iPhone - how to distinguish fake

iPhone - how to distinguish fake

Verified methods.

The more popular Apple devices become, the more often you can see cheap Chinese fakes on original smartphones. And if a few years ago, the fake could be determined by the characteristic casing of the case or poor-quality picture on the display, now the craftsmen stamps almost perfect copies of the iPhone. So how can't get to the fishing fraudsters and not buy "Levak"?

The easiest way out is to buy an iPhone from an official dealer. The way is obvious, but it is not suited to everyone, because sometimes you want to buy a gadget, and there is enough money only on a used model. But in any case, if the situation is being tolerated, it is better to dare and take the original and legally "clean" (reminding the frequent theft of phones, I think it is not necessary) iPhone in a specialized store - here list Apple official resellers in Russia.

However, if you looked at a model on the announcement site, A la Avito, and seriously decided to purchase a model from the hands, then you need to know several distinctive features.

Checking serial number

Whether you will go buy an iPhone one or another, be sure to arm your smartphone or tablet (you can even run Android) with the possibility of accessing the Internet. This is necessary for an absolutely accurate check on the originality of the purchased device. What do you need to do?

Step 1. Go to the iPhone in the menu " Settings »→" Maintenance »→" About this device "And find item" Serial number "

Step 2. Go from your device for this link. The link leads to Apple's official website in the serial number checks section.

iPhone: how to distinguish fake

Step 3. In the window under the inscription " Enter the serial number of hardware equipment »Specify the serial number of the device being checked and click" Proceed ».

Step 4. If the iPhone is not Chinese, you will see its model and other information, for example, the ability to receive support from Apple by phone. Otherwise, you will see a message " Unfortunately, this serial number is not correct. Check the available data and try again. " So it is better to get around this mount-seller side.

Be careful when entering the serial number of the device, because because of the error in one character, you can and think badly about the person, and stay without a new (or used) iPhone.

Open your eyes wider

Whatever qualitative to the iPhone replica, do everything completely like Apple the creators of clones can not technically. Therefore, even a quick glance, without resorting to checking the serial number of the device, it is possible to identify the fake. You need to pay attention to the following details:

  • No hieroglyphs, errors in writing words and other calligraphic errors in the system should not be.
  • On the back cover, the device must be inscriptions: iPhone, Designed by Apple in California, Assembled in China, model number, certification marks (as in the picture).
  • The iPhone cannot be antennas.
  • The iPhone also cannot be two sims, an embedded memory card and charging from USB and Mini-USB.
  • The back cover of the iPhone of any model is not removed until you unscrew the fixing screws.

Another quick way to define fake

Very simple and easy method - taking the iPhone in your hands Go to the standard application App Store. . Anyone, even the coolest Chinese iPhone, will be forced to transfer you to Google Play, app store for Android devices.

That's how the App Store should look like:

iPhone: how to distinguish fake

Here is what Google Play looks like:

iPhone: how to distinguish fake

In addition, on Google Play, you will not be able to find most Apple brand applications. Try to find through the search such applications as KeyNote, IMOVIE, Pages, Numbers, Apple Store - if there is no place in the store, it means that you are fake, not the original iPhone.

Another faithful way to define Chinese iPhone

Well, to complete this article wants to another right way, which even the most sewing Chinese geniuses will reveal with losses. To do this, you will need a laptop or personal computer (if the seller came to sell the iPhone directly to your home) with iTunes installed. Download iTunes from the official Apple site.

The thing is that when you connect the iPhone to a computer and turn on iTunes, the program must define the device and try to synchronize it. If iTunes is silent as partisans, most likely you are trying to slip fake, be careful.

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How to distinguish the original iphone 6 from the fake

Hello. Do you know that the Russian market is now represented by a huge number of Chinese fakes of the iPhone 6 megapopular gadget? These devices are scattered, literally like "hot pies". How to distinguish the original iPhone 6 from fake and not lose your money? It is about this that will be discussed.

IPhone - passing or subcom

Low prices

The first and most explicit feature is the low cost of the device. Nobody will sell the original for a penny, the cost of this reaches 60,000 rubles for some models. It is better to acquire such equipment from official dealers in special stores, you can also order delivery on Apple's website itself. If you found a place where you can profitably acquire (as you say) This iPhone 6 is better to immediately use additional parameters to determine the accessory of the smartphone to this "apple" smartphones.

If you take a used device, then be sure to learn the reason for the sale, service life and availability of documents. It is better to ask immediately about everything to get more information.

Complete set and external parameters

Before carefully consider the iPhone 6, look at its packaging and component elements of the kit.

The dishonest producer and triggers can be determined immediately, it turns out to be distinguished: the word "iPhone" should be located on the side of the box, the "iPhone 6" is most often indicated on the fakes.

Differences in the packaging iPhone and fake

In addition to the smartphone, there are such items in the package:

  • headphones;
  • Lightning cable;
  • charging;
  • A pair of stickers with Apple's inscription;
  • documents;
  • Stretch, designed to extract SIM.

Aphon package set

If the composition of the box differs from what is listed above or the level of quality of items caused suspicions - they plan to sell you fake. When something is missing, you should ask the store why it happened.

On the cover of the original behind there is an inscription "IPhone, Designed by Apple in California, Assembled in China" , There is still a model code and certification signs.

Certificate designations on the back of the iPhone

On the Chinese iPhone, some other phrases or signs are often added. It should also be immediately noted that the technique of Apple is going only in China, but the quality of this assembly does not even stand with Chinese copies, it is easy to distinguish, the corporation carefully monitors its production.

Before removing the Iphon 6 rear panel 6, you need to unscrew the screws, it will not be able to remove it in a different way, but if it is easily removed - before you fake. In addition, in the corporate apparatus over the microphone there is no front of the front. Of the true representatives of the Apple Family, there are no such features that are often found in Chinese aggregates:

  • no extension antenna for radio and TV;
  • There is no slot under the USB flash drive, there is only a place for SIM card;
  • It does not charge from YUSB or mini yusb connectors (exclusively Lightning).

Most users are used to that they can insert an extra flash drive on the phone, but in the iPhone 6 this option is not provided. In addition, no iPhone in his entire history has never supported the memory card. It is worth remembering and distinguish between the original.

These devices have a decent functionality, but if the seller decided to show you the antenna and says that there is TV in the device - leave immediately. There are no digital and analog TV in devices of any iPhone series and there was no. Also on the corpus of the original should not be:

  • hieroglyphs;
  • numerous connectors;
  • Easily retractable rear panel with screws;
  • Such a slot under the SIM (iPhones do not support 2 SIM).

You can twist the device, evaluate quality - it should not creak, publish outsided sounds, should not be hungry too. It is worth noting that the real gadget has a fixed battery, you can easily distinguish it.

Let's see Stuffing

It is quite natural that Chinese counterfeit manufacturers constantly improve the quality of the assembly. So it is becoming more difficult to distinguish the original. Suppose you give you an iPhone 6 and it is completely suitable for the original description. What to do in this case?

To start, see the menu. Best if you know how it looks like a real gadget. By the way, the last fake versions of almost 100% repeat the IOS interface. So check the Russification of the Mobile Menu - the Chinese are often mistaken with translations, so there is a possibility that you will still find an error.

Verification IMEI and serial number

In the process of purchase in any case, the serial of the smartphone should be checked. To do this, it is better to have a mobile device with access to the network. In the iPhone inspected, you need to go to:

  • settings;
  • main;
  • about this device;
  • serial number.

Serial Number Iphona

Then take your old phone and go to the official resource of Apple Corporation in the sub-clause serial reconciliation ( checkcoverage.apple.com ) And enter the combination of the gadget verified.

Check the iphone serial number on the site

The service will issue all information about the device, but only if it is not a fake. If the error comes out - you are given a fake smartphone. In the process of writing the number should not be distracted, in the opposite case you can mislead yourself and the seller. You can also check IMEI, it will show the characteristics, and if necessary, it will help to find and block the device in the event of theft.

There is another way of inspection, but it is very difficult - you need a computer. If you have the ability to connect to a PC, you can spend a test using Aytyunz - it always identifies the original, and the fake ignores. This method is the most accurate, the Chinese have not yet invented how it can be circumvented.


The difference between the iPhone 6, even from a high-quality fake - on the whole Apple technique costs only iOS, while the copies function on the Android platform (the common visible shell is simply changed there). To check, go to the APP STOR, if you get into the playing market, then you are fake. In addition, the Android store will never be branded software, for example, iMovie, Pages, Numbers and the rest.

All of the above checking methods include not only the sixth version, so you can check the iPhone of any series. Knowing how to distinguish the original iPhone 6 from the fake you can always not only get rid of yourself from buying an unnecessary low-quality apparatus, but also save money and nerves. What do you think about this? Waiting for your comments.

Sincerely, Victor!

Greetings to you dear friends on our site! In today's article, I would like to talk to you about how to save on the purchase of a new iPhone 6 and 6s and Plus and not get to the scammers.

The whole thing is that Apple's products enjoys great demand in Russia, although it is one of the most expensive, in the smartphone market. All official vendors (connected, euroset, Apple service) are approximately the same prices, and therefore in order to buy a gadget cheapering have to contact little-known shops or private ads.

This is where you can expect an unpleasant surprise with you when the joy of buying can change disappointment! The fact is that the device may be the most natural Chinese fake (at worst), or vice versa informally restored iPhone. In today's article, we will consider by What signs (distinction) you will independently be able to distinguish the original iPhone 6 and 6s from the fake and informally recovered device.

How to distinguish the original iPhone 6 from the Chinese fake

"Chinese" iPhones on the market is just a huge amount. Therefore, the signs of which they can be distinguished from the originals too much - all of them does not make sense, I will give only those that absolutely accurately and most importantly will quickly help you determine the fake iPhone 6.

Officially restored iPhone and high-quality fake

How to check and distinguish the original IPhone. 6 from fake

And so you decided to buy an iPhone 6 from an informal dealer where to start an authentication check?

  1. Check IMEI (how to find out and what is it?) - On Apple's website or third-party services (where it was purchased, there is a warranty, which model, etc.). Naturally, if you drive a number - and there is no information on it, then this is a reason to refuse to buy !However, there is some nuance - some Chinese manufacturers manage to register serial number from the present iPhone in the fake, so it is necessary to be quite attentive and not limited to only this way.
  2. Just the perfect option - Download iTunes on a computer (laptop) and connect your smartphone to it .If the iPhone is original - iTunes recognizes it and allows you to work with it. The warranty, as they say, is 100 percent, but there is not always a computer at hand.
  3. The smartphone menu must be present App Store App Store .Talk about the fact that it is deleted, it must be installed independently, in this version it is not - complete nonsense. Run it - it should look like this.

    Quality fake iPhone 6
    High-quality fake iPhone 6! Pay attention to different fonts.

  4. Pay attention to the list of other standard applications from the company Apple - Game Center, Kiosk, Tips, Mail (Find out how to set up correctly!). Friends from Middle Kingdom as a rule do not strongly bother them with copying and something may not be enough, and they should all be "on the spot" - this is a fact!
  5. One of the easiest and most effective ways to distinguish the original iPhone 6 from the fake - Turn on the device, open the main menu and pay attention to the calendar icons and clock. The calendar should show the current date (unless of course it is configured), if not, then it should indicate the date that currently stands in the iOS system .And on the clock icon shows the time and "runs" the second arrow. Is always. It is in the menu without entering the application. On any, even the most qualitative Chinese fake, there is no such thing. And therefore, a fluidized look at the screen of the device is enough to distinguish the original iPhone 6 and 6s.

As you can see, nothing special is not difficult - the authentication check should not take a long time.

Common signs of Chinese fake iPhone 6 and 6S

The common features of the Chinese fake of 6th iPhones can be attributed:

  • Availability of two sims
  • Availability of memory card
  • television antenna

Naturally, the presence of these additional components suggests that the device is a poor-quality fake.

Video: How to distinguish the original iPhone 6 from fake

A little about restored IPhone. 6 and 6. S

Restored iPhone 6 and 6s are two types:

As I have already managed to notice above: Officially restored iPhone 6 are sold in large dealer centers, have a good discount and a guarantee of at least 1 year.

Therefore, the purchase of such a phone will not bring you disappointment. With restored unofficial iPhone, things are much worse, so before buying we recommend that you check out such a phone and, if possible, refuse to buy.

How to determine unofficially restored IPhone. 6 - five signs

Here are some signs for which you can define unofficially restored iPhone 6 from the original and officially restored:

  1. Unofficially restored iPhone 6 will be sold in telephone workshops, kiosks, on pages and public public chains.
  2. The price of unofficially restored iPhone 6 will be an order of magnitude lower - about 2 times. To date, 6s stands in the area of ​​15 thousand rubles.
  3. Pay attention to the components if they are as new, and the phone is B.U., then this should be in doubt - did the previous owner really used them? Also look carefully on their appearance and on a plastic box - all the gaps between the details should be even, and on the branded plastic cover there should be an apple from below.
  4. The next step will turn on the phone and checking serial numbers. Of course, before this it is necessary to enable the phone and make sure that it is not tied to an alien Apple ID - otherwise you can no longer activate it and use it. So, if the phone is really untied, then go to the "Settings> Main>" section about this device "and we are looking for a model, serial number and IMEI. It will also not be superfluous to check the storage capacity (16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB). Further, we look for the same data on the body of the phone and on the box - they must all coincide. Already at this stage, you can also find out for which country the phone was released. In the model of the model, two letters before the slash define the country of sale - ME308LL / A (LL is America, you need an RU, below a couple of messages the drive list of the main designations of the markets for which phones are available). If you assure you that the phone is RosTest, and the country code speaks about the opposite, then you are cheating. After learning the country, you can also map it from the charger attached in the set and make a conclusion.
  5. The next definition step of our iPhone is to use one of the online IMEI check services. I use two - domestic iPhoneimei.info and Bourgeois IMEIDATA.net. The first is very easy to use and at the same time issues all the basic information about the device. We enter into the search string IMEI and get the data: Color and Capacity - Compare them with the phone offered to you. If it was repair, then on the site the case may be black, and there is a telephone in real life, that is, its body has been replaced.

Well, of course, after reconciling all numbers, you need to check the operation of individual phone components - buttons, speakers, microphone, WiFi, GPS, slope sensor and compass. It is especially easy to watch the latter, since his work is not so obvious as the same camera. There is a case when a person came fully a working phone, but with a non-working compass - it was manifested that on the smooth horizontal surface the arrow robbed him chaotic, as if he was in the magnetic and anomalous zone.

Video: how to distinguish the original IPhone. 6 and 6. S from restored

Hello, dear friends! Today we will tell about how to distinguish iPhone 6 from the fake.

This is no longer a novelty in the electronics market. New iPhone will be present every day. And now iphone 6 is available mainly in the secondary market. Plus, a new replica can meet.

But to produce a fake device for a new original is not reasonable. He was removed from production. Apple has long stopped release it.

Since a new model is not everyone can afford, many are looking for high-quality, as well as well-preserved used devices.

iphone 6.

Be careful. A copy of the original apparatus is often sold. If this is a fake, then you can distinguish it without problems. It is enough to know the characteristic features of counterfeit versions.

There is another problem. These are restored devices. We will also tell us separately.

Check for authenticity

To begin with, how to distinguish iPhone 6 original from the fake.

Everywhere there is a Chinese version of an apple smartphone. These are dubious, as well as low-quality devices. They copy original devices. But to get a complete list of properties, functions, as well as the possibilities, no copy is capable.

The American manufacturer transferred to the assembly of smartphones in the United States. Therefore, all the iPhone is made in China. 6 generation is no exception.

It is impossible to indicate that the apparatus is impossible for the appropriate inscription.

But Chinese Chinese Return. If the original, and there is a copy. The difference is huge. In terms of quality, assembly, as well as other parameters.

There are several ways to understand that iPhone 6 fake.

We look at IMEI

On each device there is this code. The smartphone is not difficult to check on it.

It is better to do it through the official website. But third-party services are suitable.

When specifying IMEI, the user will open the device information. But if the search issues an error, that is, there is no data, it is a fake.

Some fraudsters somehow prescribe the serial numbers of the present iPhones in the fake. Carefully examine the information that the service issues. It is possible that you have 6s, and the serial number from the usual iPhone 6. Or another color, and also differs in memory.

This method is not the most reliable. But in the complex you need to use it.

iTunes to help

Simple, but effective way to distinguish iPhone 6 from fake.

Download a special program. It is called iTunes. Owners of apple products with it are great familiar. You can install on the computer, as well as on the laptop.

Connect the device, and wait for the reaction.

If this is a genuine smartphone, the program recognizes the phone, and will provide collaboration. This is a 100% way.

But since the computer, as well as the laptop is not always at hand, then you have to look for other ways.

Explore the menu

The original application store is present in the original device menu. This is the App Store.

Open the application. Make sure it is original. Learn menu and program data.

If the seller says that accidentally deleted the application, and it just needs to be re-installed, do not believe it. This is a complete brand.

What is from standard software

There must be standard programs in the menu. This is a Game Center, Mail, Tips, etc.

Chinese underground masters do not take them into account, and simply ignore. If all this is not, then before you fake. Do not buy.

And then the clock and calendar

Strange, but an effective way to recognize deception.

You need to run the device, open the main menu, and also take a look at the calendar and clock.

On the calendar - only the current date. Either the date that is spelled out in iOS.

The clock always go with a running second arrow. Is always. Look through the menu, and do not open the application. If this arrow is not, or it does not run, it is a fake.

Even better copies do not have it. Therefore, it is an easy way to distinguish a replica on the sixth iPhone.

Extra features

The price is not a key difference. Yes, for quick selling prices reduce. But there are those who do not want to call doubts. And they sell replicas at the price of original smartphones.

Look at the packaging. In the original, the silhouette of the phone is displaced at the top of the box.

On the side of the box you can see the inscription iPhone 6. This is a fake. Real boxes are simply labeled iPhone.

Talk about the original configuration, as well as factory films meaningless. New iPhone 6 is impossible to meet. If you find, then 99% is a replica.

There are such moments that the original device does not have:

  • retractable antenna;
  • Removable back cover;
  • the ability to connect 2 SIM cards;
  • memory card slot;
  • stylus;
  • television receiver;
  • Radio receiver.

Of course, the sixth iPhone works only with iOS. He has nothing to do with a competitor.

There are craftsmen who mimic an android parody to an iPhone due to special interfaces, as well as stylization under the original.

Everything is simple here. Open the menu and look at the list of applications. If you see there Google Play, then before you android.

What you need to know about restored devices

On sale there are iPhone 6 recovered type. But not everyone understands what it is.

There are 2 options:

  • Restored officially . These are devices in which defects were detected during pre-sale preparation, as well as in the first year of operation. Users replaced them under warranty. These smartphones are sent to the plants. There they are repaired. And again fall on the counter. But already tagged with Apple Certified. Their feature in a big discount. Equipment is identical. But another box. She is white. No images. The facial side is written by the model;
  • Unofficially restored . These are bored non-working phones. They are repaired, and also resell under the guise of new ones. Alas, not everyone is repaired qualitatively. No guarantees for the safety of the working condition. There are almost no original parts. This is a processor, motherboard, as well as Touch ID. The rest change to cheap analogs. The equipment is also non-original. Box identical original.

With official recovery, smartphones are implemented through official dealers and representatives. They are a good discount, as well as the guarantee. It is at least 1 year.

Distinctive features

There are several points for which you can define unofficially restored 6 generation iPhones:

  • Neo fakes are sold in repair workshops, as well as on social networks and kiosks;
  • Cost 2 times lower;
  • Components look like new, as if they did not use them, and the phone itself is already shabby in places;
  • non-uniform gaps on the case;
  • nonconformity of the serial number;
  • Some elements and functions may not work.

Buying such an iPhone 6 is dangerous. This risk. And often unjustified.

Let's sum up

Purchase a used smartphone, even if it is an iPhone 6 - a risky event.

There is a chance that the fake is sold, or an unofficially restored device. How much will be able to work, as well as how qualitative will be, unknown.

Choosing the iPhone 6 on the secondary market, consider the signs of fake and recovery. If there are doubts, do not buy.

Have you come across a fake iPhone? What smartphone do you use? iPhone is better than Android?

We are waiting for answers in the comments.

That's all. Thank you for attention!

Subscribe, leave your feedback, as well as ask a question and tell about us your friends!

Good day to you, dear readers. Ruslan Miftakhov welcomes you, and today we will analyze how to distinguish iPhone 6 original from the fake.

The fact that any successful and popular products is always trying to make anyone to fake - well-known. The same fate of the outbreak and Apple products.

Moreover, if quite recently, we could easily determine the fake of any product for not quite high-quality external characteristics, now in China so qualitatively the copies of the "apple" smartphones that even a person who is already familiar with Apple products can not always be distinguished And about newbies and speak.

Therefore, for those who want to acquire the original, I will tell you how to recognize the fake, but those who want to save, and buy a good copy - a summary of one proven site.

Still, a copy of the copies of Maine, and if a copy is better proven. And I advise you this site because already a few of my acquaintances have bought a phone there, and while it does not complain about work.

Where do you need to acquire the original?

Before you start discussing ways to define fakes, I would like to say that the original products need to be purchased from official representatives in specialized stores, or order it with delivery on Apple.

But if for any reason you are interested in the announcement on the Internet (maybe on this site the accumulative discount system is good), or you decided to buy a phone "from hand" (through familiar cheaper), then you need to know the main distinguishing features and methods for determining fakes.

Too low price

Wishing to buy an iPhone, the buyer will surely compare prices in different stores and on different sites. So, too low the cost of the smartphone should immediately alert.

As such reasons, Apple can solve this store to sell products for the price, much cheaper than in the App Store? Hardly such reasons can be.

Box and equipment

Buying iphone 6s, be sure to consider the packaging. On a white box, it must be the "Apple" logo and embossing in the form of a phone, without any drawings with the image of the phone menu, as well as hieroglyphs. The inscription on the side of the box should simply be "iPhone", without a number 6.

Having understood with the view of the box, check the package in addition to the phone should include headphones, Lightning cable, special paper clip for opening holes with SIM card, charging, documents for phone, two stickers with Apple logo.

Exterior of smartphone

After you make sure that everything is in order with the box and its contents, pay attention to the external characteristics of the phone. According to the appearance of the difference, it can be noticed even by an armed eye.

For the original it is characteristic:

  • Availability of the following inscription at the bottom of the back cover of the smartphone: iPhone, Designed by Apple in California, Assembled in China (Original iPhones are collected in China on specialized Apple plants), as well as model numbers and certification marks;
  • To remove the back panel, you need to unscrew all pinching screws (so if you see that the seller easily removes the cover to show you the battery, even if you have the desired entries on the lid, it will talk about the copy).

The iPhone 6S should not be:

  • hieroglyphs, errors in words, apple, which "has been hung off" on the other hand;
  • Several slots for the SIM card and retractable external antenna, as well as the stylus;
  • A built-in memory card, charging from USB (in the iPhone there is only a lightning connector);
  • TV and radio.

Checking serial number

One of the most important stages of checking the iPhone to originality is to check its serial number. This will require any other device with the Internet connected.

On the new iPhone 6S you need to go to "Settings", select the "Basic" item, then "about this device" and find the item "serial number".

Then from another device you need to go to the official website of Apple to the section checking serial numbers and enter the number of the acquired device.

After that, you need to click on the "Continue" button, and if you have an original smartphone in your hands, you will get all the information about it (up to when it was assembled).

If you see the inscription that the number is not true, then this is a fake. Of course, it should be remembered that you need to rewrite the serial number too correctly, otherwise you will be in vain to accuse the seller in deception.

Also, the phone can be checked by IMEI (with which in addition to information about the qualitative characteristics of the phone, you can track and block the stolen device) on the website SNDeep.info.

Lack of charging iPhone?

Everyone knows that the iPhones have a weak place is a weak battery, which is barely enough for the day. Well, if the outlet is near and you can put a smartphone for charging at any moment.

And if you're on a trip or travel and there is no possibility to recharge your favorite iPhone. What if you need urgently Internet or navigation? The solution is if with you have an external battery by 10,000 - 20,000 mA * h.

You can put on charging and not be attached to the outlet, which is very convenient. You can order this thing by the button below.

Checking the operating system of the device

To distinguish the iPhone, even from high-quality fake, you can check the operating system: on all Apple products installed exactly the iOS, while Chinese copies operate on the Android system (where the graphic shell is modified).

To do this, just go to the App Store, and if you reinstall you in the Play Market application, it will indicate fake. Also in Play Market you will not find such brand applications as iMovie, Numbers, Pages and so on.

The last method of checking

There is another way to check whether you have an original iPhone in front of you on the iTunes laptop (which can be downloaded using the Apple official website) and take it with you to check the smartphone.

The check will be as follows: when you connect to the iPhone laptop and turn on iTunes, this program must automatically determine the phone and try to start synchronization with it. If iTunes does not work, it will indicate that you are a Chinese copy.

Thus, we looked at many ways with which you can identify even the highest quality Chinese fakes.

The video shows an exact copy of the iPhone 6S, and now all knowledge obtained in this article, apply in practice and find those differences from the original.

If you like this model, then here you can inexpensive Order iPhone6S. .

This is completed today, and tomorrow we continue the topic dedicated to the iPhone. Everyone until tomorrow!

With respect, Ruslan Miftakhov

By virtue of the extraordinary popularity of iPhones growing every year, more and more willing want to get them. Chinese craftsmen at the same time taught the prospect of profit and began to stamp fakes, a different level of quality. Some copies are so good that even a professional cannot distinguish the substitution. Let's deal with.


You should alert before all the box. It is already at the initial stage of dating will help immediately distinguish fake. The outer packaging of iPhone looks like this - a purely white box embossed in the form of the smartphone himself. There are no pictures imitating its "desktop" from above. Boxes from the original iPhone 6 and from the fakeOn the lateral part there should be an inscription "iPhone", without the "6" registry. Logo is also mandatory, an apple is present. Original packagingPhone 6 side viewThat's what you will see by opening a corporate packaging. Filling branded packing iPhone 6The box, and the iPhone itself, must be necessarily covered with a transparent protective film. There should be no air bubbles under it, glued at the factory, it is evenly applied to the surface.

Important point - the presence of an original box with checks is a necessary condition for providing guarantees and techs when identifying problems with the device . So do not be fooled by stories about lost when placing the package when you take a used iPhone. A knowledgeable user familiar with the terms of the use of brand gadgets will never allow such an oversight.

Complete set and factory numbers

Be sure to check IMEI, prescribed in three places: on the sticker attached to the box, on the iPhone itself (it is engraved in the back panel), and in its settings (in the main section, opening the item "About the device" or typing a combination * # 06 #) .

If at least one of the three options does not coincide - this iPhone is not original. Sometimes unclean on hand sellers pack in a new original box for fake or non-working (or stolen, blocked) iPhone. If IMEI is generally absent in the settings - do not think to take such a smartphone - it will be incapacitated. The absence of code is obviously the result of the inept "unlock", and such a device is not subject to restoration.

The same applies to the serial number - it is listed or on the turnover of the box, or in the "On Device" section. If you are planning to buy a used iPhone 6 - do not forget to grab with you any gadget with an Internet access to immediately "punch" data about iPhone on the serial number. To do this, go to the AppleCare service and enter the code. The system will give you all support data available for this device. Service and technical support iPhone 6If the service issues an error or writes that the entered number is not true - 99% that a fake smartphone is offered.

Purely, externally, the smartphone should be qualitatively assembled - large gaps between the blocks of the case, the sylipses when you click on the display, the "hollow" button of the HOME button. By the way, in the fake apparatus, the Home button is not functional and does not have a built-in sensor scanning the fingerprints of the owner. It just starts the menu - no more.

Pay attention to the nano-sim card slot. The original machine has only one slot if you offer an iPhone on 2 sim cards - you are deceived. Also in it should not be any extraneous details. Normal slot looks like this. SIM card, slot and iPhone 6If you are watching such a picture - it means your iPhone hardware is "unlocked" using the GEVEY overlay turbo-sim, removing software blocking on a specific (often American) telecom operator. Gevey Typbo_sim - Overlay OverlayBlocking is set perfectly legally - even at the factory, because The selected mobile operator will be engaged in the further sales of the smartphone. Such iPhones in America are tangible cheaper. But the buyer on a special agreement concluded when purchased, undertakes to pay the operator monthly in a certain amount, something like installments is obtained. The average validity period of such a contract is two years.

Therefore, if you do not make absolutely, how to use the turbo-sim, and in the case of its failures you will not be able to cope on your own, it is better to refrain from such a purchase. Otherwise, for two years, you will not be able to use the gadget, and when visiting the US, its frequency will be blocked, as listed in the black list of non-payers under the contract. Do you need him?

Accessories from the supply kit must be additionally packaged. Packaging AccessoriesSo headphones - Earpods neatly laid in a transparent case of flexible plastic. The plug under the socket and the Lightning cable - intercepted the transparent silicone tie. By the way, the type of fork may vary depending on which an iPhone is oriented to the market is normal.

It should alert and not the original cable applied in the kit. Some sellers used iPhones - when selling newcomers, put a fake cable. It does not have a characteristic labeling. You can distinguish the original on the inscription present over the entire length of the wire: Inscription distinguishing the original wireSuch a cable you will not be able to connect a smartphone to a computer, and without this, the lion's share of user capabilities will be unavailable. It will be impossible to synchronize and exchange data through iTunes. You will have to buy it separately, and so that you understand the cost of a meter cable in the AppStore starts from 1590 rubles.

Checking the system

One of the most important qualities of the iPhone is the unique operating system - IOS, which is rightly considered the most stable and protected. It is designed specifically under iPhones (Apada), therefore, devices work flawlessly.

If you have an idea of ​​what the iOS ecosystem looks like, be sure to go through several tabs on the desktop. Sometimes a fake from the type of menu does not distinguish the screws managed to copy even the visual image of the iPhone operating system interface. In fact, all fakes work on Android, so that neither an advantage that iPhones give the buyer should not hope. For example, when switching to the App Store, when you press the icon, the gadget redirects you to the Play Store, and all other standard iOS applications are also replaced by Android analogs.

The mistakes of transliteration and service names in Russian are unacceptable - this is a clear sign that you are not original.

Now you are hoored and you can distinguish the original from the fake, and buying a long-awaited iPhone 6 will bring joy.

Due to the high popularity of iPhones on the Russian market, more and more people want to acquire them. Thus, unscrupulous entrepreneurs as a light profit began to fake them. And sometimes the copies are made as well that, often, even professionals are not able to distinguish them from the original. Here are some useful tips on how to distinguish the original from the fake.

1 package.

First of all, the consumer needs to pay attention to the product box. Already acquaintance with the packaging will tell how to distinguish the original iPhone from the fake. First, the external packaging is a white box embossed in the form of the smartphone itself. Secondly, the original on the box should not have any pictures.

How to distinguish a real iPhone 6 from fake

Thirdly on the side of the box must be a logo - an apple. And finally, the "iPhone" inscription should be on the side part, without the "6".

How to distinguish a real iPhone 6 from fake

Opening the package, you will see the following items:

How to distinguish a real iPhone 6 from fake

Important moment: iPhone and box, mandatory should be covered with a protective transparent film. The film should be applied to the surface evenly. Under the film, which was glued at the factory should not be air bubbles.

Important moment The presence of an original box with checks is the condition for providing warranty and technical assistance in identifying problems with the device.

2. Equipment and factory numbers.

Be sure to check IMEI, prescribed in three places:, on the iPhone itself (it is engraved on the back panel), on the sticker attached to the box and in its settings (in the main section, opening the item "About the device" or typing a combination * # 06 #) .

In the event that one of three options does not match - this iPhone is not original. Often, unscrupulous sellers are packaged in a new original fake or non-working box (or stolen, blocked) iPhone. The lack of code is a clear sign of the inept "unlock", and the restoration of such a gadget is no longer subject to. When IMEI is not at all in the settings - do not try to take such a smartphone - it will be incapable.

Also, an important point is the serial number of the device. It must be specified on the turnover of the box, or in the "About Device" section. If you suddenly decided when finding used iPhone 6 - do not forget to take with you any device with access to the Internet, in order to immediately punch the data about iPhone in the sulfur number. To do this, go to the AppleCare service and enter the code. The system will immediately provide all support data allowed for this apparatus.

How to distinguish a real iPhone 6 from fake

In a situation, if the Vadast system is a mistake or write that the number that is not produced is rather than - 99% that the buyer offers a fake.

Also, the smartphone should be qualitatively assembled - no syligations are unacceptable when you click on the display, large gaps between the housing blocks, the "hollow" of the Home button. It is important to note that in a fake smartphone, the Home button does not have a built-in sensor scanning the fingerprints of the smartphone owner. This is the button simply run the menu.

It is also worth paying attention to the nano-sim card slot. The original iPhone has only one slot, if there are two SIM cards in the smartphone - then this is a unambiguous fake. There should be no extraneous details. This looks like a normal slot.

How to distinguish a real iPhone 6 from fake

If you see such a picture - then your iPhone is hardware "unlocked" using the GEVEY lining of the turbo-sim, removing software blocking on a specific (often American) telecom operator.

How to distinguish a real iPhone 6 from fake

Accessories from the kit must be additionally packed, as shown in the picture.

How to distinguish a real iPhone 6 from fake

It should alert and not the original cable applied in the kit. Some sellers used iPhones - when selling newcomers, put a fake cable. There is no characteristic labeling on it. You can distinguish the original on the inscription present over the entire length of the wire:

How to distinguish a real iPhone 6 from fake

Such a cable will not be able to connect a smartphone to a computer, and without this, the lion's share of user capabilities will be unavailable. It will be impossible to synchronize and exchange data through iTunes. You will have to buy it separately, and so that you understand the cost of a meter cable in the AppStore starts from 1590 rubles.

3. Checking the system

Unique operating system - IOS is one of the most important properties of iPhone. By law, IOS is considered the most reliable and protected system. Since it is designed specifically under iPhones (Apada), therefore, devices work flawlessly.

If you know how the iOS system looks like, go through tabs on the desktop. Often, the menu fake is not distinguished, since Chinese craftsmen learned even copy the visual image of the iPhone operating system interface. All fakes of iPhones work on the Android platform, thus, no advantage that give iPhones to the buyer is not worth it. For example, when switching to the App Store, the gadget redirects you to the Play Store, and all other regular iOS applications are also replaced by Android analogs.

Thus, you armed with useful tips, and now you can distinguish the original iPhone from the fake.

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