How to suck yourself: poses for autofellation (self-seed)

When the guy reaches a hawk age, he is experiencing a permanent sexual desire. This is especially characteristic of adult and young age: from 15 to 25 years. At this time, men are looking for opportunities to satisfy, and, as a rule, the first sexual experiences they do on their own. Most begins with masturbation. But almost every guy thinks: Is it possible that he can suck himself?

Most men believe that it is unlikely. After all, an anatomy-dealer body does not imply such a form of self-satisfaction, and not everyone who thinks how to suck themselves, they have sufficient flexibility.

Who can easily do to penetrate or autofellation

In fact, it is possible to suck yourself. This form of sexual interaction has a scientific term - autofellation (there is another version of writing, "Autofellation"). This practice of masturbation assumes that a man can take such poses in which his mouth will be able to caress.

It can only get those who have sufficient flexibility to reach their groin zone. In addition, age is of great importance. Only men can take the desired posture during puberty of the organism accelerated growth. At this, the hotel is located in the formation stage may be raised by a non-standard angle.

By the way, there is a common opinion that to make a blowjob (or a cunnilingus of girls themselves) perhaps if you remove two ribs. This theoryan is tested to the end, and we do not recommend it anyone. You can diversify your intimate life without surgical intervention in the body.

how to suck yourself

What factors depends on the possibility of autofellation

So, let's define ourselves: not every man can imagine the suction itself. Put your own member in the mouth is possible only if the body of a man and the process itself will correspond to a set of certain requirements.

Below we will tell about what factors affect the possibility of independent oral masturbation.

Male genital length

Autofellation is just the case in which the size of the genital organ is of great importance. It is much more difficult to get to the member if it is not long enough.

Imagine on the example: penis in a state of erection (when it completely got up and flooded) can reach 13 cm or 19 cm. Of course, different people have. And the size is less than the average is possible even in large men. And those who have less member, have to take the mouth of 6 centimeters more. And in the case of limited flexibility, this is quite a long distance.

Therefore, the longer the penis, the greater the man's chance to learn to themselves.

How to Make A Men

The flexibility of the spine

The possibility of reaching his genital organs in the mouth directly depends on how much a man can be rejected by the spine. There are people who have the body of nature more prepared for stretching, and there are those who initially almost do not have flexibility. In the second case, leaching content is unlikely to succeed.

And the hotkens claim that this skill is possible to replace the removal of several edges, we insist on a safe method of increasingness - gradual stretching. Regular exercises are aware of the most complex postures, so instead of counseling the surgeon should be done and stretching.

Choosing the right position

Let's honestly: not all try classic sex with a woman in difficult poses. Yes, I feel like to be indescribable, but it is necessary to still try it to be so necessary! The same rule concerns independent blowjob: it all depends on the posture that a man can accept. This is how to get the mouth to the groin at all, it will be necessary and efforts that are far from all are ready to apply.


Convenient poses forsamominet

Even the most flexible men are quite a few options, how to make himself. The possibilities of the human body are limited, so only a few poses are suitable for totaofellation.

Before accepting any of them, you need to warm up. If you try to sit down and bended to preliminary training - you can get injured by the spine, and it is not impossible to be sexually excited.

Poses in which you can make a blowjob yourself:

  • Loki on his back - the legs go down from the position of the "Birch";
  • Sydyanov hard support - straight legs stretched out, and the man is tilted as much as possible to his groin;
  • Standing with straight legs - a man literally "folds" in half, approaching the groin.

If you first decided to take a pose of forsaming - Do not be surprised that you did not work. Autofellation secures long-term training and permanent training, only then you can end from independent oral affection.

Useful supports forsamominet

Poses in which it is possible to suck out, quite complicated. And to accept them, you may need to be addictive tools. Among them:

  • Wall - You can rely on it, if you study autofellation standing, or ride her with my legs from the position;
  • Blanket (or special block / roller under the spine) - Put it under the lower back, when learn to balance the body and remove the tension from the back;
  • Special belts - these adaptations of the sports store will help you with a stretching (and it is just necessary for a mustache).

Each man may have their own way of achieving levels. Someone uses warming oils, someone needs a rug, and someone asks for another person to "pull" his for more effective efficiency. Therefore, a set of auxiliary items can be individual, the main thing - adhere to the principles and safety rules.

Make a member

How to make the body more flexible

It is necessary to suck yourself on my own, just just want it. We will need to develop flexibility. It is best to do this with the help of yoga or regular stretching. Move not less than 4-5 times a week to achieve results. Do not forget about the warm-up - the unprepared muscles should not be drawn, it can lead to injury.

If you are doing sports constantly, then you should include Stretching into your workouts program. It is best to make a stretching at the end, after cardio and strength exercises.

ExerciseReploa preparation to mymelt

It is necessary to master the self-use technique, you must regularly exercise. Therefore, you need to practice the following.

  1. Lie on the back.
  2. Raise the straight legs to the "Birch" position (the loin is also broken out of the floor) and tramp them on your back.
  3. Grasp the lower back with your hands (you can hide them in the castle).
  4. Try as close as possible to attract the face to the groin.

There will also be an effectively regular repetition of classical stretching and yoga exercises. If you have never been engaged in stretching, we recommend that you take advantage of the coach. With independent training, you can easily damage the muscles, and on their restoration of time.

Made myself blowjob

Rules of suction yourself

Anema itself occurs in complex poses, in which it is easy to get injured. In addition, this is a non-standard process that has not been unavailable at all. Therefore, with autofellation (and attempts), several important rules must be remembered.

  1. Before myself, you should not eat. Full stomach will not allow you to take the desired pose.
  2. Be sure to warm up before making autofellation or simply take the right position - the muscles should be dispersed.
  3. When you can already reach the penis, start with the lung movements of your mouth. Excessiveness may result in injury.
  4. Remember that autofellation you need less than an hour, take into account the necessary preparations. Another masturbation can occupy no more than 10-15 minutes.

And, of course, take care to stay in an intimate setting. Nobody wants to be caught up and for ordinary masturbation, and for such a time.

Useful advice

Several useful tips for their own, who are only learning already practicing to peculate.

  1. Drink more pure water. It has a beneficial effect on the muscles, and it will be easier to stretch.
  2. If you feel growing back or muscles - stop and let yourself relax.
  3. Autofellation is a process that imitating oral sex. Therefore, if you do not get to master (the body is simply not flexible enough) - just find the one who can satisfy you with your mouth.

When you are preparing to learnate myself - do not wait for quick results. Do stretching and try to do more every day than yesterday, but do not damage your health too sharp movements.


Blowjob technicians

Most men do not know how to do blowjob. Still, this is more female skill, given that the absolute majority of steam in the world are heterosexual. Therefore, not everyone is ready for self-seed - some simply may not know which techniques to perform mouth to enjoy.

We have prepared for the order of the instruction in which the main mothers of the blowjob are listed.

  • Workwoman - licking, touch, other types of stimulation (especially sensitive to this member head).
  • Possing with the creation of a vacuum (may be of different intensity).
  • Protective movements of the trunk lips (the penis comes into the mouth in the up-down directions).

And, of course, you can help your hands. It will be relevant if you have not stretched out enough, and until it can grab the mouth of the penis barrel, but only his head. The main thing - do not forget about a sufficient amount of lubricant!


What does man feel satisfying

The main thing is, for which men want to learn to themselves - this is an opportunity to explore new sensations. The essence of autofellation is that it will imitate ordinary oral sex (and he loves most of the guys). But besides this imitation, a man will be able to do himself nicely, considering especially reactions and preferences. So he will receive much more pleasure than from his partner's affection.

We are talking here exactly about physical pleasure - stimulation of erogenous zones. Of course, with theoreth, there will be no that psychological component arising from men while the girl sucks.

What to do if I am not getting off

Unfortunately, not every man gets better reaching his member, not talking about to cum from independent oral affection. If you are not ready to work on your flexibility and regularly train, then you better choose other, more familiar ways of masturbation.

There is one important rule. If you were able to get started, in order to reach the heads of the peniswoman - to take it in the mouth completely, too. Need to stretch the back muscles.

My member suck

How much time required positive results

If you suddenly wondered to make a blowjob yourself, then you most likely will not come out the first time. It is necessary to create all the necessary conditions, consuming and efforts. And you should not expect a quick effect for sure.

Young men need to engage in less than three weeks to stretch. And if you have already stepped over the threshold of 30-40 years, it will be at training much longer (and it is not a fact that you will achieve the necessary results in adulthood when the spine has already been finally formed).

Questions about suction yourself

Independent blowjob is non-standardSequalPraktics. Accordingly, many do not know about it and do not understand how autofellation occurs. We have prepared answers to several popular questions:

Is it possible to break the spine, trying to suck yourself?

Chances are small. But there is an esiltyness - the fracture can be possible for non-compliance with safety. For example, if you incorrectly try to make myself blowjob yourself on the bed and fall from it.

What is more pleasant - when you suck or when yourself?

It all depends on the person. Physiologically more pleasant when you caress yourself - you feel all the erogenous zones. But the classic oral sex has an important assignment, which is the dominance of a man. And with traditional sex, you can often get no less pleasure. For example, if you use this posture.

Is it possible to learn how to see a mature age?

Yes, but only if you have sufficient flexibility and are ready to regularly train. It will be more difficult than for molded men.


When autofellations are safe

There are cases in which a blowjob is most independently dangerous. This is relevant if the man has diseased organs (in severe) or once there were spinal injuries. Also, it is not necessary to take poses for totofellation with a lot of excess weight (it prevents the man even more than a harg farmer). In such cases, it is better to give preference to ordinary oral sex - it will also bring you a lot of pleasure (and may strengthen the relationship with a pair). Yes, moreover, interesting poses are abuse.

In this article we will talk about such an interesting lesson, like autofellation!

Autofellation is to implant or simply speaking, it's when a man sucks himself! For such a difficult operation, either a very long dick, or a very flexible spine, or all together in the aggregate!

What percentage of men make self-use?

Not every man can afford such pleasure! Not all long-term member and the more flexible spine. According to statistics, men who are capable of so no more than 0.3% (As such statistics were performed * yy knows, but the fact remains a fact).

In this regard, he was more lucky gymnasts, because even having a small member, they will be able to suck themselves without any problems, and by the rime :)

If all men in natural data were a physical opportunity to engage in autofellation, then 99% of the male floor, it would do!

Age matters!

Also, the results of self-seed depend on the age of a man! Teenagers, especially thin, make it much easier than an adult, a complete man, since young men still have a fairly flexible spine and after several workouts you can achieve a cherished goal!

An adult man will have to train for a very long time, the more beer stomach will be categorically against such a classes! Although that I tell you, most likely tried to do this and more than once, but only nothing came with you. But you do not worry ...

How to do myself. Technique implementation

This is what these luckers who are engaged in this for several years they are advised! In general, listen to what they say the pros in this business and do not make stupid mistakes ...

1. Wait for the evening

Observe the safety equipment, do not do such things in the morning, and the fact that neither let them break or grow up, try to do it in the evening when the ligaments and muscles are a little dispel a little.

2. Autophellist must be hungry

Do not eat and do not drink anything at least 4 hours before this classes and, if necessary, free the intestine.

3. Observe anonymity

Do autofellation in a relaxed atmosphere, when you know exactly that no one will hurt you and you will not go away at the most inopportune moment! Slip curtains, close the doors, check the apartment for hidden cameras and bugs and only after that proceed to classes!

In connection with the development of modern technologies, it's not difficult to get into the 'Internet' now! So take care of your future reputation, after pre-eliminating all possible risks to famous as an autofellist)

4. Love thoroughly? Make a pump

"Profi" before the procedure use the pump in order to make a member more and thoroughly and respectively get more fun.

5. Do not break yourself the spine!

It is also not worth making harsh movements and try to make the started attempting from the first attempt, and then everything can end for you very much deploy!

I heard one story, I do not know how true she is, but nevertheless such a situation takes place! One guy with a small member's size so wanted to make myself blowjob that I broke the spine, but he still achieved the task, when the doctors arrived at the beds folded in half with dick in his mouth! There is only one mystery, who caused ambulance? ...

6. Proper Pose

There are two main poses in which they are engaged in autofellation.

First - You are sitting on the ass and lean forward.

Second - You go to the back and throw your legs behind your head.

In "VK" and "Yandex Video", videos about the autofellers technique are very much, so you can easily take the experience with your comrades. It is better to look once than to read a hundred times.

Just sucking only PID * races!

Many men will say: "What a muck, this is your autofellation". Normal man to never really do this! In fact, this is not entirely true, because autofellation is just one of the types of masturbation, and the autofellist of homosexual inclinations may not be.

But in any case, if friends are learned about your hobbies, then for them you will become "neuropahibit". Girls, too, not all will understand you. So before, something to do or tell someone about your hobbies, think carefully.

Test: Does your second half do not change?

Do you suspect your partner deceives you? Pass the test and learn whether you can drive your afternoon.

Oral sex did not always mean the presence of two sexual partners, in particular, if familiar with the term "autofellation". We are talking about mineless, which a man performs himself without the presence of a woman. It is known that the autofhellation tried at least once many men, especially in adolescence. Since the term exists today, it is advisable to talk about how to suck yourself, besides, such questions are still often sounded from the mouths of men.


What factors depends on the possibility of autofellation?

Autofellation is nothing more than oral caresses from the man, in which he affects his sexual dick in his tongue and lips. The term originates from the Greek and Latin language, in the literal translation, this is ὐὐτός auto - himself, and Fello - Sosha. The ability to make such a type of oral sex is due to several factors.

Male genital length

It is quite logical that the longer the man has sex member, the more chances of achieving self-demitat with pleasant sensations and the possibility of obtaining orgasm. The owners of modest sizes of about 10 cm in length will require except for maximum flexibility and stretching, and then the chances of a full-fledged one will be meager.

The flexibility of the spine

If a man settled the goal of making selflessness, most of his time he needs to give the assessment and development of the flexibility of the spine. From how much he can beat back in the back and the possibility of self-demita directly depends on the person to the groin. If the guy from nature does not have flexibility in general, it is unlikely that he should even start trying.

Opinion expert

Sexual Affairs Expert

Nymphomaniac and just goddess sex

The most favorable age in order to try to suck her dick is a para-triple of years during puberty after the accelerated growth phase. At this time, the spine is not yet fully formed, and therefore, it can be much more bent than in an adult.

Choosing the right position

Pose also plays an important role in the matter, how to make a blowjob yourself without special training. The perfect option - a man sits on the edge of the chair or sofa, then hands worst his hips and attracts the lower part of the body to his torsha . And you can make the position of "birch", lying to lift the legs up, then lower the lower body to your head.

Exercises for Samomynet

The easiest way to achieve the desired in this business is to do exercises for self-demit. They are in the development of flexibility and increase stretching.

Instructions for Intocentu

Instructions for Intocentu

  1. A man falls on his back, after which raises up and throws his legs behind his head, trying to get closer as much as possible to his penis.
  2. Exercises from yoga is the best way to quickly enhance stretch marks and flexibility. , Therefore, it is worth choosing a few options from the complex or attend workouts from the Master.
  3. Also good will be standard exercises from the charging for stretching. For example, the slopes of the body down in order to reach the fingers to the legs, without bending the knee. You can do exercises for the defritement. A man sits on the floor, breeds legs to the side and leans alternately, pulling her hands to the fingers.
  4. Lying on the back, a man you need to put your hands on the shoulders, after which you bring the back to a possible limit and linger in this position, pulling back my head and neck.
  5. Sitting on the floor, the man bends one leg and presses to the perineum, and the second pulls to the side to the maximum possible distance.

Any exercises that promise a stretching of the whole body are appropriate, the main thing is to fulfill them regularly and strictly according to the rules in order not to injure bundles and joints.

When autofellation is unsafe?

Was you getting my first time?

Yes No

Autofellation can not always be appropriate and appropriate. Do not experiment with such a type of masturbation, if present:

  • Diseases and spinal injuries , spinal cord or the entire musculoskeletal system;
  • excess weight and fat deposits in the abdomen and sides;
  • Little cock length not allowing to reach it;
  • Difficult internal organs ;
  • infection and inflammation of the urogenital system .

Also, if a man does not even have minimal flexibility and stretch marks, it is possible to engage in such matters only after long-term training.

How long will it take to achieve positive results?

The minimum term that a man should spend on training, the development of flexibility and stretching, in order to result in Learn to do blowjob yourself - this is 2-3 weeks of daily activities . If we are talking about men of mature and old age, in the absence of contraindications to engage in gymnastics will have to be longer - at least a few months.


Blowjob is the most favorite type of sex for most men, since only tongue and lips can provide such gentle and delicate touches of the penis. If for some reason a man has a desire to try autofhellation, that is, self-use, all subtleties and rules should be drawn from this article.

As I suck yourself - a real story of my life

This story sent us a subscriber. It is on a separate page, but we decided that it perfectly complements the material, so now it can be read right here! The story is really interesting and there are not only about myself, so we recommend reading all the guys!

Hello everyone, friends. My name is Denis, I'm 19 years old and I will not attach a photo (haha) =)

In general, with girls I have so much business, although I am a slim, normal guy. I tried quite a long time to find a girl, somehow vinyl myself for not working. And then spat on everything. That's just in terms of sex, everything was sad, well, that is, there was no sex as such. To jerk offends, constantly walking on the salons of erotic massage, they do not find money, and the attitude towards customers is not always a life-affirming. So I began to search for all other options to meet your needs.

The first thing I did is bought myself a lubricant. To be honest, now I can not imagine how I used to jerk without lubrication. With it at times, the buzz. Immediately it all nicely slides. In general, any, a visit there or DYUSE from the supermarket, but I will buy on Ali, I take it This . It is inexpensive and will not crumble.

Further began to look at toys. Of course, the view immediately chained different masturbators. I bought several different types and realized that expensive from the cheap are not particularly different, except for a lifetime. Now I have such . Also took it to Ali and it suits me quite. I do not use it every time, and a couple of times a month, so the sensations do not come. And yes, necessarily with lubrication. Sometimes I also put on a condom for new sensations.

On this, my fantasy is not over, but I have not tried any more toys. Also, they say, the erection ring on a member gives new sensations, but he himself did not try. Well, there all sorts of things for the ass or Sado Mazo is definitely not mine.

And so, somehow I came across the article, how to suck yourself, very little instruction was, it was interested in and I began to try. Next, I will try to describe everything I did. Something influenced more, something less, but now I calmly suck myself and this, I tell you, awesome! This is such a buzz that straight Wow! A handjob and artificial vagina and nearly stood.

Order of my action

At first I began to stretch to stretch. It was non-systematic and after about a month later, I realized that there was no result at all. It returned me to the ground and I realized that it was necessary to develop an action plan and clearly follow him.

That's what I did in order:

  1. I bought myself a gymnastic rug (I took again to Ali, this ). First I tried on the bed, but it is too soft, and on the floor is too tough. In general, no carpet did not work.
  2. He began to get up 20 minutes earlier to make gymnastics. The gymnastics itself included several exercises.
    1. Going up on your back, throw my legs behind our head as much as possible, wrap my hands with my hands, pull my head to the pelvis. This is the main exercise that shows how far you have advanced to the goal.
    2. Sit on the ass, the legs pull forward, stretch your hands to the fingers of the legs. Well, so everything, for sure, was done on physical education. Very good stretching.
    3. Standing go down, hug your feet with your hands and attract the body to the legs.
    4. I also did a bridge. Just stood on the bridge several times a day and tried to bring legs to the hands.
  3. After about 3 weeks of such training, I could already teach the smell of my erected member. But it did not get to reach him. I continued to train and began to think, can somehow increase your member. To be honest, I did not think that this is really possible without surgical intervention. But as it turned out, quite. In general, there are special creams, which for a period of 2-3 weeks can give plus a couple of centimeters. I used This cream And after 3 weeks I had a +2.5 cm long. For these 3 weeks, I still trained a little and began to get to a member. Now he enters the mouth of about 4 cm. This is enough to kaifi!

If you count, then the whole thing is, from the moment I came the rug and I started training, took almost 2 months. But if I immediately ordered cream , I would take lips to a member in a month.

Here is such a story! Now I bought and pass several courses: how to jerk off и how to do blowjob . It's cool. I never thought that there is so much technician and you can get so many different sensations. I recommend!

That's all. I want to say that in this matter, most importantly constancy and desire, and nothing impossible in it.

Autofellation or autofellation? Maybe this is self-seed? Perhaps it is best to myself. Someone will say self-satisfaction or impedance. But in any case, it will mean a blowjob yourself, and this is a real limit of dreams for many men. And do not say that I did not try to reach your book a tongue? It was a case, right? Today's article is entirely dedicated to Himinto. Let's talk about whether it is realistic to carry out what difficulties will arise and how it can face health. It will be interesting, read Next!

Features of male self-satisfaction

Actually, why? Is there really little girls near, or for so long there was no sexual contact that the lips themselves stretch to a member for suction? Never!

Self-cells will never compare with a blowjob from another person. Of course, girls can be able to sophisticated to suck members, set up to goosebumps, dizziness and give ocean oral orgasms, but they do not know other sponges what a member wants. They simply do not feel what a man feels. therefore Intimates is the limit of male dreams, which you can only think about.

Feelings from their own blowjob in the stock edge brighter, rich and more pleasant.

Plus everything Autofellation improves erection. Everyday self-sewn can positively affect the men's sexual system, develop a stormy erotic fantasy. Blowjob itself pumps an erectile function, and this is not a joke. Guys who can caress themselves with tongue and sponges are most limited in an intimate plan. And this does not affect the orientation, that is, in a homosexual, do not turn, do not worry, but this is not exactly.

Do you know what the most important feature in the process of self-use? After a man successfully masters this most complicated sexual intercourse with himself, and receives his first orgasm - life plays other paints. Now the orgasm reached the final feature. It will only learn to get an orgasm of the strength of thought, and the meaning of life is exhausted.

Autofellation can leave a serious trace on psychological health

Jokes jokes, but autofellation really drastically change the idea of ​​male orgasm. Such a man is now very difficult to surprise sexual terms.

Anyway, the suction itself can harm himself. So it is harmful, you ask? Partly yes. The harm is in high load on the joints, ligaments and spine, and also leaves the trace on a psychological state. But all the details of the harm and danger of Samomynet you will learn at the end of the article.

Technique Samomynet

Autofellation is quite complex in terms of physiology. A bunch of underwater stones, ranging from congenital qualities, level of training, stretching and psychological stability.

Curious men often think about how to make a blowjob to themselves, and in order to answer this question with confidence, all the factors of the man himself need to know. What is the most important quality for self-use? Probably, flexibility . Without her it will not be possible to reach the member. And this is not everyone given, but try anyway.

An excess weight man will never be able to make himself blowjob. Guys, urgently burn fat on the sides, swing the press, and the full slope to the member!

So, the technique of samomitics completely lies on the shoulders of the man himself. This is a real phenomenon, not myth and not fiction.

In general, now everyone will understand - go to the techniques of self-satisfaction.

Men, remember, there is no ideal technique in self-use. Here everything needs to be selected for personal sensations and preferences. This process can be divided into three techniques, it is based on a variety of variations that depend on your imagination.

Concept of autofellation

Everything starts with the tongue. To block your member, few people can, so first will finish the tongue technique. Let's call her licking.

The principle is simple: The tongue of the language gently and gently caress the head of the member. Special emphasis recommend putting on the bridle, urethra, and, in fact, the head.

Laski the tip of the tongue is quickly made, so I advise you to combine with the full contact of the language.

For brightness of sensations, I recommend to look like an edible lubricant with various tastes. It will decorate the sensations and strengthen the orgasm, if you master, of course.

In one tongue, self-sending does not stop. Further goes on the move And now you can slightly suck your dick. You probably know about such a technique as a vacuum is light sickness to the head with an air pressure inside and back.

Try to take the penis in your mouth, tightly clamp your head with lips, and pull the air.

There is one chip here - alternating vacuum effort. That is, for more vivid impressions it can be strengthened, and after 5 seconds weaken the vacuum. You can not imagine how nice it is.

If you want to fly to another planet from orgasm, it is worth trying a combo tongue and vacuum.

How to do:

  • In the process of vacuum, you start caressing the bridle of a member. Two simple movements, and sensations are just incredible!
  • When they finished practice with tongue and lips, you can safely go to Standard self-seed.
  • Sponges in the ring, look at the member and the full forward to swallowing.
  • Move slowly and sensually, up-down and so on. Similarly, you can combine with vacuum and caressing tongues.

Actually, everything. These were basic technicians in which everything can be invented further than the soul. All preferences are different, so you should be repelled only from your desires.

Whether everyone will be able to make autofellation

Here, paradox: Sexologists claim that selflessness is a very rare phenomenon that is capable of performing two-three men out of a thousand. And if you look at any porn, Introduce "Intocent" in the search, then we will get several thousand videos of autofellation of different men. It turns out that it is not so rare.

handsome man
Self-seed will be only in a man in good physical form

One way or another, not all are capable of this, but superconduble for this is not needed.

A man who will put himself a goal to suck the piston must be as stretched, flexible and preferably thin. Beer tummy immediately departs, there is nothing to discuss here.

No, but I want to try


No, bad physical form


Voted: 259.

Ideally, if a man has been engaged in sports since childhood, for example, gymnastics, swimming or in the end dance.

It will be a big and greasy advantage of the ability to sit on the twine, it's straight Wow, how cool will help!

And, of course, it is not anywhere without the impressive member sizes. Guys with small pussy, do not be offended, but 10 cm for self-demita will not be enough. You can think of something if you have hard 18 cm, or even more. After all, this greatly facilitates the task.

In the end, it is necessary to understand that the very fact of self-use will affect the life of a guy. I have already said above that the picture of orgasms in the subconscious immediately changes coloring. Now masturbation will not be needed, and not such a dependence on women. But it's all individually.

So, let's summarize yourself. The guy who makes himself a blowjob must possess:

  • Well developed flexibility (twine will be an excellent addition).
  • Slender physique (minimum subcutaneous fat).
  • Long term (18 cm and more),
  • Persistence, patience, awesome desire.

Go directly to flexibility and stretching. Read more!

How to develop flexibility for self-use

We need long, stubborn and grueling workouts. If you think that in a week or two you will get to get to the member - you are mistaken. Many confidently argue that three weeks of stretching workouts are enough with your head. Neither the feature of the like. Of course, if from the childhood you have been different from the peers with superfexies, and at 10 years it could be in half, the predisposition to self-satisfaction is about you.

But we are talking about a private guy who can only dream or plans to suck. If there is no flexibility - you will need At least 3-4 months of reinforced training. If you start at age 30, the process will also be delayed for half a year.

Flexibility to direct depends on age. The older - the more difficult.

Go to the training yourself. So, buddy, are you ready? Then read and wind on the mustache!

The first and most important rule that you need to bruit on the nose - Do not miss training . You have to do every day. I missed the stretching workout, then automatically took a step back.

What do you need to do? Stretching twine, sloping down standing, sitting. And this is just a warm-up! I have already said that the twine is just an addition to training.

Man training
Training is extremely important for successful self-use

You need a high-quality stretching program for your back, legs and an inflation. Specific attention occupies a vertebrate and cervical department.

In order not to engage in masturbation, it is better to sign up for stretching courses, or acquire some complex on the Internet. You can find for free, but it is better to pay for quality once.

Again, do not wait for a quick result. All workouts can take several months, and in special cases and several years.

Stretching is not only the key to oral self-satisfaction. It will help improve overall well-being, relieve problems with back and overweight. In general, this a priori is useful.


If the desire to suck yourself too hot - contact your yoga professionals or stretching coaches. They quickly put you on the right path and bring flexibility to perfection.

Do you have to do myself?

Yes No

If we decided to train yourself, then let's talk directly about stretching exercises.

You can start with small - With slopes down to stop palms in the floor. Excellent exercise that develops flexibility.

You can take an arsenal exercise for the pros: lie on the back, lift the legs up and reach your hands to the tips of the fingers, without bending the knees.

Get ready for hurt. Stretching is not pleasant, it is always discomfort and discomfort. Overwork it is impossible, it is better to be a little bit without injuries.

Be sure to try this exercise: A man sits on the floor, legs stretched forward. Now it's most close to your fingers, without bending the knees. The ideal result when it turns out to be in a fold without pain.

And, of course, you need to take a stretching program at least one exercise for self-demit.

How to do? Lent on the back, slowly and gently start the legs behind the head, fastening them in a steady position cross on the cross.

Hands wrap the buttocks and pull up a member to the mouth, trying to grasp the clothes - this is the simplest, but very effective exercise.

By tradition, you want to please you with a steep video, which will effectively help achieve a stretching success for self-demit. We look, remember, we are implementing in practice:

We summarize about stretching:

  1. Train every day.
  2. Stretch your back, legs, spine.
  3. Nothing to hurry, repel away from sensations.
  4. Ideally, if you write down in the classroom for the yoga master.

Radical methods

There are cases when even the coolest stretching does not help to achieve autofellation. What then? Forget and do something useful? And here is not! You can call the local plastic surgeon and lie down under the knife.

If the desire is pouring through the edge - you can Remove two lower ribs, Like Merlin Manson. In this case, the whole process will be easily simplified, and self-cells will not be so inaccessible.

Keep in mind, the removal operation is a complex situation, after which the long-term recovery and rehabilitation will need.

It is the lower ribs and interfere with getting to a member. If they are not - the obstacle will disappear, and voila. SelfSosa is ready!

Poses for Samomynet

In the postures for autofellation do not invent anything. Smart people have long brought this process to ideal, highlighting the three most effective postures.

To invent the bike is not worth it. Just take advantage of the recommendations below and train.

What is the best pose? There is no ideal posture : Vasya loves standing, Dima - sitting, and Petya sucks lying. Everything is purely individually.

Legs behind head

Complete and simple pose lying on the back.

What to do? Lit on your back, raise your legs and try to fix them for your head. In this posture, it is very easy to lose the balance and ride like a nevosha. Therefore, help your hands and keep your balance. As soon as you accept a comfortable position - I have done my hands into the buttocks and give the body towards the head. The neck at this moment needs to be pulled out as much as possible in order to reduce your way to a member.

Head Pose for Head
Pose "Legs for your head"

This posture itself is very simple, but I would recommend to fulfill it in the presence of an assistant. At any time, it can grab the convulsion, so safety is most important.

The above-described posture is very much similar to the Plug of Yoga called "Plow".

At first, pain in the legs and neck will be felt. To avoid discomfort, you need to warm up and not to make sharp movements.


Less traumatic and effective pose for self-satisfaction.

How to do? Stand smoothly, keep your back straight. Slowly and undercolorly lean down, clasping her knees. Legs can not be bending, buttocks ago not to stick, keep the loins in constant tension.

Many men make a mistake and try to get to the floor - it is not necessary so. Your goal is to close as much as possible to face to the groin.

As soon as your head is on the same level with a penis - a person to a member. Get ready for muscular pain in the back of the hip. It will pass if you warm up and train a stretch.

Training asana
For self-demit, you must work up


Pose is simple, you can easily facilitate my life, bearing about the wall or another solid surface.

How to do? Sit on the floor, tightly pressing the buttocks to the wall. Cook with your back - it is useless, as you will slide and slide down.

Smooth and gently go down down, trying to get the lips to the member. For a consuming effect, you can help yourself tightening the legs below. That's all.

I advise you to try all three postures, compare the feelings and choose the most convenient and painless position.

The danger of blowjob itself

Autofellation can be dangerous if it is related to the negligence and neglect of safety rules.

  • Light stretching muscles.  Due to excessive stretching of muscles and ignore pain, you can overvolt and stretch ligaments or muscles. As a rule, injuries are held a week later. To avoid stretching, you need to warm up, not in a hurry. If you feel pain - it is better to stop.
  • Cramps. In an uncomfortable pose can grab the convulsion. It is not critical, but painfulness causes pain, especially if enough cramps in the post "foot for head", when a man is actually immobilized and clamped.
  • Psychological deviations. Unlikely, but it is quite possible. The process itself of independent oral satisfaction is an unnatural process. Autofellation, as repeatedly repeated above, can affect psychological attitude to sex. A man who sucks himself can blur the healthy idea of ​​traditional sex. There are no cases when self-sustainers turned into homosexuals, and this is not a joke. However, if I myself, it is purely for fun and interest, then there is nothing terrible.


To stimulate a member there is nothing more pleasant than self-seed. No one knows better about the technique of the blowjob as a man himself. Feelings from self-demit - this is bliss that cannot be emphasized anywhere. To train, or not - to solve only you, but it is worth it.

Autofellation for men

Sex with a partner and masturbation - a far-minded ways to satisfy yourself. There is an unconventional method for the ongoing sensations - autofellation. This pleasure exclusively for men. However, a small part of them will be decided on the blowjob. However, if there is a special scientific definition, there are and willing to try out it in practice. We will see how you can do it, which will be required for this.

Who can easily make a blowjob i

It is difficult to submit the technique of doing this "trick". But, from the point of view of anatomy, it can make young men at the age of puberty with a pair of years later than the accelerated growth phase. The fact is that at this time there are still a formed spine, and it is capable of begged with a raised angle than a mature man.

If the idea of ​​self-demitator is interested in a man of a coolest age, should not be desirable. But for this you need to try, to generate a stretching of the whole body. It will be suitable for the exercise scheme of acrobats.

It is an opinion that for autofellation is optional stretching - just remove a pair of ribs. Say, it is rebiring a person to properly begun. It is definitely unknown how truthyatory, but it is better not to risk, and give preference to training. Organizm will be grateful to such a choice.

His banana in hand

Perfect is rather an unconventional method of production. And in vain. He does not talk about homosexual inclinations. Taspanist, 80% of men would have been engaged in such a blowjob if it would not need to apply efforts for this.

How to make the body a biggibe 2

To do to penetrate, you need to possess one (but two) with these things: flexible back and a large member size. Than a peniside, the less you will have to strain your back. However, there are cases when concerning the workout allowed men with a length of 12-15 cm without problematic by autofellation. That is, the fundamental aspect is trained.

An effective way to increase body flexibility is a teachy. The result will not be immediately, but only after a couple of months / year. But in general, yoga classes are useful for themselves. Alternative option - do the flexibility exercise.

Very important factor - before training for a good condition of the back and neck. If a man has diseases, displacements of the vertebrae, then it is better to refuse from this idea, and search for more safe ways of self-satisfaction.

Flexible guy

Convenient poses forsamominet 3

There are three variations of Pos, at which the Malemale will satisfy themselves. With the mind they are similar, but each position has its own features:

  • Legs behind your head. For this you need to lie down, and then get up in the pose of "birch", throwing the legs as much as possible. Husband would be folded in half, trying to get a gathering area to face. Suchamposition resembles a "plow" of yoga, however, in yoga, the position of the hands may be abused.
  • In a sitting position. The man must sit down, making focus on the wall and drowning the legs forward. Next you need to lean, as stronger as possible to touch the lips to the penis.
  • Standing. In a standing position, it is necessary to determine, but not to the floor, but to the groin area.

In the process of autofellation, you need to use sanity and lips. It is recommended to move your head as it usually makes women or make reciprocating motions to the pelvis.

Flexible man

What kind of poses choose, depends on personal desires and individual physique.

Useful advice 4

So that you bring pleasure, and not pain and the pain, you should listen to the following recommendations:

  • Before proceeding with the blowjob, you need to heat the muscles, having done the basic gymnastic exercises. Thawers will not suffer, and flexibility will increase.
  • You need to drink more water. A large number of tightness helps muscle mass faster to get used to the incoming load to infiltrate the risk of seizures.
  • It is better to engage in autofhellation on an empty stomach, either two hours after the last meal.
  • If the process is felt in the muscles, it is necessary to stop.
  • If physical training allows, it is recommended to submit poses so as not to provoke muscle tension.
Open Mouth Guy

Following these advice, a person will be able to be engaged in the methods of health without compromising health.

Technicians of the Mijoba Veuseburg 5

Not every man boasts the skills of a blowjob. We express their attention to the basic steps to pleasure. Oral affairs of the convention of several groups:

  • Touch tongue. It is necessary to lvamppenis with different intensity. You can caress yourself with the tongue of the tongue, but it is possible to the wood surface. The most sensitive zones that need to enable high-quality engineet - head, bridle, entrance to the urethra.
  • Possing. To do this, you need to place the head off the penis in the mouth, and how to try to pull out air out of it. A combination and strong vacuum, a man will be able to deliver an incomparable bliss of a few minutes.
  • Progressive movements. It should be folded into the tube, take a member in the mouth and move up-down. You can combine the wakuum.
A man sucks banana

These are fundamental techniques, combined to give an unforgettable feeling. With their help, it will be possible to master the cooled methods of self-satisfaction.

So that the process itself was pleasant, you should not forget the promsion. It will improve the slide, will strengthen the sensation. It is especially pleasant to makeaminet with a oral lubricant with a pleasant smell and taste.

Useful supports for the milineta 6

To make the process as comfortable as possible ibea, it is recommended to find additional support points for yourself. Infridency or position in space can be borrowed from yoga.

It is recommended to consider the following positions:

A man wants to be satisfied
  • With a support on the wall. In a lying position with its help, it turns out to control the slope, varying the position of the legs. They can be pulled out or bend.
  • Take advantage of the blanket. The bedspread must be folded and placed under the lower back or blades. This device will help secure the body in the desired position and will not allow the buttocks to drag the body back. The blanket in folded form will help conveniently arrange the body, and stretching will become more flexible.
  • Apply belts. In the sitting position, as an option, you can lean in legs in the straps, and hold them with your hands. If you strongly strain, a man will make a tilt forward, with the use of design to stop.

Before practicing to myself, it's a long time and diligently exercise. The most effective for this exercise is the development of flexibility in the back. At the time of the beginning of the practice of self-government, a person is already intuitive to be clear how the most effectively advocate admissible attributes.

Banana in pants

It is important to understand that autofellation is available far from it. If a man in excess weight is overweight, then the exercises on flexibility will help. The general physique, the flexibility of the translation and the frequency of workouts is also played. A full course of exercises will stretch from six months to several years. Lengthinis also plays an important role here. The owners of long members at the training session will leave less time. But it does not hurry, and do over the power. Of course, with theorence to break the well-known service, but you can stretch the muscles.

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