12 recipes of very tasty pizza at home

Rich and tasty, bright and appetizing, juicy and fragrant - all these epitts undoubtedly be attributed to Italian pizza. And this dish is very democratic, because the princes of blue blood and ordinary hard workers, pop stars and simple students, millionaires and housewives are eating him with the same appetite. And most importantly, the homemade pizza is not worse than the restaurant, and the pleasure of her is much more, because it is made with their own hands from your favorite products.

How to make a landscape page in the Word - Full Instructions

The text editor Word from Microsoft performs many tasks. For convenience, there are several file display modes. One of them is landscape orientation. It allows you to immediately see what the document will be on the horizontal sheet A4, therefore it is used quite often. The text editor is regularly updated and the developer releases new version it. New users or those who recently updated the program may find it difficult when changing the image format, since controls are displaced. In this article you will learn how to make a landscape sheet in the Word of various versions: 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016.


For the new year, you can turn the house to the present winter kingdom with simple primary and inexpensive materials. For example, snowflakes from napkins, assembled in garlands under the ceiling, create the effect of snowfall as well as open-growing snowflakes on the windows. Recall the pre-New Year tradition on the manufacture of such patterned beauties.

Master Fair Journal

We rested this summer in the Carpathians (Ukraine) .... Wonderful places, beautiful nature, aromas of herbs and forests! And these aromas I wanted to pick up with me home - I bought a wonderful sachet pad. This roller exudes just stunning fragrance! And everything would be fine, but this cushion in the interior of my bedroom did not fit.

How to make Locks Iron - Step-by-step instructions with photos and videos for short, long and medium hair

How it looks like girls: straight-haired wants to curls, curly dream of perfectly straight hair. And if earlier in order to achieve this, there were many different tools and devices, now, now, to achieve any of these results, there will be more than just one device and a pair of cosmetic products. We are talking about hair iron. Yes, you did not hear, it turned out that it fits not only for straightening. Modern beauties have long learned how to create a wide variety of curls and waves. We are talking about this today.

Build a stove for the bath yourself: projects from popular materials and instructions for building

The key place in any bath is covered. After all, it is she who is the source of that very couple, which brings us such great pleasure. And if you build a bath on your own, then it is extremely seriously taken to the issue of its manufacture. In fact, the stove in the bath is easily done and with your own hands, but only if you really know the nuances associated with this case. All this is in our step-by-step instructions with a lot of photos and videos, as well as ready-made drawings and projects.

Yandex Dzen.

Delicious hot sausages from meat with various additives and spices are loved by many. But not everyone knows how to fry the baths correctly. There are quite a lot of cooking methods. So that the sausages are not broken, and the dish was not ashamed to be applied to the table, you need to adhere to some rules.

Best Iron for Home 2021, Rating 15, what the highest quality

Often you can hear Good Iron is an expensive iron. Basically, this is a fair assertion. All advanced ironing technologies are implemented on expensive models. But among affordable budget irons, there are high-quality and reliable models for homemade casual ironing linen. With the support of the workshop on the repair of household appliances, Mostremontservis, we have prepared the ranking of the best irons of 2021. The rating, according to the results of tests and reviews, got the most successful models of irons today, based on the price, quality and performance characteristics. We also told how to choose an iron, which criteria to pay attention.