How to make a landscape page in the Word - Full Instructions

The text editor Word from Microsoft performs many tasks. For convenience, there are several file display modes. One of them is landscape orientation. It allows you to immediately see what the document will be on the horizontal sheet A4, therefore it is used quite often. The text editor is regularly updated and the developer releases new version it. New users or those who recently updated the program may find it difficult when changing the image format, since controls are displaced. In this article you will learn how to make a landscape sheet in the Word of various versions: 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016.

How to make album sheet in the old Word 2003?

In this text editor, the display of the display mode occurs according to this manual:

  1. Open the "File" drop-down menu, in it, click on "Page Settings". page settings
  2. In the "Orientation" section, specify the "album". Album
  3. Click OK.

You will not need to change other settings. After that, the image format of the entire text will change to the sizes of the horizontal sheet A4.

How to make album sheet in versions of Word 2007, 2010, 2013?

These three versions of the text editor are similar in design, and controls in all almost the same. If you used Word 2007, 2010 or 2013, then when you transition difficulties there should be no. The top interface that allows you to configure the document, text and add items, has become dynamic: it will be standardly hidden, so as not to interfere with the work, and if you bring the cursor to the top edge of the screen, it will appear as the drop-down menu. This option can be disabled, then the controls will always be open.

Page Display Mode In all these editors varies according to the following instructions:

  1. Deploy the control interface, and then the category "Page Markup".
  2. This block contains tools for adjusting text display. Click on the "Orientation" icon.
  3. Install the "album". Album

After that, the entire file will change the display format.

How to make the album list in Word 2016?

In this release of the famous text editor, adjust the orientation as for the entire text at once and for a particular sheet. These tasks are performed differently.

Method 1 - Changing the orientation of all pages

The method of translation of the entire text on the landscape display is similar to those used for earlier versions of MS Word. To change the sheet format, follows:

  1. Expand the top control interface.
  2. Open the "Layout" section.
  3. Click on the "Orientation" icon.
  4. Specify the "album". Lay orientation

This will change the display format of the entire document.

Method 2 - transformation of one page in the landscape

Sometimes it is not necessary to adjust the orientation of the text, but you need to change just one page. Word 2016 allows you to do this without any difficulty:

  1. Use the mouse to highlight the desired sheet (s).
  2. Expand the top menu, go to the "layout", click on "Page Settings". orientation
  3. In the menu that appears in the category "Orientation", select "Layout", and at the bottom for the "Run" parameter, you should set "to the dedicated text".

Then the selected sheet will begin to be displayed in the landscape form. However, it is not always convenient to highlight the text, especially if you need to change a lot of orientation in a large document. In this case, it is worth using the "Page Bar" function:

  1. For convenience, it is recommended to turn on the display of non-printing characters. This will make it easier to navigate the text. Unprinting symbol sign
  2. Put the cursor to the place where the page is logically ends with a sheet to be changed to the landscape format.
  3. Expand the top menu, select the "Layout" category.
  4. Click on "Rassengers". In the drop-down list, click on the "Next Page". layout
  5. Install the cursor to the end of the page that you want to translate into the landscape format and make the same actions.

Thus, it will be a separate sheet in the document. It will be possible to apply the orientation according to the method described above, regardless of the other pages. Using the display of unproductive characters, you can easily understand where there is a gap, and where it is not there - it will be displayed with a special symbol at the end of the page. If you separate the sheets at once when you set the text, then it will be edited in later convenient.


Microsoft is constantly improving, updates and modests its Word product. Regardless of the version, this text editor allows you to perform a basic set of tasks, which is the orientation mode. Since 2007, the program has come to approximately a single design. The controls are changed slightly in new versions, but the algorithm remains similar. Having learned to install a landscape format in one of the Word text editors, it will be possible to do it in almost anyone.

How to make a landscape sheet in the Word?

It happens that, creating a document in the Word, you need to change the position of all sheets. Make it quite easily. Use the following commands. But note that for each version of the text editor they differ. Also, the instructions for those who want to do is just one page in the desired position. We recommend that you update the office software to make it easier to navigate the interface.

  • WORD 2003. The program has a classic interface. Click the "File" menu item  "Page Settings". Here, select the landscape button.
  • Word 2007-2013. These are already modern programs, with a ribbon graphic shell. Click the tab "Page Markup" - "Orientation" - "Labor".
  • Word 2016. The most recent editor with a tiled control panel. Press the "Layout" menu button, and further similar to the previous scheme.

    How to make album sheet in Word 2016?

    Start better with this version because now it is installed on most computers. There are two options for solving the task. Method number 1. That's what you need to do:
    1. Install the cursor at the end of the page where the usual book orientation should end and begin the landscape.
    2. Click on the tab "Layout". It is here that the appearance of the document sheets is managed. Click the "Gap" button and in the smoking menu find and click "Next Page". The cursor will go to the new sheet. Perform action
    3. You press the "Orientation" button here and choose the "album". Choose orientation
    After the manipulations done, the horizontally located list is turned out. The rest of the pages went vertical, do the same actions. Only click the "Book" button in the last point, and you will have one horizontal sheet on which you write the desired text, and the remaining vertical. So, in the document you can make the required number of album sheets throughout the document anywhere. Method number 2. The second method is easier. All ruptures of Word pages will automatically separate. Take the following:
    1. Select part of the text that you want to place on the horizontal page.
    2. In the already familiar tab "Layout", find and click the small "page parameters" button (digit 3 in the screenshot).
    3. The dialog box unfolds where you click the "Landmark" icon.
    4. Below, in the "Apply" field, select "To the Selected Text" and click OK. Select orientation in automatic mode
    After these operations, you will see that only the marked text is located on the horizontal page.

    How to make one sheet in modern versions Word 2007-2013?

    The aforementioned ways are also valid for these programs, but with one exception: you will not find the tab "Layout". It is called differently - "Page Markup." Otherwise, all the actions performed are identical.

    How to make album sheet in the old Word 2003?

    Although this program has almost outlived itself, many still use the "old" text editor "because they are used to", "ancient" computer with Windows XP or simply no new licensed software (concerns organizations). There are enough reasons. The surrender of the action is somewhat different because of the difference between the application interface. Follow these items:
    1. Select a fragment of the text that you wish to post on the labohing page.
    2. Click "File" - "Page Settings". Options
    3. In the pop-up window, activate the "Layout" button in the "Apply" field "To the selected text". Old version of the program
    It is so easy to solve the task. Use your favorite way in any Word version. All actions are performed quickly. Literally in a few seconds.
  • Other instructions:

    In the process of formatting with a text document, often users meet with the need to make a landscape sheet in Word. , And the remaining leave in the original position. Program Word. Allows you to perform the necessary options in several ways. Everyone can choose the instructions for himself. However, it is important to take into account that the procedure may vary depending on the version used. So, for example, in the old 2003. Versions, the functionality is somewhat modest.

    Distinctive features of versions 2007 - 2013

    It is recommended to pay attention on features depending on the version Word :

    2003. . It has a universal interface. To install the desired format, it is enough to perform the following order: File and Page Parameters. Choose a sheet album;

    2007-2013. Versions are distinguished by an enhanced graphical interface. Select the markup of the page, orientation and set the landscape position of the sheet;

    2016. . It has the most renewed version, click on the layout and act in accordance with the scheme described above.

    To understand in more detail with existing methods, the versions will be divided into 2 categories.

    How to flip list in 2016 version

    On modern computers 2016, the updated version is installed most often. There are 2 methods how to flip the page.

    Method number 1.

    It will be necessary to perform only a few steps:

    1. The cursor is installed at the bottom of the sheet, where the book format must end and the landscape page begins.

    2. Go to the Layout tab. Through these settings, you can change the appearance of the current document. Click on the "gap" and click on the transition to the "next page". The cursor will automatically be transferred to a new page.

    How to make a landscape sheet in the Word

    3. Select the "Orientation" item and select the horizontal position of the sheet.

    How to make a landscape sheet in the Word

    As soon as all manipulations are carried out, the sheet will take a horizontal position. If the remaining sheets must save the vertical position, it is enough to do an identical manipulation, but select the appropriate format. As a result, the selected sheet will be horizontal.

    Method No. 2.

    This method is even easier than the previous one. The rupture arrangement between the pages is automatically. To make a landscape sheet, just perform the following procedure:

    • highlight the text that should be located in the horizontal position of the sheet;

    • Go to the Layout tab, find the Parameter button page and click;

    • in the Find Station Lamelly Format dialog box;

    • at the bottom of the field click on "Apply" And confirm the choice.

    How to make a landscape sheet in the Word

    This procedure can be considered completed.

    Instructions for old version 2003

    Despite the fact that the program Word. Far advanced forward, many users prefer to work in the old familiar format. A distinctive feature is the lack of section "Layout" . Another reason is an outdated licensed BY or computer with old technical characteristics.

    Unlike advanced versions to make the landscape page, you will need to follow another instruction:

    one. Seat text which should be located in a horizontal format.

    2. Press file And go to page parameters.

    How to make a landscape sheet in the Word

    3. The automatic window must appear, where you will need to activate the landscape format and click on "Apply" .

    How to make a landscape sheet in the Word

    This can be considered the task of completed. The process takes all a few seconds, and even a user with a non-professional level of work will be able to fulfill an independent procedure PC . To change the position of the sheet, it is enough to determine the version of the program used Word. . As for versions 2007-2013 This versions also lack a special layout tab. Alternative functions "page layout" . Otherwise, the order of executed actions can be identical.

    Regardless of the selected method or version used. Word. For the entire document, you can make an unlimited number of album sheets. It is worth noting that in one document you can alternate books and album sheets at will and in an involuntary order.

    How often do you create ads? - Sooner or later, every Word user faces some nuances of working with the program. For example, how to make a landscape page in the Word? It would seem - what could be easier?! However, as in the case of pages numbering, there are many tricks and chips that will allow you to make a page orientation anything!

    How to make a landscape page in the Word

    Consider using the example of Microsoft Office Word 2016, however, the instruction is applicable to any Vord version since 2007 with minimal changes. (For example, in 2016, the tab is called "layout" and in 2007 - the markup of the page, the meaning of this does not change)

    How to make a landscape page in Microsoft Word

    Recently issued a Word document and ran into an interesting situation! I scored about 30 pages in Word and it took me one of them to make the almitude ...

    That's true - I use Word for more than 15 years and has never come across such a problem before. 20 minutes I experimented with partitions and broken pages and finally realized how it works (fundamentally did not seek in the internet)

    Creating one landscape page in the Word is not quite an intuitive task. If you have never come across partitions and page breaks, you will most likely not be able to understand how it works ... but you are here and explain this process my task

    How to make a landscape sheet in the Word (for the whole document)

    Go from the book orientation to the landscape for the whole document in the Word is simpler - we will need the "Layout" tab (or "Page Markup" depending on the version of the office package) . We are looking for the "Orientation" button and select the "album" pop-up menu.

    Layout tab

    All the pages of the document will replace the orientation to the landscape ... And if you had data there, it will certainly break to you all the layout. In general, nothing complicated until the case will touch the shift to the landscape one of the specific page!

    Loading One page Word 2007-2016

    We have two ways to make album one sheet of Word document. The first is simple, and the second right (in my opinion) . I recommend using the option with sections and ruptures (second that) Since it gives a complete picture of the layout of documents and edit it in the future is much easier.

    Method 1.

    Microsoft Word has the ability to apply the pages turn only to the selected text fragment. It works and is done very simply, but this method is unpredictable. First of all, you have to have the text, and secondly, no one knows how many album pages it will take you.

    What is me for? - For example, I highlighted a part of the note and decided to make it in the landscape format ... the fragment did not fit and now I now have two album sheets in the document. You can use, but not quite convenient. However, it is still necessary to tell about it, for express editorial, it will be quite good.

    We allocate the text to be located on a sheet with landscape orientation. We are looking for the tab "Layout" (or "Page Markup" - I have not sucks you with this clarification?) and click on the settings "Page Settings".

    Page settings

    In a window with formatting parameters, we mark the "album" point in the category "Orientation" and note in the drop-down list that it is only "to the dedicated text".

    Laying orientation to the dedicated fragment

    We click "OK" and make sure that the selected text fragment is now located on the MS Word landscape page - absolutely nothing complicated.

    Labor page is ready

    The problem is not only that the text should be printed and it is not clear how it will be located on the page - this version of the book change to the album will add problems to future users, in whose hands your document will fall

    Method 2.

    So they got to the correct execution of the task - we deal with the sections. Open the required Word document and go to the end of that page, after which you want to locate the landscape sheet.

    What do you have? - There is a document where you need to make the landscape only to the second page. To do this, go to the end of the first page and on the "Layout" tab (or "Page Markup") Click "Ripples". In the drop-down menu in the category of section breaks, select the "Next Page" item.

    Install the boundaries of the section

    Now the most important thing is that we need to see where we have sections boundaries. On the Home tab, there is a "Display All Signs" button (¶) and sections can now be easily detected (On the picture below is highlighted in yellow)

    We find a break in the document

    Now go directly to the second page, a new section begins with it and therefore a change of orientation will occur only for this section. (The first page will not be touched) . Just go to the "Layout" tab and choose landscape orientation.

    Change the orientation of the section on the landscape

    I want to pay attention that the second and all subsequent your pages are a single section and all sheets will be album. To send a book again after the second page, you just need to add a section break and put your parameters in the new section.

    As a result, we will get as many as three sections:

    1. First Book - First section
    2. Second album - second section
    3. The third album and all subsequent - the third section

    I hope you understand how it works and will be happy to apply this method in practice.


    As you can see, there is nothing complicated to make a landscape page in the Word. We disassemble the option How to quickly make all the pages of the document album or selectively pair of sheets. If you have problems with creating such pages - be sure to write in the comments, I will try to help you!

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    In this article, I will show how to make a landscape sheet in the Word for all versions and how to create only one landscape page in the entire document.

    Installing the landscape orientation of the sheet This is the most common task that each user faces when working with Word text editor. To figure out how to change the format for the entire document is very simple, but how to make only one page landscape in a large file may not understand the experienced user. Well, read everything in order below.

    If there is a desire to explore the most common Word features, I advise you to download the free guide "Microsoft Word 2016 step by step". Word 2019 has now been released, but the information in this book is relevant, since the most common features of the package have not changed. Yes, and who is it worth?

    Laying orientation in Word 2003

    Make album leaf in Word 2003 is very simple. In the top menu, click on the file "File" and choose "Page Parameters" there. In it, we change the orientation of the sheet with the book on the landscape and click the OK button to apply the changes.

    How in Word 2003 Make a landscape orientation

    So we will turn all sheets in Word 2003 to landscape in the whole document. How to make one landscape page in all document Word 2003 and later versions, read below.

    Ladder format in Word 2007, 2010, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2019

    The top control panel in the Word text editor for all the above versions has not undergone significant changes, so the methods described below how to deploy the page to the landscape, are relevant to all. Examples bring to Word 2016.

    1. Open the necessary document where we need to change the orientation of the page
    2. Go to the tab "Layout"> "Orientation"> "album". This we turned all the sheets of the document into the landscape format. Laying orientation in Word through the Layout tab

    The same can be done in another way.

    1. Open a document
    2. Press the "File" tab> Print> Login orientation. Layout in Word through the File and Print tab

    How to make one page album

    Well, we got to the most interesting topic. How do we make landscape orientation One page Word. If too lazy to read, then watch the video.

    Here we will have to use such a text editor text editor as gaps. If you say easily, then the gaps as it may create a document in the document. With their help, we can turn one or more pages of a multi-page document into a separate unit. To do this, we only need to set borders. See the example.

    I created a 5-page document with a table inside. We have a wide table and we need to deploy it to the album.

    1. Put the cursor after the last symbol that page we want to turn over
    2. Go to the tab "Layout"> "Rales"> "Next page". Usually the cursor jumps to the next page. Return it back to the extreme symbol
    3. Choose Orientation and clickey by album
    4. If there was little information on the page, then when changing the format, it is all fit, but if it is much (mainly it is), then part of the data will go to the next sheet, too, album orientation. If it suits you, then everything is OK, if not, we look at what we did not fit, remember and cancel the change in the format. Now on the editable page we find the unnecessary data fragment and put the cursor before it. We repeat all actions from 2 and 3 points. Now there must be everything ok. Procedure, see the screenshots below.

    how to make 1 sheet in Word albumhow to make a separate page album in the Word

    How to make 1 page in Word albumEverything, the text standing after the cursor, moved to the next sheet.

    How to insert a landscape page in the WordRepeating actions, so you can make a landscape sheet 2, 3rd, 10 or several pages right in a large document. When printing, all pages will leave the format you need. No need to change. Below I led the video where the ways to rotate the sheet into the landscape format of several others. Maybe they will come true with you.



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    Installing the landscape orientation of a sheet This is one of the most typical tasks faced by users when working with a word editor Word. In some cases, it is necessary to change the orientation of the sheets for the entire document, and in some only for one or more pages. If you also encountered such a task, this article will be useful to you. Here you can find out how to make a landscape sheet in Word 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016. You also will also tell about how to make a landscape list only one page of the document.

    How to make a landscape list in Word 2003

    If you want to make a landscape list in Word 2003, then for this you need to open the "File" menu and select the Page Settings item there.

    Open page Settings

    After that, the "Page Settings" window will open. Here you need to choose the orientation of the sheet "Labor" and click on the "OK" button.

    Choose sheet landscape orientation

    Thus, you can make album sheets in the entire Word 2003 document.

    How to make album sheet in Word 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016

    In Word 2007, as well as more modern versions of this text editor, the so-called belt interface is used. This is an interface in which all tools are distributed to several tabs.

    Therefore, if you use the modern version of the word text editor, namely Word 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016, in order to make a landscape sheet, you need to perform some other operations. To begin with, you need to go to the "Page Markup" tab. It displays all the basic tools designed to control the appearance of the page. Among other things there is a "Orientation" button by clicking on which you can choose one of two options: "Book" or "Landmark".

    Choose sheet landscape orientation

    By choosing the "Ladder" option, you will translate all the sheets of document Word 2007 (or 2010, 2013, 2016) in landscape orientation.

    How to make a landscape list in Word only one page

    If you want to make a landscape list only for one page, it will be a bit more complicated than to translate the entire document into the landscape orientation. After all, this will require dividing the document to the sections. Below we will demonstrate how this is done on the example of the Word 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 belt interface. But, this instruction will be useful, even if you have Word 2003, since the same principle is used there.

    So, first you need to enable the display of non-printed characters. So it will be much easier to work with sections.

    Turn on the display of non-printed characters

    The next step is the placement of partitions. In order to make the album sheet in the Word only, you only need to insert the so-called "section break" before that landscape page and after the landscape page. " To do this, set the cursor to the page that goes before the landscape, go to the "Page Markup" tab, click on the "Raznits" button and select the option "Next Page". Next, set the cursor to the end of the page you want to make a landscape, and again in the same way install the partition break after the next page.

    Install partition breaks

    After that, set the cursor to the page you want to make the landscape and change its orientation to the landscape.

    Make a page album

    If you did everything right, then you will get a landscape list for one page, and not on the whole document Word. After that, you can turn off the display not printed with the symbol and then work with the document as usual.

    How to make a landscape sheet in the Word

    In Microsoft Word, as in many other similar programs, there are two types of page orientation - this is a book (default) and landscape (it can be installed in the settings). Just about the second will be discussed in our current article.

    Login orientation of the page in Microsoft Word

    Often, work with documents is carried out precisely in the vertical (book) orientation, but sometimes the page needs to turn horizontally, that is, as in the album. You can do this as a whole MS Word document as a whole and with its separate elements. About each of the available options in more detail, let's next, but before proceeding before this, clarify one nuance: the contents of the document, if any, will also be rotated in the selected direction (relative to the orientation of the page), but its positioning on the screen will remain the same, that is, horizontal .

    Important: The following instruction is applicable to all version of the Microsoft Word text processor. Using her, you can make a landscape orientation of pages or pages in the program 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019. We are as an example using the current version of the Microsoft Office 365 package. The steps described below, and more precisely the elements to which you need to handle may differ visually, but only in minor trifles that we denote.

    Option 1: Loading orientation for all pages

    Most often it is required to change the orientation of the page with the books to the landscape for the whole document (the future or already existing, it is not so important). This is done as follows.

    1. Opening the document, the orientation of the pages in which you want to change, go to the tab "Layout" (or "Page layout" In older versions of Word.)
    2. Layout in Word.

    3. In the first group of tools on the ribbon ( "Page settings" ) Find "Orientation" And expand it. In a small menu, which appears in front of you, you can choose an orientation. Click "Labor" .
    4. Changing the orientation of the page on the landscape in Micrrosoft Word

    5. The page or pages, depending on how many of them in the document, change their orientation with a vertical (book) on the horizontal (landscape), and their contents (text and / or graphic), if any, will be "adapted" under The specified direction.
    6. Word landscape orientation

    Option 2: landscape orientation for some pages

    If in the text document you need to have both vertical pages, and horizontal, that is, to combine two types of orientation, you will need to do the following.

    1. Select the page or paragraph with a mouse (text fragment) on it, the orientation you want to change. If you want to rotate several pages and they are not in a row, select the contents of each of them with a preload key. "Ctrl" . Unfortunately, the option with the allocation and then turning several scattered pages in the document does not always work correctly, and therefore the best solution will in this case will be an alternate change in orientation for each page separately.

      Note: If you need to make a landscape (or book) orientation for a part of the text on a book (or album) page, as a result of the execution of the rotation procedure, the selected text fragment will be located on a separate page, and the text that is located next to it (before and / or after) Will be placed on the surrounding pages.

    2. In the tab "Layout" (group of tools "Page settings" ) Click on the button "Fields" .
    3. Page Parameters - Fields in Word

    4. Select the last item - "Customizable fields" .
    5. Customizable fields in Word

    6. In the dialog box "Page settings" , in the default tab "Fields" , select the orientation of the document that you need - in our case it "Labor" .
    7. Changing the orientation of some pages in Microsoft Word

    8. Downstairs in paragraph "Apply" From the drop-down menu, select "To the dedicated text" and press "OK" .
    9. Applying changes for landscape orientation page in Microsoft Word

    10. As you can see, as a result, two neighboring pages will be different orientation - one of them is horizontal, the other is vertical.
    11. Album and Book Orientation in Word

      Note: Before the fragment of the text, the orientation of which you changed will automatically add the division of the section. If the document is already divided into partitions, you can click anywhere in the required partition or select a few, after which it will be possible to change the orientation of the sections you all selected.

    Printing a document with a changed orientation

    Some users are asked about how to print a text document, the orientation of the pages in which it has been changed to the landscape or it is adjacent to the book. The fact that someone may seem to the problem is in fact there is no - and Microsoft Word, and the operating system and the printer connected to the computer is absolutely not important, in which direction the entire document is turned in general or its separate items. That is, you just send a print document, and then pick up and collect it with a paper copy. Read more about how this is done, told in the article below below.

    Printing a document with different orientation in Microsoft Word

    Read more: Print documents in Word


    As you can see, there is nothing difficult to do in Microsoft Word album sheet, or rather the page, both for the entire text document and for individual parts.

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