How to treat dry and wet cough?

What is cough?

Cough is a protective mechanism that cleans the respiratory tract from stimuli and microbes. It can be called a useful reaction of our body: after all, he protects the trachea and bronchi from pathogenic infections and foreign bodies.

Most often, cough may indicate a cold, but it is important to understand that the strong cough attacks may be symptoms of dangerous processes in the body and serious, and sometimes chronic diseases. In one way or another, the cough has its own characteristics, and it is his character that helps to put an accurate diagnosis. Therefore, it is important to consult a doctor in time to establish the reason for the symptom.

How to treat dry and wet cough?

Dry cough

Dry cough is born in the upper respiratory tract. It comes in attacks - often unpredictable and unmanageable. The process is accompanied by "barking" sound. At the same time, the attacks do not bring relief.

The cause of dry cough can be inflammation of the mucosa of the throat and the test. However, the tightening cough is only stronger than the mucous membrane, forming a "vicious circle". Also, dry cough occurs when bronchi does not distinguish enough mucus to effectively eliminate microbes from the body.

With a strong and durable dry cough due to a cold, the doctor may advise the drug that stops the cough reflex ("Omnitus", "Synecode"). And to facilitate the discharge of sputum, special means of stimulating expectoration ("bronchicum TP", "Herbion", licorice root syrup) can be recommended.

With a proper diagnosis and treatment, dry cough is replaced by humid, infection and microbes are derived from the body together with the sputum, and inflammation passes.

Moist cough

With a wet cough, the wet is easily released from the bronchi. It is born in the depths of the chest and after each cleaning the patient feels relief. The process is accompanied by bubble sounds and wheezes. Usually the bout of a wet cough occurs in the morning after sleep and when the body position changes.

Often B. Live cough can be a symptom of viral infection. With his treatment, it is recommended to use drugs not from cough, but, on the contrary, for him. If the sputum is too viscous and difficult, the doctor may prescribe Mukolithic preparations ("ACC", "Ambroben") - they dilute sputum and make it easier to eliminate from the lungs, so the body is cleared faster from infection and is amended.

Errors in the treatment of cough:

  1. It is not recommended to drink musolithic to dry cough. If there is no sputum, then such a medicine can only harm.
  2. It is impossible to take preparations against cough if the cough is wet - a sputum need to withdraw from the body, as it contains pathogenic bacteria.
  3. During the disease, it is extremely important not to forget to drink as much liquid as possible and maintain optimal humidity in the room.

Remember that the cough is a symptom of a number of diseases. Consult a doctor to pick up the correct treatment regimen!

Did you know that cough is an important and necessary function of the body? After all, cough is a natural reflex, with the help of which the rotogling, and the tracheobronchial tree, and the lungs themselves are cleaned. And it is often necessary to defend themselves - from dust and smoke, from irritating food, from randomly falling foreign bodies, from accumulating secrets of the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract. It is very important that this maneuver can use the body without a delay.

According to the statistics of visits in the clinic, at the reception at the therapist and pediatrician, the most common complaint - on cough, and the most hot desire for patients who came to the reception - so that the doctor "listened" to the lungs and bronchi. This is due to the fact that whatever we have been hardened, we constantly overtake seasonal viral diseases that are almost always manifested by a runny nose, sore throat and cough.

With a conventional viral cold, the cough is most often dry, adsatory. It is caused by either a flow of separated nasal sinuses along the rear wall of the pharynx, the so-called postnasal chapels, or by replication (introduction) of viral structures into the mucous membrane of the trachea and bronchi.

How to treat cough See also: How to treat cough

Since the mucule is irritated when coughing, it is enhanced, thereby the vicious circle is formed: the cough enhances irritation, and the irritation enhances the cough. However, with the correct understanding of the nature of the cough symptom, it is possible to help yourself and close this unpleasant period.

5 receptions stop dry cough:

  1. Moisturize nasal mucosa and larynx using sprays with sea water and warm sparing drink.
  2. At the time of the start of the bias, the cough delay the breath and start counting, for example, to 5, and only then allow themselves to flip off.
  3. You can still smooth out saliva or drink water with very small sips, if you do not want to "harm" for a long time.
  4. When the throat in the throat helps the resorption of lollipops with menthol.
  5. You can distract your child, offering something interesting at the time of coughing.

What is harmful to do if the dry cough is worried:

Treat cough bow
  1. Smoking. At this time, smoking even more harmful than usual. Smoking people are recommended to use their painful state and forever throw a bad habit.
  2. Supercool. And also overload the body with work and sports. This may cause complications due to the attachment of a bacterial infection.
  3. Take mercolitics. These are medicines and tinkers, growing the production of sputum with a dry cough. It is completely no need to stimulate the work of glassworm cells producing mucus, this is an excessive load for the body, especially since there is data on transamination (distribution) viruses in the shell and tissue in this process.
  4. Drink antibitals. It is ineffective and even dangerous to take such potent drugs as antibiotics if there is no indisputable evidence of the bacterial nature of cough. Preventive intake of antibiotics is also inappropriate, it's like to wear a hat and a scarf in the summer so as not to frozen in winter.

With a satisfactory overall condition of the patient, dry cough does not require treatment neither by antibiotics or means of increasing sputum generation. However, at the beginning of the ARVI Disease, accompanied by a dry cough, it is appropriate to discuss with the attending physician the possibility of receiving antitussive drugs of central action that affect the cough center in the brain, in order to normalize the rest and sleeping a child or an adult.

On the eve of holidays with my own patients, there was an extremely unpleasant situation: Mom sought to cure his four-year-old daughter from cough, that instead of the New Year's Eve, the girl was in the hospital with pneumonia. And the reason for this was Mine Fear of the usual cold cough.

The woman did not regret money by buying a medicine for a child and inhalation to enhance wet wet, seeking to translate a dry cough into wet. At the same time, an alarming mother simultaneously began to give funds blocking cough syndrome. The sputum, stiguously released after syrups and inhalation, could not be removed from the body, since other drugs suppressed cough. As a result, conditions were created for the development of pneumonia, fortunately successfully cured in the hospital.

Fear of this mother is understandable and very common, because the coupling person causes the most stormy emotions in those who are near. This is sympathy, and irritation, and even dishes, especially from random travelers in transport. However, the woman very much hurt her daughter, trying to treat cough without observing the doctor.


Как бороться с кашлем: препараты для кашля и от кашля

All antitussive drugs are divided into "for coughing" and "from cough". The preparations "for cough" include musolics that dilute sputum, and expectorant means, which make it easier to eliminate sputum.

And the medications "from cough", they are also called antitussive, possess the opposite effect and suppress the cough reflex directly in the brain.

Both groups of drugs may contain as part of not only chemicals, but also vegetable components.

The most important thing - Preparations "for cough" and "from cough" never apply at the same time!

When to doctor?

If, against the background of a general satisfactory condition, the cough does not pass within 5-7 days, you should consult with a doctor who will most likely prescribe a general blood test and other surveys to eliminate serious pathology.

Now there is a tendency to a long period of cough after a viral disease, sometimes it lasts up to 8 weeks. However, if there are no blood impurities or pus in sputum, elevated body temperature longer than 5 days, deviations in laboratory tests of blood and sputum, as well as changes in radiological examination of the chest organs, it is necessary to comply with calm and patiently wait for a safe permission to resolve the process.

Urgently to the doctor: if one of the listed is present, then a speedy and thorough inspection of an experienced therapist or pediatrician is required.

So be healthy and respect the cough reflex so that it is easy to get rid of all unnecessary in the respiratory tract.

Anna Averina


How to get rid of cough at home: "Folk" methods and pharmacology

Cough is different: wet and dry, acute and chronic, infectious and allergic ... But, what would be its causes and character, almost in all cases it becomes a source of discomfort. And let the cough - not a disease, but only a symptom, nevertheless you can and you need to fight. But what are the means to use to not harm yourself?

Coughs cackel

Cough - frequent symptom of respiratory diseases and not only. It happens with trachey, laryngitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, allergies, heart disease. People with nicotine addiction often occurs the so-called cough smokers. Professional harm, side effects of some medicines and even psycho-emotional factors can play a role in the emergence of a symptom. But the most common cause is ORVI and their consequences. So in the article we will talk about the cough as a manifestation of a cold.

If all other symptoms of respiratory infection - heat, sore throat, runny nose - usually pass in five to seven days, then the cough can be saved up to several weeks. Everyone knows how much anxiety he delivers. And the first question that occurs in such cases is how to quickly get rid of cough.

Pharmacies offer a large selection of cough suppression drugs. They affect the special center in the brain, the coal cough reflex. Pediatricians and therapists warned against the uncontrolled use of such drugs and explain that it is not always necessary to suppress the cough. In some cases, this may lead to dangerous consequences. [one] . To understand how to get rid of the cough an adult and a child, without causing harm to the body, you need to deal with the reasons and the mechanism of this phenomenon.

Cough is a reflex, an involuntary response when irritating the respiratory tract. It performs a protective function. Inflammation of the respiratory organs against the background of ARVI leads to overpressure of mucus. It annoys cough receptors located all over the respiratory tract from the nasopharynx to the bronchi. The nerve impulses from receptors come to the brain, which transfers the muscles of the larynx and the abdominal wall to shrink. As a result of a cough act from respiratory tract, a powerful air flow along with annoying agents is pushed. The same thing happens when the foreign bodies hit, only a mucus appears in the role of an irritant, and dust, allergens, food particles, and so on.

Thus, in terms of physiology, cough is a necessary mechanism designed to purify the respiratory tract. It can be imagined what happens if the body will lose this ability: mucus and sputum will accumulate and stagnate in bronchi, creating a nutrient medium for harmful bacteria. In such cases, pneumonia is inevitable. It is so often that people, without consulting a doctor, take antitussive drugs with ORVI: due to the impossibility of effective wet sputum arise complications.

So it is not necessary to treat cough? Not certainly in that way. It is impossible to suppress the cough reflex - this is permissible only in cases where the cough is unproductive and is physiologically useless (for example, with cough), and only by appointing a doctor. With a common cold when a large amount of mucus is formed in the respiratory tract, it is necessary to ensure its elimination.

It must be taken into account the character of cough. He is known to happen dry и moist . Tactics of treatment depends on it. Dry (unproductive) cough appears at the beginning of the disease. At this stage, the respiratory tract is already annoyed, but the mucus is still not enough to eliminate. An ill-rise painful cough causes a mass of suffering from the patient and, moreover, it can cause complications - the hip-hoarseness, Larygitis, tracheitis. The main task is to facilitate the patient's condition and achieve wetting of sputum.

With the natural development of the process, the amount of mucus formed is gradually increasing, and the dry cough after a few days goes into wet (productive). The goal of therapy is to reduce the viscosity of sputum and facilitate its lead.

On a note Therapists classify cough depending on its duration. The acute nature of the process is spoken in the case when it lasts less than three weeks. It is such a picture that is observed with influenza and other ORVI. Cough, ongoing from three to eight weeks, is considered subacute. This is not a rarity after a transferred viral infection. Finally, if the cough continues more than eight weeks, it is customary to talk about chronic flow. In such cases, you need deep diagnostics to find the cause.

Типы кашля

How to get rid of cough

Respiratory diseases are widespread, so the cough problem is quite relevant. Medicine has developed various ways to combat this unpleasant symptom. However, many pharmacological drugs have side effects, and patients with ORVI are in no hurry to resort to the help of medicines, and refer to "verified" homemade recipes. Some of them can really affect, others are useless. As for drugs, then among them there are quite safe. So, consider how you can get rid of cough folk methods and what funds offer official medicine.

Homemade recipes

People's methods of treatment of cough are used for a long time. It is believed that they contribute to the wet wet and its removal from the respiratory tract. The effectiveness of the following methods is tested by time, but not confirmed by official science. Apply them or not - the personal cause of each patient. Harm from home resources will probably won't - but only if the cough is caused by an ordinary cold, and not more serious.

Distracting procedures

This conditional term is called mustard pieces, rubbing, hot tubs for legs, banks and similar ways. With all the diversity of distracting procedures, they have a similar principle of operation. It is about exposure to reflexogenic zones, which occurs at a temperature or chemical skin irritation.

The most popular distracting procedures for cough:

  • Mustard pieces . They are imposed on the back and chest, avoiding the projections of the spine and heart, and keep the appearance of a distinct burning.
  • Warming compress. The gauze is wetted in a solution of alcohol, put on the chest, an insulating layer of polyethylene is placed on top, and then warm tissue.
  • Rubbing . Any substances with local irritating effects are used: camphor, turpentine ointment, various oils (fir, eucalyptus, mint).

Distracting procedures are contraindicated to children up to a year, as well as with any infections, lesions of the skin. It is impossible to use them in the acute phase of the disease, when a high temperature is kept.


Many medicinal plants contain components to help ignite and remove sputum, anti-inflammatory substances. Most often, with cough, the roots of Aira Bolotnaya, ninexille of high, altea, licorice, plantain leaves, and machem leaves, the grass, mint, mint, mint, mint, mint, mint, mint, mint, mint, mint, mint, mint, mint, mint, mint-mint grass. Vegetable raw materials are used to prepare info and decoction - individually or in charges.

Attention! Despite the fact that herbalism is considered a harmless way to get rid of cough, one cannot forget about the probability of allergies - especially those who are predisposed. Homemade phytotherapy products, in contrast to pharmacy drugs, do not pass clinical trials, and therefore their effects are both basic and side - unpredictable.

Mixes and medicines

Folk medicine knows many homemade recipes from cough based on products that are usually attributed to the healing properties. For example, for example, honey, onions, garlic, ginger, black radish, aloe are believed to have a beneficial effect on respiratory organs. From these products prepare mixtures for intake. Widespread, for example, such a drug like honey with aloe juice or black radish.

Medicinal products

The fastest way to get rid of cough is the reception of drugs. They are diverse in composition, mechanism of action, indications (dry or wet cough), formations of release. The potent pharmaceuticals are permissible to apply only for the prescription of the therapist. For independent treatments, you can use syrups and tablets with soft expectorant and musolitic (thinning wet) by action.


This dosage form is very popular both in the treatment of adults and in pediatrics. Syrups have a pleasant taste, and children will be eagerly accepted. In the composition of the tools may be natural, and chemical components. With an uncomplicated cough against the backdrop of a cold, it is better to give preference to plant syrup. Their natural composition guarantees the minimum of side effects, and the active substances of medicinal plants provide a pronounced expectorant and musolitic effect.

In contrast to folk phytotherapeutic agents, pharmacy syrups are made on the basis of standardized plant extracts. This means that the dosage of the components is strictly adjusted, and the effect is predictable.

Vegetable syrups are single and multicomponent. The first contains only one extract and help either during dry, or with a wet cough. The second are produced from several types of medicinal plants. Due to the multicomponent composition, an integrated effect is achieved: such funds are often universal, they can be used in both types of cough.


The means from cough in the form of tablets are usually applied, as a rule, for adults only. Usually they contain chemical components with bronchhalytic, mercolytic, expectorant, anti-inflammatory effect.

Лекарственные средства от кашля

With the "cold" cough in adults and especially in children it is important to choose a working, but at the same time safe means with a minimum number of side effects. Home methods can help, but their therapeutic effect is not proven. To get rid of cough quickly, it is better to take drugs, among which the leading positions on the ratio of efficiency and safety occupy plant syrups with multicomponent composition.

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All information related to health and medicine is presented solely for informational purposes and is not a reason for self-diagnosis or self-treatment.

Лучшие эффективные и недорогие лекарства от кашля

Cough complicates everyday life: reduces the productivity and mood of man during the day and prevents fully sleeping at night. Standard way to stop bouts - take appropriate medicines. However, it is worth remembering that the cough is usually a symptom of a disease that complications can cause complications.

Therefore, for more efficient struggle with it, it is primarily to establish the cause of pathology, and for this you should consult a doctor. The specialist will collect anamnesis, will diagnose and appoint suitable medicines. To get a general idea of ​​existing cough medicines today, their principles of action and differences you can read this article.


The main causes of cough

Cough is a protective reaction of the body that helps to free the respiratory system from sputum accumulated in bronchi, or foreign bodies. In addition, it may be a response to inflammatory respiratory processes. It is also a common symptom of colds.

Cough occurs in case of irritation of coughing receptors. Also, its occurrence may be due to the impact on nervous receptors.

Лучшие эффективные и недорогие лекарства от кашля

Sometimes the cough acquires a protracted character. The reasons for this may be:

  • Mycoplasma infection,
  • whooping cough,
  • Transferred respiratory infection due to the increased reactivity of the bronchi walls.


Attention: In the event of a chronic disease, the drug from dry or wet cough helps only facilitate this symptom. However, these drugs cannot be used as a main treatment.

There are a number of diseases that proceed with chronic cough:

  • asthma,
  • gastroesophageal reflux disease,
  • chronic sinusitis
  • In children - adenoiditis (inflammation of adenoids),
  • Chronic noodopaling.

A long cough, which is accompanied by plenty of sputum, can be caused by the definitions of the development of the bronchopulmonary system. Also, the wet cough may be observed in cystic diseases, bronchiectatic disease or primary cyiliary dyskinesia syndrome. Often he may testify about chronic bronchitis.

The causes of prolonged dry cough can be:

  • passive smoking;
  • systematic inhalation of dust or smoke particles;
  • Otitis (Arnold's cough reflex in the presence of an additional ear branch of the nerve);
  • interstitial lung diseases;
  • pleurisy;
  • mediastone tumors;
  • papillomatosis of the larynx;
  • aortic aneurysm;
  • heart failure;
  • the side effect of the reception of ACE inhibitors (in adults);
  • The relief of the bouts of bronchial asthma by powder anti-asthma means (in children).

Also, a chronic dry cough may be the appearance of the cough shape of bronchial asthma, sarcoidosis, fibrosing alveolitis or other interstitial diseases of the lungs, as well as tuberculosis.

Types of cough

Before buying preparations from cough, it is worth identifying its appearance and install the root cause. To do this, it is recommended to consult with the attending physician.

The cough is divided into two main types: productive and unproductive. They, in turn, have subspecies. Also cough distinguish between intensity: passing, light and strong. The duration of the cough act may be episodic, short-term or constant.

Лучшие эффективные и недорогие лекарства от кашля

Treatment of a certain variety of cough requires the use of drugs of the appropriate pharmacological group:

  • dry cough. Anti-inflammatory or combined drugs will help get rid of cough attacks and spasms caused by the breathing tracks;
  • moist cough. The complex of mercolytic and expectorant drugs will help strengthen the secretion of bronchi for more active sputum removal, which speeds up recovery;
  • A sharp cough. In this case, it is recommended to take the mercolytic, anti-inflammatory and bronchology.


Attention: In some cases, the sharp cough is the symptom of bronchitis. The tightening cough also often may indicate the development of the complications of the main disease. In this case, it is necessary to urgently turn to a specialist.

Varieties of medicines against cough

Лучшие эффективные и недорогие лекарства от кашля


The effect of musolitic tablets is directed to the wet wet and its output from the respiratory tract. Also, these tools prevent the increase in the number of secrecy.

The active ingredients of the muscoliticians are ambroxol, carbocysteine, bromgexin and acetylcysteine. Subject to a competently selected complex and use of the drug in accordance with the instructions, it is possible to cure a wet cough about a week.

Exclamation facilities

Expectorant preparations help bring the bronchi wet if the secret is too viscous. The action of these funds is directed to the discharge of bunches. This effect contributes to the extracts of herbs such as a chamber, alta and plantain. The following active stimulating substances are also provided: trypsin, bromgexin and chymotrypsin.

Broncholitic drugs

The action of these funds is directed to the removal of spasm in bronchi and the fight against its causes. These symptoms are characteristic of diseases such as bronchitis, asthma and bronchopal dysplasia. Drugs of this group can be used for inhalation.

Broncholitical preparations are quite serious means, so they are recommended to be taken to appoint the attending physician. There are cases where inappropriate compositions provoke the narrowing of bronchi, pulmonary spasms, the appearance of edema and accumulation of mucus.

Anti-inflammatory means

Anti-inflammatory preparations can be used to treat dry and wet cough caused by bacteria, viruses or allergens. Also these funds can be applied in cases where cough is caused by chemicals or mechanical particles in the respiratory tract.

Anti-inflammatory tools help eliminate allocations and swelling, as well as reduce the sensitivity in the field of respiratory tract and throat. In addition, the preparations of this group are able to normalize gas exchange in the lungs.


Preparations of this group helps to eliminate cough if it is a symptom of allergies.

Preparations that depress cough receptors

These drugs have an impact on cough centers located in the brain, as well as nerves and respiratory receptors. Have a local anesthetic effect. Can be used as an effective means for treating dry or wet cough for children and adults.

Combined drugs

Drugs of this group are considered one of the most efficient. The use of combined drugs can reduce the symptoms after 2-3 receptions.

Drugs of this group combine bronchodiolitical, mercolitic, expectorant and antihistamine properties. Also, some cough pills with a combined composition have an antipyretic effect, so they can be used in accordance with the instructions for influenza and ARVI.

However, the effectiveness of combined action preparations is accompanied by a plurality of contraindications and adverse reactions, so they should be taken with caution to be taken allergies and people with some chronic diseases.

List Drugs from cough

Having studied our selection, you can familiarize yourself with inexpensive and effective means. Before their use, it is recommended to consult with the attending physician.


Лучшие эффективные и недорогие лекарства от кашля

Popular and affordable musolitic expectorant. "Ambroben" helps to get rid of wet cough. As an active substance, ambroxol acts, which has an expectorant, secretomotor and secretolithic effect.

The active ingredient is activated after half an hour after taking medication inside. The duration of activity depending on the dosage ranges from 6 to 12 hours.

The drug helps to stimulate serous cells glands in the bronchi area. The substance reduces the viscosity of sputum, which makes it easier to get out of the lungs.

The Mukolithic effect of "Ambroben" is noticeable under the condition of plenty of liquid consumption. The drug can be taken to children from 2 years. According to the instructions, the course of drug use should not exceed 4-5 days.


The drug, the active substance of which is ambroxol. As auxiliary components, lactoses of monohydrate, carboxymethyl stroke sodium and calcium hydrophosphate dihydrate are performed. Ambrohexal is a musolithic agent with an expectorant action. The pharmacological effect of the drug lies in the stimulation of serous cells of the mucous membrane of the bronchi. Ambrogexala active substances help reduce sputum viscosity and output it from the respiratory tract.

Лучшие эффективные и недорогие лекарства от кашля

After receiving inside it is possible to notice the effect of the drug for 30 minutes. The action is saved for 6-12 hours (taking into account the dosage).

In accordance with the instructions and recommendations of the Ambrohexal doctor, you can take in pneumonia, bronchitis, bronchial asthma. The course of reception of the drug should not exceed the duration of 5 days.


Лучшие эффективные и недорогие лекарства от кашля

The drug has a musolitic effect. This is an active N-demethylated metabolite of bromgexin with an expectorant, secretolithic and secretory action. It allows you to dissolve the sputum and effectively remove it from the bronchial tree.

After receiving inside the "ambroxol" quickly absorbed. This drug is recommended for use in diseases of the respiratory tract at which a viscous sputum is distinguished. Subject to consumption, in accordance with the instructions, the drug has a quick therapeutic effect. Accept "Ambroxol" is recommended no more than 5 days.


Mulitatic tool that is used against a wet cough. The effect of the drug "ACC" is aimed at wetting the sputum and facilitating its exit from the respiratory tract.

Лучшие эффективные и недорогие лекарства от кашля

The active substance of this drug is acetylcysteine ​​- a derivative of cysteine ​​amino acids. Its action takes off disulfide bonds of mucopolysaccharide chains, which makes it possible to bring the wet. This drug has the desired effect even in the case of purulent sputum.

The drug "ACC" can be taken in accordance with the instructions in chronic and acute bronchitis, lung abscess, trachete, pneumonia, bronchial asthma and a number of other respiratory diseases.

Acetylcysteine ​​is not recommended to combine with other antitussive means. Suppression of a cough receptor can lead to a wet wet. When breeding effervescent pills it is worth avoiding the contact of the drug with a metal.


This is an expectorant, a flourity with an antitussive effect. The "Bromgexine" action stimulates the production of an endogenous surfactant, which makes alveolar cells stable and protects them from external factors.

The drug is absorbed by 99% approximately for half an hour after use. Bromgraxin can be taken in accordance with the instructions for pneumonia, bronchial asthma, emphysema of light, tuberculosis, obstructive bronchitis and many other pathologies. The use of the drug is not recommended with abundant accumulation of secrets in the respiratory tract.

Лучшие эффективные и недорогие лекарства от кашля


"Butamirat" is an active substance that is an almost transparent liquid, which has a characteristic odor and practically dissolving in water. The pharmacological action of this component is the bronchological and antitussive effect.

Лучшие эффективные и недорогие лекарства от кашля

Butamirat is an active substance of various drugs. One of the most popular is a means of cough in the form of tablets or syrup "Omnitus". It has the ability to quickly assimilate the organism - absorbed after use by 99%. This medicinal agent is suitable for the treatment of dry cough of any etiology. "Butamirat" can be used including for the treatment of cough caused by cough. Suitable for use in the postoperative period.

The drug is forbidden to take in the first trimester of pregnancy. It is recommended to use with extreme care patients suffering from renal failure.

"Dr. MOM"

The drug is an expectorant means of plant origin. "Dr. MOM" has in its composition natural active ingredients - dry extracts of the following plants:

  • Adatodes of Vasiki,
  • Ninetyla Cystic,
  • Aloe Barbados,
  • Capeba fruit pepper
  • ginger medicinal
  • Basilica sacred
  • turmeric long,
  • Terminal Belerika,
  • Fuck Indian
  • licorice naked.
Лучшие эффективные и недорогие лекарства от кашля

"Dr. MOM" is considered a preparation of combined action. Combines expectorant, mercolytic, anti-inflammatory, ceiling and bronchhalytic properties. The testimony for the use of this drug is chronic and acute respiratory diseases, accompanied by dry cough and sputum, which is hardly separated.

The drug "Dr. MOM" is not recommended to use together with other anti-eating means. Such a combination can cause a violation of the dishellion of a discharge of sputum.


Лучшие эффективные и недорогие лекарства от кашля

The drug has a secretolithic and secretory action. "Lazolyvan" is recommended to use in accordance with the instructions in acute and chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, chronic obstructive diseases of the lungs, bronchial asthma with difficulty fathing of sputum and bronchiectatic disease.

The active substance of this drug is ambroxol. This component is easily absorbed and quickly has the necessary effect. The drug is not recommended to use in the first trimester of pregnancy.


Лучшие эффективные и недорогие лекарства от кашля

The antitussive drug of peripheral action, the active substance of which is a suboxidiazine hydrochloride. Liebeksin has a local anesthetic effect, which reduces the irritability of coughing receptors, and also expands the bronchi, which suppresses stretching receptors related to the cough reflex.

This medicinal product is not addictive. The active substance of the drug has an anti-inflammatory effect when bronchitis. Liebeksin does not affect the CNS.


This preparation on a vegetable basis has an anti-inflammatory and expectorant effect. As part of the phytostreality "Linkas Lor" there are extracts of such medicinal plants as:

  • Naked licorice
  • foolish violet
  • Long pepper
  • Alpine Galanga,
  • Adatoda vascular.
Лучшие эффективные и недорогие лекарства от кашля

Round pasteings can have aroma of mint, orange, as well as lemon and honey.

LINKAS LOR is a combined drug with a vegetable composition, which has an expectorant, anti-inflammatory, musolitic and bactericidal effect. The drug is shown to use in accordance with the instructions for diseases of the respiratory tract, which are accompanied by coughing and sputum separation. Not recommended to children under 18.


Лучшие эффективные и недорогие лекарства от кашля

Budgetary drug that has an expectorant action. The active substances of the drug are the extracts of the roots and grass altea of ​​medicinal.

Mukaltin is shown to use in accordance with the instructions for acute and chronic respiratory diseases, which are accompanied by cough and viscous sputum. These diseases include tracheobronchitis, obstructive bronchitis, pneumonia, bronchiectases. Mukaltin is also recommended for use in comprehensive therapy.


The drug has a combined pharmacological effect. The active ingredients of the drug are eucalyptus oil, menthol and levomentol. Active substances "Pektusin" have a light local plastic activity, possess weak antiseptic properties. Eucalyptus oil contributes to the stimulation of existing mucous membranes receptors, thereby providing antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect.

Лучшие эффективные и недорогие лекарства от кашля

Pektusin is shown for use in acute and chronic rhinestone, cough, as well as when inflammation of the upper airways. In accordance with the instructions, the drug can be used with pharyngitis, tonsillitis, trachea and pharyngitis. It is not recommended to use Pektusin in the presence of intolerance of its active ingredients.


Attention: Each preparation from cough has contraindications, the list of which is listed in the instructions for use. Before using medicines, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the attached instructions, as well as consult with your doctor.

Contraindications for use Tools from cough

Лучшие эффективные и недорогие лекарства от кашля

All drugs have certain testimony and contraindications, as well as side effects. Cough pills, namely their dosage and their use, must be appointed in accordance with individual indications. There is also a category of patients who need these drugs with extreme caution. It includes pregnant and lactating women, small children.

Combined antitussive drugs Do not apply if there is individual intolerance. Also, the use of these funds is not recommended for pregnancy and during lactation, with respiratory failure and bronchial asthma flowing in severe form. Combined couss means are not suitable for receiving children up to two years.

Expectorant tablets You cannot be used in conjunction with substances that have an oppressive effect on the cough center. This can lead to pneumonia or another severe inflammatory process in the field of the lower respiratory tract.

Mulitatic means Do not use bronchial asthma during the exacerbation, as this can lead to bronchospasm. "Bromgexin" It is impossible to drink in the first trimester of pregnancy, as well as children under 3 years old. Also contraindications for the receipt of this drug can be a stomach ulcer and individual intolerance.

Children can be Drink "Ats" after the tenth day of life, but they are prohibited at pulmonary bleeding, hepatitis, stomach ulcer. It is unacceptable to combine this remedy with tetracycline, aminoglycosides, a semi-synthetic group of penicillins, cephalosporins, since their sharing can cause stagnation in the respiratory tract.

Use of cough drugs during pregnancy

Лучшие эффективные и недорогие лекарства от кашля

Reception of antitussive drugs during the period of tooling the child, and during lactation should be under the control of a specialist. Before use, you must familiarize yourself with the instructions and learn about possible contraindications. It is worth remembering that cough pills are usually fighting with a symptom of the disease, and not with his cause, so they are not recommended to use them as a fixed treatment.

Actions that are prohibited for the treatment of cough during pregnancy:

  • put mustard;
  • visit physiotics;
  • take hot baths (including legs to fall);
  • making inhalation against high temperature;
  • Accepting phytomics on alcohol (licorice, ginseng, rhodium pink);
  • Take fees based on unfamiliar herbs (there is a risk that they can cause an allergic reaction).

Cough preparations for children

For the treatment of children's cough, it is recommended to apply the following drugs in accordance with the instructions:

Лучшие эффективные и недорогие лекарства от кашля
  • "Codelak",
  • "Omnitus",
  • "Mukaltin",
  • "Tusuprex",
  • "Ambrosan",
  • "Butamirat".

Also for children, it is possible to use other preparations of plant origin that do not cause allergies or side effects.


Attention: Before buying medicines for your child, it is worth consulting with a doctor and familiarize yourself with the instructions for their use, which indicates the exact dosage of the drug, as well as possible contraindications.

How to cure cough without medication

Лучшие эффективные и недорогие лекарства от кашля

Against cough there are many effective and inexpensive drugs, and among them are not all produced in tablets. Some funds can already be in your home. They are very easy to prepare themselves. Herbal teas and fees can become a budget and efficient addition to the medication course of cough drugs.


Attention: Even harmless at first glance herbal fee should be taken with caution. Before use, carefully read the composition to make sure that there are no allergic components.

We propose to pay attention to the following efficient natural facilities:

  • Mint infusion. In boiling water you need to add 1-2 teaspoons of mint leaves, cover the dishes with a lid. After the decoction is imagining, it will be necessary to strain it, and then warm it in a water bath, add a tablespoon of honey and a teaspoon of lemon juice. This tool is especially good taken in the evening or before bedtime, when coughing attacks often exacerbate.
  • Decoration of coltsfoot. The mother-and-stepmother's inflorescences (3 tbsp. Spoons) need to be pouring boiling water, and then hold about half an hour in the water bath. Take the decoction you need three times a day. You can add pine cones to this tool - their essential oils help relieve horses and relieve breathing.
  • Tea of ​​linden flowers. For its preparation, you will need a quarter cup of dry lime color per 1 liter of water. Inflorescences should be pouring boiling water and insist about 15-20 minutes. This recipe can be supplemented with a spoonful of honey. Lime color has an antiseptic property. The decoction with this component contributes to the lightweight of sputum, combating microbes, as well as to strengthen immunity.
  • Chamomile extract with sage. These herbs are perfectly combined with each other. To prepare an effective medicine at home, you will need 1 tablespoon of pharmaceutical chamomile and 1 sage tablespoon for 1 liter of hot water. The composition needs to hold on the water bath about half an hour, and then strain. This decoction can be drunk twice a day, as well as rinse their throat. This remedy has a disinfectant, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect.
  • Broth of the Zverkoy. This healing plant is often used as an effective expectorant and enveloping agent. Also, the bertoy has an antidepressant property. To prepare a decoction with him, just take 1 tbsp. A spoonful of dried leaves and pour them with boiling water. The fluid must be sewn on slow heat about 5-7 minutes. Then the decoction can be strain, cool a little and drink daily by ⅓ glasses 2 or 3 times. This decoction well helps not only from cough, but also from high temperature and other cold symptoms.

This is not a complete list of effective prescriptions of medicinal decoctions to combat cough at home. With these same goals, you can use infusions of all kinds of rhizomes and berries. Phytotherapy can have a good effect, but even natural agents may have contraindications. Before cooking at home infusion from healing herbs, it is worth consulted with your doctor and find out if you have allergies.

Cough is often a symptom of a variety of diseases. And far from always his appearance may indicate a cold. You can buy this symptom with the help of modern drugs that are available on sale and are relatively inexpensive. And to make sure that the drug is suitable for you, it is worth consulting with your doctor.

Cough is a reflex, and not an independent disease. The reaction to the outer stimulus in the form of a bacterium or infection, which is brought with themselves. What happens when the cough begins with a high temperature, chills and snot? We start all possible and impossible ways to get rid of it, and from the disease itself, which led to cough. But often do not know how to do it correctly, tightening or aggravating treatment. What cough is and whether it is worth it to be treated at all, tell me in this article.

Why cough arises

If you describe the cough as a mechanical process, then these are attempts to get rid of infections and bacteria, dust, foreign bodies, sputum. In fact, this is the mechanism of self-defense and self-defense. In rare cases, cough is an independent disease and requires immediate treatment. It is more often attached by the symptom of the existing disease or its complication. Specialists do not recommend stopping it, because it helps the body to be cleaned, but it is possible to alleviate the body and eliminate the source (in the nose, in the throat, in the nasopharynk, bronchi and tracheal). If the reflex is suppressed, the sputum will go deeper into the lungs, which is why inflammatory processes and serious complications may arise.

Cough receptors are available not only along the respiratory tract, in the nasopharynx, trachers, bronchi and pleura. They are even in ear canals, in the stomach and diaphragm, the shallower bag, so sometimes the reflex is triggered when you brush the ears with cotton wands.

Causes of cough

  • Rubble. Any degree, with viscous detachable or transparent mucous meters. There is a disease due to the fact that the mucus either stands in the nasopharynk or flows along the back wall, from which the upper respiratory tract is annoyed. It is enough to start immediate treatment of a cold. The washing with salt solutions, a solution of furaticiline, a solution for flushing Doltin, Phalidex or isofra, with the appearance of highlights with signs of pus, immunomodulating droplets Derinate, vegetable drops Pinsol based on eucalyptus oils, mints, pines.
  • Viral infection. It develops equally and requires exclusively symptomatic treatment. The main feature is not treated with antibiotics. Accompanied by a runny nose, echoing mucous membranes, sore throat. If you do not have time to do not start treatment in time, the virus "descends" to the lower floors and goes to bronchi as a complication, causing bronchitis, acute bronchitis, pneumonia. Cough in this case will be wet, with exhausting wet.
  • Pneumonia. It is developing either as a complication of a non-selected and poorly transferred cold, or, as an independent disease of viral nature. Pneneviation is often accompanied by high temperature, weakness and shortness of breath, fever. In this case, the cough may not appear immediately. So, if the symptoms of conventional colds do not disappear after 3-5 days, the temperature is kept, there is a painful cough or it just begins to appear with exhausting sputum, it's time to contact a specialist for antibiotics.
  • Reception of drugs. Some of the high blood pressure drugs are able to provoke cough like a side effect. It happens often, but not everyone.
  • Smoking. Long smoking and exposure to the body of chemical poisonous compounds of tobacco smoke lead to obstructive pulmonary disease when coughing acquires a chronic form. The result of the disease becomes an irreversible reduction in air flow in the respiratory tract. Fabrics suffer constant irritation, as a result, chronic inflammation of the tissues appears.
  • Allergy. Asthma. Between these concepts you can put a sign of equality, because the allergic cough is akin to the light form of asthma. In this case, the respiratory tract is experiencing an immune response to the stimulus. Often, allergic cough suffer from people experiencing pollinosis in spring and autumn. But it can also represent a real threat when it is a consequence of the allergic edema of the quinque. In this situation, it is important to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Asthma is a chronic somatic disease having a similar allergic mechanism when swelling and bronchospasm occurs. Asthmatic cough is characterized by a whistling wheezing, a difficult breathing and a constant feeling of concreteness and squeezing in his chest and shortness of breath. Bronchial obstruction is reversible in part or completely, spontaneously or influenced by treatment.
  • Serious lung pathology. They speak for themselves. Any violation of the integrity of this organ, such as a tumor, can lead to cough. With the appearance of a suspicious long-lasting cough, it is important to undergo a complete medical examination and take measures as soon as possible.

How to choose a cough medicine

To properly choose a cough medicine, it is important for the beginning to understand its nature. Selection of drugs is carried out taking into account the following circumstances:

  1. cough type - productive / dry
  2. the presence / lack of sputum;
  3. Cause of cough - ENT disease, allergy etc.

Treatment of dry cough

What is a dry cough? It is also called unproductive. It is characterized by a significant complexity of wetting, its scarce quantity or no absence during cough. At this stage, treatment will be aimed at making coughing to productive and promote the discharge and disorder of sputum. An important point is to not suppress the reflex, otherwise the thick and viscous sputum, which could not get out of the lungs and the bronchi will cause serious complications.

How to treat: Preparations Synecode, Linkas, Herbion Syrup, Dr. MOM syrup.

Get rid of dry cough and make it a productive help the nebulizer for inhalations with medicines. Such a procedure is very effective in the treatment of dry cough. The effect of drugs introduced into the body with the help of the device will begin faster and the drug will fall exactly in the hearth. Basically, the nebulizer will fit: saline, joint use of saline and medicinal solutions (Berodual, bulvikort - on the recommendation of a specialist)

Treatment of cough with wet

If the cough was initially with a sputum or dry changed to productive, it is important to sneak the sputum to facilitate and speed up its elimination. Such drugs are aimed at the early removal of sputum, removal of the inflammatory process in the respiratory tract.

At this stage, we need expectorant, bronchodic agents.

  • Acetylcysteine ​​- this substance effectively dilutes the mucous secret, has an anti-inflammatory effect. Acetylcystein-based drugs are most often used to treat dry cough, not more than 7 days. How to treat: ACC, Fluimucil, Vix Active
  • Ambroxol is an effective substance that is used in the treatment of dry cough. Than to treat: Lazolvan, Ambroben, Ambroxol, Flavmed.
  • Carbocysteine ​​- Means with it improve the elasticity of a viscous secret, accelerates its deadline, translate dry cough into wet. How to treat: Liebeksin; Fluditec; Bronchobos; Fluiforth.
  • Bromgexine - in addition to diluting the sputum of action, has a weak secret effect effect. Than treat: bromgexine; Bronchosan; Solvin.

Treatment of allergic cough

With an allergic response, the cough is characterized by a spasmic character, dryness and productivity. Sometimes it breaks down on "Lai", can be with a small amount of sputum. It occurs at contact with the allergen, with its long-term exposure, in the slophing state can grow into asthma. Such a cough can be protracted and introduce a person in error, provoking useless drug treatment. It is important to understand the nature of the cough and start treatment in time. Antihistamines are suitable for eliminating allergic cough: Erius, Zirtek, Zetrin, Telfast.

How to quickly cure cough at home

Folk recipes and "Babushkina" Tips can also have a significant support to delivered cough. To get rid of the leader quickly at home, it is important to comply with several rules: not to apply all means and immediately in the hope of rapidly getting rid of the ailment, know the measure and possible individual reactions.

Be healthy!

вылечить кашель

When irritating factors affect the human body, it appears a protective reaction in the form of cough. Cough, in turn, hurts a lot of trouble to a person. It is for this reason that it is desirable to know how to quickly cure cough at home. It is recommended to obtain a doctor's advice so that it determines that it provokes the occurrence of cough.

For what reasons cough appears

Cough is a protective reaction of the human body at any causative agent. Broughtless coughing may be caused by a respiratory infection leading to the appearance of dangerous diseases - bronchitis, laryngitis.

Cough can be:

  • Dry. This cough man suffers more hard, since such a cough causes exhausting prolonged attacks without relief, reaching vomiting.
  • Wet, with mucus release. The mucus displays harmful microorganisms from the respiratory tract. Thanks to this, a person is faster recovering, most often without complications.

It happens that cough passes by itself. But most often, with no treatment of cough, serious diseases may occur, which sometimes lead even to death. It is for this reason for the treatment of cough, it is necessary to take advantage of all reasonable ways.

There are a lot of medical and folk ways to treat cough. It is best to use folk methods more sparing for the body. It will help easily and quickly cope with cough.

лечения кашля в домашних условиях

Any treatment of cough will be ineffective, and sometimes useless if a person does not know for what reason he appeared. The most common provoking cough factors are associated with viral and bacterial infections. But these infections are not to blame for an unpleasant factor. There are many other pathologies affecting the emergence of spasms of the respiratory tract. Cough may appear due to:

  • Cardiac and vascular diseases.
  • Diseases of the digestive tract.
  • Oncological diseases.
  • Pathologies of the nervous system.
  • ENT disease.
  • Allergic reactions.

For each of the above cases, individual treatment is applied. Only a specialist will be able to correctly choose drugs and decides whether it makes sense to assign any procedures.

What you need to know about medication treatment

лечение кашля медикаментозно

To quickly get rid of cough, it is necessary to find out for what reason it appears. Kashing a person may be due to the effects of harmful viruses and bacteria, pathologies of the digestive tract, nervous diseases and for many other reasons. In each case, the doctor prescribes drugs that are divided into categories, and may be:

  • Broncholitics . They influence bronchi, there are relaxingly on a smooth muscles, which allows you to remove spasm. These medical preparations normalize air circulation in bronchi due to their expansion. As a result, the patient's breathing is normalized.
  • Mukalithic means . These funds help the branch of a viscous secret. After their admission, the mucus becomes fat and is easier to remove from the body.
  • Expecting drugs . These drugs are inexpensive, but are quite effective. They are prescribed in cases of selection together with the cough of sputum. The secret is increasing faster from the body due to the irritation of the mucous membranes.
  • Antitussive drugs . These drugs contain substances affecting the human nervous system locally affecting bronchial receptors that affect the reduction of their activity and removing spasms.
  • Combined . These drugs affect the human body comprehensively, reducing cough expression, removing pain syndrome, diving secret, destroying bacteria. The use of these medicines helps to cure even the most complex infections.

Consultation of the most effective means from cough is needed to consult a doctor. To identify, for what reasons the spasm of respiratory organs arose, should not be abandoned by a detailed examination appointed by the doctor and passing the necessary analyzes.

To get rid of the patient from cough, the doctor takes into account the following factors:

  • Pathology, which may cause this symptom.
  • The presence of concomitant infections.
  • The presence of a patient chronic diseases.
  • Age category.
  • What type of cough belongs to.
  • What features of the selection during cough.
  • Does the patient have a tendency to allergic reactions.

What drugs will quickly eliminate dry cough

сухой кашель

The following medical preparations are used to get rid of dry cough without highlighting sputum:

  • Herbion. This cough syrup is a safe tool that eliminates the spasm of the respiratory tract. After his reception, the viscosity of the secret decreases, the tissues are disinfected. Herbion from dry cough helps to envelop and protect the respiratory tract, and the presence in it vitamin C strengthens local immunity.
  • Faliment. Dragee has an unstantaneous analgesic effect, eliminates the irritation of the mucous membranes and has a sedative effect. The remedy is used with a dry cough without wetting. Accept his adults and children from 5 years.
  • Synecode. Syrup helps to fight the strongest and obsessive cough. It blocks the cough center, which is in the human brain. Because of Codeina, which is part of the drug, a lot of contraindications, it is not recommended for children.
  • Codelak. These are tablets, elixir or syrup. It is an antitussive preparation that has a central effect. It is cooked from natural substances. Prescribed the drug with a dry and wet cough. When it decreases the excitability of the respiratory system, due to which the cough is eliminated. But the remedy does not oppress the respiratory center, therefore not suitable for long-term treatment - dependence may occur.
  • Liebexin. Inexpensive syrup or tablets have a pronounced antitussive effect. Eliminate irritation, nerve fibers restore, there are relaxing on the respiratory tract. The drug does not oppress the operation of the respiratory center, dilutes the sputum and reduces inflammation. The occurrence of adverse reactions - high fatigue, drowsiness, dizziness, so it is not recommended to receive drivers.

What drugs will allow you to quickly cure wet cough

влажный кашель с мокротой

To quickly get rid of the wet cough, the doctor first determines what the nature of the selection is carried out by a general analysis of the person's state and studies its tests. And only after that appoints one of the following drugs:

  • ACC or similar means. These are instant effervescent pills. The tool allows for a short time to disperse the secret secreted by bronchi and take it out of the body. The drug acts as local analgesic, is an antioxidant. Appointed adult patients.
  • Mukaltin. It is made in the form of tablets. It is a flucolytic tool, fast diluting mucus. Gives an excellent result after several days of reception. Children who have reached 12 years and adults who do not suffer from allergic reactions, diabetes and not having pathologies of the digestive tract can take it.
  • Ambroxol. Tablets or medicines are prescribed with a serious pathology of respiratory organs, can be taken as a prophylactic agent. The drug brings wet and quickly eliminates inflammatory respiratory processes.
  • Bromgexin. Tablets need to be taken to people who have a thick mucus during coughing. The drug almost does not have contraindications, it does not reduce the effectiveness of antibiotics. When taking, drink plenty of water.
  • Broncholitin. Syrup is the most efficient combination. It deactivates the cough center, removes the bronchial mucus, removes the edema of the mucous membranes. Appointed as adults, there children. However, in rare cases, the pressure increases during its reception, dermatitis or rapid heartbeat may appear.

How to quickly cure cough folk remedies

лечение кашля народными средствами

To treat cough at home, you can use folk remedies. Good results gives the combined use of drug and folk remedies. But before the start of treatment, you must consult with your doctor.

Most useful means:

  • Drink warm milk. Warm milk envelops mucous membranes, dilutes mucus and warms the body. To obtain the best results in the milk add honey to enhance its antibacterial properties. Creamy oil can be dissolved in a drink, reducing spasm, removing cough and protecting mucous membranes.
  • Use animal fat. Animal fat has medicinal properties, since it contains many beneficial substances. Fat helps to mitigate the inflammation of the throat, dilutes the mucus. Salo is taken either in pure form, or in a mixture with other products.
  • Reception of burning sugar. In order to get lubricated sugar, you need to heat the sugar sand before it does not turn into a golden caramel. After that, it shifts into forms and is absorbed like lollipops. In this way, it is good to treat a dry cough. To enhance therapeutic action, sugar is adopted with lemon, honey, warm milk or infusion of medicinal herbs.
  • Honey. Probably, it is known to all that honey is a disinfecting, antiviral and antibacterial agent. It allows you to quickly get rid of cough. For this, the honey spoon is slowly absorbed. For greater efficiency, honey is accepted with milk, add it to black radish juice or in the decoction of medicinal plants.

How to quickly cure cough in a child

вылечить кашель у ребенка

If a small child has a cough, it is necessary to immediately consult with the pediatrician, since self-treatment may end in deplorable. However, you should not neglect the simple folk remedies:

  • Never prevents the child inhalation.
  • Harf's coughing mustard.
  • You can use the old "Dedovsky" method - to put the baby banks.
  • With tracheake or bronchitis, you need to give a child to a child with mercolite and expectorant drugs.
  • Let the child have more fluid - warm tea, infusions and decoctions of medicinal plants, fruit, warm milk with the addition of a small amount of butter.
  • To get rid of dry cough fashionably make children hot foot baths.
  • In the room in which there is a coughing child, you need to maintain a normal humidity regime.
  • In some cases, helps to get rid of cough, or make it less intense lightweight and cautious thoracic massage.

How to quickly cure cough in a pregnant woman

кашель у беременной женщины

Medicinal products for receiving pregnant women discharges a doctor. It is prohibited independently. Very carefully you need to take drugs in the first three months of pregnancy, when the system and the infant organs in the womb are beginning to form.

The following folk remedies may come for the treatment of cough:

  • Inhalation. For inhalation, the use of medicinal plants is suitable - a turn, a richness, chamomile, or mint or eucalyptus essential oils.
  • Acceptance of grasses ragners. Chamomile decractions, a turn, plantain are accepted inside. The decoction is prepared from 1 tablespoon of grass, boiled glass boiled. You need to take 3 times a day.
  • Compress from cabbage sheet. The cabbage leaf is lubricated with honey, falls on the chest, covered with a towel or scarf and keeps all night.

Pregnant women are not recommended to receive drugs, but you can not always do the folk remedies. To appoint a cough treatment in this case, you need to contact the doctor. Doctors try to cure the patient with preparations that have vegetable origins, and containing Chebry, Alta, Primrose.

Compliance with precautions

Since the character of cough is different, it is necessary in treating not to neglect the precautionary measures. Methods of treatment need to be chosen after establishing the character of cough. Each treatment method is not deprived of contraindications. Therefore, it should be very careful to choose medicinal and folk remedies so that there are no allergic reactions. The greatest caution should be observed in the treatment of cough children, pregnant women or nursing mothers.

Dangerous and presence of patients with the following pathologies:

  • Cardiovascular diseases.
  • Diseases of the digestive tract.
  • Pathologies of kidneys and liver.
  • Hormonal imbalance.
  • Oncological diseases.
  • Pathologies of the neurological system.

To quickly get rid of the grueling cough, it is necessary to consult with the doctor to establish the exact diagnosis and the selection of optimal drugs. To strengthen the treatment effect, you can additionally use folk remedies, but only after the recommendation of the doctor.

Several useful tips and recipes for rapidly getting rid of cough at home

Everyone can get sick and start coughing. The cough adversely affects the whole body: a person feels ailment, Kosovo looks at him surrounding. Therefore, it is not surprising that each of us tries to quickly cure.

Currently, there are various medicines that allow you to quickly get rid of a cold cough. You can also cure cough folk remedies that are tested by many generations of people.

With the help of folk remedies, you can get rid of the exhaustive and strong cough. However, it is very dangerous to engage in self-medication. In cases where with the help of traditional medicine, it is not possible to quickly get rid of cough, you must consult a doctor.

Cough won with a bow

лечить кашель луком

The onion contains many biologically active substances - phytoncides, which are antiviral substances. In addition, in Luke contains selenium, which is a natural antioxidant, and a stimulating immune system. Out of the bow helps the body to defeat the disease.

The cough caused by colds or viral diseases is treated with a raw bow, which can be taken without anything with different dishes. Do not forget that thermal processing takes the treatment properties in the vegetable.

Take onions in different ways: the rubber on the grater is mixed with honey. Luke and honey juice are added to warm milk. Couples of finely chopped onions and garlic, help the fastest to recover small children.

Treatment of cough rinsing throat

Dry cough is very annoying the throat. To remove irritation, it is recommended to rinse the throat:

  • 2 teaspoons of food soda dissolve in 200 ml of warm water. Frequent rinse facilitates coughing attacks and removes the pain in the throat. After eating and before going to bed, be sure to rinse the throat.
  • For adults, the following recipe is suitable: rinse the throat composition: ½ teaspoon of fresh propolis and 20 drops of the alcohol tinctuine of propolis are added to the glass of water. Rinse do 3 times a day.
  • In the glass of water dissolve ½ a teaspoon of salt and 2 yodel droplets. Stripping helps from the throat, and also makes a dry cough wet.

Treat cough and chest warming

To quickly get rid of cough, you need to warm up light and bronchi. To do this, you can put a sick banks, mustard pieces, make a warming compress or rubbing. Conducting thermal procedures is prohibited at elevated body temperature. For compresses, boiled warm potatoes (potato mashed potatoes), honey, onion, animal fat are suitable.

The compress should be attached to the chest or the back of the coughing person, cover with gauze and polyethylene. On top of this, tie a wool handkerchief or plaid. After removing the compress, you need to ack the skin with sunflower oil.

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