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Two Methods Convert Scanned PDF Files to Editable Word Documents

I offer two effective methods that will enable most PDF files to Word document. How to convert Scanned PDF files In documents Word for free Consider in this article.

MS WORD converts scanned PDF files to Word Documents

The MS Word text editor can independently convert scanned documents from PDF format in DOCX. This is just enough to have on your computer installed MS Office. Perform the following steps.

  • Download and install Microsoft Word to your computer - Windows, MacOS.
  • Open Microsoft Word. On your computer and download the scanned PDF file. To do this, execute the command File - Open , find the file you need in PDF format, and the file name must be available for viewing (selected All files to display)
Conversion of PDF file in Dock
Conversion of PDF file in Dock
  • Click the Open and MS WORD command automatically converts the file to Word document. As soon as the document is loaded, you can easily edit it.
  • After editing is completed, you can simply Save Document In the form of a Word file on its computer.
How to convert PDF documents in Word free online >>

Google Docs to convert scanned PDF files to Word Documents

The alternative method is to use Google Docs (Google Documents) To convert scanned PDF files to Word Documents. To do this, visit on your computer. Make sure you entered your Google Account.

Two Methods Convert Scanned PDF Files to Editable Word Documents
  • Then press the button Upload file > then Select Scanned PDF. File from the repository of your computer> Press Open button . Now your download will start.
Two Methods Convert Scanned PDF Files to Editable Word Documents
  • After downloading, click on button last button и choose File which you just downloaded.
  • You will need to open this file using Google Docs. To do this, click on File> Click on the> vertical three points Next to the Delete button >> Open S. Assistance >> Google Docs. .
Two Methods Convert Scanned PDF Files to Editable Word Documents
  • After downloading the file in Google Docs, click File >> download >> Microsoft Word. . Now the file will be loaded as a Word document on your computer.
  • You can then open it later and edit at any time convenient for you.

Following these simple methods, now you can easily Convert PDF files to Editable Word Documents . The most pleasant thing is that these methods Absolutely free And do their job.

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How to copy text from PDF

PDF files may contain text information that can be transferred without converting a whole file into some popular format of a text electronic document. This article will tell you how to copy text from PDF.

Copy text from PDF

With the text copied from the PDF document, you can interact, as with usual - to work in text processors, insert on pages, edit, etc. Below will be described about the options for solving this task in the two most well-known programs to work with PDF. The application will also consider from which you can copy the text even protected from copying!

Method 1: Evince

Evince provides the ability to copy text even from those documents in which this function is blocked by the author.

Download Evince.

  1. Install Evince, after downloading the installation file by reference above.

    Downloading the Evines program

  2. Open the PDF file with copy protection from the EUNSS.

    Selecting the Evines program

  3. Highlight the text and click on it right-click. In the context menu, click on item "Copy" .

    Copying text from the Evins program

  4. Now the copied text is in the exchange buffer. To insert it, press the key combination. Ctrl + V » Or call the context menu by clicking on all the same right mouse button, and then select the option in it. "Paste" . The screenshot below shows an example of insertion to the page in the Word program.

    Insert a copied text in a text processor Word

Method 2: Adobe Acrobat DC

A powerful and convenient application for editing and processing PDF from the company that has developed this format of files, which will copy the text contained within the document.

Download Adobe Acrobat DC

  1. Open the PDF from which you need to get the text using Adobe Acrobat DC.

    Opening the desired file with Adobe Acrobat DC

  2. Highlight the desired number of characters with the left mouse button.

    Selecting text in Adobe Acrobat DC

  3. Then click on the dedicated fragment with the right mouse button. In the list that appears, select "Copy" .

    Pressing the Copy button in Adobe Acrobat DC

  4. Refer to the fourth item of the first method.

Method 3: Foxit Reader

Fast and fully free reader Foxit Reader will perfectly cope with the task of copying text from the PDF file.

Download Foxit Reader

  1. Open the PDF document using Foxit Reader.

    Opening the PDF file with Foxit Reader

  2. Select the text with the left mouse button and click on the icon. "Copy" .

    Selection and copying text in Foxit Reader

  3. Refer to the fourth item of the first method.
  4. Conclusion

    In this material, three ways to copy text from the PDF file were considered - using Evince, Adobe Acrobat DC and Foxit Reader. The first program allows you to copy protected text, the second is the most popular program to work with this file format, and the third provides the ability to quickly copy the text using the automatically pop-up tape with tools.

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The PDF format is often used to publish various kinds of electronic documents. In PDF, scientific works, abstracts, books, magazines and many others are published.

Faced with the document in the PDF format, users often do not know how to copy the text to the Word. If you also have a similar problem, then our article should help you. Here you will learn 4 ways to copy text from PDF to Word.

Copy text from PDF file in Word in a standard way

The easiest way to copy the text from PDF to Word is the usual copy that you use constantly. Open your PDF file in any program to view PDF files (for example, you can use Adobe Reader), select the desired part of the text, click on it right-click and select "Copy".

Copy text from PDF file in Word in a standard way

You can also copy the text using the CTRL-C key combination. After copying, the text can be inserted into a Word or any other text editor.

Unfortunately, this method of copying text is far from always suitable. PDF file can be protected from copying, then you will not be able to copy text. Also in PDF, the document can be tables or pictures that cannot be simply copied. If you encountered a similar problem, the following ways to copy text from PDF should help you.

Copy text from PDF file in Word using ABBYY FineReader

ABBYY FineReader is a program to recognize text. Typically, this program is used to recognize text on scanned images. But using ABBYY FineReader you can recognize PDF files. To do this, open the ABBYY FineReader, click on the "Open" button and select the PDF file you need.

Open PDF file via ABBYY FineReader

After the program finishes text recognition, click on the "Go to Word" button.

Click on the Transmit button in Word

After that, you must open a WORD document with text from your PDF file.

Copy text from PDF file in Word using converter

If you do not have the ability to use the ABBYY FineReader program, you can resort to program-converters. Such programs will allow convert PDF document to Word file. For example, you can use the free UniPDF program.

To convert PDF Document in Word File using UniPDF You just need to open the program, add the necessary PDF file to it, select conversion in Word and click on the "Convert" button.

Open PDF file using UniPdf

Copy text from PDF file in Word using online converters

There are also online converters that allow you to convert a PDF file to Word file. Usually such online converters work worse than specialized programs, but they will allow you to copy text from PDF to Word without installing additional software. Therefore, they should also be mentioned.

Use such converters is quite simple. All you need to do is upload a file and click on the "Convert" button. And after completing the conversion, you will need to download the file back.

Convert PDF file using online services

Popular online converters from PDF in Word:


Having considered earlier how to create a PDF document, in different ways: both online, and offline and even Microsoft Office funds, it's time to tell how to reverse action.

PDF Transformation in Word

Consider how to pull out the text from the PDF document so that you can then edit it in Word and similar text editors. That is, simply speaking, we will convert PDF files in Word.

Let's start!

Adobe Reader and Analogs

The easiest, fast and free option: open the desired PDF document in Adobe Reader. Go to the Edit menu, then select the command "Copy File to Buffer Exchange"


And then, standard actions: open Word, create a new document and press the Paste button or use the quick keys (Ctrl + V).


All, you can safely edit the resulting text.

Note, when using this method, text formatting is not saved and there is no possibility to pull out images !!!

If you, all the same, by all means you need to remove the image from the PDF document, so as not to use any programs, make a screenshot from the screen on which the PDF file is open from which you copied the text, but it did not work out the picture .


And insert the resulting image in Word. It should turn out like this:


It is clear that the quality of the image will leave much to be desired, but as a backup option is quite suitable.

In other views, you will need to do a slightly different action.

So in Foxit Reader (Tools -> Menu Select Text):


And so in PDF-XChange Viewer (Menu Tools -> Main -> Selection):


Then select the desired text and perform standard actions with the exchange buffer, for those who did not guessed: copy (Ctrl + C) and in Word - insert (Ctrl + V).

Text Optical Recognition System (OCR)

With all the charm of this technique, she has a flaw. Convert PDF in Word will not work if the PDF document is created by scanning from a paper carrier or is protected from editing.

Therefore, we will use another method. And name, with the help of a special program of optical text recognition.

The program is called ABBYY FineReader and, unfortunately, is paid. But but the functionality of this program will allow to overlap any requirements for creating and converting PDF files.

For example, we have scanned text in PDF format


Run ABBYY FineReader and select the file in Microsoft Word in the starting window


And all! The system itself recognizes the text and sends it to Word



Online services for converting PDF files

I have already described the option with online services, the only thing I can add a couple more such services:

PDF to Word Converter



And again, none of the online services works with images, and if the text is scanned and saved in PDF format, it will not work. It will be necessary to consider the OCR option.


As usual, the most convenient was the paid option, but the rest are entitled to exist, because not every day you need to convert PDF files. And at once you can download a demo version or use the online service.

If it is impossible, but it is necessary, then the way there will always be.

Yes, and also, if you know another way to convert PDF files, write me in the comments.

Thank you for attention!

Always yours, Abramovich Artem!

P.S. Lyrical digression :

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How to convert pdf in word

On this site you can absolutely free Translate PDF in Word . Conversion is very simple.

Step 1. Download PDF Document on site . This can be done with a simple dragging or using click on the converter (file manager opens). Please note that the conversion is accepted. only Files with the .pdf extension.

Load PDF to this window Wait until the file hits the server
PDF Converter in WordLoading PDF file in converter

Step 2. Wait for your turn . Queues may not be. But often, especially during the day, the files convert multiple users at the same time. And since the PDF transformation in Word is a rather resource-in-time operation, all files are queued and converted one by one. Usually, the queue takes no more than 2-5 minutes.

PDF conversion process in Word
PDF conversion process in Word

Step 3. Download a Word Word File . After the end of the convention, you can save the Readed Word in the .doc format. Please note that the files are deleted from our server immediately after you leave the site.

Word successfully converted
Download Word after successful conversion

What PDF files can be converted?

The PDF2WORD converter supports all types of PDF files, except scanned pictures. As text recognition is not yet supported, the conversion into the text of the scans and photographs is not at the moment. We work on this feature and are going to introduce it in the very near future.

The remaining PDF documents can be converted without problems. Especially our online converter will be useful to business representatives who are constantly required to translate into the format of Word Price-Sheets, Treaty and Other. The advantage of the .doc files before PDF is that they can be easily edited and sent to their business partners. Therefore, instead of re-creating any document with change on the computer, you can simply make Word from PDF online.

How to copy text from PDF in Word

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PDF in World.

In the previous article, we dealt as copy protected text to a computer. The format of the text "PDF" becomes popular, in this format create a large number of e-books, not only artistic but also technical. The PDF format is often protected from copying, and we need to pull out the text from there. Let's deal with how to copy text from PDF in Word

How to copy text from PDF in Word


First, you need to open the "PDF" format from which we will copy the desired text. To open "PDF", use the good "Adobe-Reader" program or its analogue in the search engine you can find a dozen programs running with the text "PDF". Next, you must select the text with the left mouse button at the same time hold it, see from the beginning to the end of the desired text area. Switch to the context click menu Right mouse button and select Copy, click again.

Option 2

Another simple option is available to copy you to execute, go to the menu and find the "File" command by clicking You will see "Save As" now it remains to be determined with the place and the preservation format you need. Save the file.

Fine_Reader.How to copy text from "PDF" file in "Word" using "FineReader"

1. If you did not manage to copy the text above the described action. Thry through the program "FineReader" (, to do this, download the free version (trial) of the program and installing it on your computer.

2. The program will be prompted to buy it immediately or take advantage of a trial period that operates 120 days (which is not small).

  1. After activation, you must click on the program icon and select the screen snapshot of the text we need. Select "Copy text to the clipboard" then the Copy button, while highlighting all the necessary text. Wait until the program shows "successfully copied to the buffer." Warning- If the program gave you an error, then zoom in the scale of the document.
  2. Then in the program "WORLD" insert the document. And save in any format. There are also an online converter that is also very easy to use. "Google" and "Yandex" to help you.

So we figured out how to simply copy the text from PDF in Word. Good luck to you.

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