Who is such a supervisor and what he does - how to become and where to learn

Supervisor is a mandatory regular unit in large trading companies with a network of retail stores. Consider what this specialist is engaged in which requirements for it are presented and what future is waiting for the profession.

Average salary: 50000. rubles per month

Product set for supervisor

The legislative result of the development of the labor market is the emergence of new professions and, accordingly, posts. Recently, this happens regularly. For example, some 15 years ago, no one even heard the words "Supervisor". But today, without this profession, it is difficult to imagine a major trading enterprise. Such experts are in demand and can count on very good earnings. So let's understand who is such a supervisor and what it does.

How to appear profession

Both the name "Supervisor", and the position came from the United States of America in the middle of the 20th century. From English, this word is translated as "observer", "Inspector" and "Controller".

In the 1970s, new technologies began to be implemented in the sales sector. There was a need for a separate specialist who would be engaged in systematic control of subordinates. Thus, it is possible to conclude that the duties of the supervisor included the management of the activities of the employees of the trading enterprise.

In the Russian labor market, such vacancies began to appear quite recently - in the early 2000s. Domestic marketing has widely borrowed the experience of foreign countries in this industry. Of course, the profession is adopted.

In Russia, the historical "doubleler" of this position can be called a brigadier at the enterprise of industry - a large factory or factory. However, he simply carried out control over the activities of the workers. Modern supervisor performs managerial and some administrative functions.

Description of the specifics of work

Who is the supervisor and what exactly does he do? As already mentioned, in English Supervisor means "controller". In other words, this is a specialist who manages sales representatives.

The main task of the promoter supervisor is to entrust to him to employees, appropriate conditions for work are provided. He is also responsible for having all the necessary promotional materials, product samples and gifts for various shares and draws.

In addition to the above, it needs to be followed as promoters look like, and to respond to the replacement of the subordinates that have not copbled with the tasks set. He holds under control the promotion and results of the advertising campaign, periodically providing a detailed report by the superior authorities.

Supervisor manages not only promoters, but also merchandisers. The latter are engaged in laying products on the shelves and shop windows, consulting buyers regarding the characteristics of goods, as well as the control of the number of balances in the warehouse. The supervisor must ensure that each Merchandiser fully fulfills its duties, and solve issues related to the organization of the workflow.

Where to get an education

The head (even if the lower link itself) is one of the steps of the career ladder. That is why there is no such technical school or university, where they would prepare supervisors.

To get theoretical knowledge or to replenish the baggage already available at trainings to improve sales efficiency, business communication, psychology and ethics. In some companies, management will guide such training courses.

Most often, the supervisor becomes the most initiative and professional officer from merchandisers or sales representatives. In the presence of ambitions and dedication, it can independently sign up for the necessary courses. This will significantly increase its chances to get a position subject to the appearance of a vacancy.

So what happens? Education Supervisor is not necessary at all? According to reviews, a diploma on the end of the university in the specialty "Management" or "Economics" will not be superfluous. After all, this position is directly related to the management.

The second higher direction in the directions "Psychology" and "Sociology" is useful. It can be an advantage in employment.

According to the above-mentioned specialties, training is carried out in almost any university of Russia. Therefore, problems with the choice of place of study should not be. Let us give a few examples:

  • Bryanian state university. Academician I. Petrovsky. Specialty "Management". The level of preparation is undergraduate.
  • National Research University Higher School of Economics in Moscow. Specialty "Management". The level of preparation is a magistracy.
  • Leningrad State University. A. Pushkin. Specialty "Management". The level of preparation is a magistracy.
  • Institute of Civil Service and Management of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Civil Services under the President of the Russian Federation. Specialty "Economics". The level of preparation is a magistracy.
  • St. Petersburg University of Management and Economics Technologies. Specialty "Management Management". The level of preparation is undergraduate.

For receipt, applicants will need to pass his social science, mathematics and Russian language. High scores according to these subjects have a weighty value. They will be able to go through the budget form of training.

Range of duties

Today's supervisor is the head of the lower or middle link. It is subordinate to it 5-30 employees.

What makes a professional supervisor? It is a string that connects the company's management, representatives of the customer and performers.

Its activity is to establish contact with each subordinate, analyzing their personal qualities, identifying weak and strengths. The result of all this should be improving the efficiency of work and, of course, sales volumes.

The range of duties of the supervisor depends on the specifics of the work of the trading company and the characteristics of its structure. Common functions include:

  1. Competently to put subordinate working tasks.
  2. It is correct to distribute the scope of work between all employees.
  3. Prevent possible failures in the process of work, quickly take adequate solutions for force majeure.
  4. Redistribute duties if there is no sufficient personnel.
  5. Control compliance with the schedule for the scheduled tasks.
  6. Provide subordinate information materials necessary for equipment and material means.
  7. Prevent the brewing of conflict situations in the team.
  8. Analyze and evaluate the work of employees.
  9. Correct disadvantages in the work and appearance of employees.

Personal qualities

Supervisor's job duties are not as follows to teams and orders. The applicant should always remember that this profession implies the obligatory possession of communicative and creative skills, as well as leadership abilities.

Among other (no less important) qualities should be allocated to non-standard thinking, the ability to analyze the situation of varying degrees of complexity and clear planning of the employment process. Without them, you can not even count on this position.

Supervisor always works in a team. To show high results and achieve success in activities, it needs to be able to respond quickly, to be demanding (first of all to himself), to comply with the rules of business ethics, to understand well in the psychology of communication, instantly perceive and absorb any innovations.

Necessary knowledge

Supervisor - partly office work. For a debt, he has to deal with reporting and some documents. To do this, it is necessary to own a personal computer. The knowledge of Microsoft Office software package is especially important. In addition, you need to be able to work in a special program for "sales" - "1C: Trade and Warehouse."

Without having the slightest concept about the basics of marketing and Aza Mercidyzing, it is unrealistic to work as a supervisor. But if the applicant is perfectly understood in the specifics of the recruitment of personnel and its subsequent training, his salary may well grow by 3-4 thousand rubles.

Requirements of the employer

The main requirement of the employer to a person who declared his desire to take the place of the supervisor, - experience in the post of Merchandiser, a sales representative or at least a promoter from 2 years. If the applicant has already had to manage personnel, it will be an advantage and will bypass competitors.

That's what the employers still want to see in the summary and hear at the interview:

  1. Experience in training personnel and conducting courses (trainings) relating to the scope of sales.
  2. Knowledge of labor laws and at least Azov economy (in particular - marketing).
  3. Business communication skills, observance of etiquette.
  4. Knowledge of at least one foreign (most often - English) language.
  5. Age up to 40 years.

The last item has nothing to do with the Agemism. He is dictated with exceptionally common sense. The supervisor profession involves frequent movements. This man does not sit all day behind the office table. Practice shows that after 40 years, many have already been difficult to withstand a high pace of work.

Salary size

The field of activity and list of supervisor official duties promise very good earnings. Traditionally, it consists of 2 parts: fixed salary and interest rates. Monetary equivalent of the latter directly depends on the results of work.

In big cities, the amount of wages ranges from 70 to 150 thousand rubles. In the settlements less (for example, district centers) - from 25 to 60 thousand rubles. The starting earnings of the novice supervisor, of course, will be slightly lower than the average. There is nothing terrible in this. After all, it, in particular, affects the existing knowledge, skills, skills and experience.

Now for clarity, we give a few examples of the cities. Moscow supervisors on average receive about 68 thousand rubles per month. A novice specialist here can only count on 40 thousand rubles. In St. Petersburg, approximate earnings are 50 thousand rubles, and in Yekaterinburg - 38 thousand rubles.

Career construction

Supervisor - the first stage of the career ladder for the managerial. If he is enough ambitious and perfectly performs his duties, then after a while it may well count on further growth.

If the company is not very large, the next step is the head of the sales department. In the federal company, which develops a network of branches in big cities, a supervisor career looks a little different:

  1. Territorial manager. Under its care there are several branches in 1 or 2 areas. Minimum wages - 80 thousand rubles.
  2. Regional manager. He is a representative of the trading company as a whole region or at the Federal District. Minimum earnings - 135 thousand rubles.
  3. Manager National . Carries out control over compliance with the interests of the trading enterprise in the state. His salary starts from 250 thousand rubles.

There is also an alternative for creating a career - horizontal. Supervisor can grow to the director of the branch, corporate business coach, training management, or a category manager. The latter is responsible for the result of the promotion and marketing of a separate product or a whole group of products from the company's assortment.

Advantages and disadvantages

As with any other profession, the supervisor has not only advantages, but also disadvantages. Before sending a resume to the employer and go to the interview, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with them.


  1. Abnormal work schedule. Often you have to work for 10-14 hours a day. And this is not at all the limit.
  2. High level of responsibility. The supervisor responds not only for increasing the company's profits in the segment entrusted to him, but also for the coordinated work of subordinates.
  3. Stress and serious emotional load. Position implies constant communication with people. They need to find a common language, applying various methods of exposure.


  1. You can get a job without having higher education. The diploma will be needed only for a major foreign enterprise.
  2. This position is a successful start for a career in the field of distribution.
  3. The ability to gain tremendous experience in sales, and in the personnel management.
  4. One of the most highly paid governing positions in the field of trade.
  5. The movement of the supervisor is strictly not controlled. At working hours, it is permissible to look home or solve a personal problem. However, it is impossible to abuse it.

Future profession

Today, the demand for specialists in the field of sales (managers, sales representatives, promoters, merchandisers, supervisors) continues to be stably high. The listed professions still relate to promising.

At the same time, competition in the labor market is steadily growing. And this means that the employer requires a higher professional level procedure. There is a pleasant moment. Together with advanced training, the salary is growing.

Business Insider Edition (USA) conducted its own research. Its result was 20 professions that will retain demand in the future. The office supervisor also got into their number.

The prospect of this position is explained by the opening of new companies and the development of existing ones. With an increase in the number of ordinary "sales", the number of supervisors that must control them will grow.

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In this article, we learn the features and underwater stones of the profession Supervisor, find out who they are so and what they do specifically, in which area there are more and more. Despite the fact that the profession the supervisor appeared about 100 years ago, she just recently recently. Translate the word Supervisor as: supervisor, controller, caretaker. Let's figure it out why?

Who is a supervisor in trading?

Who is Supervisor?
Supervisor - Low City Head

Supervisor is an employee who controls and organizes the work of other employees of the enterprise: sales representatives, merchandisers, vendors, sales agents, promoters. Also, the supervisor is responsible for the personnel training system, the system of motivation, planning and reporting before leadership. In fact, this is a profession similar to the functions of the sales department, brigadier, master of the workshop, if you want, which has gained special popularity, it is in sales.

In order to take the functions of the mentor, the supervisor must have a sufficient level of knowledge and professional competencies. Employees should listen, respect, take an example from their St., and if difficulties arise with this, he must be ready to collect his team anew - managed and efficient. Therefore, almost all good supervisors grow with successful sellers and know how and what works inside the system.

Supervisors - their own team, but also their among the leadership. Everyone chooses the measure of the balance itself - to remain a friend in his team or being closer to the manual.

Since the profession the supervisor is quite multifaceted, it is often possible to meet such a specialist as an internal coach or coach, which can not work not only in the company's walls, but also work on the road. One way or another, over the past 10 years, this profession has strongly rooted in the top 10 of the most sought-after vacancies among the lowest managers.

To date, the profession is supervisor, known under such names:

  • Supervisor merchandisers (The head of the marchdiser group, which makes trips on sales checks. He looks at how the goods are distributed on the shelves by marchydizers, in what quantity, in whether it is necessary, the report is the report and sends it to the manual);
  • Supervisor promoters (Serves the role of a controller and mentor over promoters: organizes the implementation of promotions, dials the staff, sets the tasks, controls the tasks, evaluates the work of the staff);
  • Supervisor sales representatives (The same functions + execution of the sales plan in the territory entrusted to it).

The profession is supervisor, can occur not only in sales, but also in production (mining and manufacturing), in the service sector (hotel business, airports) and in any business where the creation of the team and managing it.

Official duties superviser

As with any supervisor, the supervisor of the trading company, duties are no less:

  1. Management of a small group of workers up to 20-30 people;
  2. Control over the observance of standards of work;
  3. Search for new employees and the formation of new working groups into effective commands;
  4. Monitoring the tempo and quality of tasks, plan;
  5. Moving reports of performers into a single report for manual;
  6. Analysis of the current situation in the Working Group;
  7. Psychological attitude of the team on the result and achievement of the goals;
  8. Rapid adoption of management solutions in non-standard situations;
  9. Planning and participation in promotions and marketing events (exhibitions, presentations), also included in the duty of a supervisor in some areas of business.
  10. The ability to negotiate with partners.

Personal qualities of an effective supervisor

One desire to become a supervisor is not enough! A good leader should be able to influence his team, motivate and convey problems and methods to them to achieve them. You can develop any quality, as practice shows, it is more efficient to select a supervisor with certain personality qualities:

  • Age does not matter, only active life position and energy. This profession excludes the opportunity to sit down in the office at the computer.
  • Explicit checkers leader. The leader recognized in the team makes her work 100 times more efficiently than just a manager in the image. The mentor must have authority before subordinates, they must feel support and expert in all matters. About situational leadership.
  • Analytical and organizational abilities. Analyze the work of the trading point, the work of a separate employee, the pace of execution of plans, etc.
  • Sociability. To each employee, you need an individual approach. One understands the first time, the second must be checked. As a result, everyone should understand the tasks equally and responsible for their implementation. Ability to listen to all team members and give clear and correct answers, is also the mandatory qualities of the supervisor.
  • The ability to teach other people - is the mandatory quality of a good supervisor. Despite the experience gained earlier in sales, the mentor may encounter the problem of reporting its knowledge to others. An image of a friend, assistant, comrade is the best image for the teacher. Perseverance and patience always help in the learning process.

A little truth about the work supervisor

Who is Supervisor?Very often in the Super takes not such a competent person, how convenient in terms of submission to the management. The majority of CRs do not have the slightest idea of ​​the methods of formation and cohesion of the team, and even more of them - do not have experience in sales at all. Work under the control of such a manager leads to the joining staff on glider, meetings, five-minutes, losing precious time.

If all the companies are lucky and they found a supervisor from God, then here the script can be two:

  1. It will be held in this position for a very long time, enjoying the indicators and responsibility of a good worker. Find a good stubble problem! This happens in 80% of cases;
  2. It will quickly increase in order to use the management potential in more responsible directions. This happens in 20% of cases;

In the team, the Supervisor is rarely able to entrenched in the status of a loyal friend, because he has to constantly interfere in the affairs of agents, and sometimes even punish. Manual pressure is a constant phenomenon, since sales plans are constantly increasing, and often unfounded. Cones from two sides - the cost of the profession is supervisor.


A supervisor man should be able to collect subordinates, convey the task, configure to achieve the result and monitor the execution of this task. It requires from person, responsibility, flexibility and self-confidence, otherwise such a list of duties is not to fulfill!

Now you have an idea of ​​the profession supervisor, and how you have already understood a profession not from the lungs. Collect and coordinate the work of "sales", lead the administrative and management activities of their working group, to be a psychologist and mentor for new team members - all this is to be a person who wanted to try himself in this path.

If you work or work as a supervisor, write your opinion about this popular profession in the comments!

Last changes:

The management of the middle and lowest link is given to the "niche" during the development of the market economy. The binding link between workers and senior personnel is the supervisor - who is and what functional responsibilities performs depends on the direction of business.

Definition and responsibilities

Supervisor who isTranslated from the English term means "observer", "controller", "Inspector". Definition of the circle of job responsibilities included in the profession Supervisor, which is such simple words, follows from the translation of the word. Supervisors are persons involved in different areas of business carrying out systematic control and coordination of the actions of entrusted personnel.

Functional responsibilities are to the role of a binding chain between the management of structural divisions and direct performers and include:

  • the leadership of the younger staff in the amount of five to thirty people;
  • Direct participation in the selection of personnel suitable for the execution of employment duties and form a single team;
  • systematic control of activities and coordination;
  • reporting and comparison in the number of indicators of entrusted employees with the determination of the ratio of growth rates or fall;
  • timing of working time subordinates, assessment of efficiency of use;
  • acceptance of management decisions within the competence;
  • the rapid response in the event of conflict situations;
  • Manifestation of the initiative and making proposals for improving the quality of work.

The head sitting at the table often does not have the ability to objectively evaluate the problem using a comprehensive approach, for which 100% corresponds to the position of the supervisor controlling the performer at its direct workplace.

For example, a sales supervisor - who is it and what? By controlling the work of merchandisers and sales representatives, the middle manager is developing promising routes of retail outlets, monitors the availability of goods, coordinates deliveries and checks for sales plans. Supervisor in construction is a brigadier that controls the place indicating the working on error and offering ways to improve quality.

Supervisor rights

To implement a qualitative analysis and introduction of rationalizing proposals, the Supervisor needs to receive information relative to the entrusted department related to confidential.

The middle manager has the following rights:

  • access to accounting data on wages of entrusted employees;
  • nomination of requirements regarding the provision of workers by production inventory and overalls;
  • participation in the planning of the enterprise concerning the work area;
  • nomination of proposals for employees award when the established indicators is reached;
  • Participation in the formation of pricing policies in groups of goods and the choice of suppliers and buyers.

The dominant stage in the formation of a hierarchical staircase is the establishment of subordination in the implementation of manual at the level of the unit, regardless of the number of employees. Subordinates should not have a question: who is the most important manager or supervisor, if the decision of a particular question is included in the competence of the supervisor.

Requirements for the applicant

Requirements are determined by the circle of official duties and differ depending on the scope of activity. The presence of a personal car and its use in the activities of the enterprise is necessary for trips to commercial points than the supervisor of sales representatives. A respectable appearance is needed by the head of the middle service in the field of services or government agencies, relevant for the restaurant superviser when a conflict situation has occurred.

Among the general requirements can be allocated:

  1. The presence of education. The ideal option is to combine the profession of the manager and a psychologist, since knowledge is important in organizing management processes along with the ability to "break" the problem moments of the psychological level, instantly evaluating the origins of the problem and instantly finding the solutions.
  2. Ownership at the minimum level of issues of economics and labor law. Knowledge of marketing helps to establish and expand the marketing market, and labor legislation allows you to make reasonable proposals for the promotions of the distinguished employees.
  3. Personal qualities - business communication skills, contact, purposefulness, commitment, responsibility and skill to work in a team.

A number of enterprises set the age limiter to 40 years, objectively assessing who such supervisors. Employers not without reason consider a person who did not step above the career ladder, unpromising for the role of the head of any rank. There is also an opinion regarding the health and impossibility of working on a par with young people in physical and mental terms over the years.

Advantages and disadvantages of the profession

Going to the interview or exposing a candidate applicant, it is necessary to compare the advantages and cons of the post, evaluate your own capabilities and objectively existing barriers. The main advantages include:

  1. Acquisition of practical experience in different directions capable of becoming a "springboard" for further improvement:
    • in the sphere of sales;
    • In the field of personnel management.
  1. Relatively high wages, determined by the volume of work performed by subordinate employees. Who is a supervisor in trading? This is not an employee who is non-retail points, and the head receiving a certain percentage of sales of the department plus a fixed rate from the calculation of the spent time.
  2. Obtaining a position without the required experience in a particular area immediately at the end of the educational institution or the combination of work with the studies provided for by a flexible schedule.

Among the disadvantages should be allocated:

  1. The ability to attract to overtime works and establish an abnormal working time, since the defining criterion is not an employment process, but the achievement of the desired result ensures profitability and a high level of profitability of products being implemented, performing work and the provision of services in various fields of activity.
  2. High level of responsibility. What is the position of the supervisor essentially? This is simultaneous activities and responsibility for:
    • achieving financial results;
    • The coordinated work of employees, transformed into the team;
    • Expansion of the sales market and the study of new directions promising for the company's activities.
  1. Stress resistance and psycho-emotional load. Supervisor's job duties include simultaneous communication with people who differ in intelligence, mental potential, level of analytics and position. It is necessary to establish relations with:
    • manual;
    • subordinate group of people;
    • clients and suppliers.

The employer's claims may vary depending on the charges of charges. Directly found in the workplace, which means a stationary supervisor, is not associated with trips around the region, business trips for a long period. However, the search for a labor function may be included in the search for new customers, suppliers and buyers in order to promote goods and services and expansion of the market.

Therefore, before a visit to the employer, the requirements should be examined, evaluate its own readiness and ability to fulfill the required functions and not create a false image that cannot be followed in the process of work.

Development prospects

The prospect of this profession increases thanks to the opening of newly created legal entities and individuals - business entities and business development. The increasing number of ordinary sales staff is inextricably linked to the demand of the profession of supervisors - people who are directly controlled sales.

The profession involves an increase in the career ladder, both in the vertical direction to the head of the major sales department and in the horizontal direction by receiving professions related to in-depth study of production specifics.

The well-known American edition conducted his own research, which was the result of 20 professions that preserve the demand in the labor market. Common and supervisors.

The growth of the foreign and domestic economy will have a positive effect on the Russian labor market, since the demand for managers, merchandisers, promoters is steadily growing thanks to the development of business in the regions and marketing policies of Western countries who found in the face of Russia a unique market for products that are not demanded in their own legal territories.

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What are the duties of the supervisor and what is this profession?

Supervisor for work

With the development of capitalism in Russia, many new specialties appeared, part of which society took over from Western countries. A visual example is a supervisor position, which is in all logistics companies and retaling networks. From this article you will learn who this is a supervisor - and what he is doing.

What is this profession - supervisor

Supervisor is who and what does

If you simplify, the supervisor is an observer, a supervisor and controller. Everything that the supervisor does is associated with the control of the results of the team, their coordination and improvement of interaction.

Most often, supervisors are working in organizations with an extensive supply network, complex logistics and large number of specialists.

These organizations include:

  • Transport companies and delivery services;
  • Retail Networks for the sale of food;
  • network marketing and sales services;
  • Oil and gas and petroleumvice companies (drilling supervisors), etc.

In other words, the supervisor is the head of the middle or low link. It may contain trade representatives, merchandisers, movers and pockets, as well as logists and freight forwarders.

Shopping supervisors are the most popular vacancy in the labor market.

What does supervisor makes

At any enterprise, the supervisor is responsible for several important areas:

  1. setting current tasks to the team;
  2. monitoring the quality of performance;
  3. reception and dismissal of employees;
  4. Training of new professionals;
  5. drawing up reports on work, expenses, income and profit;
  6. Resolution of conflict situations.

Supervisor has access to personal data and the right to dispose of entrusted resources. He can also request funding from the higher authority.

Supervisor's job responsibilities may include planning, development of the company's marketing strategy, making adjustments. Also, this specialist can solve questions about the bonuses of particularly effective employees.

The working day of the supervisor takes place in the warehouse, in the store or in the enterprise. He observes the work of the team, and if necessary, interferes with the workflow.

But not always the supervisor consists of a company. You can hire people with experience from the outside. In this case, the duties of the supervisor are easier - inspection of the work of the team, observation of the work and the issuance of its recommendations with comments.

The regular supervisor is obliged to attend the workplace daily. He is personally responsible for the activities of his team, for the health and life of workers.

Additional knowledge that is required to be supervisor to perform their work:

  • labor legislation and regulatory acts regulating the activities of the enterprise;
  • Principles of production organization;
  • Technological chains, volumes and quality supplies of products, etc.

Training at the supervisor

Supervisor learning

Economic education is suitable for this profession. Employers accept specialists and without higher education.

If we are talking about shopping supervisors, that is, a number of the most suitable specialties:

  1. Manager.
  2. Economist.
  3. Logistics specialist.
  4. Financier.
  5. Business consultant (financial consultant), etc.

Like any managers, the supervisor should be good in psychology and have ideas about the functioning of workers' teams. Therefore, candidates with a diploma in a psychological profile are also suitable for such work.

Courses Supervisors

A specialist can pass professional retraining to expand the field of knowledge. Some courses for supervisors can be passed remotely, without breaking away from the main work.

The training format involves the use of webinars, online testing and other methods of assessing knowledge.

At the end of the training, a diploma of the established sample is issued.

In some organizations, a certificate of conformity is required, which can also be remotely obtained.

Career growth for supervisors

Supervisor job duties

The practical skill in this profession is very valued. Often good supervisors are sales representatives, sales managers and logists who have worked for several years on ordinary posts.

Management talent, energy and ability to achieve results are the main components for the supervisor career growth. Over time, he can lead either an enterprise or a whole direction of work in his company, having reached the post of deputy director.

Salary Superviser

On average, the supervisor can count on a salary of 50-60 thousand rubles.

  • The minimum salary of the novice supervisor begins with 10 thousand rubles. Often this is a part-time work.
  • The maximum salary of the supervisor with experience may exceed 300 thousand rubles . Jobs with such salaries are associated with work in the oil and gas region and real estate.

Basic requirements for candidates from employers:

  • Higher Economic Education;
  • Experience management teams from 1.5 to 3 years;
  • Knowledge of the principles of sales of the product, or the industry in which the company works;
  • willingness to travel.

The most demanded specialists are supervisors of sales representatives.

Pros and disadvantages of the supervisor profession


  • high salary;
  • career;
  • official employment;
  • Interesting analytical work, the possibility of self-realization.


  • High personal responsibility;
  • stressful nature of work;
  • often non-corned working day;
  • Experience and practical skills for employment are required.
Supervisor: Who is it?

Frames decide everything. This law works, including marketing. The implementation of promotional promotions or event events is crowned with success only if professionals will meet for its organization.

Earlier we talked about who is part of the promotional team, let us last in more detail on an important unit of the team - on a supervisor.

From the word "super"

In the industrial promo industry is a human orchestra. Its functions are diverse, and permissions vary depending on the specifics of the project.

Translated from the English "Supervisor" is an observer, manager. This is the essence of the profession - the implementation of personnel control.

Supervisor, though he is a senior position, but hiring or dismissing employees such an employee has no right. However, since it is not associated with the financial activities of the enterprise, the budget is not responsible.

Although in some cases the manager can attract such an employee as an assistant in the issues mentioned. But the supervisor does not accept responsible solutions, but acts exclusively by the manager.

Eyes and ears of the project

Often the supervisor is the face of the agency at the outdoor event. The personal presence of a coordinator or manager on the project is, as a rule, its excessively high significance or scale.

In most cases, the project on the spot is supervisor supervisor. It is he who follows the work of the personnel and communicates with the office - reports the situation. Therefore, it is so important that in his quality a punctual, in a good rigorous and responsible person. Since the coordinated job of the promotional team at the event directly depends on it.

Official duties

As part of the promotional activity, the supervisor has a certain and clear range of responsibilities. Yes, as already mentioned, the profession is quite variable, the fulfillment of additional cases may be instructed. But the main set of supervisor tasks is reduced to the following.

Supervisor: Who is it?

Implementation of control over the work of promotional staff in the field

This is a check of the appearance, the time of arrival, the presence of the necessary materials for work, the implementation of the mechanics of the project.

Interaction with the client or representative of the event

Supervisor is needed to solve problematic issues or conflict situations. Also, at the start of the project, it is he who implements the initial agreements of the manager. For example, about issuing products for tasting or location of the promo rack.

Logistics, distribution, collection of promotional materials

Delivery of flyers for the work of lifletters or reconciliation of gifts issued with a real residue - these cases can be charged supervisor. Moreover, such not all projects suggest the availability of a car in such an employee, in some cases there is no need for direct responsibilities.

Drawing up reports

A photo or video report from the venue is provided by a supervisor. Of course, if the event does not require professional photos on the request of the client. Also, an employee can be attracted to the filling of other forms of reports - for the residue of products, by the time of staff.

This profession requires work experience in promotional activity. Such an employee must have not only primary knowledge about the organization of BTL shares, but also have the potential of the head to ensure quality staff on the ground.

Supervisor - Profession promising for career growth. Many successful managers and marketing professionals began their way from her.

In order for the company to effectively promote his products, a clear and well-coordinated interaction of the team of sales representatives, promoters, merchandisers and other employees is necessary. Coordination of their work takes over the supervisor.

This specialist is assigned responsibilities for the search for employees and their training, the distribution of current tasks between them, the formation of routes, control quality control and evaluation of results. Thus, the supervisor is one of the key figures in business. We will tell you more about this specialist, the essence of his work and official duties.

Who is supervisor

So, Supervisor They call a specialist trading company, which takes on the organization and management of the work of the team of promoters, trade agents, merchandisers and other employees. If everyone is present in the form of an orchestra, the supervisor is a kind of conductor.

As for the official duties of the supervisor, their list, as well as the requirements for its preparation, are fully dependent on the characteristics of the organization. What product sales channels are used, which is the company's development strategy. But regardless of these factors, the purpose of the supervisor is to ensure the profitable work of its trading organization.

For example, with an effective organization of the work of Merchandisers, it is possible to increase sales volumes in the retail company, to implement the most profitable goods, to ensure maximum profits. To notify customers about the novelties of the range and stimulate the trade requires competent promotions. And thanks to the activities of trade agents, outlets are provided by certain categories of goods, as well as their layout and sales volumes.

The work of the supervisor mainly passes in the "field conditions", that is, directly in stores: it conducts training subordinates, monitoring their work, assess the results obtained. Otherwise, the supervisor consists of reports and analytics.

Official duties

The duties of the supervisor as a rule include the organization of the Group's work from 5 to 20 employees. If you describe the duties of this specialist in more detail, it is necessary to clarify: they are determined individually. We present a list of typical tasks that are usually assigned to supervisors:

  • They are searching for personnel and training;
  • Organize labor subordinates take on control of efficiency;
  • Appoint employees to the task in accordance with their qualifications;
  • Divide duties between them in accordance with distributed tasks;
  • Provide personnel with uniform, promotional materials and other corporate attributes necessary for work;
  • Conflicts and force majeure circumstances are allowed;
  • Perform the installation indicators installed in the plans;
  • Register reports /

As for the requirements for a person who intends to take the position of the supervisor, he needs firmly to know marketing techniques and sales mechanisms, have the outstanding abilities of the organizer, to be quite sociable, emotionally sustainable responsible. A serious advantage in the struggle for the vacancy will be the presence of a car and driver's license.

Effective supervisor regularly tracks the demand for certain categories of goods, to form a level of supply on the territory of its store, department. It also needs to be aware of consumer interests, take into account the requests of their audience and affect sales factors.

The competence of the supervisor is the following skills:

  • Conduct analysis of the effectiveness of sales representatives;
  • Determine the problem areas of the outlet;
  • With low efficiency - to establish the causes and improve the indicators;
  • Find priority points, sales on which give up to 80% of profits;
  • Conduct individual accounting of the best points of sale;
  • Introduce methods for better promotion of products taking into account its specifics;
  • Conduct personnel training according to corporate standards;
  • Report on the results of the work of each individual participant in the team;
  • Determine the structure of customers in sales indicators at specific points;
  • Determine the most promising sales points and conduct negotiations on cooperation.

The work of the supervisor is based on the following program:

  1. Morning meetings are held daily to perform task workers, distributing the vendor trading routes necessary in the work of materials;
  2. Practical training personnel, negotiations with suppliers companies, reporting and so on;
  3. Collection of personnel information at the end of the day, systematization of information, reporting for managers.

Classification Supervisusers

The trade sector allocate the following types of supervisors:

  • Supervisor in the trading network . Provides in supermarkets and large stores the effective work of consultants, sellers in groups of 10-15 employees. Each group consolidates the supervisor responsible for the effectiveness of its collective. The supervisor forms for employees the best shift schedule, teaches them and controls the level of discipline;
  • Supervisor merchandisers . Experts on Merchandaising establish the calculation of goods on the store shelves, track the availability of products, the correctness of the price tags, sales volumes. Supervisor in turn takes control of his subordinates, assessing the effectiveness of the calculation and achievement in sales of planned indicators;
  • Supervisor promoters . The obligations of promoters include demonstration of goods and their advantages, distribution of product samples, carrying out tasting measures and other stimulating stocks. The supervisor organizes the training of promoters, agrees with the head of the trading company a schedule of stimulating events, distributes promoters on sales points and gives them all the necessary materials.
  • Supervisor sales representative . Sales Representative or Agent - wholesale company specialist responsible for drawing up a contract with shops. And the supervisor conducts training activities for sales agents, appoints duties, provides personnel with the necessary materials, provides sales reports on sales.

Differences of the supervisor from the manager

In the structure of the company, the manager carries out a leadership of the unit or department. The specialist performs the following functions - plans and organizes the work of the team, motivates employees and controls their effectiveness.

Allocate managers of various levels:

  • Junior link - managers lead storage complexes, store departments;
  • The average links - managers organize the activities of the mini-level employees and stand at the head of departments, shops;
  • Higher link - occupy managers, general directors, top managers.

Thus, managers are managers at different levels. They are responsible for various processes in the company - from the financial part and production management to the operational work and the development of the company.

In turn, the supervisor is a manager relating to the younger link and responsible for planning work, the organization of business processes and control over them. However, his area of ​​responsibility is exclusively selling, which means only a limited range of tasks performs a supervisor.

What is the importance of the work of the supervisor for the company

The key to the efficient operation of the markets with a high level of competition is the constant tracking of business processes, identifying advanced trends in sales. Direct communication with sellers and customers of shops are "field" employees, such as sales representatives, supervisors. It is they who reveal the true state of affairs in matters of demand and suggestions, the activity of competitors' companies and other things.

In the event that the trading organization interacts with retailers through regular supervisors, it receives the following advantages:

  • Marketing shares carried out at optimal costs. Materials competently apply to attract the audience, and therefore sales growth. Tastings, distribution of company souvenirs and free product samples and other activities for stimulating sales are also regularly organized.
  • Volumes of product sales are consistently growing. Profits reaches a maximum due to the determination of priority outlets and emphasis on the most favorable categories of goods;
  • Fast feedback from customers, sellers and other important market representatives. Subsequently, the information collected will enhance the service and products, optimize supply volumes;
  • New product sales markets are captured thanks to the study of supervisors under control of the territory and determining the most promising space for implementation.

Finally, we note that it is the professionalism of the supervisor and the level of its motivation determines the success of sales in the company. That is why experts with excellent knowledge of sales and marketing techniques, which have experience in the management and organization of the team, are selected for this vacancy.

The supervisor is responsible for the training of employees, setting the tasks, the construction of routes between the outlets, the control of employees. All this is possible to fulfill only with intensive work in "field" conditions, that is, directly in the outlets. Also, the supervisor plans to motivate personnel - with the correctly selected tactics, excellent sales are ensured, ideas are constantly offered and applied to improve business processes.

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