If you died tomorrow, what would you like to do? 225. Can you determine the moment in your life when you were happily happy? 226. What song makes you sadness? 227. If past lives are real, what was yours? 228. If you believed in reincarnation, who would you like to be in the next life? 229. Have you ever seen something that you can not explain? 230. What is your biggest achievement? 231. What would you do if you still have to live only 24 hours? 232. If you could do something without consequences, what would you do? 233. What is the most strange dream for you? 234. Have you ever cheated on the test? 235. What is the most gloomy thought you have ever been? What about the darkest thing about whom you never told anyone? 236. What is the most crazy story happening to you when you were drunk? 237. Is there any idea, the idea, the current event or the fear that you are deeply disturbing? 238. Do you have brothers and sisters? How old are they? 239. What do you think the biggest fear? (This question can really talk about the depth or absence of such in man.)

40 analyzing questions to get acquainted with a guy

40 analyzing questions to get acquainted with a guy

240. Is there something that soothes you? Place or thing that makes you feel at ease? 241. What biggest pain did you ever experienced? 242. What bothers you? 243. Have you ever broke the bone? 244. Have you ever transferred a serious operation? 245. Do you like nature or prefer to stay indoors? 246. Have you ever been to Camping? 247. Have you ever engaged in canoeing or rafting? 248. What is your favorite song and why? 249. Do you have a favorite book? Row in literary work? Poem? 250. What scene in the film caused you most of the feelings? 251. Do you have a role sample? If so, who is it? 252. What do you do and where to go when you need to stay alone? 253. What makes you feel that you need to be alone? 254. Would you like to live forever? 255. Which political position do you feel firmly? 256. Do you consider yourself a liberal communist or someone else? 257. Can you remember time in your life when you felt the most alive? Tell me everything about this memories. 258. Have you ever come out in lies? 259. When did you feel worse than everything in your life? 260. Do you trust yourself? 261. Do you really trust others? 262. In what situation did you feel the loser most? And the most successful? 263. Tell me about the facts or harsh truths that you prefer to ignore, but you know what should not. 264. When did you feel that you live in full life? When did you feel wrong? 265. When did you lay first time and what was it? 266. What is the first secret you hid from anyone? What big one? 267. Are you a religious or spiritual person? Tell me why and how. 268. Have you always had the same political beliefs? Something affected them? 269. What are you doing with your life? 270. Have you ever been in love? Tell me about those times when it was. 271. Tell me about cases when someone broke your heart. 272. Why did you cried for the last time? 273. Have you ever cry from joy? 274. What did you do when I hurt someone? 275. If your life was a film or a book, how would you call her? 276. When did you hurt yourself? 277. What is the biggest change that you have ever did, forced you to be proud of yourself most? 278. Think about people who do you like most in life, what are you doing for them? 279. House for you is a place or feeling? Describe this place or describe this feeling. 280. If you could be anywhere, besides the place where you are now, where would you be and what would you watch?

A few words for reflection:

When you use these questions to get acquainted with a guy, you are trying to establish with him a connection.

Conversations are not intended to impress people. Instead, they create a bridge where you two can meet halfway and go beyond the limits of formal communication.

Remember that the deeper the connection, the stronger your relationship with this person.

Now it's time to ask yourself how well you really know a person, and evaluate your relationship with them. We hope you liked these questions to get to know the guy better.

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What questions you can ask your boyfriend

Chatting and dating online the mass of advantages, but there is one minus: we do not know who sits on the other side of the monitor. This is especially worried about girls, and men do not seek to talk about themselves in more detail. Information has to be detected by "partisan" methods. What to ask for an unfamiliar guy by correspondence to learn more about him, read in our article.


Regardless of age, gender, people in acquaintance behave restrained, shy. In the nervous voltage, women say too much, and men prefer to get silent. Guys need to talk. It is better to do this with the help of simple questions. For messages, choose the topics of sports, traveling, hobbies, views on life as a whole.

For acquaintance, concerns of friendship, similar recruitment related issues are:

  1. Do you have free time for communicating with a beautiful (interesting, original) girl?
  2. Have you watched my questionnaire, did my photos like it?
  3. Can you help a good person you don't know, disinterestedly?
  4. Can you tell about your work (hobbies, friends, family)?
  5. Who's your sign?
  6. Did you recently have DR, as noted?
  7. Do you like surprises?
  8. What sport do you do?
  9. Want to go through an interesting test about who were you in the past life?
  10. Long been to the cinema (theater, at a concert, on football)?

Guy at the laptop

The beginning of the relationship does not oblige a girl to anything, ask questions a guy on any topics. At the time of recognition of the interlocutor, not only the answer, but also the manner of communicating, tone, the speed of the SMS arrival. Also pay attention to whether a man sets questions to you. If not, it makes no sense to count on a serious relationship, the interlocutor you did not interest or married.

On a note! If men after a series of messages have become more painful, clamped, try to make it a compliment in comic shape. But do not raise his silence.


It is not necessary to throw a man with question messages. Such an approach to recognizing each other can put a cross on communication at all. It is better to choose the most interesting questions to the guy and get the most frank answers to them.

  1. I have long done anything non-standard, for example, bought naked, did not sleep two days?
  2. Is there a favorite hockey (football) team?
  3. What book (film, song, dish) is the most favorite?
  4. What do friends know for you, parents, love?
  5. Annoy stupid people?
  6. How to make yourself work if laziness?
  7. Name 3 sites for which you come most often alone?
  8. Favorite place in hometown? What is connected with him?
  9. How to kill boredom, the most non-bank option?
  10. What city do you think the most beautiful, unusual?
  11. What little thing can improve mood?
  12. Was her nickname in childhood? And now?
  13. What is femininity (love, tenderness, marriage, family) for you?
  14. On other planets there is life?
  15. How to spend a million?
  16. Do you see strange dreams? What are they talking about?
  17. Love wakes up or destroys?
  18. Do you know what unrequited feelings are?
  19. Can you arrange romantic dates?
  20. Do you like to talk about politics?
  21. Would you quit everything and go to another country one?
  22. Is it possible to offend forever and never talk to a person else?
  23. What do you do when you leave VKontakte?
  24. Who is the main relationship: a man or a woman?
  25. What vacation is the most perfect for you?
  26. Do you need a housewife wife or girlfriend in life?
  27. What can you be offended?
  28. What raises you mood?
  29. Capachable for compromises?
  30. Would you like to live at another time?

Laptop guy smiles

Choosing questions about life, the interests of the guy, focus on the contents of his profile, photos on the wall. Messages written in the topic will show a man that it is really interesting for you.

On a note! To maintain a conversation, do not use questions to which you can respond. The source should have the opportunity to speak.


Well-formulated questions with trick are needed in correspondence with young boys and adult men. With their help, the girl creates a provocative situation, forces the interlocutor to reveal his real thoughts, express a point of view on controversial living questions.

Take several variants from the list and depart your chosen one:

  1. True, the weak man is afraid of strong women? Or are you not afraid?
  2. How do you feel about treason in marriage?
  3. Often cheat others?
  4. If you know what you are not punished, what kind of dirtyness would like to do?
  5. Can I trust my wife's family budget?
  6. For the sake of your beloved, you will refuse friends, work, hobby?
  7. If the former calls, will ask to resume relationships, what will you do?
  8. Who should the first apologize after a quarrel: a guy or a girl?
  9. Let your beloved girl browse your SMS, calls, read posts from friends in VK?
  10. How do you feel about emancipation?

Guy reads telephone

Caverzny questions A guy on correspondence often happens not to the soul of the interlocutor. The fact is that the psychology of men become more clamped, if they are asked about personal, put in an uncomfortable, ambiguous position. To move to this series of questions, you need to enter into trust.

On a note! If the guy relates to your relationship seriously, it will not answer the tricks of the tricks, will take a pause and thinks over the message.

Vulgar and intimate

Do not know how to ask a guy by correspondence about sex or erotic experiments, use ready-made message templates. With these phrases, you do not put yourself in an awkward position of yourself and the interlocutor.

  1. If I did a massage, why would you start, what did you finish?
  2. If the girl is very tired, how to help her remove the tension?
  3. Are you sleeping in shorts or naked?
  4. Like when a girl takes the first step?
  5. What lingerie is exciting you?
  6. Imagine that we went to the party together, well drank. What then do you? And where?
  7. Do you often think "about it?"
  8. Is there sexual fantasies?
  9. Did you see the movie "50 shades of gray"? How are you?
  10. What part of the body do you have the most sensitive?

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Guy smiling reading a laptop

There are several rules that need to follow in questions from the 18+ series. Take them note:

  1. One - two phrases about the bed, passionate love is quite enough.

Next you need to cling to the answer and develop the topic. Otherwise, the guy will think that you are concerned. Surely, agree to the meeting and will count on sex after the first date.

  1. Ask naturally.

The essence of the message should be clear to both. Do not use mat, rough names of body parts.

  1. Each question with sexual subtext should have a goal.

Think, why ask him what answer you want to get. If you are afraid to insult, do not experiment better.

Do not try to seem unnecessary to the girl. Shy, modest girls cause greater interest in boys.

About relations and love

I don't really like to answer questions about the relationship of a man. But the girls, on the contrary, adore about it ask.

  1. Would you go with your beloved in another city or country, if she needs it?
  2. Can you confess in love in public?
  3. Can lovers have mystery from each other?
  4. How much do you need to meet before the wedding?
  5. What is more important than sex or support each other in trouble?
  6. The ideal relationship is ... call three keywords to determine.
  7. Relationship without commitment - cool?
  8. Where do you want to go to the honeymoon with a future wife?
  9. What song is more suited to me? You? Our pair?
  10. Opposites are attracted or repelled?

A pair of hands


Funny questions that can be set a guy to raise the mood, should not be banal, flat. They do not have to answer. They are needed to support the conversation, change the topic, just mix well and relax.

  1. Have you had a terrible girl?
  2. What topics can not be discussed with unfamiliar girls?
  3. Did Selfie with beautiful guys?
  4. What do you think, how can you paint the fridge?
  5. I have 15 dogs, how do you feel about animals?
  6. Do you have an algorithm for scattering socks around the apartment?
  7. Talk about sex? Oh, I'm sorry, not there wrote there.
  8. Is it possible to become a hockey player?
  9. Why bald chef Cap?
  10. Everyone is afraid that the waiter can spit in a plate when the client turns away. And what if this has already done a cook?

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Laughter, humor helps a girl and a guy flirting, but do not put the interlocutor in a dead end. If you learned quite well each other, you can stern a soul mate, use hard, even vulgar jokes.

The guy laughs

Blitz questions

Dialogue with blitz questions is similar to the game of chess. The guy must answer them short, several words or one proposal. With the help of such "tasks" for the mind, the girl can check the erudition and wit's outdoor.

  1. What is better to lie on the sofa or travel?
  2. What 3 things will take on a deserted island?
  3. Describe yourself five words?
  4. Your innermost dream?
  5. What is more important than the mind or heart?
  6. What books do not advise reading?
  7. Can a friend lie to betray?
  8. What do you do better than others?
  9. Do you believe in life after death?
  10. What is terrible: month in the forest or month without internet?

To always have questions at hand Download the crib top 100 questions guy:

Op-100 questions guys

Top 100 questions guy download

What can not be asked

Women, even very sensitive, tender and kind, often make men with stupid questions. For example, the phrase "is there time? Let's talk!" Calls cold sweat from guys. And please estimate a new dress, heel height provokes a desire to close the dialog and exit the network.

In order not to annoy the lover, avoid the following questions:

  1. Why parted with the former?
  2. How much do children plan?
  3. I really like me?
  4. When will you go back again (see you)?
  5. How many partners did you have?
  6. What sad (do you think)?
  7. Where will you go today?
  8. Are you, what is the smartest?
  9. How much do you earn?
  10. Why are you still free (not married)?

Each man has its own list of forbidden topics that are better not to raise in correspondence. They can be found in advance, directly ask the question about it, or calculate in the course of communication by trial and errors.

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Any questions for guys, vulgar and interesting, funny and trusted, mandatory element of communication between women and men in the network, on real dates. No need to be shy, ask. But "attempt" chosen carefully, without pressure, so that it does not escape from a too curious person 30 minutes after the acquaintance.

If you do not know what questions to ask a guy when communicating on a date, today's selection is just for you. Here you will find the top 100 interesting questions guy who can ask him in various situations, as well as in the VK correspondence. You will be able to support a conversation, cause his interest in yourself, and also better know him.

This will be all the more useful if you are going to date with your new acquaintance. The main thing is to know several rules on how to competently ask questions:

#one Do not fall asleep your interlocutor issues. In this case, the guy will be tense, and he wants to immediately escape from you.

# 2. Ask about what you wonder you yourself. For example, you want to know which guy has a hobby, as he likes to spend his free time. If you really are interested, you will easily continue the conversation. If you ask only in order to fill in a pause, there will be no communication to glue. From this flows the third item.

# 3. After the guy asked about something, develop the topic. Express your attitude to the situation. Ask clarifying question and so on. Thus, natural communication is formed.

100 questions guy

  1. Name one thing that makes you smile?
  2. What are you proud of most?
  3. What makes you smile?
  4. At what moment of life did you get the worse?
  5. What moment from childhood I remember most?
  6. What gives you the greatest pleasure in life today?
  7. What is your favorite movie?
  8. Tell me about one thing, important or not very, about whom you have not told anyone else?
  9. If you had to urgently move to another country, what three things would you take with you first?
  10. Do you have pets?
  11. Your favorite ice cream?
  12. Who are you closest in your family?
  13. Tell your favorite joke?
  14. The most stupid act you've ever done?
  15. If you could change your past, what moment would you choose?
  16. Your most positive feature?
  17. When a bad mood, how do you try to get out of it?
  18. What are you fond of?
  19. What do you like most about your work?
  20. What is the feature characterizes most of all?
  21. Describe yourself in three words?
  22. What country did you like most of those where was it?
  23. How would you describe the best friend?
  24. What is your favorite alcoholic drink?
  25. How do you imagine the perfect date?
  26. If you had the opportunity to fulfill three wishes, what will they be?
  27. The best compliment you ever did?
  28. What are your talents?
  29. Describe your best friend?
  30. The main thing you have to do before you die?
  31. If you were given a million dollars right now, what would you spend them?
  32. How do you usually spend the weekend?
  33. Who are you on the sign of the zodiac? Do you approach the overall characteristics of this sign?
  34. What do you regret the most?
  35. What can immediately increase you mood?
  36. What would you change in yourself?
  37. If you had the opportunity to start life anew, would you take advantage of the opportunity?
  38. When was the last time you cried? For what reason?
  39. Would you like to have children?
  40. What is the most afraid of you in the future?
  41. What kind of future family do you imagine?
  42. Favorite statement or proverb?
  43. Did you ever fall in love with real?
  44. Did you break the heart?
  45. How do you understand the concept of "love"?
  46. What lesson learned from his past relationships?
  47. The most crazy deed that did?
  48. How do you see yourself in five years?
  49. Work your dreams?
  50. Your favorite word?
  51. Favorite book?
  52. What is the main goal in your life?
  53. Name 3 of their drawback?
  54. What questions would you like to ask me?
  55. Who is your idol?
  56. What are your bad / good habits?
  57. Tell me about your first kiss?
  58. With whom from famous people would you like to talk?
  59. Do you believe in love at first sight?
  60. What do you like more: read books or watch movies?
  61. What is your favorite song?
  62. If you could live a day to do you?
  63. A glass half empty or complete? What is Nalito in a glass?
  64. If you wanted to write a book, what was she?
  65. What do you usually think in the morning after awakening?
  66. Have tattoos?
  67. You were presented with a yacht. How do you call it?
  68. What is your favorite color?
  69. Favorite time of year?
  70. Will you feel comfortable if you go to a restaurant or movie one?
  71. If you have an extra hour in a day, what would you spend it?
  72. What do you keep in the trunk of your car?
  73. What were you called at school?
  74. What is your favorite sport?
  75. If we met, how would you noted our first anniversary?
  76. Have you ever cried while watching the movie?
  77. Your favorite car brand?
  78. Favourite dish?
  79. What do you pay attention to when meeting a girl?
  80. Your favorite restaurant / cafe?
  81. What will you do on a rainy day?
  82. Your favorite computer game?
  83. Are you a believer?
  84. Can you dance?
  85. Are you an introvert or extrovert?
  86. What qualities attract you in a girl?
  87. Do you prefer active leisure or passive?
  88. What inspires you?
  89. Are you afraid of old age?
  90. How do you imagine yourself in 60 years?
  91. At what age first fell in love?
  92. At what age confessed to love?
  93. How important is sex in a relationship, in your opinion?
  94. What do you think about free relationships?
  95. What would chose: wealth or fame?
  96. Do you like to get out in your room?
  97. Do you believe in love at first sight?
  98. Favorite month of year?
  99. Do you sing in the shower?
  100. If it were possible to choose supersil, what would it be?

You should not ask an infinite many questions, one by one. It is better to choose a couple of interesting things, depending on the situation, and develop a conversation from them. So it will be most interesting and natural. Successes!

This article has 200 questions for you to choose from who will give you a better idea of ​​who he is.

The right questions give us the answers in which we need. They help us solve whether one or another guy is suitable, or we need to move on as soon as possible. Questions save us time, showing how much of its value is compatible with our and whether these relationships have a leg.

1. What are your longest relationships?

This should not be the first question you will specify the guy. And in general, he should not be one From the first.

This is an important question, because you really need to know how committed it is confused ... And whether he is just a player who Strusil.

If he has never been in a relationship that lasted longer than a longer year, you should be on your guard. It shows that it has never been emotionally mature enough to stay with them long enough.

2. How important is that girls be funny?

Some guys like when girls are merry, but there are also such guys who are literally need to so that their girl was funny.

And the funniest girls can be found on these dating sites:

3. Do you like hugs?

If he does not like hugs, you probably should immediately leave.

4. How were you in childhood?

Ask him to tell about your experience in childhood, and you really begin to recognize it better.

5. What is the most unpleasant for you?

Before you begin to meet with him, you need to find out that it annoys it so much. Maybe he does not like feminism, veganism or when women snoring. Who knows?

6. What food do you always avoid?

Does he avoid fruits and vegetables or he is preserved on health?

7. What is a real man for you?

Without a doubt, you have your own definition of what a real man is, but it will be interesting to see how it determines it.

8. Would you returned to the past if I could?

Let's take the truth in the eye, we would all like to return to the past - but at what point will it come back?

9. When was the last time you did something spontaneous and what was it?

Especially if you are a spontaneous person yourself, you will want to meet with someone who does not mind sailing against the flow. Thus, this is a key question, because it will show if he is an adventurous type that loves to do everything at the last minute, or he must plan in advance.

10. Do you believe in aliens?

Does he believed in any conspiracy theory, if it went?

It would be nice if he said he really believes in aliens and something else.

11. Live on the beach, in the city or in the village?

Who is he - Beach tramp, urban Pijon or a rustic guy? Can he live by the ocean without worrying about anything in the world, or do he need people?

12. How important is the work for you?

This is a key question, because for some guys, work is almost all. And this is a kind of sucks for their girlfriends.

Find out how many hours does he work and does he have a good balance between work and life?

13. Are you naughty or cute?

Who is the Devil or Angel?

Who would you prefer to see him?!

14. What are you most passion about?

It is important that the guy have passions - what he likes to do is what drives them, motivates and makes sense. It would be really great if you were separated by his passion, but this is normal if you do not.

15. What movie would you like to play?

Girls love this question, because it is super fun.

The guys also love him, because it gives them the opportunity to make sure to play their favorite hero in the film.

16. What are you very bad?

Come on, this is an excellent question.

17. What cartoon would you watch now?

What a cartoon he answered, he definitely looks him every day.

18. Who are you most talking to?

Does he meet with a friend, family member or, possibly, a colleague?

19. Are you still supporting the connection with your former?

Cavernous question, but important. So ask, but only when the time comes.

20. What other people think of your style?

He can think what looks smoothly - but does anyone share his opinion?

21. Have you ever made random good actions, and if so, what?

Let's hope that he makes random good actions, and hope that they are really miles.

Otherwise, you have an evil person on your hands.

22. What are you afraid most?

You need to find out as soon as possible, whether it is afraid of spiders just like you. If so, he is definitely not suitable in boyfriends.


23. What is the best concert have you ever been?

Even if now he does not attend too many concerts, in the past he probably visited several concerts.

And pray that his tastes are not too rubbish!

24. Have you ever fought?

Do you meet with a lover or fighter? Does he like to scraw or prefers to play the role of peacemaker?

25. Would you tell a friend if he went beyond the permissible?

Is it worth it before his friends and tells them when they fail? Or he says nothing, because he does not want to quarrel with his friends?

26. Are you a night owl?

He does not sleep until dawn or loves to go to bed early?

And if he is staying late, what does he do?

27. What is your family?

If you are focused on a family, it is a very important question, because you will also learn whether his family looks like that family with which you and your parents would laugh, and you will also learn if he sees his family so far.

28. What would you spend more time if you had more free time?

I think it will be very interesting.

29. Do you want to become a millionaire?

Or money for him is not important?

30. People laugh at your jokes?

Do not ask about it immediately after he told you a joke.

31. Have you learned well at school?

Or was he Buntar, who never went to classes?

32. Would you flew into space if he could?

Or is he happy here, on earth, where it rains all the time?

33. What is the most stupid thing you did?

We all did stupidity, so you won't judge him for what he did.

Maybe he broke off his clothes and naked ran through the football field.

Maybe he once pressed the "Emergency Fire" button on the aircraft.

34. What are your bad habits?

Very few people will want to give a list of their bad habits when they are trying to learn someone new. That is why it is so important that you first told him at least one of your bad habits.

And then ask him about some of his bad habits.

35. Who did you want to be when I was a child?

Do not all little boys want to be firefighters or sporting heroes? Ask who he wanted to be?

36. What did you like to do before, but now you never do?

There must be beer pong.

37. On what instrument would you like to learn to play?

38. If you could return the celebrity from the dead, who would it be?

Must be Michael Jackson!

39. Is there anything from the past, what would you do differently?

We all have a past. We all did something that forced us to be proud of by yourself, and what made us shudder.

Let's hope that his mistakes were not So this Poor ...

40. Your parents are proud of you?


Let's hope.

41. What actor should play your movie?

His answer is likely to be cheerful.

"Hugh Jackman."

42. What can make your life better?

Would it be cool or strange if he said he was going with you?

43. What is your best physical characteristic?

Do you know what guys like talking about?

Football? Well, of course.

Beer? It goes without saying.

But in fact, they love to talk about themselves.

44. How do you react when everything goes not in plan?

This is an excellent question that gives you a powerful understanding of what he is per person. Does he remain calm under pressure? Is it looking for solutions or focus on the problem?

45. Would you prefer to flax or go blind?

It always seems a stupid question, but you will be amazed by some clever, thoughtful answers that people come up with.

Ask him about it, and he himself will think of a clever, thoughtful answer, or will laugh at you with something funny.

46. ​​What is the hardest thing, what did you have to face?

This is a great question, but, like other questions in this list, it needs to be set a little later. This is too emotional question to ask him on the first date.

People faced many heavy things in their lives, from severe loss to loss of work.

Be prepared for the fact that it will also discuss past relationships.

47. Do you like your job?

It would seem that most people do not like their job, but who knows? Maybe you will be lucky and you will meet a guy who loves him.

In any case, even when we absolutely hated our work, we seem to love to talk about her. It gives us a chance to moan carefully!

48. If you could read the thoughts of people, would you do it?

Is he going to be really terrible and admit that he will do it completely? Or does he respect the right of people for privacy?!

49. Are you focused on achieving the goal?

Does it believe in the formulation of goals and achieving something in life, or does he prefer to just swim towards and watch?

50. Have you ever scalded on the exam?

Cheeky question!

Let's hope that it is.

If you like it, go through the link and read the second part.

Good questions guy: about life, love, sex

Is it true that a person can be solved on facial expressions, gestures or, for example, lines on hand? Nerbalik really open the curtain of the secrets of the human soul, but much more convenient, easier and faster - talk. About life, love, sex. Specify questions, get answers, analyze and try on yourself. Nothing difficult. Except that the question may be so inconvenient that instead of the instrument of knowledge becomes a stumbling block. On the right and inappropriate questions of guys and talk.

The content of the article:

Ask him itself: the guy's questions to find out better

Parent topic: Questions to help get closer

Mouth on the castle: questions that you should not ask guys

We analyze your answers ... 0%

Ask him itself: the guy's questions to find out better

Comparison funds and goals. If the Blue Dream - Marsh Mendelssohn, about the attitude to the sex threesome and do not ask a blowjob. At the same time, arrange interrogation with the addiction to you exciting you, but an extremely narrow topic is at least short-sighted. Take general and wider - about hobbies, purposes, dreams. And it's not enough Obronic - about family, kids, treason. And most importantly - do not give erudition, whether you even seven spans in the forehead. A man should feel equality, and better - superiority. However, and here you need a balance. Sometimes it is a good fool - the thing is good. To be chronic fool - already on an amateur. This question is worth setting a guy to see his inner world or just fill out an awkward pause in a conversation.

  • What is your ideal relationship for you?
  • Should a woman give up a man?
  • What is badly annoying in girls?
  • What distinguishes you from other guys?
  • What is your book of life?
  • What are you dreaming about and what are you striving for?
  • What do you like most of all?
  • If I shot a movie - what about?
  • What role in the movie would like to play?
  • An ideal woman - what is she?
  • What do you especially appreciate in people?
  • I would like to live forever and why?
  • What are you afraid most?
  • What can you raise your mood?
  • Winning a million dollars, how to spend?
  • How do you feel about a healthy lifestyle?
  • Tell me about the brightest moment of childhood?
  • What are your gastronomic preferences?
  • Tell me about yourself in several sentences?
  • What would take with you to the uninhabited island?
  • There are hobbies / hobbies - what?
  • In the morning - tea, coffee or other?
  • How do you prefer to relax?
  • How do you feel about romance?
  • The biggest achievement?
  • Love - a short time?
  • What do you see my family?
  • What can not buy for money?
  • What books do you prefer to read?
  • What movie had a strong influence?
  • Who is an authoritative person for you?
  • Do you consider yourself an introvert or extrovert?
  • Going on compromises or Gnese your line?
  • Why can you break the relationship with the girl?
  • If you could choose yourself superpower - what?
  • If he could choose a historical era, what?
  • What do you think about the future of mankind and planets?
  • What are the three qualities that are badly annoyed in people?
  • Name the quality of the girl with whom could not get along?
  • What are you most depended from?
  • What are you doing in a state of stress?
  • Do you believe in strong family bonds?
  • Can you forgive betray?
  • Tell about plans for the future?
  • What do you think people change?

Parent topic: Questions to help get closer

They say the relationship is work, and you need to work both so that all happiness, love and orgasms are. Another question is how it is to work on relationships? One of the funds that strengthen heart bonds is a dialogue for souls. The very moment when it is possible and you need to get out of the comfort zone and talk about the burning - about covered offensive and unrealized desires. Here is a couple of questions, honest answers to which will help develop and deepen communication with a partner.

  • What can I do to feel comfortable with me?
  • What can I do (but not) from what do you like?
  • Does our sex life satisfy you?
  • How can we diversify our sex life?
  • There are sexual desires that I do not know about?
  • What touches like, and which - no?
  • How do you feel about pornography / masturbation?
  • What household questions oppress the most?

Do you need more personal space?

  • In solving what problems can I help you?
  • How would you like to rest after the working day?
  • What are my actions and words offend you?
  • Do you have enough care and attention?
  • Are you worried about something from the past?
  • What are my questions annoy you?
  • What experiences cause stress?
  • What are you hard to talk to me?
If you have a problem in communicating with guys and confidence in yourself, then for you there is a unique opportunity to communicate free with a professional psychologist for 20 minutes. Just go to the site and leave an application for the selection of a psychologist. The specialist will write you after 2 minutes in the specified messenger.

Mouth on the castle: questions that you should not ask guys

"What shoes to me today are those or these? As these? These are inconvenient heels, and they are ideal for the dress. On the other hand, these I bought recently, and they are already pretty worn. So what? ". With the Inquisitor's mercy, we, women, we can torment our men with stupid issues. And some of them cause sticky cold sweat ("Can I talk to you seriously?"). Or simply put in an awkward position ("If it were possible to sleep with Scarlett Johansson, would sleep?"). In general, sometimes it is better to chew and not to run out than to ask and get the truth in the forehead.

  • Sex with the former was better or worse?
  • Why did you break up with the former?
  • How many girls did you have?
  • How much do you earn?
  • When will we see each other again?
  • Do you really love me?
  • Why do you love me?
  • How many children do you want?
  • When are we married?
  • What are you thinking now?
  • Why didn't you raise the phone?
  • Do not notice anything new?
  • Does football better than me?
  • Who is there constantly writes there?
  • Have you ever changed me?
  • Don't you think that I am fat?
  • Can I talk to you seriously?

What questions ask the guy, we found out. Where to take a guy who can be interrogated, also tell me - on a dating site. Click on the link and go to the rating page, where you learn all the details and underwater stones of the Detting portals. And add our site to bookmarks - you will find out a lot of new things about how to pick up guys and what to do with them later. Nice dating!

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Registration on the site is free for all.

Each questionnaire is tested.

Unique selection algorithm.

Personal assistant will help to start communication with interesting people faster.

In this article, you will learn about what existing topics for conversations with men.

What questions you can set a guy by correspondence: list

The correct question will be able to become a successful start of the dialogue and influence your relationship with a man. In order not to be confused at an important point and always interest your interlocutor, it is important to know in advance what it can be asked.

Questions for correspondence:

  • Hey! How do you spend the evening?
  • How is the mood today?
  • What are your plans? What are you doing?
  • How to raise you mood?
  • I want to surprise you something, as you think I will succeed?
  • Hey! Let's play in anything?
  • I want adventure, and you?
  • There are evenings when it's a special boring, you don't think so?
  • Tosca mortal! Can you advise any good movie?
  • How did you spend this day? He was successful today?
  • Do you want to talk with a dreary, but terribly interesting person?
  • I booked inside, do not want to listen?
  • Let's spend the evening together?
  • Did you watch this series (name)?
  • I love music, you can't throw me a couple of excellent tracks?
  • For a long time, did not communicate, how are you? What changed?
  • Are you still engaged in sports (fishing, basketball, dancing)?
  • I heard the latest news about (person name)?
  • When was the last time you were in a movie? Maybe together going to see something?
  • I listen to a great track, you will like right, you can throw off?
  • And remember, we danced under this song? (Throw track)
  • Hey! Already forgot how you look, can we meet?

What questions you can ask a guy in a conversation by phone: List

Questions for a telephone conversation:

  • A hundred years did not hear you, how are you?
  • How nice to hear your voice! Are you all right?
  • Thank you for calling! I hope you have nothing happened?
  • Well, what called! Let's agree that you will call me more often?
  • Hi, do not miss tonight?
  • Hi, you still have not forgotten my voice?
  • Hey! Guess who calls?
  • I give you 3 attempts to guess my name. Try?
  • Hey! Do you want entertainment tonight?
  • How do you look at the fact that I invite you to drink a couple of cocktails together?

What questions you can ask a guy when you meet: List

  • Dear, and your mom does not need a dared daughter-in-law?
  • I just saw you somewhere, maybe in dreams?
  • And you accidentally not a man of my dream?
  • How do you want to meet you, do not leave your phone number?
  • Definitely you like my mom, and let's check it?
  • In life I have not seen such a beautiful man! Have you already talked like this?
  • Leave me your phone number so that we agree later and spent a good time?
  • And you do not accidentally want new romantic and completely insane relationships?
  • I liked you at first glance, and I?

Important: Do not hesitate to ask a man even the most "spicy" questions, learning it better.

What questions can you ask a guy to interest it?


  • Do you like my eyes?
  • I often say that I look good, how do you think?
  • I have such a feeling that we were familiar, you do not think so?
  • I have a lot of interests, do you want to share some?
  • I apologize, but can you fall in love with you?
  • You have a beautiful look, did you hear that before?
  • How often do you come on dates? I want to invite you to another one!
  • Have you long watched a movie from places for kisses?
  • I once talked about what I kiss, do not want to check?
  • Have you ever drank champagne under the moon? Me not. Let's try together?

What questions can I ask a guy on the first date?

The dream of each woman is an ideal date. It can only go through it only when you exactly know what you can speak on a date. Assist in this will be able to preliminary preparation of topics and questions.

Good questions:

Option number 1.
No. 1.
Option 2.
№ 2.
Option 3.
No. 3
Option 4.
No. 4.

What questions can I ask a guy when communicating?

If communication with a man is settled, you can easily count on signs of attention from its part. Try to ask him as much questions about his hobbies and passions.

What can I talk about:

Ideas for conversation

What questions will tell about a man more, what can you ask a guy?

When you recognize your beloved man closer, you can understand what your life will be with him in the future. Take advantage of the selection of "interesting" questions, designed to receive the most detailed information.

What can I ask:

Topics and ideas

What questions and what can you ask the guy who likes?

"Suggest" the guy liked a very easy ridiculous or inappropriate question, so carefully pick up phrases and take into account all the features of your relationship.


Option number 1.
No. 1.
Option 2.
№ 2.

What questions can you ask your boyfriend to your beloved?

If your relationship is already "started", you should not lose vigilance and relax. Try not to cease to be interested in the life of your man. So you can earn his trust and attention!

Ideas for the beginning of the conversation:


What question can you ask the guy to find out how much I like him?

Very often, the woman is tormented by the questions about mutual sympathy from the man, try yourself and directly ask him about it, asking a delicate question.

Ideas for conversation:


Questions for dating a guy on the Internet, VKontakte?

Social networks simplify the acquaintance process between a man and a woman, but nevertheless, you should choose to choose questions for communication.

Suitable topics:

Interesting questions guy
For "Contact"

Interesting questions guy, on any topic: List

Love relationships are not only sex and signs of attention, it is also conversations and mutual interests. Do not lose a "thread understanding" by asking your partner questions about his personal life, adventures, successes and women.

Suitable topics:

Интересная подборка вопросов
What can you ask?

What intimate questions can I ask a guy?

Such questions will help you to establish your sex life, make adjustments to it and establish rules. Feel free to talk with your sex partner.

Ideas for conversation:

"интимная" подборка вопросов
"Intimate" selection

What erotic questions can you ask a guy?

There is one secret: any man not only loves sex, but any conversations about sex. Do not hesitate to be interested in any topics about sex: experience, technique, the number of women.

Ideas for conversation:

Эротическая подборка вопросов
Erotic selection

What vulgar questions can you ask a guy?

Each man has his own hidden sexual fantasies and dreams, talking to him about it, you will not only give him your attention, but also show love.

Ideas for conversation:

"пошлая" подборка вопросов
"Shaving" selection

What are the tricks, with trick questions you can ask a guy?

Want to surprise your man? Intrigue? Show that you are not so simple personality? Boldly ask him unusual questions and let him try to answer them!

Ideas for conversation:

"каверзная" подборка вопросов
"Caverzny" selection

What "unusual" questions can you ask a guy?

Surprise your beloved man is not easy, and you try to ask him a non-standard question and look at how he answers him!

Methods start talking:

"необычная" подборка вопросов
What to ask "the second half"?

What are the "frank" questions you can ask a guy?

The line between an interesting and unnecessary question is very thin. With the help of "frank" questions, you can not only get closer, but also spoil all the relationship. Try to choose the topics for conversations.

What to talk about:

Оригинальная подборка вопросов
Original selection

What romantic questions can you ask a guy?

Having learned some nuances of the romantic nature of your favorite man, you can understand what your relationship will be in the future.

What to ask:

Romantic selection
Romantic selection

What questions about love and relationship can you ask a guy?

Relationship is difficult work and if you do not discuss some nuances between each other, you can lose understanding and trust.

Suitable questions:

Подборка про любовь
Selection of "Love"

What questions can you ask the guy to put it in a dead end?

Ideas for conversation:

  • Do you look at me just like this or do you have special plans for me?
  • Say honestly: Do you want me?
  • I attract you like a woman?
  • Do you want to show you something interesting?
  • What do you think I can surprise you in bed?
  • Is this your friend or mistress?
  • Did you sleep someday with friends girls?

Video: "Male questions?"

100 интересных вопросов, которые можно задать парню по переписке, чтобы лучше узнать егоIncredible facts

These questions will help you tie an interesting conversation with a guy like. To find out his better.

Some questions may be quite non-standard.

Remember that we are all different, so choose questions that you think is better suitable, or those answers to which you really want to know.

Read also: 40 so ridiculous phrases for dating a girl that they can work

Remember that it is better to ask clarifying questions to learn more and support the conversation.

What questions can I ask a guy by correspondence?

задать парню вопросы

© Getty Images Signature

The exchange of SMS - is a simple and easy way to learn about a person or potential lover. The correspondence is very convenient when both are very busy to meet, but they want to communicate until the next date.

Asking questions about how his day has passed, about work, interest and family, you will be easier for you to interest the object of your attention.

Remember several rules that should be followed during correspondence:

  • If you just recently met, start with more superficial questions. , Only then go to more intimate concerning family or past relationships.

  • Do not ask the SMS questions that you expect long, deployed answers . Some questions are more suitable for messaging, while others better leave for a conversation with an eye on the eye.

  • These questions are only tips, you should not ask all questions in a row . Focus on the situation and choose the most suitable.

  • Do not interrupt a good conversation just to ask a question. If the guy is cute and lively twisted with you, take advantage of this to learn about it in this way.

  • These questions may you fill out an awkward pause in a conversation And help get to know each other closer.

  • It is advisable to avoid one-step responses "yes / no" If you want to know the person better. More detailed answers expand the themes for the conversation, and the conversation passes more at ease.

  • Do not turn the correspondence in the interview or interview . Exchange jokes and use emoticons to make communication enjoyable.

General issues

1. I just finished ... (do something). And you what do you do?

2. What do you have in the refrigerator now?

3. What is your favorite color?

4. What is your favorite ice cream taste?

5. Where are you born?

6. Your favorite food?

7. Do you like sushi?

8. Do you prefer coffee or tea?

9. Have you ever drunk?

10. Who do you work? What are you doing at work?

11. What was your first job?

12. What was your first car?

13. What object in school was given to you easier?

14. What object in school was the most difficult for you?

15. What car do you dream about?

16. What is important to you when choosing a car?

17. What is your favorite thing?

18. What is your favorite animal?

19. Do you like tattoos or piercing?

20. What is your favorite season and why?

21. Do you have an allergy to anything?

22. What do you usually for breakfast?

23. What would your perfect dinner?

24. Without what you can't imagine your day?

25. What color, how do you think, do you most go?

26. Are you often sitting in VKontakte (Facebook, classmates)?

Questions about family, friends and relationships

27. Do you have a big family?

28. Do you have brothers or sisters?

29. Do you have a good relationship with your parents?

30. What do you like in the girl?

31. Do you have friends from school?

32. How did you get to know your best friend?

33. Who is the most important person in your life?

34. When did you have the last serious relationship?

Questions about personality and character

вопросы парню по переписке

© Getty Images Signature

35. What is the case in your life you have the most awkward?

36. What is the most important in relationship for you?

37. Who do you see yourself in 5 years?

38. Have you ever received injury?

39. Name the three of their most positive qualities.

40. If I came to visit you now, there would be order or mess?

41. Do you have bad habits?

42. Do you know how to cook?

43. Do you have any phobias?

44. Do you like to build plans or act spontaneously?

45. What is the most crazy thing did you ever do?

46. ​​Do you consider yourself extremal?

47. If you could change something in ourselves, what would you change?

48. Is the appearance important for you?

49. What would you like to talk about?

50. What was your biggest failure in life?

51 Do you like to spend time with friends or alone?

52. What is the most stupid act did you do?

53. When are you in a bad mood, what can you raise it?

Questions about interest

54. What are you doing in your free time?

55. How do you spend the weekend?

56. Would you prefer to read the book or play a video game?

57. Are you engaged in sports / fitness?

58. For what kind of sport do you follow?

59. Do you have a favorite hobby?

60. Do you collect anything / collect?

61. How do you relax after a long working day?

62. Who do you like more: cats or dogs?

63. Do you have a pet?

64. What was your favorite cartoon?

65. Do you have an idol?

66. What genre of films do you prefer?

67. What movie is your favorite movie?

68. What genre of music do you like?

69. Do you have a favorite group or singer?

70. Do you have a favorite actor / actress?

71. Have you ever walked for a concert? What was the last concert?

72. What is your zodiac sign?

73. Do you believe in astrology?

Interesting and amusing questions

интересные вопросы парню

© Getty Images Pro

74. If you had three wishes: what would you guess?

75. If you could go to any country of the world, where would you go?

76. Have you ever had problems with the law?

77. How many sandwiches would you eat at a time?

78. What is your desires in the list at the very top?

79. How far did you travel by car?

80. What journey remember you most?

81. How long can you hold out without sleep?

82. How do you like to spend time on the street?

83. What is your favorite place for dates?

84. Have you ever jumped with a parachute?

85. If you left to live one day, what would you do?

86. Have you ever sail naked?

87. Imagine that there is a fire in the house, what three things have you taken before saving?

88. Would you like to leave somewhere or always live in one place?

89. If you could only say one word in the day to tell you?

90. If one could lock one person in a mental hospital, who would it be?

91, if you had a supersila that you chose you?

92. If you could choose something one thing, from what would you refuse: from food or from sex?

93. Would you be able to abandon the Internet for a week?

94. Have you ever acquainted the Internet?

95. If you were invisible for one day, what would you do?

96. Do you often look at yourself naked in the mirror?

97. What part of the body in yourself would change?

98. Have you ever raised and eaten food that fell to the floor?

99. What would you refuse to do in one million dollar?

100. What was the first thing you noticed in me?

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