How to put on football +10 most important rules

Football bets are a separate world. Here we will discuss the most popular betting markets for football matches.

Rate on the result of the match in the main time

The most popular form of betting on football is the result of the match. Two types of bets are the most common - 1-X-2 (win / draw / defeat) and Asian handicap.

The 1-X-2 rate means that you can put that the team benefits will lose or play a draw. In this type of bets, 3 outcome is meant.

Asian Handicap (Fora) was created in order to exclude a draw from outcomes and make matches a little more interesting. Bookmakers offer you ahead that is added to the goals of one command or deducted from the other.

For example, Fora +1.5 goal means that if you add 1.5 goals to the scored balls of the team, and this amount will be more than their opponent, then this bet will be winning.

Handicap -1.5 goal is subtracted from the team clogged. However, if the account of this command remains more than the enemy, this is a winning rate.

The usual duration of the football match is 90 minutes. Almost every match by this time is added compensated time (usually 2-4 min) due to injuries, replacements, disorders. But it's still considered a bet for the main time of the match. An extra time or penalty is not taken into account in conventional three-way bets (3rd Betting).

Rates 1-X-2

The rates on the result of the match are often called 1-x-2 rates.

1 - Indicates the first team (usually a home club), X - denotes a draw, and 2 - indicates the command of the enemy (usually a guest club).

The result of the match is the most common form of football rates (along with Asian Forami).

How to understand the coefficients of 1-x-2?

Rate 1x2 Ahmat Rostov

It is clearly seen that Akhmat is the owners (1) with a coefficient of 2.69, draw (X) - 3.26, and Rostov is a team of guests (2) with a coefficient of 2.69.

It is important to note that when bets in tournaments for disposal (for example, Cup matches) often have an additional time or penalty. Remember that 1x2 rates are calculated from 90 minutes.

If you have made a bet on a draw, and the game has moved at extra time, then your bet wins. If you put on a victory of one of the teams, and the main time ended with a draw, then your bet will lose even in the event of the victory of your team in extra time.

Asian forors

Other popular football bets are Asian Handicap (AH). In recent years, the popularity of Asian odors has increased - tens of thousands of dollars are put on Asian handicaps every weekend.

What does the Asian Fora mean? For the uninitiated Asian forers may seem a bit complicated at first glance. The video below will give you an idea of ​​the Asian Handicap:

Simply put, Asian Handicaps give both teams on their goals - either the advantage in the score (+), or the backlog (-).

Below you can see an example of Asian odds for the match between Arsenal and Liverpool.


Arsenal has a handicap -0.5 goal, while Liverpool has a handicap +0.5 goal. What does it mean? This means that if you put on Arsenal -0.5 goal, Arsenal must win the match so that you won your bet. On the other hand, if you bet on Liverpool, then for victory you will have enough or winning Liverpool or a draw.

The easiest way to understand the bet on Handicap is to take the match result and adjust the score, given the heads of each team.

If the minus handicap team (as an arsenal in the example above), we will deduct this ore from the heads scored by them. If they still win after the deduction of the handicap, then the rate won.

On the other hand, if the team has a positive handicap (like Liverpool), we simply add ore to the balls scored. If they defeat after adding a handicap, then this is a winning rate.

Calculation of Asian Handicaps: two examples

Suppose you made a bet on Arsenal with Handicap -0.5. The result of the match: Arsenal - 2, Liverpool - 1. Is your bet with the foro on the arsenal winning?

We simply deduct the Handicap of Arsenal in -0.5 goals, and we have a corrected Arsenal Account 1.5, Liverpool - 1. Taking into account the handicap in -0.5, Arsenal's goal still wins the match on half a goal. In this case, your bid to the arsenal tolerate will win.

But what if we bet on Liverpool with Handicap +0.5 goals? Let's then imagine that the match ended in a draw 2-2. Our Fora won to Liverpool?

We added +0.5 heads to the Liverpool score, which gives us the adjusted Arsenal account - 2, Liverpool - 2.5. With this score, Liverpool wins, which means that our bet on the Handicap of Liverpool is winning.

There are also the fourth Asian handicaps. Read more in the article about the Asian Forms.

Double chance

A double chance rate (double outcome) allows you to make a bet on two of the three possible outcomes of a football match in one bet. The dual outcome rate can be the following variations:

  1. The owners will benefit or draw (1x).
  2. Guests will win or draw (x2).
  3. The owners will benefit or guests will win (12).

Below we can see an example of the betting market of the Dual Exodus of the Leon Bookmaker at the match between Hero and Freiburg.

Double Chance Herral Freiburg

Like the market, the "result, not including a draw" (draw, no rates), the coefficients offered in a double chance, much lower than if you did a bid only for one outcome, since in a double outcome your bet covers a combination of two Possible results.

Accurate account

The rate at the exact account proposes to predict the exact account with which the football match will be completed. These rates are popular with random tettors, as the coefficients for any outcome are usually large.

Accurate coefficient account

A popular betting strategy for an accurate account is to make bets on a combination of accounts. For example, if you think that a particular match will end with a score of 2: 0 in favor of the owners, you can choose this as a bet on the exact account.

But you can also cover a number of potential results, and not just 2: 0. For example, you can make additional bets by 1: 0, 1: 1, 2: 1. Your total income will be less, but by this you provide yourself with some insurance in case of failure of your initial rate of 2: 0.

Time + Match (HT / FT)

Instead of combining the first and second half, you can make a bet on the outcome of only the first half. Especially if you found the match, where the teams are close for strength or if they are known for excellent protection. It is also a good option to put on outsiders, they often manage to hold a draw before the break.

Rates on the result after the first half and the entire match are also popular, but rather difficult to predict. The basic concept is the same as in the bets 1-x-2, but in this case you put on the result after each half, and you need to make both parts of the bet correctly to win.

To succeed in this type of football rates, it is important to have an idea of ​​how the match may end, and about the rhythms of both competing teams. You can be confident in the victory of the team, but it can also be prone to slow starts with weak rivals. In this case, the rate on Draw / p1. May be lubricane.

Below we can see an example of a timestarting betting market + match in the betting office of Marathonbet.


In this example, the German Club Hoffenheim takes the Augsburg Club. What makes the HT / FT market so intriguing, so this is what it does not simply include the choice of the result of the entire match, but rather predicts how the match will be held in both halves.

For example, we can believe that Hoffenheim wins, but we also hope that they will begin weakly. Thus, we will get a draw for a break and victory of Hoffenheim in all matches.

We can even believe that Augsburg will lead to a break, but Hoffenheim will increase in the second half to snatch a welfre victory. In this case, we will bet on the result of Augsburg / Hoffenheim with a coefficient of 25.00.

Thus, Time + Match rates may be beneficial, especially if you have deep knowledge of both the tactical approach of teams and psychological trends.

Express / combined rates

In essence, these are two different names of the same thing - a bet on more than one outcome. The placement of several options in one coupon promises a large profit, as each coefficient is multiplied by the next one.

For example, the coefficient of express from 4 elections is calculated as follows:

  • Exodus 1 coefficient of 2.00.
  • Exodus 2 coefficient of 1.50.
  • Exodus 3 coefficient 2.35.
  • Exodus 4 coefficient 1.35.
  • Combined coefficient = 2.00 x 1.50 x 2.35 x 1,35 = 9.52.

Football expresses are always popular. During the season, millions of dollars are put on football "presses", and players attract the promise of huge payments for a small bet.

Word of warning when playing expressions. The commission of the bookmaker in each outcome is multiplied by reducing the value of your combined bet. However, if you found the wound (value) in each of your choices, then this value is also multiplied.

Accurate number of heads

You can also bet on the total number of heads. The coefficients for these types of bets are often quite high, but rarely be beneficial. Such outcomes are difficult to predict, and in this form of rates is necessary.

Number of heads of the marathon

Rates on the exact number of heads can lead to long losing series. In addition to this, bookmakers have a habit of increasing the margin (commission) in such markets for the simple reason that people do not notice lower market rates with such a large number of results.

Big margin is also established by bookmakers due to the complexity of predicting these results. Thus, BC protect themselves from the randomness of the result. The coefficients on other football markets are simply more competitive, constant and, as a result, are worthy of spending their time and money on them.

Total heads TM, TB

Another common bet is to predict whether the total number of heads will be greater than or less than a certain number.

Most often this number is 2.5 goals. You just bet on the fact that the match will be less than 2.5 goals or more than 2.5 goals. In other words, will the match end with 3 or more goals or less than 3 goals.

Bets on total more (TB), total less (TM) do not require you to choose the result of the game. It is necessary to determine whether there will be more or less than a certain number of heads. The standard bet is 2.5 goals, although some bookmakers offer from 0.5 to 7.5 heads.

Below we can see an example of the betting market for a total in the bookmaker 1.


TM / TB is one of the simplest rates. If you put 2.5 TB, then if the match is scored at least 3 goals - you win. If the match ends with 2 goals or less, then your bet loses.

If you put 2.5 goals on TM, then your bet wins if no more than 2 goals are scored in the match. 3 and more goals - the bet lost.

Result, not including a draw (Draw No Bet)

In this rate, the draw is excluded from the outcomes. This means that in the event of a draw, you get your bid back. As a result, the coefficients are lower than in traditional trilateral bets. This is the same bet as the rate on the Asian Oboy +0 (AH 0) to any team.


"There is no draw bet" simply means that you bet on one of the teams that she will win the match. And if the game ends with a draw, then you will be returned your bet (i.e. it will not be rates).

As you can see, this is a pretty simple bet. You can bet on Chelsea or Liverpool that they will win the match, and your bet is protected in the event of a draw. Considering this, the DNB coefficients are lower than if you bet on any of the teams on the 1-x-2 market.

Who will score goals

Here you bet on what a player will score a goal. Pretty simple, right? But before the bid, you need to check the rules that apply from your bookmaker. Questions such as auto head and replacements may differ depending on the BC.

Who will score goals

In some cases, your player must score a goal first. Another option is called the "last goal". Here you bet on who will score the last goal.

Wound Football Betting

Let's first draw a distinction. We are not interested and there should not be interesting football as a gambling game. If you want to know how to make money on gambling, the answer is simple - no way! We are not interested in "gambling". The term "gambling" implies a certain reckless degree of risk.

What is Vuyan (valuable) bids in football?

The key to serious football betting and getting a stable profit from your football rates (or bets on any other sports) is to find what we call rates on Vyuy (value).

Voyan bet is when we believe that the coefficient to a specific outcome is higher than that it is probably probability. This is an important question. You must make bets only when there is value (vuality) rates.

That is why it is necessary to understand the implied probability reflected in the coefficients for soccer bets. Why is it so important? Let's repeat to clarify the situation - we must bet only when we believe that the chances of a specific outcome are greater than reflect the coefficients.

Example: Liverpool against Sunderland

Football bets - that's where your knowledge of football comes into the game. Let's look at two Club of APL in this example - Liverpool at home against Sunderland. Bookmakers offer the following coefficients for the market result market:

  • Liverpool - 1.50
  • Draw - 4.50
  • Sunderland - 6.50

We are constantly looking at the Matches of the Premier League and conducted additional research on these two clubs, including the possible formulations of teams in this game. We learned that Liverpool will remain without their main scorer and better defender.

We also know that Sunderland needs a victory to avoid departure, and their leading scorer will play after several weeks of disqualification. We also carefully studied some historical football data and saw that Liverpool, as a rule, is inferior when it is expected that he will achieve a comfortable victory at home.

Given all this information, we believe that Sunderland has a good chance of winning this game, therefore it is worth putting on the ratio of 6.50. These coefficients suggest that Sunderland has a probability of winning 15.4%. We believe that their chances, although still insignificant, but closer to 20%. This is a favorable bet, because we believe that the chances of winning Sunderland are higher than those that are reflected in the coefficients offered.

Calculation of Wuynoy Betting

As already noted, the coefficient for the victory of Sunderland in the match is 6.50, and this means that the likelihood of their victory is 15.4%. But thanks to our knowledge and analysis, we believe that Sunderland's chances are higher, we think that they have a 20% chance to win.

Calculate the value (Wise) rates according to the following formula:

Voyi = (coefficient * our estimated probability) - 1

In our example, the coefficient of Sunderland is 6.50, and our estimated probability that they will benefit is 20%. Do we have a Voyan bet?

Voyi = (6.50 * 0.20) - 1

Vyuy = 1.30 - 1 = +0.30

When the calculation gives us a number from "+" we get vyuy. In this case, we believe that Sunderland is an excellent rate on + 30%. If the calculation is obtained by a digit, equal to or below 0, there is no value, and we should not bet.

To be a successful banner in the long run, it is important to expand your knowledge of football, as well as expand your knowledge about the markets of football rates. The development of both in the amount will increase your ability to recognize the value of football rates.

How much should I put?

Now we approached the topic of rates. The main goal of betting is to make money. Yes, some people make bets just for pleasure, and this is normal, but here we are interested in getting real profit from our betting bets.

However, regardless of whether you are going to be a serious player or a fan that loves to play on the weekend, there are three important points that need to be remembered when it comes to your bet.

  1. Put only what you can afford to lose.
  2. Never recoup.
  3. Do not increase the scope size in the case of a series of winnings or losses.

10 rules of football rates

Some of you may be wondering if there is a reliable way to make football bets. Unfortunately, there is no strategy for football that guarantees you profit. It's just impossible, and anyone who tells you what he knows how to make bets on football, without losing, or opened a system of betting a football, which works 100% of the time, easily winning football bets - lies you.

So do not let yourself be deceived on the sites at football rates that claim that they have a simple system that will make you rich. And, of course, do not pay the money to those who claim to know "how to win a lot of money on football." This is a purely marketing move hoping to collect money from you.

Reality is such that successful football rates require discipline, experience and perseverance.

If you want to accept the challenge and seriously learn to make bets on football, you got into the right place. Despite the fact that it is impossible to win every bet, you can follow several rules to enhance your chances to make money in betting.

  1. Put only when there are wounds (value).
  2. Get ready to learn.
  3. Put on the leagues known to you.
  4. Put on the markets that you know.
  5. Use the Bank Management.
  6. Consider accounting.
  7. Right appreciate the form of commands.
  8. Use the fall of the coefficients.
  9. Read football forecasts.
  10. Start accounts in several bookmakers.

This section describes tips on how to win and make a profit in football rates. These are the foundations of successful betting.

№1 Put only when there are wounds (value)

You probably have already been tired of reading about it. But this is the point of view that many players continue not to recognize.

The best football rates, in fact, the only bets that should be done are those in which you have identified true value. If you make bets without defining the true probability and value, you lose money in the long run. This is definitely.

If you missed the Wound Betting Soccer Section, then read it now before proceeding to the following rules.

№2 Be prepared to learn

The mistake of many novice players is the faith in the fact that their deep knowledge of football will immediately lead to a thoromal understanding of the markets of football rates. The reality is that the understanding of football and the understanding of football rates are two different things.

Yes, of course, without understanding football, you will not be able to catch the nuances of football rates. And yes, with time, understanding both a football game and football rates will complement each other.

But only with time you can evaluate the dynamics of rates markets and how the approach of the football match is very different for the fan and for an experienced player who makes the bet on football.

The best way to develop this understanding is to start with the league that you know best, and make rates in a small amount.

In fact, some of the most successful benefits started their way from real rates, but from "paper trading", where you keep accounting fictitious bets to get experience without risk to lose real money. These successful players began to make real rates only after they had a deep understanding of the markets of football rates.

Restraint is a good feature, especially when it comes to football rates. Of course, you can have deeper knowledge about each Premier League Club than many media experts, but do not confuse these knowledge with the understanding of the football rates.

№3 put on the leagues known to you

As mentioned earlier, the best way to develop a real understanding of the markets of football bets is to start with the leagues known to you. But even after you master the understanding of these markets, stay focused on those leagues that you understand best.

If in this league this week will not be games - just take a break. Or use this time to explore other leagues that you can bet in the future. But you do not have a bet in any way only for the sake of rates. This will only lead to a collapse or at least to reduce profitability.

Many of the most successful and profitable players that make bets focus solely on two, three or four leagues. They study everything you need to know about these leagues, and over time we produce an understanding that exceeds the understanding of bookmakers.

Think about it as follows. Bookmakers have at their disposal the most advanced analysis tools that include dozens of variables that allow them to be installed for most events incredibly accurate coefficients. Do you really think that you will move them with a half-hour "analysis" in the league that you have only a general presentation? The answer is clearly not.

№4 put on the markets you know

As mentioned above, there are literally dozens of markets for football rates, each with their own characteristics and nuances. As you better understand football bets, you will like some markets more than others.

Simply put, some types of rates have more meaning for us than others. So follow your intuition and develop a deep understanding of these markets.

Many of the most profitable players bet on one or two markets. There are many successful players that make bets on football that bet only on Asian handicaps, while others are concentrated on the results of 1-x-2 matches.

Some put on a team that will score the first, while others are focused exclusively at the first half bets. In fact, the exclusive market, the more your experience will mean. So do not be afraid to specialize.

Restriction of your attention by several markets can bring great benefits. Specialization is part of the path to profits.

№5 Use the Bank Management

The key parameter in the bets on any sport is the use of a reasonable capital management strategy. First of all, this includes the use of a consistent strategy that will make the most of the value (woute) that you have determined by offering the scope size that will protect your bankroll.

If you are seriously interested in learn to win money on football rates, then you need to seriously treat how you manage your money. If you put randomly - 100 here, 50 there - then ultimately you lose your money. To be a successful betor, you need to approach rates as financial planning.

The saying "Make bets only on what you can afford to lose," is true as always, and any capital management strategy should treat it very seriously.

Start with the amount of money that you will not be scary to lose. Of course, we strive to make money at the rates. But even if there is a clear strategy, it may not work from time to time.

Only with the help of planning rates and bank management strategies, you can withstand the worst losing series and use the winning.

To learn more, read our bankroll management guide, as well as an article on the calculation of the perfect bet using Kelly's criterion.

№6 Will be accounting rates

If you are serious about rates, you must keep them accounting. These entries should include the following information:

Date, League / Tournament, Betting Type, Rate Details, Bookmaker Office, Betting Size, Coefficient, Profit / Loss, Comments

If you do not drive such records, then you are doomed to failure. Leading detailed accounting of your football rates, you can view your results.

Sometimes you can say yourself: "I never win on football betting." If you hear from yourself, then, firstly, stop yourself, and secondly, leading detailed records, you will see that they actually win more than you intend.

Bettors remember losses easier than victories. But, keeping accounting your rates, you can see what leagues you earn money, and on what losing. Not to mention the types of bets, to which you are most suitable, and those markets that constantly lose money.

Fortunately, we did hard work for you and created the table of accounting for football. You can download it.

№7 exactly evaluate the form of commands

Magniks love to talk about shape. "This team is in excellent form." "The form of this team was terrible." You undoubtedly heard it many times.

But the problem of "forms" is that it is fleeting. The fact that the team was in excellent form is not a sign that this form will continue. Perhaps even that the "form" was based on the game against weak clubs or at all at good luck.

When it comes to football rates, we are not interested in whether the team is in shape, but rather what is their potential in a particular match. There are many things that need to be considered to evaluate the status of the team.

Hosts against guests

It is no secret that on average clubs perform better at home than visiting. In fact, it was shown that the average team is about +0.74 goals is better at home than a guest.

Despite this, the topic of home and away games is a hot problem under discussion. While some clubs can demonstrate a clear ability to perform better at home than on the road during a certain time, the reasons for this may have little in common with the advantage of the home area.

Some analysts believe that something that may often seem indicative advantage of the home field may simply be the result of the deviation from the expected force of the team.

When you evaluate the potential of the team for playing under certain conditions, beware of becoming a victim of such clichés as "Oh, this team is always strong at home."

The reality is such that each team is better in its field. But the belly is that some clubs have an explicit advantage on the home field, which exceeds the average, is often misleading.

Injuries and removal

Obviously, we must take into account both injuries and deletion when assessing the potential of the team. But many people incorrectly assess the consequences of such a lack of players.

When it comes to injuries and deletions, the main thing is not so much that the team will have a player as in the one who will replace this player. Is the replacement for a significant decrease in the team's capabilities? Or a remote player is easy to replace in the composition?

It is here that the game takes a deep knowledge of the composition of each team. Yes, many can know about the injured central defender, but how many benefits know the potential of his less well-known replacement?

In addition to this, how many benefits know how such a lack will affect the tactical scheme of the team? In both cases, a deep understanding of the team composition can help us. Rate markets can often overestimate the influence of a star player injury, in contrast to the absence of a less well-known, but reliable and significant performer.

Games for several fronts

As we deepen into a football calendar, clubs are entitled to the game. This is the key area of ​​consideration for all football tettors.

Just as we discussed earlier from the point of view of injuries and disqualifications, the development of deep knowledge about the composition of each club will often help you identify the woven of rates.

The team, for example, may have a number of commitments in the league, with breaks between the Cup and Champions League. What matches can they perceive more seriously than others? How can they alternate their composition and how alternating compositions can act as from the point of view of the tactical approach and from the point of view of the command game? The ability to accurately respond to these questions most often gives you opportunities for betting on Vyuy.

Tactical and personal matchpays (confrontation)

In boxing there is a saying that the styles make battles. It is also true for football. We will often see how, in our opinion, weak teams often dismiss an unlikely victory or at least cause headaches with their more eminent opponents.

When it comes to betting, we want to understand, the result of which it became? A weak team spent a difficult tactical match for his rivals? Perhaps superior to the power team was in the overloaded schedule? Or was it good luck?

In order to correctly appreciate the strength of the team, we should not only be familiar with the composition of each club, but also be familiar with how each club plays tactically and as specific team players affect the game plan. If we can correctly appreciate it, we can easily find the Voyan bet.

Develop a projected bet model

Many successful players earn on statistical analysis and mathematical modeling. What is involved in the development of a model of football rates? There is no definite answer to this question, except to say that it will help you determine the value of the bet.

Some predictive football models are fairly simple and include the use of scored / missed heads, depending on the played matches, while more complex models include a wide range of statistical parameters, such as:

  • Goals scored / missed.
  • Boots applied / missed.
  • Strokes on the goal applied / missed.
  • XG Statistics (Expected Goals).
  • Percentage of ownership of the ball
  • Individual performance of players.

Regardless of what football statistics you choose to develop your model, the goal is the same - to estimate the likelihood of the outcome of this match (or the betting market) more accurately than the bookmakers.

The purpose of your model is to determine the value of the bet. No need to determine the woven in each match or on each available rates. In fact, your model is likely to identify only one bet per week of the same league season. This is 35 rates per season.

A little, right?

But think if you can expand your model to cover 40 different football leagues. In this case, you will consider more than 1000 rates per season. Work on the development and maintenance of the rates model can be difficult, but also benefits can be huge.

№8 Use the fall of the coefficients, making rates against the crowd

Permanent bets on favorable opportunities - this is what will make you a successful betor in the long run. Yes, there may be a big coefficient for the team and yes, we still believe that the chances of their victory in the match are greater than the bookmakers suggest. Despite the unlikeliness of their victory, we will put several times for such situations that will bring us a profit in the long term.

When we talk about football betting, there are two explicit market prejudices.

  • Low price at home favorites.
  • Total goals above average.

Anderdogov usually more vouctions than favorites, especially at home favorites. Why? Because most people who make football bets think in the near future. They want to win today. Not next week. Not next month. They want "Vernik" now.

Therefore, they make big bets on home favorites at a low price. These excessive money set on favorites with low coefficients often distort the rates markets, which, in turn, artificially increases the coefficients to outsiders, which makes them very vuance.

Let's consider an example: England plays in the qualifying tournament of the World Cup at home with San Marino. England, with its many stellar players, is a favorite and is estimated at 1.10 to victory. San Marino is collected from semi-professional football players and very rarely beats someone, estimated with a ratio of 21.00. Who in the right mind will bet on the victory of San Marino? Well, yes, it is extremely unlikely that someone will do it. The ratio of 21.00 suggests that San Marino has about 4.8% of the probability to win the match.

But thanks to our research and analysis, we believe that the probability of victory of San Marino is 8%. Yes, even at 8%, San Marino's victory is still very unlikely. But we still believe that the chances of winning them are higher than we can assume with the ratio of 21.00. Based on our analysis and our estimated probability of 8%, we believe that the coefficients should be about 12.50. It is unlikely that the bet on San Marino wins, but this is a valuable opportunity, and we must use it.

Another market bias - the head of the head is above average. Why? Because the average player subconsciously bet on the attack. In this sense, the rate on total less (TM) does not satisfy this subconscious aspect. Add to this the fact that very few people want to watch a football match with a small number of scored heads, and you get a market bias for a total (TB). This displacement artificially creates pressure on the decrease in coefficients for markets such as TB 2.5, making TM 2.5 more valuable bet.

Simple rates both on the Ander Streets, and the total will not give you less than you rich in a short time. However, both of them represent examples of why it is often better to bet against the crowd.

№9 Follow the tips at rates

Following the tips for football rates can be a great way to produce profits, especially if you can find a real expert in the League.

But let's say straight. You should not blindly set for any football consultant, an expert or an expert. On the Internet, literally hundreds of so-called football experts. Some even take a high subscription fee.

There are also services that claim that they have insider information about contractual matches and are ready to sell it. Do not believe it is a hoax.

Before following a football forecast, you must independently analyze. On different sites there are hundreds of football tisters. And although everyone is sincere in attempts to make a profit from their football forecasts, most of this does not work.

№10 Have accounts in several bookmakers

Many players reduce their chances of earnings, limiting their ability to use the best coefficients. Yes, there is a certain simplicity of using just one bookmaker for all your rates. But the reality is such that if you want to make money in the long run, you need to register accounts in the maximum number of BC.

Why? Because, choosing not all the bookmakers, you limit yourself from the point of view of available coefficients. For example, take a look at comparative coefficients from SmartBets. Below are the coefficients of the main line 1-X-2 for the upcoming match between Manchester United and Everton.

Mu Everton coefficients

This is just a simple example, but we can see that, simply having at their disposal two competing bookmakers, we can use the best of the available coefficients. Constantly setting on the best coefficients, we significantly increase our chances of receiving profit in the long term.

How to make bets on football. Instruction

Why learn to bet on yourself

Before you start, let's say a few words about why free (as well as paid) other people's forecasts from the Internet will not help you.

  • First, the motivation of those who give the forecasts themselves is doubtful. Often these are famous football experts, commentators. The fact that they are constantly involved in various advertising and promotions from the bookmaker's office should already come out on reflections. These are ideal media euri in the hands of "Bukov" to pump "Haip" and hysteria around the most high-profile sports. Often their role is to lead the crowd to defeat in favor of the office. In any case, the impression is exactly.
  • Secondly, you can look at the profile resources statistics of these "experts" on a more or less long distance. So the understanding will come that they are all in the minus and only some dangle around zero. So why take their forecasts, ask?
  • Thirdly, there is no confidence that they themselves put in their forecasts. And we know that responsibility in the bets go along with money. It turns out that third-party forecasts only give out assumptions, and they themselves do not put. Thus, they substitute you.

Another category of generators of free forecasts is different "kapper". In fact, it is "nonyama", whose achievements in the bets are often fictional, and they themselves proclaimed "Great Guru". It is clear that the value of forecasts from such people is even lower than from the tele-experts from the world of sports. The goal of "Capper", ultimately, sell you already paid forecasts, or some "win-win strategies". Fraud in pure form.

In the dry residue, we have a disoriented average player who thinks that he transfers part of responsibility to uncle on a TV or on the youTube Channel. The right way is to make predictions yourself and put on them. If you yourself predict one or another outcome in the match, then you understand what proceed and what should happen on the field. So you can make the right conclusions if the bet wins or loses. So you can insure yourself in Lyiv, in the end. And when you use someone else's forecast, you cannot independently take into force, because you do not know what the author of the forecast relied on. Even if some description was attached, then it is not worth the exhaust egg. You cannot weigh the factors that you have only a vague representation.

So enough to try to throw off the burden of responsibility for your bets on someone, on the "left uncle." Learn to form a pool of your forecasts. We help the instructions. It is certainly subjective in many respects, but let themselves confidence that it is better than the lack of a plan. Let's proceed.

All of the above does not exclude the fact that the work on other people's forecasts can be effective and profitable for the player, but this method of the game is a separate story that is not theme of this article. The main thing is to choose from normal services and not lead to fraudulent schemes.

Primary selection of matches

If you open any statistical service, by type MyScore, then every day you can see a lot of football matches. On weekends, there are especially many of them, and in the middle of the week there are rendered tours, matches of European -ugal or internal Cups. In this diversity, it is not long to get lost and break in the bet on everything. It is impossible to allow this. If you keep too many leagues and teams in sight, then the quality of forecasts will be zero. It is necessary to choose the most interesting championships for you and tournaments. Those you like to watch, about the teams of which you know more.

Immediately a huge number of matches is chipped on the basis of the fact that you do not follow these leagues. In the appropriate Internet services, you can make an asterisk, to highlight those contests that are interested in you. They will be displayed on top of the list. And in the direction of the rest of the games do not even look. There would be to cope with those for which there is information. In those days, when there are no matches in your leagues, just do other things, do not look for "for whatever." Violation of this simple rule leads to the Drain of the Bank. Checked by many who did not know or did not believe.

The primary selection of matches in the "Your" leagues is carried out on the principle of "5 seconds". You look at the pairs of teams in the matchs of the upcoming tour. If some idea appears in 5 seconds, the understanding pops up, what kind of teams they play, what they want to make such a game, then you can mark the check mark and disassemble further. If a couple, or one team from a pair of unknown, is not understood, plays unstable, or it is equal to the forces of the teams - immediately by, go on. Here you are not divination. We need confident forecasts. Abspects happened to them. So do not exacerbate and produce risks, going to the deliberate adventures.

Oddly enough, in this first stage "in the urn" will fly away many matches, on which they usually break the spears "Experts" and "Capper". All sorts of matches between top clubs, derby, other equal fights "for three outcome" - everything is noted. Only the few matches remain, where in 5 seconds it became clear to you, a preliminary forecast was identified. Use the privilege not to put where they are not sure. No one drives you, does not force it to make a sorry for the games in which you doubt. A bright sign in the face of equal strengths - this is a reason to see good football. But, as a rule, it is an extremely slippery of the soil for bets. Learn not to install where it is not appropriate.

Status and strength of rivals

In the remaining after the initial discrade, the matches begin with the definition of the status of the team and their nominal power. Roughly speaking, we formulating that weighs the name of a club in the world of football in general and this season, in particular.

It is clear that the names and historical certificates are not playing football. It is played by those people who are in the composition at the time of the match. But understand the status of the commands is important. The winners are strong in their spirit and traditions. Outsiders can bend incompleteness complexes. We then compare conclusions from this item with the current form of commands. We can also come across the contradiction.

Examples of status and strength wording:

  • Real Madrid is a long-term leader of European football, Grand. Club with maximum ambitions.
  • Borussia Dortmund is a rather strong club from Bundesliga. It is distinguished by an excellent attack, but with the game in defense problems, even after changing the series of coaches. No stability.
  • Everton - middle journal of the championship of England. Selected to the six top clubs app. Pies money in strengthening.
  • Atalanta - Hellian Championship Italy. Sometimes goes to eurocal. After that, the leaders sells and roll down. And so in a circle.
  • Reims is a weak club from the France championship. Periodically goes to the league 1 and after 1-2 seasons roll back.

And according to such a scheme, you should easily, in two three phrases, give the characteristic of any team, on games with whose participation are going to put. If you can't - sift such a match.

Motivation analysis team

To form a forecast for the match, you need to understand the format of the tournament to which he belongs. You should be sure that the team at all needs to win there. Always in priority internal championship and champions league. Many teams later, the sleeves belong to the internal Cup or Europa League. In order to correct the emphasis before the match, you need to know the attitude of a specific club to one or another tournaments. Sometimes the attitude easily manage to calculate on comments by coaches and the composition that is exposed on the match. So before understanding, there will be a basis or dubls, you should not bet.

Motivation to a particular match may be lost if there is a separation from the pursuers, or at all the tournament task has already been solved. In double-wave confrontations of a cup format, the second game can also lose sense if a confident victory was mined in the first. So never put on the second game in the separation from the result of the first.

More about the factor of motivation, you can read in a separate large material on our website. Here we grate that this is one of the most important factors, without support for which successful bets on sports are unthinkable.

Styles games

It is necessary to briefly formulate, in what style both teams play. If the team all the time performs in one manner, not looking at the status of the opponent - it is easier. If the team is adjusted: with outsiders playing rigging, with midjaps careful, and with top clubs - in deaf protection, then it is all necessary to know, understand and transfer to the coming match.

Short-term form

Whatever the status of the club before, past merit is little about the result of a specific game. More influence will have the current form of the team. Better need to look at statistics, the results of the last 5 matches. If the championship games were diluted with matches for a cup or eurocup, then take a segment more, in 10 games. In addition to statistics, it is very cool if the analyst personally seen some of these matches or at least detailed reviews on them. Thus, a more complete impression is formed. Only one statistics you can make errors in the conclusions about the form of the team.

At the first stage, they estimate the results as a whole. What prevails: victories, draws or defeat? At the second stage, the results of the house and visiting are precompact. As the owners of the future match played extreme 4-5 matches on their field (as part of this is the tournament!), And how passed the last arrival for future guests.

The third stage here it is necessary to evaluate the strength of those rivals with which these results were achieved. It's one thing, if the teams prevail victories, but they got into games against outsiders and crisis teams. Another thing, if the opponent lost a lot and reduced to a draw, but among him Visavi were the strongest League clubs. In such a situation, the hasty assumption that the victorious tendency of the first team will continue, may not be true at all. Here, for the correct conclusions, you need to compare other factors.

Head statistics

It is useful to look at the table of scored and missed heads, mined to this time of the season. You should also run through all the results of the team to make an impression of dominant accounts. If there were some results from general statistics, they should be amended before forming a final opinion on average performance. For example, in some game, the team won 5: 0, although such defeats are usually not characteristic of it. We look at what happened in that game. You may see a couple of removal from the opponent, or big problems in their composition due to injuries. In this case, a wisely, a couple of goals, deduct from statistics scored, for the objectivity of the picture. The same with a major lesion. If the team lost 0: 5, and did it in the game with the leader of the championship, which hears all, then there is no particular sense to take all these 5 goals when analyzing the game with the teams of another level.

From the head statistics, taking into account the amendments, form the impression: a lot of whether the team scores on average, whether it misses much. From here there is an understanding, whether it is worth considering the rates on the individual or common totals in this match.

Factor of home field

We look at how much the team is well in the walls of the native stadium. If the victories prevail at home, and the losses are very rare, then we add several points for the success of the owners. Also looking at goals. There are clubs that do not leave home lawn without 1-2 scored heads. To such trends, you can also successfully install.

Groups teams

First, you need to know the approximate basic composition of the teams that you regularly make bets. If some players are out of order due to injuries, coupling cards or even because of something, then we can assume how much it will affect the game. There are performers who can be equally replaced by position. And there are team leaders in different lines, whose lack can directly affect the result. There is no place for a formal approach. Need to delve into the command kitchen. Naturally, with such a meticulous approach, the better cannot simultaneously know everything about fifty teams. It is necessary to narrow the circle and focus on quality, and not chase after quantity.

Changes in the composition can occur and simply due to rotation, so in addition to collecting information about injuries and disqualifications, you need to look at the importance of the match and the official application before the game. Perhaps the coach will suck someone from the leaders on the shop, relax.

The calendar

You need to watch the schedule. In one chart, they played, or someone had more days of rest. Who has a calendar is freely, the advantage in physics. It is also necessary to track the complexity of the rivals with whom the team played, and with which they will have to meet soon. It will show how the team will distribute the forces on this segment.

Also on the calendar you can determine the venues of the matches to understand how long the flights are athletes. Roads exhaust and it should also be considered in the forecast.

Club relationships

Matches between clubs from one region, cities, called Derby. Such games often pass in a particularly acute struggle. In Derby, it does not always solve the team class. Moral and volitional qualities come to the fore. Such matches are dangerous. On the main outcomes and even on their goals, it is not recommended. Perhaps some particularly hot derby makes sense to consider a total of more yellow cards, or try to catch the removal in the match.

Comfortable and uncomfortable rivals

The history of full-time team meetings does not matter much, especially if the games were long ago, many years ago. But from this section of statistics, it is possible to conclude about the convenience of rivals. It happens that a more cool team has not been able to defeat their own for many years, seemingly less than a strong opponent. Here we can conclude that the opponent is uncomfortable. Such long-term trends in 5 and more personal meetings should be taken into account and not to put against them. It is better to simply miss such a match than guessing: whether this strange trend will be interrupted, or will continue.

Coaching factor

It is useful to listen to the press conference of coaches before and after the matches. There may be important information. It is also not superfluous to take into account the history of the relationship of team coaches with each other. If one all the time beats the second, even with other teams in the past, then this is a bell.

In addition, Better is obliged to follow the shifts of coaches. If the coach was changed, then this is a short-term impulse of motivation for players, and the reason to look at the team, and not blindly put on the old scheme. Can go sharp restructuring, which will significantly affect the style of the game and the results.

Weather and Field

It is useful to see the weather forecast for the game in the respective region. Meteorologists are summarized, so that at the beginning of the broadcast is convinced which weather. If nothing is unusual, then this factor does not take into account. But if it rains, the snow is fog, it is better not to put on such games. It is accurate to avoid bets on a total of more or a major victory of the favorite.

In the same way, the state of the field can also affect. If it is normal, then no adjustment is made. If heavy, also the rain is also a help to athletic teams in the fight against faster and technical.

News background

You need to follow the news, regarding those championships and tournaments that you put. There may be important nuances of both gaming and near-neutbole content. An anniversary of the club, or the birthday of the owner, and the promise of them a special award to a particular match. There may be bad news, in the form of a disease of someone from those involved in the team, which can unpredictably affect the game and result. Maybe a sponsor will leave, break the club bus, the cat's cat will go away, but you never know. These factors may not affect, but it is better to be involved and take into account something important than to be not aware and lose at the rate.


A more or lesser degree and the result of a football match can influence the referee with their team of assistants. This factor should be considered if there are rates on fouls, yellow or red cards. Watching statistics, as many fades whistles and cards gives one or another arbiter on average per match, against the background of their colleagues. From this you can also draw conclusions for approval in your forecast, or its revision.

The main result is not fundamentally. Of course there are statistics of how a judge interacts with specific teams. But we would not bother on these data, even if the trend seems there. So long to fall into conspiracy.

Final selection

And so, after the analysis done, you have several, it can be with a dozen more or less confident options for rates. But among them it is useful to produce final selection. There is no clear regulation. Someone is just half, choosing 50% of more confident outcomes from those that are selected before. Someone does not put tough limits, but trusts its feeling. Ranking is also subjective. You simply compare your inner confidence in the ranks. You have done the analysis and understand perfectly what factor is weighter, and what is so so. The remaining after all manipulations of several rates and use within their gaming and financial strategies.


When choosing suitable matches and outcomes, use this article as a cheat sheet, the reference scheme to go from the item to the item and prevent many common errors. Add this web page to bookmarks, or even print.

Make a bet on football Bookmaker Russia

The fact that people make online bets in the bookmakers, few people will surprise. And most often, users seem to be a good profit players who know everything about sports (when, where and who are played by different sports teams), and also approximately evaluate the forces of each team, not missing any match. And in fact, not everything is so linear. And the great betters or kapaps (players in the BC) are people very remotely familiar with the world of sports events, while stably earn at the rates. This article is devoted to a specific type of sport, so we will consider asking questions as much as possible: how to make bets on football, what kind of bets (Fora, Total, Express, Life-rates and others), development of strategies and tips - all this will help you enter the transaction With a bookmaker prepared, and therefore an equal rival in the struggle for the money.

Make a bet on football

Put a bet on football online

Strategies for football and types of betting

Many novice betters make bets based on the general characteristics of the match, for example: they only put on the winnings of the team, which, in their opinion, should win or for an approximate number of heads. At the same time, they are not much thought about the fact that you can lift the coefficient or minimize your risks due to probability distribution. Actually, a well-thought-out strategy of football rates is a diversification of risks. Let's start with the fact that the bet is divided into single, express and systems.

Coupon Make a bet of ordinar

Single bet (ordinar) is the most common type of deal in the bookmakers, when the money is put on one event with one outcome. The express rate is characterized in that the coupon is gaining a variety of events with different outcomes, where the overall coefficient is calculated using the multiplication of the included. This is a great way to increase profits, but in case of a loss of at least one bet, the rest of the winning matches are not counted, and the entire coupon will be losing.

The transactions in the system are considered the most thoughtful, because the general type of coupon is an express, but with a suspension. This means that from the total number of events it can be noted that not all can be played, and, in the event of a nothed betting, the coupon will still be advantageous. For example, a system 2 of 3, 4 out of 5, 6 of 12 and so on. The coupon in the system works in such a way that a combination of events creates several expressions. For example, coupon two out of three means that there are only 3 combinations and if 2 of them will play, the coupon will be advantageous, with the coefficient, according to the positive positions.

Basic strategies for football rates: doubling, "Lestenka" and an accurate account in the system.

Doubling - This is a constant increase in the transaction amount in case of loss. Thus, on the winning coupon, the winnings, taking into account already lost funds, provided similar coefficients, will be approximately equal to the first played.

"Lestenka" - This is a game in the Va-Bank on low coefficients in events without "surprises". Playing the "Lestenka" needed with a pre-thought-out budget and reasonable profit. For example, 6 events in a row with the final profit of 50%.

Account Strategy for Accurate Account It implies a clear analysis of the selected commands, possible outcomes and the game in the system. Not all bookmakers can allow betting in the system on the same events with different outcome, but the profit from such a plan may exceed all expectations. After all, the system can work 2 transactions from 12 and profit will still block the loss.

What a total in betting on football and how to count the total

In addition to the main well-known types of bets, the victory of the first team (P1), the "victory of the second team" (P2), "draw" (x), there are a huge number of other additional outcomes on the match. In each bookmaker's office there are bets on the total. What it is and How to put on the Total? In this case, the total means limiting, that is, the number of goals scored different from the specified indicator. Total may be greater than or less (TB and TM, respectively), as well as decimal and integer. The most popular total at football rates are considered to be 2.5. This means that with TM2.5 - two, one goal or hitting the gate will not be clogged in the match. TB2.5 means that the heads will be from 3 inclusive.

How to make a bet on football

Totals in sports can be exhibited both on the entire match - the total or general and the commands are individual (from or to how many goals will be driven by each team). Whole totals in football are the ability to return money for betting, in the case of coincidence of the number of heads with Total. If TB3 is selected, and the team scored 3 goals, then the bookmaker returns money for the coupon to the player.

Totals can not only be on the number of goals scored, but also on the corner, issued cards to footballers, scored balls for a time, and so on. Real-time (Live bets) are also used TB and TM. At the same time, it is convenient when the bookmaker under the broadcast itself immediately has the ability to collect coupons without breaking away from viewing the game.

Where can I bet on football

What is a phora in football bets (handicap) and how to count it

Fora in football, as in any other events, is designed to bring unequal rivals to a common denominator in this way. Now, more and more often instead of the "Fora" indicator, the bookmakers write "Handicap", which is the identification value. In the betting bets, it helps when the coefficients for the victory of the obvious leader of the match are too small. To earn more money on the selected match, forers are used: negative, positive and zero. Also, a single handicap can be the value of the whole and half (decimal, not integer, for example - 1.45).

Fora Handicap

Negative Fora is placed on the leaders of the match, when there is a confidence that the gap on the goals will be impressive. For example, the coefficient on Handicap -1.5 will play in the case of a difference in the account of more than 2 goals. That is, the bid will play with the score 2: 0, 3: 0, 3: 1 and so on. If the team to which Handicap in -1.5 was supplied, wins the match with a margin of 1 goal, then the coupon is considered losing.

Handicap in football is also positive. It is calculated when setting to the team prone to losing, but still having a chance of winning. Handicap in the event of a loss will be able to equalize the force and do not give a caper to completely lose due to the main outcome of the bet. For example, the second team is placed on 2.5 and it will go, if the team wins, will play in a draw, or lose with the difference in the goals maximum in 2. In case of losing with a margin of 3 and more goal - the coupon will be considered a loser.

If no particular preferences are planned, that is, the forces of opponents are approximately equal, it makes sense to use zero odds F0. The coupon will play if the team wins with any account. And if the match is completed with a draw, then the money will be returned to the balance of the Handicapper.

Live Betting (Life, Live) on football

What is Live rates, advantages and disadvantages of those? Live bets are the ability to put a bet already during the game, that is, online broadcast. Perhaps not all transactions are available for a coupon, but the remaining coefficients are changed in real time and allow you to immediately put on minor outcomes during the game in case of a risky native approach. The lack of livues can be called a possible violation of confidence in the right choice before the start of the sporting event.

Betting Live in Football

Forecasts of matches from professionals and free

Many beginner betters are looking for ready-made forecasts for football matches, believing that the opinion of others will become a magic wand. Moreover, football predictions are looking for free, but from professionals, in places where such do not live. First of all, each player should understand that any information concerning the outcomes of future matches applies only to familiarize and analyze. With the help of a forecast for a particular match, you can or will be convinced of your own opinion or notice the nuance, which before the gaze was not turned on for inclusion in the analyst. Most often, directly on the BC website there is a separate column "News" or "forecasts", which describes the upcoming events and probable outcomes.

Free football forecasts from professionals

Regarding the paid predictions "from professionals" you want to warn players that most users providing "accurate forecasts for the match" for money are no more than fraudsters who are covered with insider information. Under inside in football, there is a knowledge of the knowledge of the agreements in friendly or purchased matches. Do not risk how much in vain, because no one will sell no such information for a couple of hundred or thousand rubles.

Put a bet on football

How to make bets on football

In addition, each bookmaker still has its own line of coefficients, but there is most literally shown, which means each indicator. For example: "The victory of the owners", "both will score", "Victory Jew", "When I get the first goal", "Number of angular" and so on. Such opportunities should not be ignored, because the coefficients on them, sometimes, simply knock down, even when the main outcome of the winnings are rather small.

How to make football bets and win

After all these formalities, which were worth observing, in order to maximize the possibilities of earnings in the bets in sports, now we will look at how to make bets on football. To do this, we will create a coupon in the system by choosing the best opportunities from the outcomes of matches, with minimal risks and not highly low coefficients. Our choice fell on Manchester United against Bornmud, as well as on Watford - Southampton and Leicester City - Hull City. And here, without a doubt, in the first match, all the well-known bookmakers will expose coefficients, according to the theory of probability, that is, the victory of Manchester. What we, in fact, use.

Where better to make bets on football

Currently, the coefficient to the victory of Manchester 1.27, with an obvious predominance of the forces such. It is not necessary to count on Bornmud. In the bookmaker's office, choose the desired match and click on it to fully reveal all the offers of the bookmaker office. The coupon is dialing automatically when clicking on the coefficient and is displayed, usually, in the upper right corner. We in the sample take the official licensed bookmaker Winline, which allows not only ordinaries (single) and express, but also to type the system using different strategies.

We note that in the system of the bookmaker in one coupon you can make only one bet on one match. After analyzing many coefficients with greater confidence on the leader's victory, we are determined from Paris - Fora -1.75 on Manchester. That is, the transaction will work in our favor, if the MJ scores in the match at 2 goals more than Bornmud, which is quite real. Thus, 1.27 turn into 1.94. When the first bet in the coupon is hit, the amount field is immediately displayed in it, which can be selected from the list presented, as well as manually entered.

Go to the second and third matches and also analyze the situation by choosing the best betting from the whole event.

How to make bets on football

We introduce the amount of the coupon and we obtain the system 2 of 3, where after the two events played two events will be in profits.

Betting bookmaker football

Football bets: Tips for beginners

one) Not knowing the general history of sports teams, the outcomes of betting on sport will be extremely random. Then earnings at the rates will be just a game in a casino, where you can win, but then everything is lost again. Therefore - learn statistics! At least teams in those matches for which you intend to put.

2) Speak analyze! Look for additional information! Do not think that the games in which the team suddenly won or for some reason suddenly lost - just a miracle. This is not true. Most often, such an event is preceded by news from the world of sports, where, let's say, a football player fell ill (the most powerful attacking command), or the composition of the team on the current event is completely inexperienced and so on. Do not just draw information, and learn to apply it in practice.

3) From the bookmaker also depends a lot, especially when you play on Live rates. We will not once again remind those bookmakers who generally provide services in general. Now we are talking only about legal bookmakers. So, when the bet must be made right now, it will be quite unpleasant when the site will hang, or the coupon will be accepted not in time, but just a monthly change of coefficients can be very annoying.

Outcome: Select the official bookmaker, with a convenient structure, understandable interface, fast sites and high performance with the minimum commission.

four) Do not be afraid of large coefficients - this is not an accurate indicator. It often happens that the leader of the match is losing a secondary team, on which the coefficients stood more than 40. And those who really analyzed, studied and weighed the chances, could really earn at the rates, and even on the most elementary - on the victory of one of them.

five) Cooking coupons - insure yourself if not confident in the outcome. Let them seem contradictory rates in different coupons, but they will help, at least, to keep your funds, and most often to multiply them. Successful betting you and worthy profits!

Virtual Football: All online

A feature of recent years in the work of the bookmaker's office was the receiving rates for virtual football. But it is not worth confusing the category "Virtual Sport" and "Ceborport" - between them a big difference. Virtual sport is based on the simulation of the game, that is, the entire match that lasts only a few minutes, works on a computer algorithm. And cyberport is a game of real people in computer games at championships.

How to make bets on virtual football (VFL or VFL)? Even easier than the usual sport. Total in the Championship of the VFL 16 teams, that is, 8 games in the tour. 30 tours in the season take up to 2.5 hours and immediately begins the new league. Pouring in VFL is not so diverse, but they make it possible to quickly "work out the season." Before the first rate, it is necessary to carefully examine the statistics, viewed by several seasons to choose the favorites at their discretion. The conclusion of transactions with BC on VFL approximately has this kind:

  • The main is the victory of one of the teams;
  • Fora on Favoritia;
  • Totals on the match;
  • Accurate account.

Given the disadvantages worth noting the advantages - the rapid passage of the match, round-the-clock broadcasting, no bribery. Good analysis and elementary concepts of work of algorithms in virtual football, brought to automatism, will give an excellent result.

Make a bet on football


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