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How to become a policeman in GTA Online

Police - a serious obstacle in your work in Los Santos. No matter how trying to avoid them, in the end they will cross with you.

So, if you can not defeat them, why not join them? Yes! You can become a policeman in GTA Online. In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about How to become a policeman in GTA Online .

GTA Online - how to become a policeman

GTA Online: how to become a policeman

How to become a policeman and climb on the law, step by step is explained below:

Steal car LSPD.

Ironically, to become a policeman in GTA Online, you will have to break the law. The first thing you need to do in this process is to catch a police car.

You can get one, either going to parking near the police station, or simply calling some problems and allowing the cars to drive up to you.

Settings by director mode

After you have a car, you need to change the parameter in the game director mode, and for this:

  • Go to Rockstar Editor.
  • Select "Director mode".
  • You will appear in the casting trailer.
  • Select "Actors".
  • Then select "Emergency Services".
  • And finally, select "LSPD" to qualify for the role of a policeman.

Another than choosing a uniform, you also can make your character to look like an ideal policeman. In any case, after making this change, the game will reboot, and everything is ready.

You will revive the police on the street with the law in the hands. You will be able to help police officers in the city as a policeman. In addition, if you want to deeply immerse yourself in a policeman's character, you can also attract conventional citizens traveling along the roads of Los Santos.

Just go beyond their car and turn on the sirens to take it away.

And that's all you need to know about how to become a policeman in GTA Online.

How to become a policeman in GTA Online

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How to become a policeman in GTA 5? Mordification for the police!

GTA 5 gives excellent opportunities on various destructive actions from the player. Want to steal and rob? - Yes please! Carry cars? - Choose anyone! Yes, and neutral classes, like a golf or triathlon, at least debug, but we give to the skin of ordinary kopa only on small "police missions." It can be easily fixed with just one mod - LSPDFR!

How to become a policeman in GTA 5? Mordification for the police!

LSPDFR is the best police simulator!

G17 Media is the team that no longer the first year is engaged in its brainchild - the police simulator based on Grand Theft Auto V and not to say that they did not succeed. Games of this kind on the market are not so much, and most of them look like cheap crafts, without a significant volume of mechanic and at least a little acceptable graphics. LSPDFR, thanks to the basics laid in the original game, it gives not only significant scope for the police officer, but also leaves a pleasant picture for the eyes, which can always be improved by user modifications.

So what is the modification?

How to become a policeman in GTA 5? Mordification for the police!

In its very essence, the LSPDFR is a police simulator. After installation, you have the opportunity to approach the police station and make a shift. And besides issuing weapons, the modification will allow you to choose to you as a structure in which you will work, and will give you to change the character model to the corresponding preferences from the extensive list.

It is only part of customization of your future officer!
It is only part of customization of your future officer!

Having received a gear, personal car and shape, you find yourself on the street and now the law on it is. The dispatcher will regularly throw up the various challenges for which you have to answer. Chase, shootouts, shootouts with pursuit, robbery and many other challenges in restless Los Santos. All this is waiting for you in modifications LSPDFR!

How to become a policeman in GTA 5? Mordification for the police!

But over time, you will begin to annoy the monotony of calls, which are not so much, and the options of interaction with their colleagues are also not very enough. Yes, they will come to your aid and in shooting, and in the pursuit, but this is all the same little. It is in this problem that addons to the LSPDFR created by the users themselves are fully solved.

More, cooler, more fun!

The fan base of LSPDFR over the years of the project and did not think to leave their favorite modification without additions. Want challenges about banking banks or hostage grips? You are welcome! Want a smarter dispatcher and colleagues? Take, feel free to! Custom addons can significantly expand the functionality of the original fashion.

Plugin adding an interface of a police breast chamber
Plugin adding an interface of a police breast chamber

In addition to calls and other add-ons associated with the service, Comuniti Fashion delivers many graphic modifications, realistic models of cars, new skins and weapons sounds, which makes it even more will plunge into the realities of the police work.

Created by Modilatures Copy Chevrolet Tahoe in Blein Police Livrae
Created by Modilatures Copy Chevrolet Tahoe in Blein Police Livrae

Modification and additions are distributed absolutely free. All the details of the installation, like the modifa you can find on Official website developers.

And yes, on this G17 Media do not stop and continue to go further. A month ago, the premiere of the trailer for a new modification to another game of the Rockstar Studio - Red Dead Redemption was shown this time, the player will be given to try the skin of the Wild Sheriff!

I hope that you liked this article on modification. Subscribe to not miss new stories and materials, as well as put marks and comments, to improve future items! Thanks for reading!

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In this article, we will tell about how to get to the police: Los Santos Police Department (LSPD) or LOS Santos Sheriff Department (LSSD) in GTA 5 game Role Play. Depending on the server, the procedure and order of reception may differ, but in most cases they are very similar, and require mandatory knowledge of the RolePlay terms.

First you need to find out if your character is suitable (account) to the requirements. More often they can be found on the official forum of the server in the organization section in which you want to join, in our case it is LSSD in the topic "Electronic application in LSSD" or "Employment in LSSD".

GTA 5 RP USTROI LSSD 1An example of a list of requirements.

Note: As can be seen from the item "To stay 2 years in the state", your gaming level should be at least 2 (Level).

How to get honey. Help with a mark (A)?

In order to get a medical card with a note (a), you must come to any hospital and speak a doctor that you need a medical certificate. After a small reciprocating of the Role Play of the situation and payment, you will be given a certificate. Cost honey. References: $ 500.


The next rigor will be obtained by a category (a), and for this you need to find a psychologist, most likely he will be in the same hospital, reconcile already with the Roleplay situation, pay for the reception and pick up documents. Cost of category (a): $ 500.



Military ID

In order to get a cherished military ID, you need to get into the National Guard army. If you came to the police department temporarily and do not want to move on a career staircase above 3 rank, you don't need a military ticket.

License for weapons

The weapon license is far from the most important criterion and first time you can work in Police Departament and without it. To do this, you need to contact the state government and go through a small test for the knowledge of the "Code of Arms". License Cost: $ 20,000.

Note: To obtain a weapon license, honey is needed with a category (a).

Driver's license

Most often, one of the first licenses receive players, these are driver's licenses. To get them you need to go through a driving school.

GTA 5 RP USTROI LSSD 5Final interview.

After you have gathered all the necessary documents (license, driver's license, military ID) We go to the server forum and in the LSSD section we are looking for a topic with the name, for example, "Electronic Application in LSSD". By sending a statement, within a few days, you will be contacted by Discord (usually the leader of the fraction or deputy) and will invite to an interview, in which you will need to play the Roleplay situation after which you will be taken to the PD service.

The world of Los Santos and his accommodation created by Rockstar in GTA 5, it is truly an amazing place. It wants to go here to even just to spend time without worrying about missions, wealth, money and other materialism. You just sit on your favorite wheelbarrow, driving your favorite music and ride all night, listening to the chatter of the lead, Introducing casual meetings and enjoy the views. And this is just one of the ways to spend time in GTA 5. This game includes a huge number of classes, both alone and with comrades or random players. And also, if you managing the initiative, then in GTA 5 you can become the one who is not provided in the original - a cop, officer of the police, to those who in ordinary game only prevents.

LSPDFR - Welcome to the police

The original GTA 5 represents tremendous opportunities, but it is impossible to become a policeman. Fortunately, there is always a community of modders and just these heroes created LSPDFR modes, allowing you to feel yourself a cop on the streets of Los Santos.

LSPDFR mod is a direct path to the Fast Response Department of the Los Santos Police Department. This mod allows you to ignore workouts and selection, directing you to your first patrol as a police officer. This chance does not fall out often.

What can be done by a cop in GTA 5?

As a police officer, your work is to arrest criminals terrorizing Los Santos. Do this you will be during patrols and responding to calls.

Thanks to this, you are able to stop, identify and arrest citizens, while everything happens with animation. After arrest, you can take the suspect in the area, lock it and relax in the locker room after your shift.

In addition, you can participate in the pursuit of police cars (they are in the garage) or on foot. As a supplement, the mod includes special weapons, information on suspect, the distribution of officers and the use of tactics. During the chase, you can cause imagine with radio. Want to feel like a road cop? You will be able to stop cars, ask for a certificate and even penalize. Attention to the details is impressive.

How to stop cars in LSPDFR mod for GTA 5?

To be able to stop cars, you need to go to the patrol. This can be done in the nearest police station on the map. Go inside, press "E" when you need. Here you can choose which officer to use and what technique.

Being in patrol mode and deciding that someone violates the rules or looks suspicious, you need to acknowledge the driver and turn on the flashing (SHIFT). Sometimes the car can slow down in an uncomfortable place, then just asking and try again. Stopping the vehicle leave the car and come to your "goal". If not found anything interesting, then simply press Shift and continue the patrol.

How to use radio in LSPDFR mod for GTA 5?

Police Radio is a very convenient tool that allows you to scan and watch cars, call support, check the numbers and tighten the technique to the penalty. To open the radio simply press "C" on the keyboard (on the D-PAD controller), after which you will get the radio. Using "G" and "T" you can change options. Click "Z" to activate.

How to arrest people in LSPDFR mod for GTA 5?

To arrest people, you need to send a weapon on the suspect and click "E" - see directly on a potential criminal. A person should raise his hands, after which press "E" again so that the suspect began to kneel. Click the same key a couple more times to go through the remaining steps of the arrest. To put a suspect in the car, click "F" a couple of times. Take into cars and follow in prison.

How to answer the challenge and ask the police profog In the LSPDFR mode for GTA 5?

Challenges are one of the main duties of the Kopa in LSPDFR. They appear in those moments when you patrol the city and the dispatcher asks for support. Click "Y" to accept the call and go to the desired location on the map.

You may not know the situation in which you will find yourself. Arriving in place and evaluating what is happening, you can call support for pressing the "B" key. In the menu you can choose Support Type: Local Patrol, Air Support or Anti-Terrorist Detachment.

Where to download mod  LSPDFR for GTA 5?

Download the latest version of the Fashion can be from the official site. You can also follow the updates. After downloading the mode, unpack the files to the GTA V folder and the mod must earn the next time you start.

In the famous series of GTA games, including in the fifth part (GTA 5), just take and become a cop will not work. However, there is one interesting way. For its implementation, you will need to stick to a number of simple and easily executed steps, following which you will easily become a full-fledged police.

That's what you need to do:

  1. Save a police car.
  2. Get rid of the "tail", completely escape from persecution.
  3. Get a policeman's things and get into them.
  4. Wake out for a while.
  5. Proceed to patrol.

Managed to become a full-fledged cop? Then it is more likely to appreciate all the advantages of the police in GTA 5!

Which police player opens up opportunities

Now that the character is an almost full-fledged law enforcement officer of the GTA virtual world, it's time to think about the advantages. And evaluate the opportunities that

Among them:

  • A policeman player has the ability to help other virtual staff of the Valland Police of Los Santos;
  • A police officer is able to independently delay the violators, repair the tricks of unclear citizens of Los Santos, and even enjoy the support of other cops, including reinforcement;
  • The newly minted employee of the LOS-Santos Police Department (LSPD) is protected by other police officers in the event of unlawful actions by offenders.

What is especially cool: the player who decided to start a "career" of a police officer in the unique world of Los Santos in GTA 5, can quietly use small arms and other cars (other vehicles) without any consequences.

This rule will work only on the condition that you, as a player, representing the Los Santos Police Department, will act within the framework of virtual norms of the virtual law. Otherwise, hateful "stars" will not make himself wait long. Like the pursuit of the true guards of the order of GTA 5.

A method was considered to become a policeman in GTA 5 without using mods. Let's talk more about another method that assumes the installation of the "POLICE MOD" modification.

GTA 5 Police MOD: Benefits and Features

Compared with the standard version of the work of the Police in the world of Los Santos - a virtual town in GTA 5, Police MOD offers players much more pleasant and interesting opportunities. That's what the player can do after installing the Fashion (in addition to the opportunities already described above):

  • Professionally develop your own character, receiving a wide range of virtual instruments;
  • To do a full-fledged virtual service in the ranks of the Los Santos Police Department and advance, in perspective, by the career ladder;
  • Get a personal car and tabletime (if in the first case everything had to steal and get a dishonest path, then here, in the world of Police MOD, it suffices to serve in LSPD);
  • Track personal statistics of actions, etc.

Special attention deserves the possibility of building a full-fledged career: a policeman will need to begin its activities from the very "Niza". Receiving the start in the role of patrol, the player in GTA 5 will gradually be able to take on the tasks where they will have to take the role of the accompanying, and a little later - the role of a real hunter for infiniteers. A vivid example: the organization of attacks on the grouping of bandits, seated in the restless area of ​​Los Santos, and able to stand up for themselves.

Can you cope and visit GTA 5 in the world?

The 5th part of the sensational GTA - Rockstars series decided to make the most realistic in all its aspects. But one developers did not provide that players would like to be in the skins of those from whom they usually run away or someone kill. More precisely, it is possible, but not fully. And now - we will try to figure out how to become a policeman in GTA5.

Standard game and modes LSPDFR - What is the difference

And there is a difference, and quite significant. Below - we will tell you how they become police in GTA 5, and there, and there, but now - let's find out what the original game is different, from the fashion.

In the original version - other policemen will be covered when someone will attack you. You can also stop the machines and to the measure of the game law - to blame. You can take any cars unpunished, you can even cause reinforcement. In general, everything we saw in previous parts is simply a bit improved and modified.

Model LSPDFR - allows you to do everything above, and also: to use a police radio, arrest, you will not have to take place selection and training in the Police Academy detained - you can deliver to the site and much more.

In more detail about everything - we will tell you lower, but for now - let's figure it out how to start a policeman's career in GTA 5.

How to become a police officer in the original GTA 5

To become a policeman, in the original game - you will need:

Save the police car. Yes, you will have stars, but you will need to get rid of persecution. Necessarily.

How to become a policeman in gta 5

When you reset the pursuers - you will need to come to your home and park the police car in the garage.

How to become a policeman

Come to the house and dress up in a police form (any) that you will need to find in advance.

how to play GTA 5 per policeman

Clear and send the hero to sleep.

how to play GTA 5 per policeman

When your hero wakes up - he already "will feel" a policeman. Now you can perform some mission.

Proof of the fact that everything works correctly - you will receive an electric shock, which can neglece the unreliable Los Santos citizens.

How to become a cop in lspdfr

In this fashion - you just need to visit the nearest police station and there to "choose" a merta character to whom you will play.

how to get a police station in gta 5

How to become a policeman in GTA Online

Here everything will be dependent on the server you play. But in most cases - it will be necessary to follow a specific instruction so that this chance falls on you. Remember that before going to the patrol of the city - you will need to go through courses at the Police Academy.

  1. Change your nickname for something typical, American. For example, John Nilson. The likelihood that the cop will choose you - will increase several times. Remember that the player with the nickname "Ivan is blowing-blowing" - nothing shines.
  2. Your role in the game. You must have a good voice, and you will need to write competent texts.
  3. Competently and fully fill out the application.

GTA 5 policeman

And after all this - you will become a real thunderstorm of criminals in Los Santos. You will be approximately the same as in the LSPDFR mode.

What are the maximum possibilities of a policeman in GTA 5

In this section of our article, we will analyze the actions that will be available to players in various mods and in GTA Online, on some servers.

You can stop, processing the data of citizens and arrest them, if necessary, after which you need to deliver the detainee to the site and close it in the chamber, and then rest, after a hard working day. It is noteworthy that all these actions will be carefully drawn and animated.

GTA 5 policeman

You will be available to chase on federal cars or hiking. With the rest of the officers - you will be able to develop the tactics of capturing the goal. Each of you will have a special weapon, as well as - information regarding the criminal.

You will be available duties of "traffic cop". You can slow down and penalize various drivers, pre-checking his documents.

Well, and naturally, all functions from the original GTA 5 will be available to you.

This is the story about how to become a policeman in GTA 5. Good luck and so far.

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How to get a police station in GTA 5

In this article you can learn how to get into the police in GTA 5. Playing a policeman in GTA 5 is impossible without installing third-party modes. We advise you to take advantage of the following modifications.

Police Mod.


Arrest Pedestrians

. With the help of them, you can effectively play for a policeman!

How to be a policeman in GTA 5

Playing a copy, you can drive the police on the wheelbarrows, include special signals and take chase for offenders.

What you need to do this:

  • Thug cars from the cops and throw the tail behind you.
  • Put the car to the garage.
  • Take the coop's clothes and dress up in it.
  • Rest.
  • You go to patrol the city.
How to be a policeman in GTA 5

You can even help the police to delay violators and dangerous criminals, eliminate them with weapons. It is also possible to cause reinforcement to help. If the bandits attack you, then you can call support and the police will immediately come back you.

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