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How to register in Overwatch?


Before you register with Overwatch, you need to create an account in the service. If you already have an account, then simply log in. Then open the tab with the available games and enter the activation key received when purchasing a shooter. Do not forget to allow the application to independently install all the new updates so that you will not spend time on the manual installation.


Lay out an Overwatch icon and click on it, then in the window that opens, check the box in front of the region in which they live, and run the installation. As soon as it is over, you can immediately play.

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In order to play a couple of hours (or even days) you need to create a new account.

1. Create a new account and be sure to choose Germany's country

Click to reveal ...

2. If on top when registering it gives the following error, then register through another browser (for example, Tor Browser):

3. After the creation goes to the post and confirm (better fake, as the account will be banned soon)

4. We go to the store and go to the Overwatch game. Spoiler:

"For those who are in the tank"

5. Select the method of payment "Direct Bank Translation". It works only for Germany if there are no lines, then the account is registered on another country.

6. When filled with click on "You do not know your IBAN"

7. Fill data from here:


Everything should look like this:

8. Open the application (if not, then download).

9. Download the game.

ten. ...

11. You are amazing.

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