Big plus these options - glass is very easy to launder. Paper you just need to wet and remove. And after - wipe the glass.
Snowflakes: Pixabay.

For the new year, you can turn the house to the present winter kingdom with simple primary and inexpensive materials. For example, snowflakes from napkins, assembled in garlands under the ceiling, create the effect of snowfall as well as open-growing snowflakes on the windows. Recall the pre-New Year tradition on the manufacture of such patterned beauties.

How to make a snowflake from a napkin

You probably had to consider snowflakes on the mittens and surprise their sketched openwork pattern. Make the same paper jewelry simply. Cut snowflakes from napkins - an exciting creative activity for adults and children of different ages.

What do snowflake cut out from? Of course, from thin paper, and more often from soft gentle napkins, and they do not have to be white. To work will need tools:

  • sharp scissors;
  • pencil and ruler;
  • threads and needle;
  • Sometimes - adhesive pencil or pva.

Technology creation of snowflakes is not complicated. But in order not to work with papers with holes, you need to follow some rules.

For ordinary snowflakes, it is important how to fold the napkin. From the standard folded quadbies, get 4 identical billets at once, which will have to disconnect. Therefore, every napkin immediately cut to 4 or 9 parts. Remember: the more layers, the more rays will be at the snowflakes, it will turn out to be more openwork.

Ideas for creating decorations from snowflakes can be spacked up below.
So folding a napkin for snowflakes: YouTube / Class of needlework

Then start to fold on such a scheme:

  1. Correctly folding the napkin, begin to conjure the patterns. If experience is not enough, you first draw simple figures - rhombus, arcs, etc. can use ready templates.
  2. Cut with sharp scissors patterns, then tear the napkin carefully.
  3. Many such small snowflakes are riveted on the threads, attach them to a high ceiling of tape at a distance of 50 cm from each other. At the slightest air movement, the effect of snowfall will arise.
Rejoice in trifles!)
Colored Napkin Snowflakes: YouTube / Class Handicraft

Fluffy snowflake from napkin

Several major fluffy snowflakes will effectively decorate the New Year's interior or Christmas tree. For one snowflakes, you will need:

  • white or colored napkin;
  • Dense paper A4 format - 1 sheet;
  • In addition to ordinary tools, prepare toothpick with a blunt end.

The manufacturing process is:

  1. First, make a basis for snowflakes from paper: fold the sheet so that you can cut the star with the 6th or 8-long rays of 2 cm wide.
  2. Cut the napkin on a set of squares 2 × 2 cm.
  3. Pour plow glue on the bottom of a small outlet.
  4. In the center of the square from the napkin, put the toothpick, get a square around it, dry the tip in the glue and stick to the base, starting from the center. Next to take the next piece of napkins until you fill all the rays.
  5. To one of the rays of fluffy snowflakes, attach a loop from the thread to hang.
Fluffy Snowflakes from Napkins: YouTube / Soveti Ot Svet

Snowflake from openwork napkins

Spectacular bulk snowflakes will decorate not only the interior, but also a New Year's table as a stand for the bull figurine (symbol of the coming year) or a decorative flashlight, candles.

Prepare for work:

  • Round napkins with openwork edge - 3 pcs.;
  • glue stick.

Work with these napkins like this:

  1. Each one roll together, then cut into 4 parts by fracture lines. It will turn out 12 details.
  2. From each part, roll the cone and glue it to the brass. It is convenient to do it with a pencil glue.
  3. Now glue the cones among themselves: to carry out the adhesive pencil along the cone, impose the second on it, not comic on the edges, then the next, until you glue everything.
  4. Cut the scissors 2-3 cm acute tops, then expand the entire design in the circle, glue the same two extreme cones among themselves.
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Snowflake from Openwork Napkins: YouTube / Creative House

The center of this snowflake can be decorated with a bead, and you can complicate the design and glue a few more openwork cones from the same napkin, but smaller. It turns out an elegant and openwork snowflake, which will complement the snowfall of small snowflakes, decorate the window, christmas tree or table.

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Snowflakes from Openwork Napkins: YouTube / Creative House

Volumetric Snowflakes-Water from Napkins

Simple beautiful snowflakes from napkins can not even cut. Make decorating this kind with embossed grains transmitting volume. Make them from such materials:

  • dense napkins of any color, can with drawings;
  • Threads under the color of the paper.

Each snowflake is made of one napkin so:

  1. Expand the napkin on the table. Start folding it into the harmonica (each fold is 1 cm wide) until one long multi-layer strip is obtained.
  2. Fold the resulting strip in the middle and tie the thread in this place, but do not tighten, but only fix it.
  3. Cut with a sharp corner of both edges of the strip - the sharper, the more effectively it turns out the snowflake star.
  4. Pour the harmonic fan on both sides, it will turn out a relief circle.
  5. Slit parts of the fan between themselves in those places where they come into contact.
  6. Neck with a thread Make a loop on any ray.

For such a principle, it is possible to make larger snowflakes from 2-3 napkins. Fold each in the same harmonica, and then secure the edges of the obtained strips along with a needle with a thread.

Snowflakes on a blue background
Snowflake-fan of napkins: YouTube / Northern knitting

While there is time, cut the whole family more little snowflakes from napkins to create a magical pre-holiday atmosphere in the house. And the manufacture of complex sophisticated snowflakes will allow you to show the talents of someone from the relatives.

Original Articles:

Paper trianglesNew Year! It is already close, completely side. So you want a festive mood! Let's decorate the house with snow-white snowflakes. They are completely easy to do, but how much they bring you joy. Today we learn how to cut a snowflake from the napkin. The technology is so simple that even a child will lose weight. And how many happy minutes you give your child if you do snowflakes with him. All you need this napkin and scissors. How many napkins, so many snowflakes. Instead of napkins, you can take a sheet of fine paper square shape.

Snowflake 8 ray
From the napkin

1. Napkin without unfolding bend to the diagonal. You have to get a triangle.

2. The resulting triangle fold, aligning the two sides (one of which with a fold).

3. Take the scissors and cut everything too much.

4. Expand the snowflake. True, beautiful?

Paper snowflakes

From thin paper

1. Sign the square diagonally. You got a triangle.

2. The resulting triangle bend in half. You got a smaller triangle.

3. The resulting triangle fold in half.

4. The resulting triangle fold, aligning the two sides (one of which with a fold).

5. Take the scissors and cut everything too much.

6. Expand the snowflake.

Fluffy paper snowflakes

Snowflake 6 rays

1. Expand the napkin. You have to get a rectangle. If you make a snowflake made of fine paper Square to fold in half to get a rectangle.

2. The upper corners of the rectangle bend down at an angle of 60 degrees.

3. Figure the resulting figure in half.

4. Cut everything too much.

5. Expand the snowflake.

Paper bulk snowflake

Of course you can download snowflake templates, transfer the template on the closed napkin or thin paper and cut.

Paper openwork snowflakes

Paper bulk snowflake fan




But it is much more interesting to cut snowflakes without any template. The greater the holes you cut out and the smaller the distance between them, the openwork the snowflake. Finished snowflake can be treated with an iron to smooth out the folds.

Snowflakes can be attached to the window. You can hang to the ceiling on threads. You can decorate the New Year's Christmas tree. And pasted on a piece of color cardboard, the snowflake will become a real New Year card.

Today we learned how to cut a snowflake from a napkin or fine paper. Watch the video. Press the buttons to social networks after the article and leave your comments.

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Mastery fluffy snowflakes made of paper and paper napkins for home decoration to the new year 2020. Schemes and step-by-step instructions

December 3, 2019.

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My son and I adore various Selfieckers Well, and how not to decorate the house for the new year! By the way, the coming 2020 year will be held under the sign of the mouse (rats), and all-all-all articles of the "Babushkin Dacha" site on this topic you can find here . But back to the question how to make a fluffy snowflake From paper with your own hands. Actually, very simple! It is enough to look once, and the process will go like oil. In this article we will show step by step instructions, understandable schemes and examples of color combinations. Recommended to create "snowy" scenery! 😉


  1. Materials for creating fluffy snowflakes.
  2. Color variations.
  3. Technology of creating step-by-step (on color example).
  4. How to make a fluffy snowflake: a visual scheme.
  5. Fluffy snowflake made of white paper (2 options).
  6. Fluffy snowflake made of paper napkins.
  7. Video instruction.

What can a fluffy snowflake?

White paper - The easiest and most hopeless option. The thinner the paper, the fluffy there will be a snowflake, and the easier it will be cut. You can take white paper for office equipment or the so-called "offset".

Colored paper - For multicolored and original snowflakes. A common paper is suitable for children's creativity. But I would recommend to purchase color for printers - it will turn out to be saved. Once I bought a bundle in the online store (but I saw in theline), and now the master is only from it. Sheets are bright, and most importantly - there are a lot of them for an acceptable price. Real snowfall can be arranged in the apartment! :))

Colored napkins. The firm of this option is that the napkins are softer and thinner, which means that cut fluffy snowflakes will be easier.

Color variations:

You can put snowflakes in any color scheme as soon as fantasy wishes:


Fluffy Snowflake from Colored Paper: Step

Let's see how to put a snowflake, on a color example.

1 step. We take a sheet of paper A4 and fold in this way:

2 step. It turned out a square folded in half:

3 step. We fold again in half:

4 step. And once again, too, in half:

5 step. We last:

6 step. Now compress the angle as shown in the photo:

7 step. Scissors cut fluffy rays:

8 step. Deploy snowflake:

9 step. We make a smaller blank:

10 step. With the help of glue, we connect the blanks:

The edges can be slightly "tightening" with scissors, and then the snowflake will still be fluffy:

In the manufacture of snowflakes, this paper was used:

Scheme of fluffy snowflakes


White Fluffy Snowflake: Step

In the same way, we make snowflakes from white paper:

Universal, but very beautiful option. By connecting several snowflakes, you can make a whole garland!

Step-by-step scheme:

Schemes and step-by-step instructions

Fluffy snowflake made of napkins: scheme

On the same technology, snowflake made of napkins. Cut out the napkins easier, but such a decoration is less durable.

Master class how to make a fluffy snowflake made of colored paper

Another fluffy snowflake made of white paper

(but with other rays)

We do in the same scheme, but at the 6th step do not comprise the angle, but I will spin it:

Step-by-step scheme such snowflakes:

Fluffy snowflake

Interesting color combinations:

Master class how to make a fluffy snowflake of white paper

Video instructions: look and learn

The video shows how to make a paper fluffy snowflake. We look and learn! 🙂

Happy New Year! Merry and bright holiday!

Which of us in childhood did not cut out all sorts of snowflakes from napkins. This is a very exciting occupation. Weighing scissors, you can get a unique masterpiece, and then glue it to the window, just smoeming water. So nice to watch the snow-covered street through the window, which covered the layer outside, and inside with snowflakes of its own production.

If you forgot how to cut snowflakes from napkins, this article will come to the rescue, which will remind you the principle of this work. Now you can engage in snow creativity with children. And two identical snowflakes, probably, it will not work, so do not even try to cut twins.

1. Napkins, pencils and scissors are all the tools that are needed for exciting work.

Master class: Snowflake with her own hands. Scheme and step-by-step instructions


2. Start folding the napkin first in half.

Step-by-step fluffy New Year snowflakes


3. Then bend the resulting rectangle in the middle.

Mastery do it yourself for the new year

No. 3

4. Then make a fold. You can stay on this or bend the workpiece again if it allows the size of the napkin. It is advisable to start all the bends to be subsequently easier to wrap up with scissors.

Scheme of fluffy snowflakes made of paper napkins


5. Prepare all napkins in the same way.



6. Next, take a pencil and draw on one side of the resulting triangle sketch of future snowflakes. Use wavy, rounded, straight, zigzag and all sorts of other lines.



7. Cut the item on the outlined pencil lines.

Ways to cut snowflakes from napkins. Step number 1.


8. Gently expand the napkin, try not to break the paper, because it is very thin. The first snowflake is ready.

Ways to cut snowflakes from napkins. Step number 2.


9. Do the remaining crafts on the same principle.

Ways to cut snowflakes from napkins. Step number 3.


Ways to cut snowflakes from napkins. Step number 4.


Ways to cut snowflakes from napkins. Step number 5.


Ways to cut snowflakes from napkins. Step number 6.


Ways to cut snowflakes from napkins. Step number 7.

The final look of the crafts.

Patterns on napkins to obtain exquisite winter jewelry can be absolutely arbitrary. Boldly experiment and enjoy fascinating New Year's creativity and make no less interesting crafts from napkins who bring joy to everyone around.

How to make a beautiful New Year's snowflake from the usual white napkin?

Black Coffee


How to make a snowflake from a napkin

8 years ago

I remember in childhood I was engaged in cutting the snowflakes from the napkin. Folded several times with a triangle napkin and cut just all sorts of diamonds, squares or figures in different places. It turned out beautifully. The more you roll the napkin, the more all sorts of holes work.

I suggest watch a video, it's easier to understand, only instead of paper we take a napkin, and everything else is the same.

The author of the question chose this answer as the best.

Snowflake is cut out of the napkin easier than paper, as the napkin is thinner and plastic than paper. Snowflake has six rays. Therefore, it is necessary to turn the napkin in half and then not in half, but for three, so there will be six faces in the snowflakes. Then it turns around in half and various figures are cut on the folds. I remember that it is necessary to cut the Christmas tree to get a beautiful snowflake.

It is easier to turn and cut the snowflake with a ratio of a multiple 4. But it will be an irregular snowflake, there are no such snowflakes in nature.

Ways to cut snowflakes from napkins. Step number 8.

Here in this picture we see that six Christmas trees diverge from the center of the snowflakes.

Ways to cut snowflakes from napkins. Step number 8.Real snowflake:



Ways to cut snowflakes from napkins. Step number 8.

7 years ago

Ways to cut snowflakes from napkins. Step number 8.

Decorate your apartment or any other room to the upcoming New Year's celebration with cut-off snowflakes is the fastest and easy way. Cut the snowflake from the napkin is quite simple. For this, only scissors and napkins will be required. And the napkins can be not only white. The pictures are shown step by step, how to cut a snowflake from paper:

Ways to cut snowflakes from napkins. Step number 8.

We take a square napkin, fold it diagonally, then the resulting triangle will lay down in half, the edges of the turn on each other.

The lower ends cut off, then draw the line on which we will cut out our snowflake, there is no need to limit the fantasy.

Ways to cut snowflakes from napkins. Step number 8.

In childhood, the new year was often practiced in cutting snowflakes. It is important to know one rule here (how to make it initially folded), and then it's already a matter of practice and fantasy, the field for experiments is open.

So, you take a napkin, fold it 4 times, if it turns out, then you can and more. The principle of addition was provided in the photo.


And then cut the sock (sharp corner of napkins). Then make various cuttings on the edge of the napkin. Experienced you will find the option you need. Let a few napkins spoil, but they will simply. But to help the video instruction.



Cut the snowflake from a paper napkin is quite simple. To do this, add this napkin several times, apply the pattern and cut it with scissors. At the same time, than the pattern itself and more folding itself, the more beautiful the snowflake is.


Here you have 12 simple design options for New Year's music:

And here the master tells about how to properly apply the pattern so that the snowflake has a professional view)

Hunt Nick



How to make a snowflake from a napkin, even children will understand. Therefore, quite often, children in schools make slopes to the new year and put them on the windows. But for people who are spoiled by various innovations and scientific progress does not suit the banal folding of the napkin several times and cut out pieces into it with scissors, but something more advanced. Original snowflakes from ordinary napkins are presented here:


How to make a snowflake from a napkin

Frida [17.7K]


To cut the openwork snowflake from the napkin, you need to fold several times the napkin to the square, then bend the square diagonally. We have a napkin with an acute angle to yourself, while the neighboring sides of the square must coincide. Next, fold the napkin along, should get an angle of about 22.5 degrees. Further, in the scheme, cut out the snowflake.

Ways to cut snowflakes from napkins. Step number 8.


Ways to cut snowflakes from napkins. Step number 8.


In order to make a snowflake from a napkin, you need to take a dense napkin. Of course, any napkin is suitable for snowflakes, but better if it is dense. We turn the napkin so that it turns out a corner, cutting out the center of the snowflakes. And then do according to the scheme. Here are some video lessons.

Ways to cut snowflakes from napkins. Step number 9.



In my, there is nothing easier. I think almost every in childhood such snowflakes cut out. In order to get a snowflake from a napkin, you need to add a slice somewhat and cut off the triangles of different sizes. When the napkin unfolds, the snowflake will turn out.

Many different snowflakes can be made from napkins, cutting folded sheet in different ways. To do this, it is necessary to neatly fold the napkin - if it is notacle, then you can cut the scissors where it is not necessary, and just spoil the snowflake.

Ways to cut snowflakes from napkins. Step number 9.

Do you know the answer?

Registration of windows at home, apartments or verandas. Waper ornament, from which you can create an outfit for the New Year's Christmas tree, suspended or wall-mounted Christmas compositions.

Ways to cut snowflakes from napkins. Step number 9.
Ways to cut snowflakes from napkins. Step number 9.
Ways to cut snowflakes from napkins. Step number 9.
Ways to cut snowflakes from napkins. Step number 9.
Ways to cut snowflakes from napkins. Step number 9.
Ways to cut snowflakes from napkins. Step number 9.
Ways to cut snowflakes from napkins. Step number 9.
Ways to cut snowflakes from napkins. Step number 9.
Ways to cut snowflakes from napkins. Step number 9.
Ways to cut snowflakes from napkins. Step number 9.

I remember how in kindergarten my teacher decorated the windows of our group of beautiful elegant snowflakes and paper figures.

Then there was no Internet yet and all templates she painted by hand.

But now everything is simple. Download and print the templates, and then redire on paper. And along with children and grandchildren, take the evening to sharing the magic patterns.

How to put paper

For the manufacture of snowflakes, simple office paper is suitable. Speeciously looks at the snowflakes of colored paper with sparkles deposited on it.

Below are 10 templates for cutting and result.

With what can you attach snowflakes to the glass?

Ways to cut snowflakes from napkins. Step number 9.
Ways to cut snowflakes from napkins. Step number 9.
Ways to cut snowflakes from napkins. Step number 9.
Ways to cut snowflakes from napkins. Step number 9.

Milk and clean water

One of the available means for adhesive mortar is milk and water. They easily stick snowflakes from thin paper. You need to fully dip the decoration into the liquid and press to the glass. This method involves neat work, as the decor during operation can break.

Soap mortar

To prepare a soap mixture, you need to dissolve a small piece of household soap in the water. Apply a solution on a snowflake with a porolon sponge or tassel and attach to the glass. Liquid residues blot with a napkin or soft cloth. This method will keep any paper decor, as well as knitted decorations.

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