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Having mastered the preparation of baths according to any one of the recipes, in the future you can prepare them, creating your unique recipes. Tasty homemade sausages in the freezer provide the hostess the opportunity is always tasty and satisfying not only the family, but also guests.

Delicious hot sausages from meat with various additives and spices are loved by many. But not everyone knows how to fry the baths correctly. There are quite a lot of cooking methods. So that the sausages are not broken, and the dish was not ashamed to be applied to the table, you need to adhere to some rules.

How to fry pork baths in a frying pan

This is the easiest and most affordable way of cooking. Suitable for those who are limited. The baths in the pan are good for the satisfying dinner or fast snack, if suddenly suddenly granted guests.

Before starting to fry, frozen baths should be defrosting. If the product is chilled, then you can start cooking immediately. Pre-sausages need to be boil.

This can be done by placing the product in a saucepan, or when it in a frying pan. If the sausages immediately start to fry, the shell can burst and fall apart. From how to make the baths properly, their further juiciness depends

Having mastered the preparation of baths according to any one of the recipes, in the future you can prepare them, creating your unique recipes. Tasty homemade sausages in the freezer provide the hostess the opportunity is always tasty and satisfying not only the family, but also guests.

How to fry the baths in a pan:

  • Take the floor of a glass of water and 4-5 sausages.
  • Place them in the pan and pour water.
  • After the water boils, reduce the temperature. How many minutes to cook the baths? It is necessary to stew a dish of 10-15 minutes on slow fire. If the water rolls out, it needs to be attached.
  • In the process of boiling, the sausages should be turned over to the other side.
  • After the water is popped up, 2-3 spoons of sunflower oil are poured into the frying pan. The baths are frying to a crispy crust.

Many do not know how much you can fry the baths in a pan. The process usually takes 3-5 minutes.

Tip! Before frying, the shell in several places need to pierce the thin object so that the crust does not break.

The finished dish can be served with vegetables, greens, various sauces, paws, or any other cake.

Sausages in the sleeve in the oven

Fail the baths at home can also be purchased. I am preparing sausages in the sleeve, and I get a number of advantages. This is time saving, since the inner surface of the frying cabinet is not spattered with fat. Also, the product does not need to add oil, it does not burn to the opposition.

Having mastered the preparation of baths according to any one of the recipes, in the future you can prepare them, creating your unique recipes. Tasty homemade sausages in the freezer provide the hostess the opportunity is always tasty and satisfying not only the family, but also guests.


  • The oven is preheated to 180 degrees.
  • Sleeve lay out sausages and tie the edges. So that the package does not burst, it needs to pierce in several places. The sleeve should be placed in a small container with high edges.
  • Bake the sausage of 15 minutes, then drop the temperature and fry another 10-15 minutes.

While the process of cooking is underway, you need to follow that the baths do not burn. Otherwise, you can pour some water and reduce the fire.

Tip! How much to fry the product - depends on the size, temperature of the oven and the quality of meat. If the baths are chicken or turkey, the frying period can be reduced.

How to cook baths in the oven

If there is a desire and time to tinker with a dish, you can cook baths yourself. Then they can be frozen and, if necessary, get from the refrigerator for fast cooking.


  • Chicken meat without bones - 800 g.
  • Pork Salo - 80 g.
  • Seasoning for chicken or mayoran - 0.5 ppm
  • Garlic and pepper to taste.
  • Finished intestines or shell.


  • Meat and squeeze, add spices, slightly satisfy.
  • Start minced membrane.
  • Heat oven.
  • Place the dish into a container with sides, add water.
  • Fry the batams in Duchok 12-17 minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees. Then it is necessary to reduce the temperature and bake for 5-10 minutes.

Home sausage is fine and juicy. You can vary the amount of spices and salt, as well as the degree of frying.

Kupaat home

Having mastered the preparation of baths according to any one of the recipes, in the future you can prepare them, creating your unique recipes. Tasty homemade sausages in the freezer provide the hostess the opportunity is always tasty and satisfying not only the family, but also guests.

To prepare a home sausage, you will need meat, finished guts, spices, lard or interior fat. It must be added for juiciness, otherwise sausages get dry.

Meat can be chosen to taste. It may be lamb, pork, beef, turkey and even game. The degree of grinding can be chosen. According to the experience, finely chopped manually meat is the most delicious.

To prepare pork baths, we need:

  • Pork is low-fat - 1.6 kg.
  • Salo - 100-150 g (you can more if the meat is low-fat). Interesting, spicy taste will succeed, if instead of the scraping, use a bitter Korean.
  • Spices - 2-3 medium garlic cloves (per amateur), ground black pepper. You can use the finished seasoning.
  • Shell for filling.

Cooking sequence:

  • Rinse meat, dry. Finely nourish together with the lard.
  • To add spices, salt and mix.
  • Wear a shell on a special nozzle, one end to tie to the twine. Start with its stuffing.
  • Ready sausages to bandage.
Tip! Sausages can be frozen for long-term storage. Then you can furnace baths in the microwave. But immediately cooked much more tastier.

Using cooking options diversified daily menu. The most common method of preparation is adding a tomato sauce to a dish. Alternatively, sausages can be baked with vegetables, in the oven. Potatoes can not be cleaned. Young medium-sized tubers need to rinse well and put in foil next to the baths.

Many are asked against: the baths that shine as in time can be eating. Usually the dish need to fry about 5-10 minutes.

Baths in the oven in foil

Having mastered the preparation of baths according to any one of the recipes, in the future you can prepare them, creating your unique recipes. Tasty homemade sausages in the freezer provide the hostess the opportunity is always tasty and satisfying not only the family, but also guests.

Cooking in foil as one of the options is also very convenient. The product is covered, fat is not sprayed. Sausage tender, because it is fried in its own juice. Foil is desirable to take a thick and durable. It is necessary instead of a shell.


  • Turkey (fillet, goulash) - 1.5 kg.
  • Spiche - 100 g
  • Spices to taste.
  • Salt - 0.5 ppm

How to cook:

  • Grind on the meat grinder or seize the minced meat together with the lard.
  • Add spices and mix thoroughly. Optionally, you can add fine chopped greens.
  • Cut the foil into pieces of about 16-18 cm, leave the length at its own discretion. For convenience no more than 20 cm.
  • Share mince on Foil, leaving 2-3 cm on the sides. Split in the form of sausages, finish the tips as candy candies.
  • Heat the oven, get a container with a non-stick coating and put the baths there. You need to put them so that they support each other.
  • Put the dish in the oven for 15-20 minutes on moderate fire.
  • In the process, monitor the release of juice, the product should not burn.
  • After that, reduce the fire and continue to bake about 10-15 minutes.

Kupaat in Multivarka

Having mastered the preparation of baths according to any one of the recipes, in the future you can prepare them, creating your unique recipes. Tasty homemade sausages in the freezer provide the hostess the opportunity is always tasty and satisfying not only the family, but also guests.

This is the most dietary way that allows a pair to prepare pork baths. The baths in a slow cooker are obtained very gentle. If you do not include the roasting function, they get diet, not fat.

Cooking order:

  • Displays the product if it is from the freezer.
  • Get the container from the slow cooker. Add 2 liters of water.
  • Turn on the equipment and put the product there.
  • Put the timer for 20-30 minutes (depending on the size of sausages and the type of meat).
  • Get the container and remove the sausages.
  • Wash the bowl and wipe dry.
  • Pour sunflower oil, lay out boiled baths and turn on the technique of the roast function.

They are roaming for the same time as in a frying pan - about 5 minutes.

How to cook sausages on grill

Having mastered the preparation of baths according to any one of the recipes, in the future you can prepare them, creating your unique recipes. Tasty homemade sausages in the freezer provide the hostess the opportunity is always tasty and satisfying not only the family, but also guests.

There are features for the preparation of homemade sausages on the grille. The grilled baths are especially tasty and perfectly suitable for a picnic in the fresh air. Fried on the fire, they smell with a smoke. How much to fry the baths on the grill depends on the ingredients from which they are cooked.

Methods of cooking products on open fire:

  • Capat grilled coal.
  • Homemade sausages on skewers.
  • Sausages wrapped in foil and put in coal.

In the process of cooking, the fire must be minimal. From how much to fry the baths on the grill depends on the juice of the product. It is necessary not to overdo it, otherwise sausages get dry. On average, time is 20-30 minutes.

Cooking Tips:

  • In order not to bury the crust, the sausages should be pre-omitted in boiling water for 2 minutes. The fried baths are unwanted to pierce with toothpick, so the juice will flow.
  • So that the product does not stick to the lattice, it is necessary to lubricate it with oil. In the process of frying, it is necessary to use the silicone tassel and cover the sausage with an oil mixed with chopped garlic for fragrance.

Cooked baths in aerogrile or roasted in the electroshalvychnice will not be less tasty.

What is the baths?

The baths are a kind of raw sausages that need heat treatment. They are prepared from various types of meat: pork, lamb, beef. Bird, such as chicken, turkey is used. It is often used by mixed mince, which is complemented to the improvement of taste in various additives: spices, garlic, greens, seasonings and even berries.

The filling is placed in natural shells - intestines. Next, the formed baths are tied with durable threads, they fall into boiling water for a minute and dried. Products are stored in the cold, and thermal processing is undergoing before use - it is most often hot.

Preparation options

How to cook delicious and juicy baths? There are a lot of options, and the most successful are considered below.

Option first

This is a recipe for cooking with pork baths. That's what you need:

1.5 pork kilograms (for example, ham and blades, approximately equal proportions);

three large heads of the bow;

Three large garlic teeth;

2.5 tbsp. l. salts;

h. l. Olive herbs;

Art. l. dried basil;

Half of the h. l. Ground red pepper;

2/3 glasses of water;

h. l. sweet paprika;

About 4-5 meters of pork guts.


  1. Meat thoroughly rinse in running water and dried. Excess fat cut and postpone: they will need later.
  2. Meat will divide into two parts: more gentle leave for cutting with a knife so that the pieces clearly felt in the finished baths. And the remaining share you will pass through the meat grinder. Chick meat should be sharp and rather finely. Piece of fat shred in the same way.
  3. Clean the onions and garlic. The bulbs cut into the middle sizes.
  4. The remaining meat together with garlic and onions skip through the meat grinder, and then enter chopped ingredients into the mince.
  5. Add salt and all seasonings, mix mince.
  6. Continue stirring and minor portions add pre-cooled water. It is necessary to give a dish even greater jucia.
  7. Rinse your intestines and soak them in the water (detailed instructions you will find on the packaging of natural shells).
  8. With the help of meat grinders and special nozzles, fill in the intestines, periodically tonging them with a durable rope or thick threads.
  9. Now pork baths can be prepared.

Option second

No less tasty, but more dietary, gentle and light, the chicken baths will turn out. The set of products will be like this:

2 kilograms of chicken fillet;

a glass of milk or cream;

Two teaspoons with a slide salt (natural marine or large grinding);

two garlic teeth;

dill greens;

Half of the h. l. Coriander;

chopping nutmeg;

Natural pork shells.

Process description:

  1. Fillet is washed, cut into pieces for subsequent grinding in the meat grinder.
  2. Garlic Clean the dill after washing and dried finely chop the knife.
  3. Chicken meat skip through a meat grinder. And so that the baths are most gentle and soft, first use the nozzle with the holes with medium sizes, and then fine. Simultaneously with the fillet, grind garlic.
  4. Introduce dill and spices with salt, mix everything. Then add cream and quarre out the mince thoroughly, then send it to the fridge to the fridge for the night so that it matches it.
  5. Form the baths, filling the minced membranes with a meat grinder and a specialized nozzle.

Option Third

You can deliciously make beef baths. That's what you need for this:

two kg beef fillet;

two or two and a half tablespoons of salt;

Half of the h. l. dried garlic (for pronounced aroma it is better to use it, and not fresh);

teaspoon greedy mustard;

one third of Mixtures of peppers;

a tablespoon without a slide of sugar sand;

one third of Hop Sunnels;

one third of curry;

Natural shells.


  1. Wash the beef fillet, and if there are veins, it is better to cut them, so that they do not come across the finished baths and did not worsen the taste. Next, the meat is cut into a panel or cubes for the convenience of further grinding.
  2. Beef skip through the meat grinder, and it is desirable two or even three times, since the fibrous structure, which has not passed a thorough grinding stage, can make baths with rigid.
  3. Add sugar, spices and salt to the resulting mince, mix everything.
  4. It's time to fill the pork guts with minced meat, but first rinse them and soak how the instruction set out on the package is required.
  5. You can begin to prepare a dish.

Fourth option

Good luck is homemade baths from turkey. Component list:

1 kg of turkey fillet;


h. l. salts;

tablespoon of vinegar;



Process description:

  1. The turkey needs to be washed and dry, and then you can immediately crush it: pass through the meat grinder or very finely chop knife.
  2. Put the cings with a knife, clean and grind the onions: cut or together with fillets pass through the meat grinder.
  3. To mince add salt, chopped cilantro, onions and vinegar.
  4. Leave the mixture for an hour so that the vinegar impregnated and the fillet lasted, gave a characteristic spicy taste and a brighter smell.
  5. Fill the shells, tie the baths and expose them to heat treatment.

Methods of thermal processing

Usually, the baths are frying, which gives them a crunchy ruddy crust and bright aroma, and also allows you to preserve a juicity. But how to fry products in different ways? We offer several options:

  • In a pan. Pour a moderate amount of oil into it (the fatter the meat used for the preparation of the bathama, the less oil) and it warm it up to start it to bubble and boil.
  • Grilled. Prepare installation or electrical device, warm up and start processing: fry your baths from one side to a characteristic flush, and then turn over and keep hot until full readiness.
  • On coals. The baths can be prepared just like a classic kebab. It is best to use a lattice for this, because, piercing sausages with skewers, you lose part of the juice.

There are other cooking options.

The first - baking in the oven. You can simply lay the baths on the tray, leaving small distances between them so that the shells do not stick, and prepare them at the mean temperatures (170-180 degrees) before girlishing. And in order to preserve the juiciness of meat, prepare the baths in foil or, for example, in the sleeve for baking. To obtain a crispy appetizing crust, open the sausages ten minutes before full readiness.

Second option - Cooking in a slow cooker. The selection of the mode depends on your personal preferences. If you want to get a crispy crust, use the frying or baking program. And so that the meat has become more gentle and soft, select the extinguishing mode. Perhaps cooking for a couple.

Third option - quenching. Moreover, the baths can with other ingredients, such as potatoes, vegetables, cabbage (including sauer), buckwheat, rice, lentils, beans. Use a little secret that allows you to make sausages juicy and with a ruddy thin crust: pre-fry them from two sides on the fire more average.

Kupati - The word heard once, causes interest among many people. I want to know what this product is this, and where does his story begged from. However, it is no less interesting to know why meat sausages wear such an unusual name for our hearing.

So, about the origin of the name. There are many options explaining the appearance of this word in colloquial speech. Some people believe that it came out of the consonance with the method of preparation, because before the last stage of the sausages "bathe", that is, they are soaked in marinade from wine, vinegar or pomegranate juice, or boiled. Others associate the name of delicious sausages with another feature of the preparation of delicacy, because in their native language it means "raw sausage".

In the homeland of this dish, in an excellent picturesque country with a loud and beautiful name Georgia, really the baths are called raw small sausages, decorated in the form of horseshoes and consisting of very greasy pork meat with the addition of various spices. In fact, such Sarlatis externally disappears with homemade sausages. These are ordinary semi-finished products that need additional heat treatment. But in fact it turns out not so, because mince for Georgian delicacy differs not only by its fatness, but also sharpness.

Those who tried the real Georgian baths will definitely say that such pork sausages are something! Tastier delicacy not to find! But you can try them exclusively in Georgia, as well as in Georgian restaurants with a good reputation. Or, as an extreme option, you can try to prepare an amazing delicacy yourself. Buy on the market or in the supermarket are real, completely natural and non-preservatives pork sausages are hardly possible. As an example and confirmation of the foregoing - an abundance on the shelves of the so-called bats from fish, liver, dutches and even from squid!

From this article, you will learn how to make a delicious delicious delicacy at home, with which side dish will be able to better reveal their taste, as well as the specifics of the preparation of semi-finished-sausages themselves.


The composition of the baths is not so complicated as it may seem at first glance, so they can recreate their hands at home. The condition for obtaining the best result that cannot be ignored is the use of fresh meat and natural Georgian spices. Preparation formulation, or rather, the proportions of the ingredients vary.

The components of delicious sausages are listed below:

  • Pork or a mixture of pork with beef in equal shares;
  • lard;
  • pork guts;
  • onion;
  • Barberry berries;
  • garlic;
  • Hvel-Sunnels;
  • savory;
  • nutmeg;
  • kinza;
  • carnation;
  • salt;
  • cinnamon; black pepper;
  • Garnet;
  • Grape wine or wine vinegar.

No baths without a natural shell, that is, cooked in the food film or in substitutes of natural shells, as well as products from chicken, turkey or lamb in nature, there is no, although many unscrupulous manufacturers of sausages produce sausages from these types of meat for the real product. But not only the combines do not adhere to the recipe for the production of baths . The hostess is also often experimenting with the composition and add into mince slices of solid cheese, carrots and sweet peppers. It is impossible to say that sausages from this become tasteless, but they are no longer real baths, but turn in the likeness of Chevapchich.

How do real baths prepare?

How to prepare the present baths at home interesting to many. In fact, the technology is not complicated at all. In some way, she completely repeats the preparation of familiar home sausages.

The beauty of the cooking of the baths is that this sausage in Georgian does not need long-term preparation, alignment and excerpt. Stuffed wool intestines are kept in the marinade about half an hour or boiled immediately, and then brought to readiness in various ways. One of the options for making a delicious dish with baths you can see in the video discharge attached to the article.

The unique taste and aroma of Kupaat lies in the mince. Real sausages consist of pork meat (sometimes from a mixture of pork with beef or pork with a lavender) and a sludge, and the proportion of the last component is always at least a quarter of the total mass.

Cooking, more precisely, the production of baths does not pay any "pitfalls", but also not as such for this product. Having available all components and knowing proportions, you can easily prepare amazing sausages yourself. .

Cooking at home

Preparation of baths at home - the occupation is simple and not much different from the production of homemade sausages.

The first stage in the production of this Georgian sausage can be called the preparation of the shell and minced. The intestines for the baths should either be fresh, or have a good ambassador. And fresh, and the salty shell must be withstanding half an hour in cold water and washed thoroughly.

Many cooks adhere to the opinions that the meat components of the cockash fillings need not to be twisted in the meat grinder, and finely chop manually: then the sausage turns out more and tastier. And it is true. When thermal treatment, the pork fat inside the sausage is intensified, and the fat, in it contained, absorbed pieces of meat. It is fat that takes inside the meat of spices and salt, so the taste and aroma of sausages are obtained simply Divine.

The second action is considered to fill the intestine, the formation of slurry sausages and size and binding to them in the form of horseshoe. Stuffed shells with a funnel worn on a meat grinder, or a special syringe for cooking sausages. The length of Sardel Kapatov should not exceed 17 centimeters, and, accordingly, the weight of the sausages will be approached by one hundred and fifty grams.

Third, and concluding, step in the preparation of semi-finished products is most often boiling, more precisely, the warming of sausages.

It is impossible to say exactly how much the sausages are needed. Rated cooking time sausage in water in cooking recipes is indicated in the interval of three to five minutes, but the cooking on a pair can last about fifteen minutes. Experienced cooks determine the degree of readiness of the baths, making puncture the edge of the usual needle in the thick place of the sausages. If there will be transparent juice without traces of Sukrovitsy to the surface, then the sausage can be removed from the fire and cool without removing from the beam.

Real sausages never freeze, and if necessary, stored them in cool rooms, but not in the refrigerator. In some parts of Georgia, these fatty sausages are specially knocked out in the fresh air or smoked in smokehouses to be able to save them as long as possible in vivo. The technology and method of cooking the baths allows you to store semi-finished products for a long time, although there is no need for that, because the sausages are designed for quick use.

Application in cooking

Application in cooking Cupama can be found widest. These delicious homemade meat sausages can fry in a frying pan and in deep fryer, bake in the oven on the contrary and in pots, stew in a slow cooker and aerogrile, and also smoke.

Semi-finished products of the baths are a great solution for a picnic, because pork sausages are wonderfully birbs on the fire of the fire. The laid choice for the country snack is considered to be the baths cooked on the barbecue lattice or on the skewers. Shashliks from such Georgian sausages marked in a savory pomegranate sauce baked on the grill on coals are a very tasty dish!

They serve bathaps with sharp sauce and gravy-seasoning from fried onions. How it is impossible to suit these sausages sauce sazebel.

Many cooks discovered many recipes for cooking casseroletes with bath sausages. The most popular and delicious delicacies are dishes with cheese or creamy sauce, as well as cooked in sour cream. Fat sausages are baked in a bag-sleeve or in foil with the addition of spicy tomato sauce with a basil and serve such a treat as a snack to the Red Georgian guilt.

Eating juicy sausages crude, that is, with the shell, and most often they serve as a side dish :

  • Stewed and baked vegetables:
  • tomatoes;
  • zucchini;
  • eggplants;
  • Bulgarian pepper;
  • cabbage;
  • buckwheat porridge;
  • pasta;
  • Mushrooms, fried in sour cream and seasoned with greens;
  • Vegetable stew;
  • Boiled and baked potatoes.

With baked or fried bath sausages, you can make a very tasty and outdoor soup. You can also use them to prepare hot dogs and various snacks in the test, which are served with Korean salads, most often from asparagus and carrots.

About the taste of smoked home Georgian sacks, prepared by the way of cold or hot smoked in the smokehouse on a chip with a onion husk, to tell in words is simply impossible. The dish is so good that words do not pick up!

Benefit and harm

The following can be said about the benefits and harm of food intake.

Use as such a bathage do not bring. Is that the use of Georgian sausages contributes to the rapid saturation of a person and allows for a long time to forget about hunger. This is facilitated by the naturalness of the home product and the complete absence of preservatives in the composition.

But the harm from the Kupaat is obvious: the consumption of delicacies in large quantities can adversely affect the state of the digestive system and cause problems associated with the work of the pancreas. It is also worth noting that the baths are very calorie, so the overeating contributes to the extra weight.

But the latter is unlikely to stop fans to eat deliciously, and a look at life with a full stomach is much more optimistic!

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The baths are a special kind of raw sausages in need of culinary processing (Wikipedia).

This is a recipe for my grandmother. I remember, in childhood, they prepared the baths with a special ritual, and eaten with a mad speed - it was tasty. But for homemade manufacturer, most often lacks an important ingredient - pork guts. I have (for happy occasion), therefore I share with you this recipe.

The prepared intestine is stuffed with meat with onions. In principle, the gut is durable and in order to keep it, it is necessary to make not enough effort, but still, gently promote meat in the intestine, forming the sausages-baths convenient for you (I have 15 cm).

Usually, I send them to the oven, heated to 180 -200 * with 40 minutes. And you can prepare them in a pan, roasting on both sides, cover with a hat from onions and carrots and leave to steal on slow fire. But that's another story.

Successes to you and pleasant appetite.

Spring and summer is the perfect time to catch the nature of a narrow family circle or a large company. Must be sure to take the brazier, pickled meat for kebabs, vegetables and baths.

The baths are a Georgian dish, which is sausages from raw meat minced meat and spices in the sheath of pork gut. The dish needs additional heat treatment.

The dish is the most simple in preparation, the most difficult to find and prepare the delicacies whose integrity is important to preserve in order not to lose juiciness. The intestines are washed from both sides with the help of running water and a large amount of salt.


The baths are obtained not only as juicy, but also very air, thanks to special attention, which is paid when processing meat. The structure is obtained as homogeneous as possible, so during cooking or roasting the flesh retains tenderness.

  • The apparent recipe can be somewhat varied with the help of adding prunes or pomegranate grains. Additives radically change the taste of the bathama, shadow and prevail it.
  • Required for cooking Ingredients:
  • Pork - 1000 gr.;
  • Garlic - 4 teeth;
  • Onions - 300 gr.;
  • Pork guts;

Clean ice water - 100 ml.;

Salt and pepper - to taste.
Salt and pepper - to taste.

In the event that pork is completely extra, it is recommended to add about 70-100 grams of Sala.

  1. Bathouts "Gentle"
  2. Cooking sequence:
  3. Clean the onions and garlic from the husk.
  4. If necessary, cut down the meat, cut into medium-sized cubes suitable for kitchen combine or meat grinder.
  5. Meat skipped with onions, garlic and lard through a meat grinder or crushed in the kitchen process.
  6. To pour ice water into the meat mass so that the finished dish is as juicy as possible.

Pork guts to peel the minced meat and shape sausages of comfortable length. similar to how they sell in the store sausage.

Acceptable length is 15-25 centimeters. On both sides, tie and minimize in the ring. Lower the baths for 1 minute to boiling water.

Finished sausages can be immediately donated, and you can remove into the freezing chamber for storage. If necessary, a delicious dinner or lunch will be ready in a few minutes.

The baths from the freezer in a pan are frying for 15-20 minutes, they are baked in the oven 30-35 minutes, boiled in clean water for 20-25 minutes, it is possible to add a bay leaf or fragrant pepper for a variety.

The baths are obtained not only as juicy, but also very air, thanks to special attention, which is paid when processing meat. The structure is obtained as homogeneous as possible, so during cooking or roasting the flesh retains tenderness.

  • "Home"
  • For "homely" baths, you can use absolutely any meat or mixture: chicken, pork, lamb or beef. It is better not to be particularly involved in the removal of excess fat, in this case, the finished baths are obtained juicy and elastic, do not fall apart during food.
  • Meat - 700 gr.;
  • Onions - 200 gr.;
  • Pork guts;
Table vinegar - 40 ml.;
Table vinegar - 40 ml.;

In the event that pork is completely extra, it is recommended to add about 70-100 grams of Sala.

  1. Pork guts - 100-150 cm;
  2. Kupata "Home"
  3. Rinse meat under running water, cut off the film and streak.
  4. Clean the onions from the husk and finely cut into cubes.
  5. Cut into cubes about 1x1 centimeter.
  6. Add vinegar, spices and crushed onions to chopped meat.
  7. Stir the meat mass until uniformity so that each cube is in the marinade.
  8. Leave to pick meat minimum for at least 2 hours.
  9. Prepare guts, rinse them with salt and dry.
  10. Before stuffing, if it seems that meat is cut too large pieces, you can additionally chop it with a sharp knife.

Fill the intestines obtained by minced, forming sausages of comfortable length.

The optimal length of the bathhouse is 15-25 centimeters. The finished sausage of the semicircular shape, the ends must be tied to the thread to keep the filling in the intestine.

The resulting dish can be removed for storage in the freezer and get it if necessary, or immediately fry on both sides on, lubricated oil, frying pan.

The baths are easy to prepare the future, so that there is always an option than to dine even if there is no time at all. For a "home" recipe should not be taken mince and charts for cooking speed. After all, then the sausages will not work as gentle and pleasant to taste.

"August evening"

  • A mixture of meat, tomato, fragrant garlic and awakens appetite. Especially after a long-lasting evening walk in the fresh air. So I want to cook something spicy and juicy.
  • Required ingredients for cooking:
  • Pork pulp - 700 gr.;
  • Onions - 500 gr.;
  • Pork guts - about 100 cm;
  • Tomatoes - 400 gr.;
  • Parsley - 1 beam;
  • Burning pepper - 1 piece;
Garlic - 6 teeth;
Garlic - 6 teeth;

In the event that pork is completely extra, it is recommended to add about 70-100 grams of Sala.

  1. Salt and spices - to taste.
  2. Bathouts "August evening"
  3. First of all, you need to go on the basis - inkat. To do this, rinse pork pulp under running water, cut the veins and a film. Fat is better to leave, so sausages will be more juicy. Cut the meat with medium-sized cubes suitable for grinding in a meat grinder.
  4. Clear from the husk half the prepared onion. Cut it on the quarter.
  5. Skip through the meat grinder with the smallest sieve alternate meat and onions. In the event that the consistency has not become homogeneous grinding mince again.
  6. Finished air stuffing salted and pepper.
  7. Prepare pork guts. That is, rinse under running water with salt. It is important not to damage their integrity, otherwise during the preparation of baths or burst, or lose juiciness.
  8. Stuffing the intestines, forming sausages. Ends tied up with thread.
  9. The baths dip in boiling water for 5-7 minutes so that the meat grabbing, but not prepared finally.
  10. While the sausages boil can do sauce. To do this, clean from the husks of the remaining onions and choking it with small cubes. Remove with garlic with skin and finely cut it, or skip across the garlic cat. Remove the peel from tomatoes and grate them on a large grater. To make a skin with a tomato easier to take off, it is necessary to make a shallow cross-shaped incision on top and lower a tomato in a bowl of boiling water for 22 minutes. After that, the peel is sufficiently slightly pushing and it will easily go away.
  11. Brought to half-preparation to get the baths from the pan and cut into a 1-1.5 centimeter width circles.
  12. The baths are frying on a slightly blurred frying pan before the appearance of a ruddy crust.
  13. Get sausages in a plate and postpone the time aside.
  14. On the same frying pan, where the baths were roasted to cook sauce. First, it is necessary to fry to the transparency of the bow, if necessary, having previously adding some oil, then add tomatoes and protrude under the closed lid for 3 minutes. Then you can add the chopped garlic and the pod of the zhugochi pepper, it is important then not to forget it to get it.

Salt and pepper sauce, constantly trying it to taste and adjusting the number of spices under your own preferences.

Return the baths in the sauce and stew 15 minutes. A minute before the readiness add a finely chopped parsley.

Back at the moment of cooking sauce, the appetite will defend unambiguously, because the aromas fill out not only the kitchen, but also the whole house. As a side dish, you can use absolutely everything in tomato sauce, and sausages are well combined and familiar rice or buckwheat porridge, spaghetti or even ordinary vegetable cutting.

The baths are obtained not only as juicy, but also very air, thanks to special attention, which is paid when processing meat. The structure is obtained as homogeneous as possible, so during cooking or roasting the flesh retains tenderness.

  • "Georgian"
  • Georgian cuisine is extremely bright and colorful, trying it once hardly wants to return to traditional recipes. The baths in Georgian recipes are fragrant, their fragrance warms and awakens appetite.
  • Beef - 350 gr.;
  • Pork - 1000 gr.;
  • Pork - 650 gr.;
  • Required for cooking Ingredients:
  • Salo - 150 gr.;
  • Barbaris - 50 gr.;
  • Red wine - 80-100 ml.;
  • Kinza - 1 beam;
Salt and spices - to taste;
Salt and spices - to taste;

In the event that pork is completely extra, it is recommended to add about 70-100 grams of Sala.

  1. Pork guts.
  2. Kupata "Georgian"
  3. Pork, beef and fat Skip through a meat grinder. Salo will need only if the meat is dry, but if the fat is enough, then the fat is not worth added.
  4. From the onion bow, remove the husks and scroll through it through the meat grinder to the mincedors.
  5. Clear the garlic from the husks to skip through the press and add to the mince.
  6. Kinza is finely chopped or skipped through a meat grinder.
  7. Minced stuffing is pretty manually, gradually adding spices, salt and red wine. With wine should be particularly attentive, it can be necessary much less, the main thing is that mince for the baths were wet and juicy, but not liquid, held well. At the final stage, add barbaris and gently mix the mince to stop it.

Rinse the guts and puff them, gradually forming a sausage with a length of 15 centimeters.

Before the frying baths, it is necessary to omit in boiling water for a moment so that the intestine does not burst when cooking. At this stage, you can remove sausages in the freezer and fry if necessary.

The baths are a simple dish that can be easily prepared at home. They can be taken with them when rods on nature or simply store how the workpiece, until the desired moment, for example, the sudden arrival of guests.

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Good luck to you!


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With a kebab, everything is clear: these are pieces of meat, strung on the skewer and baked on the coals. And what are the difference between other popular dishes for the mangala: the baths, lully kebabs and chevapchichi? . These are Georgian raw sausages: chopped meat, imprisoned in the purified intestine. The baths are prepared on coals, they should be soaked in smoke, shriveling and dripped with fat on coal.

For the baths make minced pork and beef, onions, garlic, garnet grains or barberry, salt, red and black pepper, char, Sun-Sunnel (blue fenugreek), Kinza, is added to it. That is, classic Caucasian spices and herbs. The intestines are used pork, painted in salts and carefully peeled.


. This is one of the varieties of kebabs, a large group of meat dishes. Lulya-kebaba - products made of chopped meat, striking on the skewer and grilled on coals. It is a dish of Turkey, there is kebabs in Iran, Azerbaijan. From Turkey, Kababa came to the Balkans.  — Classic lyuly kebab is made from lamb with the addition of Kurdnya Sala, Luke and Spices. Minced lulya need to be well elevated so that he does not fall from the skewer. It is riveted in the form of a long sausage and roasted on coals.

Shampurists for lulya-kebab should be wide to keep meat better. Traditional lyuly feed - on the pita, with bow, greens and tomatoes.

. This is one of the varieties of kebabs, a large group of meat dishes. Lulya-kebaba - products made of chopped meat, striking on the skewer and grilled on coals. It is a dish of Turkey, there is kebabs in Iran, Azerbaijan. From Turkey, Kababa came to the Balkans.

. This is one of the varieties of kebabs, a large group of meat dishes. Lulya-kebaba - products made of chopped meat, striking on the skewer and grilled on coals. It is a dish of Turkey, there is kebabs in Iran, Azerbaijan. From Turkey, Kababa came to the Balkans.

A variety of kebabs. This can be understood from the name. "Chevap" is kebab, and "Chichi" is a diminutive Slavic suffix. Chevapchichi, in fact, look like lula-kebabs: chopped meat on skewers, in shape - sausages, but without a shell.

  • Chevapchichi are prepared from beef or lamb, non-Muslims make them from pork. Fat, garlic, onions and seasonings add to the crushed meat. Served with cakes, yogurt sauce, kaymak, seasonings.
  • Photo:
  • Recipe Claim - Chef Hotroko Karaklayich
  • 600 g of minced beef and pork
  • 1 Lukovitsa

3 tooth. garlic

2 tbsp. l. vegetable oil

Mixture of peppers and salt

Step 1. Onions are finely cut, garlic we press and add to the mince.

Step 2. Minced once again we skip through a meat grinder or pierce in a blender until uniformity. Add salt and peppers and smear well.

Step 3. We make sausages with a length of 8-10 centimeters. «Step 4. Fry Chevapchichi from all sides on the grill. Serve with fried potatoes. »

Kebab from lamb

  • Photo: Restaurant
  • KazBek
  • Author - Mamia Georza, Chef Restaurant "Kazbek"
  • 500 g lamb
  • 5 g kinse
  • 200 g Kurdyuk

50 g Luka.


Pepper and Sol.

Step 1. Cut meat with cubes and cool to almost frozen state.

Step 2. Scroll twice through a large grid of the meat grinder. For the first time, scroll only meat, and the second time - meat together with onions and cilantro.

Step 3. In the finished mince add all the spices.

Step 4. To beat off the meat to a homogeneous mass.

Step 5. To divide by portions in 250 g. To form kebabs

Step 6. Kebab fry on slow fire (on coals), when serving sprinkle onions, grenade and sumch.

How to fry the baths: a description of all methods of cooking

Hello my dear readers!

Juicy sausages from natural meat are called the baths. This is a dish of Georgia. Such sausages can be prepared from any meat - pork, chicken breast, beef or lamb. They are always juicy and gentle. Cooking the baths are accepted on coals, but at home this can be done in a pan, in the oven, microwave or multicooker.

What is Kupati

It is crushed meat with plenty of spices and garlic. Farm itself is placed in a natural shell. Externally, the baths are very reminiscent of thick sausages - juicy, gentle and unusually delicious. They are also called homemade sausages.

By the way, the baths come from Georgia. Here they are prepared as a decent alternative to the kebab. But since there are inflexible meaties in each people, such a dish will have to do so many. And you can make them from chicken, pork, lamb, etc.

The unique taste of the bathamas give sharp spices. In addition to black peppers, Hop-Sunnels, garlic, carnation, cinnamon, cumin or kinza are usually added here.

Another feature of True Georgian Kupaat is the use of pork gut when cooking sausages. The collagen substitute is not suitable, for this we need only natural product.

How to prepare guts for the shell

The most difficult thing in the cooking of the Kupaat is to find guts. You can go to the market and ask the sellers of meat there. Sometimes in stores you can find dry intestines or their substitutes made from collagen. If you bought the processed guts, they can only be washed and fill the minced meat. You will have to clean the unprocessed guts, this occupation is not pleasant, as the smell from them is terrible. Cut them into pieces of 0.5 m long and remove the outward. Do it under the crane, turning on a strong water pressure. Rinse very thoroughly and clean them. The washed guts must be put on the cutting board and holding them over the edge, lay down with a blunt knife. If you take a sharp, then the shell can burst.

How to fry the baths: a description of all methods of cooking

The remaining thin film is kept in warm water with vinegar for three hours and only after that stuffed.


  • If there is no special nozzle for filling the intestine, you can build it yourself. Take a liter plastic bottle, cut the bottom and fill it with minced meat. Put on the neck, tied on the one hand, take a bottle of smaller diameter and extrude it with mince. So that the baths do not burst during cooking, do not begin to start them too tight. For the same purpose, with frying, they can be sworn to the toothpick at both ends. Baked in the oven, every sausage, you can wrap in foil
  • Baths from veal with ram fat
  • In addition to the raggy fat, which gives homemade sausages juiciness and aroma, in the recipe used and boiled lamb liver. It turns out incredibly tasty, especially with vegetables.
  • veal - 1 kg;
  • Bajica Bajic Liver - 300 g;
  • Barium Fat fresh (from a young animal) - 100 g;
  • garlic - 2 heads;


  • Natural intestines;
  • Pepper black and red, cardamom.
  • For a side disk:
  • cabbage;


  1. sweet pepper;
  2. carrot;
  3. greens.
  4. Veal for the preparation of satisfying and delicious baths at home is not scrolling on the meat grinder, but cut into small pieces (no more than 1 cm), according to step-by-step recipe with photos.
  5. Similarly, cut the boiled liver. Garlic and bars Fat cut very finely, add to meat cutting.
  6. We lay out in a container with meat stuffing for sausages salt, peppers, cardamom and pour 300 ml of cold water.

Thoroughly wash everything and fill the guts, using in any way, making the "twist" in different directions.

How to fry the baths: a description of all methods of cooking

We withstand ready-made baths in the refrigerator at least 8 - 10 hours. Fry sausages in any way. For the side dish, fry vegetables. If the roaster is made on the grill, both vegetables can be prepared at the same time.

Tasty fragrant food is taking to the table. :

  • Baths from pork
  • You can prepare homemade sausages in Georgian recipes from any meat, for example, we try very juicy from pork.
  • Ingredients
  • Pork - 4 kg;
  • Salt - 3 tbsp. l;

Wine white dry - 400 ml; :

  • garlic - 1 head;
  • Natural intestines prepared - 3-4 m.
  • A mixture of spices

Black pepper ground; :

  1. fennel;
  2. sage.
  3. Cooking
  4. To prepare the baths at normal home conditions, we rinse meat, remove the residence and excessive fat (fatty sausages choose to your taste). Cut the prepared meat with small pieces, according to a simple recipe.
  5. Scroll pork on a meat grinder with nozzle holes, also chosen as desired (in the recipe size is 22 mm). Since the sausages are homework, then any recipe must be made as correct as possible to their culinary preferences.
  6. We add garlic to the resulting mince, crushed in garlic, salt and a mixture of spices, all thoroughly mix. For the gaze of a greater homogeneity, you can "repel" it. For which they score a certain amount of minced into the palm and be chopped into a special spacious container.
  7. We add white wine to the prepared homogeneous minced meat and mix it again. I screw the special nozzle with a suitable diameter tube to the meat grinder, in accordance with the diameter of the existing intestines.

We stretch the intestines on the nozzle and fill them with the prepared minced meat. When preparing traditional sausages in Georgian, the intestine when filling the minced is twisted in different directions every 15 cm.

How to fry the baths: a description of all methods of cooking

  • We put in the refrigerator for 12 hours, then cut into separate sausages. Part of the baths can be immediately fused on a frying pan or grill, the rest to freeze.
  • The baths are not exposed to long frying, the maximum time is 15 minutes no more. If desired, the time of frying can be reduced to 10 - 12 minutes. Ready hot homemade sausages in Georgian serves to the table.
  • Fragrant beef kupaty
  • Beef - 2 kilograms
  • Salt - 2 tbsp. Spoons
  • Dried garlic - 0.5 teaspoons
  • Black pepper - 0.5 teaspoons
  • Mustard grains - 0.5 teaspoons
  • Liquid smoke - 2 teaspoons

Sugar - 1 tbsp. a spoon

Black pepper ground; :

  1. Carnation - to taste
  2. Hvel-Sunnels - to taste
  3. Number of portions: 3-4
  4. Prepare meat. Stuffing, if necessary, defrost.
  5. Prepare the remaining ingredients - spices.
  6. Machine thoroughly mix with spices to homogeneous mass.

Then take the finished guts and with a wide syringe fill them with minced meat. The baths must be long and thick. If you decide to bake the baths in

Oven, you need to pierce them in several places so that they do not fall.


  • Ready baths from beef, if you bake them in the oven, are obtained very juicy and fragrant. You can also fry them in a frying pan or a grill. Bon Appetit!
  • Creamy cockaths
  • The combination of two varieties of meat and greasy cream provide a stunning taste of home sausages, appetizing delicacy will delight households to the fullest.
  • veal - 500 g;
  • Pork with fat - 500 g;
  • Fat cream - 500 ml;
  • Dried garlic - 1 h with a slide;
  • Corn starch - 1 tsp;
  • Pork Cheva (intestines);

Black pepper ground; :

  1. black pepper;
  2. A mixture of Georgian spices for meat - 1 tsp;
  3. Salt - 1 tbsp. l.
  4. To prepare the excellent baths at home, prepared by meat cut by pieces to scroll into the meat grinder, as stated in a simple step-by-step recipe.
  5. After the pieces of meat we missed through the meat grinder with an average cell size on the nozzle, add cooked spices and starch to them.

Everyone is thoroughly mixed and add cream, we again smear the whole meat mass. Cream before adding to the minced it is thoroughly cooling.

How to fry the baths: a description of all methods of cooking

The washed Cherchers plan on the tube nozzles for sausages and fill their meat minced meat, filling not too tight.

When the entire intestine is filled, turn off the meat grinder and form small sausages of the desired length. Threads can not be used, it is enough just to twist the crash between the sausages in different directions. Clamps are pierced with toothpick, freeze. Gentle creamy homemade sausages are better to cook for a couple or boil.

How to cook baths in a pan

If you bought ready-made frozen sausages, it should be defined at room temperature. Prepared sausages should be such as they just made them from meat.

There are several ways to tell about how to cook the baths in a pan at home. However, they all are reduced to one - the preservation of the initial type of product, especially its shell.

If you have previously dying sausages, then further processing of the baths will be very simple for you. Heat the oil in the pan or fat and put on it dry sausages. Immediately after that, pinches each bathing toothpick or needle. It is necessary in order to provide air output from the product and prevent its cracking. Doing too deep punctures not worth it - quite a few millimeters.

  • First, it is necessary to fry the baths on medium heat to achieve a uniform crust over the entire surface of the sausage. Then the power must be reduced to a minimum so that the sausages reached complete readiness not only outside, but also inside the shell.
  • Recipe in Multivarka
  • Prepare original sausages by traditional recipe:
  • Select the "quenching, kelid" mode;
  • pour some vegetable oil into the bowl, warm the natural product;
  • Pierce the baths, put in a slow cooker, on each side to fry so that a rosy crust appears;
  • pour some water, further close the lid, stew until readiness;

You can connect half ready-made baths with filling from onion, carrots (fry ingredients), spices, salt, white wine (150 ml), mustard and sugar (on a teaspoon), pepper;

Swipe Georgian sausages with vegetable refueling and wine sauce, give it in the heating mode for 10 minutes;

How to fry the baths: a description of all methods of cooking

You can serve fragrant, juicy sausages with a pleasant aroma. Vegetable journey will be an excellent addition to meat dish. Guests can be served with greens, boiled rice or potatoes (who loves).

  • The hostess will certainly surprise and please the guests, if they offer them the traditional Georgian dish - the baths. The recipe for cooking at home is quite simple, you only need to listen to the advice, take note of small tricks. A popular dish can be prepared in different ways: cook, fry, bake, use a multicooker. Regardless of the method of cooking, traditional Georgian sausages are happy to eat households and guests.
  • Bathouts in tomato sauce
  • Georgian sausages are good not only in roasted, but in stewed form. They can be prepared with tomato sauce, vegetables and spicy herbs. The easiest and most affordable way is considered to be quenched with tomato. To create a culinary masterpiece, such products will be needed:
  • 6 raw sausages
  • 4 garlic teeth
  • 1 Chipping Ukropia
  • 1 pinching paprika
  • 100 grams of tomato juice
  • 1 chopping grated ginger
  • 2 tablespoons sugar


  1. 1 Large bulb
  2. 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil
  3. 1 bunch of chopped parsley

Sausages should be lowered in boiling water for 1 minute (holding them behind the tails or riding around each of them threads). Then prepares sauce from 4 garlic chisers, chopping dry dill, paprika (both grass crushed), 2 tablespoons of sugar and halves of tomato juice. You can add a grated ginger here (despite the sweetish smell, it is used not only for desserts, but also for salted dishes). All components are mixed and stewed on a small fire for 5 minutes.

The bulb is cleaned by husk and finely cut, after which it is roasted in oil until a golden shade. Next, the sausages are laid there (they should be pre-wired with a paper towel so that they are completely dry) and are roasted for 2 minutes on each side. Then you need to pour separately cooked sauce on top of them.

The fire decreases to a minimum and everything is stealing 10-15 minutes. The dish is served hot, it is perfectly combined with potato mashed potatoes. In Georgia, pumpkin cutlets are offered to this delicacy, but outside the country, such a combination has not been widespread.

Bake in the oven

The easiest way to bake these sausages in the oven. Welded semi-finished products lay on the grille.

How to fry the baths: a description of all methods of cooking

As soon as the oven warms up to 180 degrees, put in it the baking sheet for 20-30 minutes. If there is a "grill" function, we turn it right away, time can be reduced to 3-5 minutes. When the shredded crust is the appetizing - we give sausages to the table.

By the way, if the baths are cooking in the oven in the sleeve or foil, then you can add any vegetables - it turns out a full-fledged dish with a delicious garnish.

How to fry the baths in the grill frying pan

  1. Heat the grill frying pan. Dairy sausages with vegetable oil or swing fat. Then lay out the baths into a frying pan.
  2. Baths in microwave

The fastest method of cooking is in the microwave. In order for meat inside the shell, it takes about 15 minutes to readiness. True, the ruddy crust does not work from above, unless your microwave oven has a built-in grill. In this case, the cooking is divided into 2 stages:

How to fry the baths: a description of all methods of cooking

Pre-welded sausages, not forgetting to cover the lid, keep in the microwave for 10 minutes on the highest power;

Then we remove the lid and inscribe on the grill to the ruddy crust.

Grill and barbecue

Any meat is deer than everything in the outdoor. Kupata - no exception. Crispy roast crust, a special incredibly appetizing aroma and juicy mince - the taste is just amazing!

However, grilled to fry any sausages without cracking the peel is very difficult. Therefore, I advise you not to forget them to pre-trust and necessarily pokol. It's just wonderful if you send not cold on the barn, and the heated degrees up to 60-70 are used - so the risk of cracking will become even less.

How to fry the baths: a description of all methods of cooking

In addition, the domestic baths are delicious if they are scattered. To do this, you need to have a smokehouse.

Tasty fragrant food is taking to the table.

  • At the end, I propose a simple recipe video incredibly delicious bathing:
  • Chicken baths without guts in a slow cooker
  • In this recipe, guts are not used, cooking homemade sausages from chicken fillet. The baths are dietary and very tasty.
  • Chicken breast - 1 kg;
  • butter cream - 100 g;
  • Onions - 1 pc.;
  • egg;

Black pepper ground; :

  1. garlic - 3 teeth;
  2. salt pepper;
  3. Any spices.
  4. To prepare very tasty satisfying baths at home, prepare chicken fillet, rinse, separate from the bones and chop finely, according to a simple step-by-step recipe.
  5. To the chicken rush meat, add softened butter, crushed onions and garlic. We also lay out an egg, salt, pepper and all thoroughly.
  6. Packing bags cut on halves and lay out the cooked mince, forming a sausage from it. Tie sausages from two sides, lay on the pallet of a multicooker for cooking for a couple

We pour in the bowl of the multicooker water, install the pallet and turn on the cooking mode for a couple of 25 minutes. Cooked sausages free from the film and fry on a strong fire on a creamy or vegetable oil.

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